The Dalton Camp Award

Recent Winners

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2023 Winner – Phil Paine

We need a well-informed public to ensure democracy survives the next century. The 2023 Dalton Camp Award-winning essay.

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2023 Student Winner – Samir Baig

If we want young people to vote and get involved in the political process, the media has to start covering the issues that reflect their interests, and the politicians who will advocate for the policies they believe in.

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2023 High School Honorary Mention – Ellis Jackson

With a few conglomerates largely controlling the media in Canada, the diverse local perspectives that democracy needs to thrive are more easily ignored or silenced. And that is worrisome.

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2022 Winner – Sarah El-Shaarawi

Sarah El-Shaarawi is a Canadian writer, editor and researcher. She is managing editor of the journal Arab Media & Society, and a contributing editor at Africa Is a Country. Her work has appeared in Foreign PolicyThe NationalNewsweek Middle EastStranger’s Guide and The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, among others.

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