Hands across the country for the CBC – PHOTO OP

Jul 31, 2015

For immediate release

St. John’s – His worship Mayor Dennis O’Keefe will join hands with Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps in support of the CBC on the occasion of the placing of the 800th We Vote CBC! campaign lawn sign in Victoria. 

When: 2:30 pm, Monday, August 3rd

Where: Mile Zero Monument

Noreen Golfman, chairperson of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting Steering Committee, will join Mayor O’Keefe who will read the following statement which will be heard at the special event taking place at the Mile Zero monument in Victoria:


It's Dennis O'Keefe here, Mayor of St. John's, Newfoundland.

It is mid-afternoon in St. John's but I am pleased to offer a good morning greeting to you in Victoria.  The many time zones between us are a simple way for us to understand the vast expanse of Canada.

On the occasion of the placing of the 800th lawn sign at Mile Zero in Victoria, I am pleased to join hands with you across the continent in support of the CBC, our national public broadcaster.

Like the great railway that first linked our country coast to coast, the CBC continues to connect us.  There is no force greater than the CBC to bring us together.  We need it more then ever.

To join in your celebration, in my hands I am holding my very own We Vote CBC lawn sign.  It is symbolic of the essential role CBC continues to play in Canada to this day.

I congratulate you and my colleague Victoria Mayor Helps on your achievement.  Let us raise our support for the CBC to the highest level.

Long live the CBC!