Views on Local News in Five “At Risk” Markets

Sep 10, 2014

Executive Summary

In order to understand the nuance of opinion related to TV broadcasting in Canada among communities which may be affected by changes in Canada’s broadcasting rules, Nanos conducted a special study of communities “at risk” of either scaled back local news or of their local TV station closing. Federal ridings in those communities were used to geographically define the sample using the new riding boundaries. The key findings are as follows:

  • there is a very significant level of value constituents derive from the local TV news in their community;
  • constituents in the five ridings would deeply care if local news stopped broadcasting in their community;
  • a comfortable majority of constituents in all the five ridings agree or somewhat agree that the CRTC should avoid changes that would undermine local TV stations;
  • there is a very strong appetite for local MPs to engage and support keeping local broadcasting strong;
  • constituents believe local TV news contributes to making their community stronger; and,
  • only a very small minority (about one in ten) believe CBC funding should decrease while 44 percent believe it should stay the same and another 40 percent believe it should increase.

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Sep 5, 2014 — News Release: Nanos survey finds Canadians skeptical about CRTC TV proposals
On the eve of a CRTC hearing that could result in the gutting of Canada’s TV rules, a new Nanos survey finds the sweeping changes up for consideration are on shaky ground with Canadians.

Sep 10, 2014 — News Release: Local broadcasting the focus of attention at CRTC TV hearing today
Concern about the future of local TV will be front and centre at the CRTC hearing on the future of TV with the release  of a Nanos opinion survey of residents in five swing ridings.