Canadians on the CBC by Nanos Research

Jul 22, 2013

Executive Summary

Canadians from across the political spectrum value the CBC, give it good marks for meeting its mandate and think it plays an important role in Canada.

  • 80% would increase CBC funding or maintain it at current levels, while only 16% would decrease it; a majority (57%) of Conservative Party supporters would increase or maintain CBC funding, while 37% would decrease it.
  • 80% believe that CBC plays an important role in strengthening Canadian culture and identity, a view shared by a majority (57%) of Conservative supporters.
  • 81%  think the CBC should remain independent from government, while 12% think the government should take direct control of the wages and working conditions of CBC’s employees. Among Conservative Party supporters, 55% think the CBC should remain independent while 29% favour direct control.

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Remarks by Ian Morrison, FRIENDS' spokesperson in a press conference on Parliament Hill launching new ads challenging Stephen Harper's hostile takeover bid for the CBC, and his government's effort to intimidate journalists.

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