Millions of People Tune in to CBC Radio

Aug 17, 2010

Source: Inside the CBC

CBC Radio 2 reaches 2.1 million people a week, while Radio One reaches 4.3 million listeners each week

This according to the July audience numbers under the new audience measurement system.

Numbers like these contradict claims that are sometimes made on this blog, which is usually along the lines of ‘no-one watches the CBC anymore.’

These most recent numbers repudiate that claim.

Other highlights from the new book:

    * the morning shows in Toronto and Calgary are still the most popular on the dial;
    * the morning show in Vancouver is the second most popular;
    * Edmonton captured it’s highest afternoon share all year in July;
    * Calgary’s noon and afternoon audience continued to grow.

Note Nielsen’s definition of reach is: “The cumulative percentage or total of a population that has been counted as viewers at least once during a specified interval.”

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