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Jul 12, 2006

Source : Globe & Mail


Dec. 11, 1954: CHUM Limited (the Company at this time is incorporated under the name York Broadcasters Limited) acquires Toronto radio station CHUM-AM (1050 chum) from Jack Q'Part. Originally launched in 1945, the station is 1,000 watts on 1050 and its transmission is limited to Toronto. Daily broadcasts air from sunrise to sunset. In 1957, the station is reformatted and becomes Canada's first Top 40 24-hour rock station. This purchase marks the start of a series of acquisitions that embody CHUM Limited today.


CHUM acquires CKPT-AM (1420 Memories) in Peterborough, Ontario.


CHUM-FM Toronto (104.5 CHUM-FM) goes to air as a classical music station. In 1969, the station changes to a “Progressive Rock” format.


CHUM acquires CJCH-AM (AM 920 CJCH) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


CHUM becomes a publicly traded company on the TSE (now TSX).

CHUM acquires radio stations CFRA-AM (580 CFRA) and CFMO-FM (which becomes CKKL-FM in 1996 and today is 93.9 BOB-FM) in the Ottawa, Ontario market.


CHUM becomes the majority owner of CKVR-TV, the largest privately owned CBC affiliate in Canada.


CHUM becomes the Canadian franchise holder for environmental music service, Muzak, with the purchase of The Associated Broadcasting Corporation, now known as CHUM Satellite Services.


CHUM acquires three local television stations: CJCH-TV in Halifax, CJCB-TV in Sydney and CKCW-TV in Moncton. (The stations were later sold to CTV in 1997 in a deal where four CTV stations were transferred to CHUM).


CHUM acquires CFUN-AM (1410 C-FUN) in Vancouver, British Columbia


CHUM acquires two stations in the Winnipeg, Manitoba market: CFRW-AM (Oldies 1290) and CHIQ-FM (Q94 FM).


CHUM receives licences to launch new radio stations CKQM-FM (Country 105) in Peterborough, Ontario and C100-FM (C One Hundred FM) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CHUM acquires the CFL's Ottawa Football Club. Owned and operated by CHUM for 10 years, the Club was sold in 1987.


CHUM acquires Toronto television station Citytv, Canada's first commercial UHF station. Citytv has been widely recognized for adding an original voice to television


Aug. 31, 1984: Canada's first 24-hour music specialty station, MuchMusic, launches coast-to-coast via satellite and cable. Today, MuchMusic programming is seen in over 120 countries.


CHUM acquires CKGM-AM (Team 990) and CHOM-FM in Montreal, Quebec, and CKWW-AM (580 Memories CKWW) and CJOM-FM (now CIMX-FM 89X) in Windsor, Ontario.


Sept. 4, 1986: CHUM Limited announces that holders of its common shares and non-voting Class B shares have authorized a three-for-one subdivision (also known as a “stock split”) of the Company's common shares and non-voting Class B shares.

Sept. 2, 1986: Two years after MuchMusic began, CHUM Television launches its French counterpart, MusiquePlus. At the time, the station is 100 per cent owned by CHUM Limited as a division of MuchMusic.


CHUM Television moves to its new headquarters, The CHUMCity Building, at 299 Queen Street West in Toronto, which was reengineered into one of the world's most innovative media complexes.

CRTC approval is granted for a MusiquePlus station licence.


Sept. 1, 1988: MusiquePlus goes to air as a 24-hour French music specialty station from its downtown Montreal headquarters. The station has a 50% CHUM ownership.


CHUM Television launches Speakers Corner on Citytv.

CHUM acquires CHQM-FM (103.5 QM FM) in Vancouver, B.C.


CHUM becomes the first Canadian broadcaster in Canada to own more than one AM and FM station in a market when CKLW-AM (AM 800 CKLW) and CKLW-FM (which became CIDR-FM and is now Lite Rock 93.9 FM ) are acquired. These two stations join CHUM's CKWW-AM (580 Memories CKWW) and CJOM-FM (CIMX-FM 89X) in Windsor, Ontario.

CHUM moves into the Kitchener, Ontario market with the purchase of CKKW-AM (Oldies 1090) and CFCA-FM (105.3 KOOL-FM).


CHUM Television Interactive launched.

CHUM launches an international distribution and development arm, CHUM Television International, to distribute originally produced CHUM programming and formats worldwide.

Learning and Skills Television of Alberta (LTA) is incorporated in the fall of 1994 to purchase Alberta's privatized public sector educational broadcaster, ACCESS Network. LTA is majority-owned by CHUM Limited (60 per cent).

CHUM Radio Network (CRN) becomes the first news/talk network supplying programs to CHUM-owned and non-CHUM stations alike. Today, CRN syndicates long and short-form programs to stations across Canada.


Jan. 1, 1995: CHUM launches Bravo!

Sept. 1, 1995: CKVR-TV (Barrie, Ontario) ends 40-year affiliation with the CBC, relaunched by CHUM as The NewVR.

ACCESS - The Education Station (formerly ACCESS Network) re-launches on September 1, 1995, with a commitment to market, promote and deliver television-based learning opportunities in partnership with other stakeholders in the educational community.


CHUM acquires CKLC-AM (1380 CKLC All Time Favourites) and CFLY-FM (FLY-FM) in Kingston, Ontario, and CFJR-AM (104.9 JR FM Hometown Radio) and CHXL-FM (now CJPT-FM 103.7 BOB.FM)) in Brockville, Ontario.


Sept. 8, 1997: Canada's French adult contemporary music specialty station MusiMax (50 per cent CHUM ownership) launches.

Oct. 17, 1997: SPACE: The Imagination Station launches.

Nov. 1, 1997: CTV acquires CHUM's Maritime television properties, while CHUM acquires CTV's CFPL-TV (The New PL) in London, Ontario; CKNX-TV (The New NX) in Wingham, Ontario; CHWI-TV (The New WI) in Windsor, Ont. and CHRO-TV (The New RO) in Ottawa/Pembroke.


March 30, 1998: CHUM Television launches CablePulse24, Canada's first regional 24-hour English-language news and information specialty channel covering Southern Ontario.

Oct. 5, 1998: National specialty service MuchMoreMusic launches, bringing music fans the best in adult contemporary musicvideos, international music specials, documentaries, movies, and a roster of exclusive original programming.


Nov. 1, 1999: CHUM Radio launches Canada's first commercial DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio stations in Toronto and Montreal.

CHUM acquires two more radio stations in the Ottawa, Ontario market, CFGO-AM (Team 1200) and CJMJ-FM (Majic 100), increasing CHUM's local presence to four radio stations, and one local television station.

Sept. 7, 1999: Canada's first national specialty educational television service, CLT (60 per cent CHUM ownership) launches.

Sept. 10, 1999: Star! The Entertainment Information Station launches.


CHUM launches into DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) with digital radio stations in Vancouver and Windsor.

CHUM launches a new radio station, CHST-FM (102.3 BOB-FM) in London, Ontario.

July 6, 2000: CRTC approves CHUM's application for a new television station, CIVI-TV (The New VI), in Victoria, British Columbia.


CHUM acquires CKLY-FM (Y92) in Lindsay, Ontario.

CHUM Radio launches The Team Sports Radio Network. Today, CHUM Radio's local all-sports format is heard on Team 990 in Montreal, Team 1200 in Ottawa and on Team 1040 in Vancouver.

CHUM purchases 42 per cent interest in The Learning Annex, a continuing education school offering personal and professional development courses on a wide range of subjects.

Sept. 7, 2001: CHUM Television launches seven digital specialty channels. FashionTelevisionChannel and BookTelevision: The Channel (60 per cent CHUM ownership through LTA); CourtTV Canada (60 per cent CHUM ownership through LTA), Drive-In Classics, SexTV: The Channel, MuchVibe and MuchLoud.

Oct. 4, 2001: Vancouver Island's first new television station in 45 years, CIVI-TV (The New VI) launches.

Oct. 31, 2001: CHUM announces the completion of its purchase of Vancouver's CKVU-TV from CanWest Global Communications Corp.

CHUM receives CRTC approval for the acquisition of CFWM-FM (BOB-FM) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


July 22, 2002: CHUM launches Vancouver's CKVU-TV as Citytv Vancouver.


Feb. 10, 2003: CHUM receives CRTC approval for the acquisition of CKST-AM (Team 1040) Vancouver, British Columbia.

Feb. 28, 2003: CHUM Television launches Canada's first digital over-the-air signal with its Toronto station Citytv.

July 14, 2003: CHUM Radio re-launches Brockville's CJPT-FM as 103.7 BOB-FM and moves CFJR-AM to the FM dial, re-launching as 104.9 JR FM.

Sept. 4, 2003: CHUM Television launches MuchMoreRetro.

Dec. 12, 2003: CHUM Limited announces that holders of its common shares and non-voting Class B shares have authorized a two-for-one stock split of the Company's common shares and non-voting Class B shares.


Jan. 26, 2004: CHUM Limited announces the purchase of Victoria radio stations C-FAX AM and CHBE FM from Seacoast Communications Group Inc., subject to CRTC approval.

Jan. 27, 2004: CHUM Television & MuchMusic launch - Canada's first third party wireless content store with multiple direct billing relationships.

Feb. 16, 2004: CHUM submits an application to the CRTC for a broadcasting licence for a national multi-channel subscription radio programming service called CHUM Subscription Radio Canada (CSRC).

April 5, 2004: CHUM, in partnership with Milestone Media Broadcasting Ltd., receives CRTC approval for VIBE 91.7 FM in Edmonton, which will offer a unique blend of culturally diverse Urban music.

April 12, 2004: CHUM announces the purchase of Craig Media Inc., which includes the three "A Channel" conventional television stations in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg; CKX, a CBC-affiliate station in Brandon; the newly launched Toronto1 station in Toronto; and the MTV, MTV2 and TV Land digital specialty television channels, subject to CRTC and other approvals.

July 12, 2004: CHUM announces details of its CRTC application for a broadcasting licence for a national multi-channel subscription radio programming service.

Aug. 20, 2004: CHUM Television releases Going The Distance, its first wholly owned and produced theatrical feature.

Aug. 20, 2004: CHUM sells Toronto1 television station to TVA Group Inc. and Sun Media Corporation, both subsidiaries of Quebecor Media Inc.

Sept. 3, 2004: CHUM receives CRTC approval for the purchase of the radio assets of Seacoast Communications Group Inc. in Victoria, B.C. The transaction includes Victoria radio stations C-FAX AM and CHBE FM and music production operation, Seacoast Sound.

Sept. 20, 2004: CHUM makes joint application with Astral Media Inc. for the operation of CHUM Subscription Radio Canada (CSRC). The application for the service was submitted in February, 2004.

Nov. 9, 2004: CHUM launches MuchPhone, a joint venture with Rogers Wireless. The MuchPhone connects young Canadians with MuchMusic exclusive content, celebrity voicemail, video and photo downloads and more.

Nov. 19, 2004: CHUM receives CRTC approval for its purchase of all the shares of Craig Media Inc. and the subsequent sale of Toronto 1 to TVA Group Inc. and Sun Media Corporation.

Dec. 1, 2004: CHUM completes its purchase of Craig Media Inc. and its divestiture of Toronto 1 via sale of the station to TVA Group Inc. and Sun Media Corporation. The deal makes CHUM the new owner of A-Channel Calgary, A-Channel Edmonton, A-Channel Manitoba, CKX Television (Brandon), MTV Canada, MTV2, and TV Land.


Jan. 5, 2005: CHUM raises a grand total of $4.5 million - the largest amount ever raised by a national media fundraising initiative in Canadian Red Cross histor, for tsunami disaster relief.

Feb. 3, 2005: CHUM announces plans to rebrand A-Channel Edmonton, A-Channel Calgary and A-Channel Winnipeg as Citytv stations for the fall 2005 television season.

Feb. 15, 2005: CHUM completes its purchase of the outstanding 40 per cent of shares in Learning and Skills Television of Alberta Limited. LTA comprises CLT, ACCESS, CourtTV Canada and BookTelevision. The LTA operations are consolidated into CHUM's downtown Edmonton media facility along with A-Channel Edmonton.

Feb. 17, 2005: CHUM launches 91.7 THE BOUNCE in partnership with Milestone Media, the station is located in CHUM's downtown Edmonton media facility.

March 15, 2005: CHUM announces plans to rebrand its local NewNet channels (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New VI) as A-Channels for the fall 2005 television season.

April 25, 2005: CHUM implements a new management structure for the television division.

May 2, 2005: Canada's No.1 FM radio station, 104.5 CHUM FM, launches a daily podcast of its morning show, Roger, Rick & Marilyn.

June 16, 2005: CHUM Limited and Astral Media Inc. are awarded a licence by the CRTC for their proposed digital subscription radio service, CSRC. Two U.S.-supported satellite services are also awarded broadcast licences.

June 23, 2005: CHUM picks up a record 36 wins, including 25 Golds, at the 2005 PROMAX/BDA Awards in New York City. CHUM was honoured during the ceremony as the top international winner receiving more Gold honours than any other international broadcaster.

June 30, 2005: CHUM launches Razer, a new youth lifestyle channel, and PunchMuch, Canada's first fully-automated, all-request, music video station. The stations were previously MTV Canada and MTV 2 respectively.

Aug. 2, 2005: CHUM Television's local stations The New VR (Barrie/Toronto), The New RO (Ottawa/Pembroke), The New PL (London), The New WI (Windsor), The New NX (Wingham) and BC station The New VI (Victoria/Vancouver) debut as A-Channels. As also previously announced, CHUM's A-Channels in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary debut today as Citytv stations.

Aug. 22, 2005: Y92 in Lindsay reformats as BOB FM bringing the number of CHUM Radio stations under the highly successful BOB format to five, including Winnipeg, Brockville, Ottawa, and London.

Sept. 1, 2005: CHUM announces MuchMusic VJ Search: The Series, CHUM's first original primetime reality series extending the popular VJ Search brand. The series premiered in January, 2006.

Sept. 6, 2005: CHUM Television launches Star! Daily, a new half-hour daily entertainment program from Star!, Canada's first and only entertainment station.

Oct. 6, 2005: CHUM Interactive launches a North American first with text-based television gaming on its youth lifestyle channel, Razer.

Oct. 28, 2005: Allan Waters, founder of CHUM Limited, steps down from CHUM's Board of Directors after 50 years in the broadcasting industry. He is named an Honorary Director.

Nov. 21, 2005: CHUM Television announces creation of Canada's Next Top Model, an Canadian reality series based on the enormously successful America's Next Top Model program. Canada's Next Top Model premiered in May on Citytv.

Dec. 3, 2005: Allan Waters, company founder and Canadian broadcasting pioneer, dies.


Jan. 11, 2006: CHUM Television International becomes CHUM International.

Jan. 23, 2006: CHUM International signs a licensing agreement with Much Czech a.s. for a new MuchMusic channel format in the Czech Republic.

Feb. 14, 2006: CHUM becomes the first Canadian broadcaster to offer a television series for video podcast when full episodes of hit reality show MuchMusic VJ Search: The Series is made available for free download from The program can now be viewed via computers, iPods and other mobile devices.

July 12, 2006: According to sources, CHUM expected to purchased by Bell Globemedia, owners of the Globe and Mail.

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