Campaign Notebook: Ford says he will ensure media are ‘fair and balanced and aren’t always attacking’ by Marieke Walsh

Jun 7, 2018

Source: iPolitics

TORONTO— In his last media availability before Thursday’s provincial election Doug Ford said if he becomes premier he will do interviews with journalists and ensure they are “fair and balanced and aren’t always attacking”

“I look forward to sitting down with every single media outlet and it will start once we get elected,” he said in Burlington, Ont. on Wednesday afternoon.

Adding that he looks forward to “making sure that the media are always fair and balanced and aren’t always attacking because you know, again, we have a province to run and the media plays a big role in making sure we go in the right direction.”

Less than three months on the job as Progressive Conservative leader, public opinion polls released on Wednesday evening by EKOS and Ipsos show Ford is the frontrunner in the election campaign and heading for a majority government.

His comments were prompted by a reporter who asked Ford how voters can be sure that he will be open with them in office when he has restricted access during the campaign.

Ford started his response saying “we’re going to have to disagree. Every single day I hold a press meeting. Every single day. Every single day I invite you to every single event I go to no matter where I am in the province and every single day we made an announcement. So we’re going to have to differ on that.”*

Ford has done dramatically fewer interviews than either NDP Leader Andrea Horwath or Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne and also limits his press conferences to one a day compared to the multiple availabilities done by the other two leaders.

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