CMF Supports Digital Media, Interactive Content, Video Game Projects

Aug 4, 2014

Source: Mediacaster

Innovative digital media project producers in Canada have received financial support for development and marketing activities through the Canada Media Fund 2014-2015 Experimental Stream.

First round funding distributed in July adds up to a contribution of more than $12.6M to 25 projects that received production support.

Since 2010, the CMF has contributed $44.5M in development and marketing support to 204 interactive digital media projects as part of the Experimental Stream.

A total of 18 Canadian companies received support totaling $4.3M to develop six applications, one interactive platform, and 11 games. The 18 companies are located in various regions of the country, two in British Columbia, one in Nova Scotia, three in Ontario, and 12 in Québec.

A list of new projects that received development support is available online.

Development support provides funding for the conceptualization of an eligible project and/or for the development of the creative and technical elements of an eligible project and the drafting of a product proposal for business development and financing purposes.

The CMF has also contributed $2.4M in marketing support to 12 interactive digital media projects including six games, one social media application, and five software applications. Projects are from four regions in Canada, three from British Columbia, one from Manitoba, two from Ontario, and six from Québec.

Marketing support provides funding for the marketing and promotion of an eligible project such as the creation of national and international marketing campaigns, design costs, creation and market-testing of advertising, use of the Internet for promotion or transactions, and more.

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) helps develop, finance and promote Canadian content production and application development for all media platforms.

Its website is a showcase for Canadian creative talent and multi-platform digital content.

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