CBC argues for 'Netflix tax'

Jul 21, 2014

Source: Calgary Herald

The CBC is pushing for online service Netflix and others to help fund Canadian content.

In a submission to telecom regulator CRTC, the broadcaster argues any "over-the-top" streaming service, such as U.S.-based Netflix, that earns more than $25 million a year in Canada should be required to pay into the Canadian Media Fund, online industry site Cartt.ca and Huffington Post have reported.

A CBC representative declined to provide details.

Netflix says it should not have to pay into the fund, telling the CRTC a "Netflix tax" - as it called it - would force the company to raise prices for Canadian consumers.

The CRTC has previously ruled that streaming services like Netflix should be exempt from CanCon rules.

Netflix has an estimated six million Canadian subscribers.

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