MAtv: Non-Compliance Complaint – CRTC 2013-1746-2

Apr 21, 2014

Mr. John Traversy
Ottawa, K1A 0N2

  1. FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting has reviewed the complaint by Independent Community TV regarding alleged non-compliance by Vidéotron’s MAtv with the Commission’s Community Television Policy (CRTC 2009-61) and finds that the complaint has merit.
  2. The Policy requires that [1] at least 50% of the programming on a community channel should be made by individuals or community groups as a platform for their own self-expression; [2] the channel should offer opportunities for media training and equipment access; and [3] the channels should reflect the linguistic and ethnic makeup of the community.
  3. Extensive evidence has been placed in the public record that demonstrates that Vicéotron’s MAtv has failed to adhere to these principal elements of the Commission’s policy. It is not reasonable to conclude that MAtv could have been unaware of the requirements of this Policy, which have been in place for almost four years.
  4. Accordingly, FRIENDS recommends that the Commission [1] find that MAtv has not been operating in compliance with the Policy and [2] call for applications from not-for-profit groups to apply for the licence currently held by Vidéotron’s MAtv.
  5. In addition to addressing and correcting a serious derogation from its Policy that affects residents of the greater Montreal area, such a decision will have the effect of reminding other community channel licence-holders that the Commission intends to enforce its policies in the public interest.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Morrison

cc: [email protected]