Big News on #SaveCBCArchive

Jul 13, 2018

On May 3rd, FRIENDS launched the #SaveCBCArchive campaign after it was revealed that CBC management planned to digitize the English-language archive and then destroy originals - a reckless, irresponsible move. 19,480 people signed our petition in one week, including you.

Because of our vigorous defence of Canada's unique cultural identity, we have prevailed! The CBC Archive will be digitized, but so far as we can tell, originals will be preserved, at least for the time being.

Here's how our victory played out:

  • April 19th, 2018.  CBC’s plan to digitize its English-language archives and destroy physical materials came to light.
  • April 30th, 2018. Chuck Thompson, Head of Public Affairs for the CBC’s English Services, issued a press release "setting the record straight." However, Mr. Thompson did not deny that physical materials are being destroyed. Instead, he tried to justify the move.
  • May 3rd, 2018. FRIENDS launched our #SaveCBCArchive campaign.
  • May 8th, 2018. Marc Lefebvre, CBC’s Director of Content Management and Preservation confirmed that CBC is not “keeping the original” materials.
  • May 21st, 2018: FRIENDS delivered more than 19,000 messages opposing the destruction of physical materials to the CBC Board of Directors and senior managers.
  • June 6th, 2018: CBC President, Hubert Lacroix responded to our petition with a letter that contradicts CBC’s previous public statements. In his letter, Lacroix suggested that many materials will actually be preserved! If true, this would indicate a huge change in policy for CBC, and a big victory for FRIENDS.
  • July 1st, 2018. Hubert Lacroix's term as CBC President expired and Catherine Tait took the helm.
  • July 4th, 2018: CBC Director of Content Management, Marc Lafebvre, was quoted in the Globe and Mail as stating that CBC now plans to wait three years before they begin destroying physical materials.

This is a huge victory for our movement!