Green Party Platform on CBC

Sep 9, 2015

Source: Green Party of Canada


Investing an additional $285-million in the first year of our new Green Parliament and $315 million in every subsequent year to protect our national broadcaster.

We will ensure Radio Canada and CBC have adequate and stable funding, reversing the Harper Conservatives’ $117-million cut, and investing an additional $168-million and $315 million every year thereafter to rebuild the CBC and Radio-Canada’s local coverage and capacity. We will also restructure the governance structure of the public broadcaster to end the political influence of partisan cronies being appointed to the board.

We need to re-invest in a CBC/Radio-Canada that is distinctly public and distinctly Canadian, ensuring our public broadcaster has the resources and expertise to provide quality local news coverage from our biggest communities to our smallest. The CBC and Radio Canada define what it means to be Canadian by covering the unique, the unconventional, and the truly Canadian. We’ll make sure it has adequate and sustainable funding so it can continue to enrich our lives for years to come.

In addition, we will increase funding to all of Canada’s arts and culture organizations including the Canada Council for the Arts and Telefilm Canada. In addition to restoring funding to CBC and Radio-Canada, we will work to rebuild the arm’s length governance of our arts and cultural institutions to prevent political interference, prevent further monopolization of Canadian media, and defend the freedom and integrity of the internet by enshrining the principle of “net-neutrality” in Canadian legislation.

We must be very concerned about the threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its Crown Corporation provisions. If adopted, it could undermine our ability to maintain many public services provided through Crown corporations, including to our cultural industries.

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