Welcome Daniel Bernhard!

FRIENDS is pleased to announce that Daniel Bernhard has joined the team as the new Executive Director and Spokesperson.

A message from FRIENDS' Board Chair Noreen Golfman

On behalf of FRIENDS’ Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Daniel Bernhard, our incoming Executive Director and Spokesperson.

Daniel brings keen insight, intelligence and wit to our team. He is a terrific addition to FRIENDS at this critical moment for Canadian broadcasting, programming, and journalism.

Our current Spokesperson and founder, Ian Morrison, has been the driving force behind FRIENDS for 32 years and he will continue to contribute to our cause. Ian and Daniel will work side-by-side during a transition period lasting several months, and after that Ian will continue to serve FRIENDS as a member of our Board of Directors.

FRIENDS enjoys the best of both worlds with this appointment. We will retain Ian’s wisdom and knowledge while adding Daniel’s smarts, energy and fresh ideas.  Our team has never been stronger.

We are truly grateful to Ian. He has devoted 32 years to building FRIENDS and defending Canada’s independence and culture. Under his leadership, FRIENDS has become a formidable player, giving potent voice to those of us who love this country and are determined to see it prosper.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank FRIENDS’ devoted supporters across the country. You are the heart and soul of this organization. We are confident that our important work will continue uninterrupted during the leadership transition and for years to come.

Thank you!

Noreen Golfman
FRIENDS Board Chair


A message from Daniel

It hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Being asked to lead FRIENDS is the biggest honour of my life. It's also a daunting task. Over 32 years of devoted service, Ian Morrison has built a national movement of more than 364,000 supporters who believe, as I do, that Canada's cultural and information sovereignty are worth fighting for.

Under Ian's tireless leadership, FRIENDS has achieved some major victories that keep Canada Canadian. As Ian gradually transitions out of FRIENDS' day-to-day work, it will fall upon all of us to take up his vision and carry on fighting for Canada. Canada's identity and democracy depend on our continued success.

Like many of you, I'm the first generation of my family born in Canada. My parents and grandparents came here in search of a better life, and Canada delivered. Elsewhere they endured prejudice, hardship, dictatorship, and propaganda. Canada delivered a warm embrace, prosperity, democracy, and the CBC.

Under Ian’s wise leadership, FRIENDS has become a potent force in defence of Canadian culture and democracy; as our anthem says: "We stand on guard". FRIENDS may be getting new leadership, but we haven't lost our focus. Our priorities haven’t changed.

I'll be travelling across the country over the coming months to meet with our incredible volunteers and supporters. I hope you'll come out to say hello and tell me more about how Canada’s changing media landscape impacts your family and community.

Most importantly, I hope you'll join me to thank Ian Morrison in person for 32 years of service and success. Canada owes Ian a great debt of gratitude. Over the coming months, FRIENDS will be offering up plenty of opportunities for supporters to share memories of working with Ian and to congratulate him for all he's empowered us to achieve.

I'm looking forward to continuing Ian's legacy, in partnership with you. Let's get to work.

Your newest Friend,

Daniel Bernhard