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Canadian Government Departments & Agencies

Department of Canadian Heritage
The Department of Canadian Heritage's web site

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
The CRTC's web site

Industry Canada
Industry Canada's web site

Canadian Broadcasters & Networks

The Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN)
The world's first national television station run by and about native peoples

The Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
National channel dedicated to covering Canadian politics and current affairs

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
The CBC's web site

A public service broadcaster dedicated to presenting programming celebrating Canada's diversity and promoting understanding between different faiths and cultures

Canadian Broadcasting Groups & Resources

The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)
A national organization of 18,000 Canadian performers working in English-language recorded media

Broadcasting Act (1991)
The legislation governing the Canadian broadcasting system, with links to related documents and rulings

Broadcast Dialogue
A magazine for the Canadian broadcasting industry

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)
The organization representing Canada's private broadcasters

The Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA)
A trade association representing almost 400 Canadian television, film and interactive media production companies

The Canadian Television Fund (CTF)
Fund created by the federal government and the cable television industry to support the financing and broadcasting of high-quality Canadian television

The Directors' Guild of Canada
A national labour organization representing creative and logistical personnel in Canadian motion picture industries

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) Independent Producers Website
Page containing information and guidelines for independent producers to contact or submit material to the CBC.

Canadian Advocacy Groups

Democracy Watch
A Canadian citizens' group advocating democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility

Fair Vote Canada
A citizens' campaign for voting system reform

Media Awareness Network
Resources for those interested in media and information literacy for young people

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
A common front of readers and viewers, those working in the media industries, and labour and community groups concerned about the increasing concentration of media ownership in Canada.

Canadian Heritage Resources

CBC Radio and Television Archives
Highlights from the public broadcaster's archived radio and TV clips

Canadian Heritage Gallery
A large collection of Canadian historical photos and documents online

The History of Canadian Broadcasting
A database chronicling the history of the Canadian broadcasting system, provided by the Canadian Communications Foundation and the School of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University

Canadian Television Programs

Double Exposure podcast
Double Exposure ran on CBC radio for 10.5 years, then on CTV for 3 years and is now available as a podcast.

Hockey Night in Canada
The nation's best-loved sports broadcast

North of 60
The popular CBC franchise consisting of a six-year television run and several made-for-tv movies

The Red Green Show
The popular CBC duct-tape comedy

Royal Canadian Air Farce
The highest-rated show on CBC Television

This Hour has 22 Minutes
Atlantic Canada's popular political satire series

Canadian Portals & Directories
A national directory of Canadian artists and art resources.

The Canadian Cultural Web Directory
Links to thousands of Canadian arts and cultural web sites
A web advocacy portal operated by Hillwatch Inc., an Ottawa government relations firm

The Mad Screenwriter
Arts and entertainment resources for actors, writers and producers

Northern Stars
A directory of Canadian actors, directors, screenwriters and composers

International Resources

The British Broadcasting Corporation
The BBC's web site

Broadcasting Culture Research Institute
The Japan Broadcasting Corporation's initiative to promote broadcasting industry development through viewer and industry research

Friends of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
A citizens' group supporting the maintenance and advancement of Australia's public broadcaster

The Global Village CAT
Links to over 600 public broadcasting sites worldwide

International Network for Cultural Diversity
A worldwide network of artists and cultural groups dedicated to countering the homogenizing effects of globalization on culture

Public Broadcasting for All Campaign 2003
The International Federation of Journalists' campaign to defend public service broadcasting