Publications — 2000

From time to time, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting commissions research on topics relating to its issue set. FRIENDS also benefits from research papers produced by students at Canadian law schools under the auspices of the Pro Bono Student Canada programme.

Oct 1, 2000 — Publication

It's Good and We Like It: Quality Television, Made in Canada

Despite stiff competition and decreased funding, domestic programming perceived by Canadians to be high-quality, draws large audiences

Apr 1, 2000 — Publication

Leaving Town: An Analysis of Availability and Audience for Locally-Produced Programming

Serious problems with availability, visibility of locally-produced programming on public, private English-language broadcasters

Mar 1, 2000 — Publication

Graham Spry: The Father of Canadian Public Broadcasting

Graham Spry’s (1900-1983) legacy includes creation of CBC, creation of CCF (now the New Democratic Party), articulation of what are now core Canadian values

Mar 1, 2000 — Publication

The Toronto Maple Leafs on Television

Sale of broadcast rights, advertising for Maple Leafs games benefits Leafs, sponsors, advertisers, CBC, TV viewers