News Releases — 2001

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Dec 10, 2001 — News Release

Federal Budget Flatlines CBC Funding for 2002/3

Due to inflation, freezing CBC funding for 2002-3 represents effective budget cut

Dec 6, 2001 — News Release

No Shelter from Storm for Bell Canada

Friends launches advertising campaign protesting local television cuts by Bell Canada after CTV takeover

Oct 23, 2001 — News Release

Follow the Money: Private TV Siphons Canadian Public Funds to Hollywood

Private broadcasters have increased spending on foreign programs while decreasing spending on Canadian programs, despite federal subsidies

Jul 31, 2001 — News Release

Briefing Note: The Future of CTV and CanWest Global

CTV, CanWest Global, licences, Canadian content, cross-ownership

May 10, 2001 — News Release

Friends Welcomes Study of Canada’s Broadcasting System

Friends says Heritage Committee review of broadcasting system should address Canadian content, patronage appointments, cross-ownership as Heritage Committee prepares to undertake review of broadcasting system

Apr 17, 2001 — News Release

Deny Six-Year Licence to CanWest Global and CTV

Six-year CRTC licences for Canada’s private broadcasters would give too much time to implement convergence, reduce media diversity without providing opportunity for CRTC review

Feb 21, 2001 — News Release

Private Broadcasters Found Wanting

CTV, CanWest Global fail to devote sufficient airtime, financial resources to building audiences for Canadian content

Jan 31, 2001 — News Release

Friends Welcomes CBC Funding Pledge

Friends supports Throne Speech commitment to increasing CBC funding to help public broadcaster fulfill its mandate