News Releases — 2000

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Nov 17, 2000 — News Release

Newfoundland & Labrador Voters Blame Liberals for CBC Cuts

Newfoundland and Labrador voters clearly want the MPs we send to Ottawa to fight hard to restore CBC regional television news services like Here and Now, even though they expect more cuts will happen in the future

Nov 7, 2000 — News Release

Alliance Broadcasting Policy

Canadian Alliance proposals to sell CBC and end production grants would decimate Canadian drama programming, which is funded by grants and broadcast mainly on CBC

Oct 31, 2000 — News Release

The Liberal Record on the CBC

Chrétien’s empty promises, funding cuts, open political pressure have badly hurt CBC

Oct 25, 2000 — News Release

Canadian Television Gets Vote of Support

Friends study showing Canadians do watch, enjoy Canadian drama should support increased funding for producers

Oct 24, 2000 — News Release

Just Say No to Media Dough

Broadcasters’ donations to federal election campaigns create a conflict of interest, should be prohibited

Oct 23, 2000 — News Release

How Does Canadian TV Measure Up?

Friends will release report measuring viewer opinion on quality of Canadian TV

Aug 24, 2000 — News Release

Stand up for Compass, Stand up for the Island Ad Campaign Launched

Friends, citizen group launch campaign to pressure PEI’s 4 MPs to demand reversal of cuts to CBC local news program Compass

Jun 7, 2000 — News Release

COMPAS survey finds Liberals face backlash over CBC program cuts in Atlantic Canada

Federal cuts to local news programs make Atlantic Canadians less likely to consider voting Liberal

Feb 28, 2000 — News Release

Canada's Cultural National Defence Ignored

Lack of support for CBC in federal budget shows disdain for Canada’s public broadcaster, cultural institutions

Jan 6, 2000 — News Release

CRTC Roadmap for the CBC Makes Sense

CRTC decision on CBC network licences reflects obligations under Broadcasting Act, forces CBC to uphold its mandate to provide local, regional programming

Jan 5, 2000 — News Release

CBC Licence Renewal Decision to be Released on Thursday

Upcoming CRTC decision on CBC English, French television licences will be evaluated by Friends on how well it requires CBC to reflect public mandate