Blog Posts — 2002

Jul 15, 2002 — Blog Post

Letter to Minister of Finance Re: Building a New CBC

Manley should provide leadership, commit resources to rebuilding CBC with better local, regional presence

May 27, 2002 — Blog Post

Letter to the Prime Minister Re: Cabinet Appeals and Political Contributions

Friends asks Chrétien to amend Broadcasting Act to prohibit political donations, prevent recipients of broadcasting contributions from voting on CRTC appeals

Mar 18, 2002 — Blog Post

Analysis of Canadian Association of Broadcasters' Submission to Commons Heritage Committee (pdf 400KB)

Analysis of CAB’s internal politics, policy agenda and erroneous impressions created by submission to Commons committee

Mar 12, 2002 — Blog Post

Up-date on CBC Television's Supper-Hour Shows (pdf 18KB)

Canada Now newscasts attract smaller audiences - as do shortened regional newscasts

Feb 28, 2002 — Blog Post

CanWest Facts (pdf 96KB)

Data concerning CanWest’s record on simulcasting, broadcasting little Canadian content, and spending subsidies on foreign programming

Feb 4, 2002 — Blog Post

Letters to Canadian Alliance Leadership Candidates

Friends asks Alliance candidates to refuse political donations from broadcasters, support amendments to Canada Elections Act prohibiting such contributions