Blog Posts — 2000

Dec 22, 2000 — Blog Post

Audience for CBC Television's Supper-Hour Show

Audiences for supper-hour news programs have dropped everywhere but in Toronto

Sep 25, 2000 — Blog Post

Letter to the Editor of the Hill Times

Friends claims 8 of 11 TVO governors are PC officials, reflecting illegal political control of broadcaster

Sep 19, 2000 — Blog Post

Letter to the Editor of the National Post

Friends wants CRTC to attach conditions of licence to TVO requiring the Ontario government to observe federal broadcasting policy

Jul 13, 2000 — Blog Post

Which Broadcaster is Sleuthing Friends?

Friends attempts to identify broadcaster that hired former journalist Brenda Dalglish to interrogate Steering Committee members about Friends’ structure and finances

Apr 21, 2000 — Blog Post

CBC Technical & Regulatory Issues

CBC’s proposal to remove its terrestrial network, rely entirely on other technologies for distribution could have unintended consequences

Apr 21, 2000 — Blog Post

Memo to CBC Board Re: Leaving Town

CBC Board should consider results of Friends’ study documenting drop in local programming

Feb 15, 2000 — Blog Post

Letter to House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage Re: Conflict of Interest on CBC Board

Friends has sought legal opinion on propriety of CBC director performing legal services for CanWest Global

Jan 18, 2000 — Blog Post

Letter to TVO Corporate Secretary Re: TVO's Relationship with Ontario Government

Friends will pursue issue of partisan appointments to TVO board with CRTC