Blog Posts — 1999

Dec 24, 1999 — Blog Post

Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star

Liberal PMs before Chrétien were supportive of CBC

Dec 12, 1999 — Blog Post


It's only under Jean Chrétien's watch that the Liberals have tried to dismantle the CBC."

Jun 22, 1999 — Blog Post

Letter to the Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Friends asks Commons committee to investigate possible conflict of interest for CBC director performing legal services for CanWest

Mar 17, 1999 — Blog Post

Letter to Friends' Supporters Re: CBC Strike

Friends asks supporters to tell Chrétien they have lost confidence in CBC board

Feb 18, 1999 — Blog Post

Letter to CBC President Re: CBC Labour Dispute

Friends believes CBC should thank employees for patience during cuts, negotiate agreement to avoid strike