Blog Posts — 1998

Oct 1, 1998 — Blog Post

What Others Said About Bill C-44

Comments from current and former CBC presidents, Fifth Estate host, Heritage Minister on bill threatening CBC autonomy

Jul 20, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to CBC President Re: Bill C-44

Friends urges CBC President to lobby government against bill restricting CBC’s political independence

Jul 1, 1998 — Blog Post

Bill C-44 Legal Interpretation

Legal research on Bill C-44 shows CBC president, board could indeed be dismissed without cause if bill were adopted

Apr 21, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to the Minister of Canadian Heritage Re: TV Production Funds

Friends asks Sheila Copps to reform TV production funds to better reflect interests of viewers, Canadian content

Mar 26, 1998 — Blog Post

Letter to Prime Minister Re: Appointments to CBC, CRTC

Friends asks Jean Chrétien to reform appointment process to CBC, CRTC to include public nominations, published criteria