FRIENDS in the News — 2018

News Articles About FRIENDS

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting has been supporting Canadian content and making news for many years now. An archive of articles about our organization can be found below.

Oct 19, 2018 —

CBC should provide live TV coverage of Ontario municipal vote results by Karl Nerenberg

FRIENDS' Executive Director says “Canadians expect our public broadcaster to behave like a public broadcaster. Private companies put advertisers first. CBC should put citizens first.”

Oct 17, 2018 — Toronto Star

CBC to air Murdoch Mysteries instead of municipal election by Emily Mathieu

FRIENDS' Executive Directory says CBC's decision not to air the Ontario municipal election on television further reveals the public broadcaster's dependence on advertising dollars and demonstrates a failure by the federal government to properly support the public broadcaster.

Sep 7, 2018 — Toronto Star

Canada must regulate and tax U.S. social media and tech giants by Daniel Bernhard

FRIENDS' Executive Director asks if Canadians are ceding our democratic authority to Silicon Valley corporations.

Jun 19, 2018 — La Presse

La pub sur Google et Facebook coûterait 1,3 milliard aux contribuables by Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot

Friends of Canadian broadcasting is advocating for the Trudeau government to abolish the deductibility of internet advertising with American giants. Friends is asking the four Quebec provincial  party leaders to put pressure on Ottawa as the federal government "is dragging its feet and postponing any significant action until after the next federal election". 


Apr 4, 2018 — News Article

Nouvelle présidence à CBC/Radio-Canada

In this French radio interview, FRIENDS spoke-person, Daniel Bernhard, comments on Catherine Tait's appointment at the reins of the CBC, and discusses the work that remains to ensure the independence of the public broadcaster. 

Apr 3, 2018 — Maclean's

Catherine Tait named as CBC president, first woman to hold role by Jordan Press

Tait says she wants the broadcaster to increasingly think digital in order to deal with the ongoing disruption across the broadcast industry.

Apr 2, 2018 — Ottawa Citizen

Bernhard: Canada must protect itself from big tech companies

FRIENDS' Executive Director says Google, Facebook and the other tech giants constitute the biggest threat to Canada’s independence and cultural sovereignty since Hollywood.

Apr 1, 2018 — iPolitics

Trudeau simply waving goodbye to Canada’s independent news media by Daniel Bernhard

FRIENDS' Executive Director says while rest of the world is pushing back against anti-competitive, tax-avoiding, democracy-flouting, privacy invading corporations such as Facebook, the Trudeau Liberals have yet to take any meaningful action. 

Feb 25, 2018 — Globe & Mail

Broadcast group lobbies provinces to join fight for aid package to media by Daniel Leblanc

FRIENDS wrote individual letters to the country's premiers, stating that provinces would receive more than $500-million in new revenue if proposed changes were made to what they see as a flaw in the Income Tax Act.