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Dec 31, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Cable's Key Takeaway: Franchises and Familiar Faces Win 2015 by Michael O’Connell

Columnist says if there's one lesson to be learned from the year in cable, it's that recognizable brands and personalities are the surest way to stave off the overwhelmingly downward trend ratings.

Dec 26, 2015 — World Association for Christian Communication

In Canada, Indigenous media can aid reconciliation

Communications media in Canada’s native communities have a part to play in the reconciliation process stemming from the history of the Indian residential school system.

Dec 25, 2015 — Kitchener Post

Can YouTube kill YTV? Networks grapple with shakeup in kids’ television by Robin Levinson King

Columnist says as children everywhere start to turn off their television sets and tune into streaming services, our homegrown industry is undergoing growing pains.

Dec 23, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Fifteen Percent of Adult Americans Are Already "Cord-Cutters," Study Finds by Paul Bond

Columnist says cord-cutting could be a bigger problem than the TV industry — and Wall Street — realizes, if a study from Pew Research indicating that 15 percent of Americans have already canceled their cable and satellite television is correct.

Dec 22, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

Fired CHCH workers get $1,000 union gift by Steve Arnold

Unifor MediaOne, which represents broadcast workers across the country, is giving former CHCH TV employees $1,000 each to ease them through the weeks it will take to process their lost wage and unemployment insurance claims after the Hamilton station's owner fired 167 full- and part-time news employees and put a subsidiary company into bankruptcy.

Dec 21, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

A CHCH primer: Who, what, why by Steve Buist

Dec 18, 2015 —

There’s no escape: You cannot vanquish Donald Trump, only contain him

Columnist says Trump's rise is a sign of our democracy's ill health, but recognizing the problem isn't the same as fixing it.

Dec 18, 2015 — CBC Radio q

Mélanie Joly says the CBC should take more Vice-like risks

Canada's new heritage minister says the Trudeau government will increase funding to "battered" arts and cultural institutions, including the CBC, but that they should adapt to the digital age.

Dec 17, 2015 — Shaw Connect

Federal government must restore Local Programming Improvement Fund to help

Union leaders call on the federal Liberal government to reverse the decision to cut the local programming fund and to not just commit to infrastructure in new buildings and roads, but also fund vital communications infrastructure like our community television stations.

Dec 16, 2015 — Now the Details

CBC's Digital Dilemma: Good Journalism or Clickbait? by Jeffrey Dvorkin

Columnist says that as the public broadcaster moves toward a more digital and smartphone universe, the wild west values of cyberspace seem at variance with the high journalistic standards on which the CBC once prided itself. 

Dec 16, 2015 — CBC News

Shaw Communications buying Wind Mobile in deal valued at $1.6 billion

After forming 6 years ago, Wind has 940,000 subscribers across Ontario, B.C. and Alberta.

Dec 16, 2015 — Vancouver Sun

CRTC says Bell’s appeal of Super Bowl ad substitution decision is premature by Claire Browned

Canada’s broadcast regulator says it hasn’t actually issued an order banning simultaneous substitution during the Super Bowl yet, rendering an appeal filed by Bell Media and the National Football League moot.

Dec 16, 2015 — CBC News

Firing of CHCH workers was 'needlessly insensitive,' union says by Kelly Bennett

A new, smaller team is beginning work again at CHCH, after 129 full-time and 38 part-time personalities, reporters and other staff had their jobs terminated.

Dec 15, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC employees concerned for their ‘psychological health’ by Kevin Donovan

According to an internal survey carried out following the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, many employees of Canada’s national broadcaster believe the CBC workplace is psychologically unhealthy and managers do not deal effectively with issues that may threaten or harm them.

Dec 15, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Disney, Alibaba to Launch Over-the-Top Service DisneyLife in China by Patrick Brzeski

The service will offer Chinese viewers a large library of Disney and Pixar movies, animation series, games, music and booking tools for Disney's Shanghai theme parks and movie merchandise.

Dec 15, 2015 — Raise the Hammer

CHCH All-Day Experiment Lessons Will Help Save Local TV by Joey Coleman

Columnist says we may all be discussing how CHCH's all-day news experiment didn't succeed, but we're only able to do so because they tried.

Dec 14, 2015 — Business for the Arts

Canadian Heritage Minister at the National Young Professionals Summit on the Arts

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, addresses delegates at the National Young Professionals Summit on the Arts, Friday, November 13 in Montreal.

Dec 14, 2015 — AM900 CHML

Audio: Ian Morrison on AM900 CHML in Hamilton

FRIENDS' Spokesperson, Ian Morrison, discusses the closure of CHCH TV in Hamilton with radio host Scott Thompson.

Dec 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Alain Saulnier slams political meddling at Radio-Canada in new book by Kate Taylor

Author is highly critical of CBC President Hubert Lacroix saying he failed to defend the public broadcaster's journalistic integrity and facilitated the Conservatives’ budget cuts.

Dec 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Bell strikes deal with Netflix to bring streaming service to Fibe TV set-top boxes by Peter Henderson

Bell’s Fibe TV subscribers will now be able to access Netflix through their set-top box.

Dec 14, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

CHCH TV suspends newscasts amid bankruptcy and restructuring moves by Natalie Paddon

CHCH was one of just two independent news stations left in Canada.

Dec 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CHCH’s woes sign of a larger crisis in local broadcasting by James Bradshaw

The network laid off all 129 full-time and 38 part-time staff members, claiming losses of $130,000 per week, then offered to hire back 71 people to similar roles under a new, numbered company contracted to create daily news.

Dec 13, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Ted Sarandos Talks Netflix's Middle East Launch, Plans for Localized Scripted Series by Alex Ritman

"What’s missing on the global stage is a really great scripted series about contemporary life in the Middle East," the SVOD giant's chief content officer told an audience at the Dubai Film Festival.

Dec 11, 2015 — National Newswatch

Federal government investigators reviewed CBC for labour code violations by Jordan Press

Newly released documents show the federal government concluded the CBC didn't break any labour laws months before a critical report detailed how the broadcaster failed to address troubling behaviour by former radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

Dec 11, 2015 — Canadian Business

Hamilton’s CHCH channel cuts back on local news in an effort to save costs

FRIENDS says the changes at CHCH are a warning sign of things to come.

Dec 10, 2015 — Centretown News

Viewpoint: It's important that Trudeau keeps his art funding promises by Nikki Nobahar

After being sworn in on Nov.4, Mélanie Joly said that one of her top priorities is to increase the budget for both the Canada Council for the Arts and the CBC. 

Dec 10, 2015 — Le Devoir

Le costumier de Radio-Canada est sauvé by Stéphane Baillargeon

The City of Montreal and the Quebec Government have come together to create a non-profit organization to protect the costume collection.

Dec 10, 2015 —

Hamilton's CHCH channel cuts back on local news in an effort to save costs by David French

Hamilton's CHCH channel is cutting back on local news in an attempt to right its troubled finances and 129 full-time employees have been let go.

Dec 10, 2015 — Globe & Mail

David Purdy to leave Rogers for Vice Media by James Bradshaw

Columnist says David Purdy’s new role is chief international growth officer for Vice, a growing powerhouse in the media world that is taking its first steps into the traditional TV world, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in investments from established networks and venture partners.

Dec 9, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

HBO's "Case By Case" Strategy for Going Digital Overseas by Marisa Guthrie & George Szalai

The network, which serves 92 million non-U.S. subscribers, is analyzing its approach to a global strategy.

Dec 9, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Feature Film Directors Overwhelmingly Are White Men, Says DGA Report

According to the DGA’s inaugural Feature Film Diversity Report, just 6.4 percent of the 376 features released in 2013 and 2014 were directed by women, and 12.5 percent by ethnic minorities — and of films that did over $100 million in domestic box office, 96.8 percent were directed by men.

Dec 9, 2015 — Groupe Média TFO

TFO Everywhere in Canada?

Through the CRTC new rules, TFO offers its television service for free to cable operators for inclusion in their entry-level basic service.

Dec 8, 2015 — Le Devoir

Les employés ne voient pas d’urgence by Stéphane Baillargeon

The journalist explains why SCFP,  Radio-Canada’s main union is in favour of a moratorium on the downsizing plan which includethe sale of the Montreal building. The union states that, considering the funding promised by the new government, there is no emergency to liquidate the public broadcaster’s assets.

Dec 8, 2015 — The Tyee

Three Heated Debates on Canada's Copyright Horizon by Michael Geist

According to ministerial briefing documents recently released by the government, Canadian Heritage officials have told new minister Mélanie Joly that emerging issues may include targeting the use of virtual private networks and website blocking. 

Dec 8, 2015 — Canadian Media Production Association

Canadian Performers and Independent Producers Reach New Agreement

Canadian performers and producers have reached a new Independent Production Agreement (IPA) governing English-language production in Canada.

Dec 7, 2015 — National Post

A new era for CBC, hopefully: Things could finally start looking up for the beleaguered public broadcaster in 2016 by Cassandra Szklarski

FRIENDS says the fact the public broadcaster's scandals have  been limited to English services suggests there is a management problem.

Dec 7, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio-Canada lorgne le centre-ville de Montréal by Stéphane Baillargeon

Le Devoir says CBC’s management plans toabandon its Montreal building and site to relocate the public broadcaster in an 35,000-square-foot rental space.

Dec 7, 2015 — Toronto Star

Why Netflix may come under fire from Ottawa by Michael Geist

Columnist says that mWhy Netflix may come under fire from Ottawa by Michael Geistuch like new legal rules for VPN use, new laws on accessing foreign streaming services would be complicated and difficult to enforce. 

Dec 7, 2015 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC observers hope for reinvigorated 2016 after scandal-plagued year by Cassandra Szklarski

Columnist says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to restore $150 million in annual funding that was cut from CBC/Radio-Canada during the Harper years.

Dec 7, 2015 — New York Times

Digital Ad Spending Expected to Soon Surpass TV by Sydney Ember

Television ad sales are expected to fall slightly this year, decreasing globally for the first time ever aside from a recession year, according to the Interpublic Group’s Magna Global.

Dec 5, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Mélanie Joly ready to reinvest in the arts as federal heritage minister by Bill Brownstein

Heritage Minister says it’s in her mandate letter to look at a new procedure for the nomination of the board and the direction of CBC/Radio-Canada. 

Dec 4, 2015 — New York Times

In Net Neutrality Hearing, Judge Signals Comfort With F.C.C.’s Defense by Cecilia King

For more than a decade, the F.C.C. has tried to create regulations to ban Internet service providers from blocking certain websites or making some travel faster or slower than others. 

Dec 4, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

The BBC: what is really going on? by David Epstein

Columnist says the least attractive aspect of the BBC’s response to Charter renewal has been its persistent dishonesty. 

Dec 4, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

How important is the BBC in today’s pop climate? by Jamie MacKay

For decades the BBC has played a central role in shaping the global pop landscape. But in a world of iTunes Genius and Spotify Discover, what is the corporation’s USP? 

Dec 4, 2015 — Money News

Support for CBC/Radio-Canada reaffirmed in Throne Speech – Now is the time to turn words into action: CMG

The Canadian Media Guild is encouraged to see that the new government has reaffirmed support for CBC/Radio-Canada among its top priorities in today’s Throne Speech.

Dec 4, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC producer Mark Blandford was a pioneer in Canadian television by Fred Langan

Columnist says Mark Blandford was a linguistic and cultural chameleon whose unusual upbringing and talents allowed him to conquer the worlds of television drama in both English and French Canada.

Dec 3, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

TV's New Dilemma: Do Digital Dollars Point To a Diminished Future? by Paul Bond and George Szalai

"Stop putting precious content on these platforms," argues an analyst as Disney, Time Warner and others debate the pros and cons of lucrative streaming deals.

Dec 3, 2015 —

Cultural and creative industries fuel global economy: study

Columnist says with revenues of US$2.250 trillion, cultural and creative industries account for 3% of world GDP and employ 29.5 million people, says the first-ever global economic and cultural study of the cultural and creative industries (CCI).

Dec 3, 2015 — Fortune

YouTube Red is a Trojan Horse in the War Over TV by Mathew Ingram

More people 18-34 watch YouTube than any cable network in the U.S, according to Google. 

Dec 3, 2015 — Toronto Star

Mobile streaming powers ahead of traditional TV viewing by Ryan Nakashima

An average of 8.5 million people per minute use a device to stream TV—up 26 per cent from last year.

Nov 30, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC suspends online comments on indigenous stories

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is temporarily suspending comments on its online stories about indigenous people, after its editors determined that too many comments were being posted that it deemed “off the mark” or “racist.”

Nov 30, 2015 — Al Jazeera

The sporting drumbeat for war

Al Jazeera examines how in times of conflict, when the global mainstream news media already tend to pound the drums of war, having sports audiences repeatedly exposed to military patriotic messaging tilts the playing field.

Nov 28, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

Bandwagon: Once a national TV staple, Grey Cup now restricted to specialty channels by Robert Bostelaar

The TSN rights deal, worth about $4 million a year for each Canadian football team, has been a godsend for the CFL, Stellick believes, even if the league loses access to the perhaps 20 per cent of Canadian television viewers without cable or satellite. 

Nov 27, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada releases its second quarterly financial report for 2015-2016

The public broadcasters says CBC/Radio-Canada continues to increase and deepen its engagement with Canadians through a distinctive content offer on TV, radio and digital platforms, both locally and nationally.

Nov 26, 2015 — The Ontarion

CBC Sports connects audiences and athletes by Kaya Firth

CBC Sports has announced and debuted a new vision for the department that focuses closely on Canada’s high-performance athletes.

Nov 26, 2015 — iPolitics

Google’s Leslie Church to head up heritage minister’s office by Kyle Duggan

Leslie Church, who comes from a senior position at Google Canada, has been tapped to head up Heritage as Mélanie Joly’s chief of staff and will start at the position in a few weeks.

Nov 26, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC has proved it can withstand the axe by Konrad Yakabuski

Columnist says if giving the public broadcaster an extra $150-million merely allows it to go back to what it was doing before the Tories came to town, she will only be postponing its demise.

Nov 24, 2015 — Stream Daily

Netflix popularity reaches new heights by Darah Hansen

More than half of Americans rely on Netflix to watch movies and TV series, a figure that marks a record high among users the SVOD service and pushes it ahead of top competitors YouTube, Amazon and Hulu, according to a new survey by RBC Capital Markets.

Nov 23, 2015 — Playback

Stingray names Tom Pentefountas to SVP role

The former vice-chairman of broadcasting at the CRTC joins the Canadian music service provider.

Nov 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Canadian TV, as we know it, is screwed. For now by John Doyle

Columnist says the layoffs at Bell Media are likely just the start of a radical downsizing in mainstream Canadian TV. and tat what Bell Media did will very likely be done, eventually, by Rogers and Shaw.

Nov 23, 2015 — News Article

Twitter’s Kirstine Stewart — a character with no limits by Jim Coyle

From her unglamorous early gigs to key management roles at CBC and now Twitter, Kirstine Stewart’s drive and trend-spotting talents have made her a media success story.

Nov 23, 2015 — The Todd Veinotte Show

Audio: Ian Morrison on The Todd Veinotte Show

The Spokesperson for the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting talks about the new Liberal government and its promise to reinstate funding to the CBC.

© The Todd Veinotte Show

Nov 22, 2015 — Local News Project

New research project examines local news poverty

The impact of newsroom cutbacks, consolidations and closures will be the focus of a new study examining local news poverty in communities outside of Canada’s major media centres.

Nov 22, 2015 — Washington Post

NPR is graying, and public radio is worried about it by Paul Farhi

Many of the listeners who grew up with NPR are now reaching retirement age, leaving NPR with a challenge: How can it attract younger and middle-aged audiences — whose numbers are shrinking — to replace them?

Nov 21, 2015 — Business News Network

Canadians want 'pick-and-pay,' but don't know when it's coming: Report by James Bradshaw

Columnist says the new freedom promised by the CRTC will be attractive to some, and it could even convince some of those who had abandoned cable or satellite TV – or never had it in the first place – to join the slowly dwindling ranks of traditional TV viewers.

Nov 20, 2015 — The Empire Club

Heather Conway, Executive VP, English Services, CBC & Greg O’Brien, Editor and Publisher,

Heather Conway, executive vice-president of CBC, responsible for English Services, discusses the role of the national public broadcaster in the 1000-channel universe.

Nov 20, 2015 — TBI Vision

Bell secures HBO content as Corus rejigs

Bell Media has secured an “unprecedented” agreement with HBO that means just one operator will offer all HBO programming for the first time in Canadian television history.

Nov 19, 2015 — Toronto Star

The CBC is dying. Here’s how to save it by Richard Stursberg

Former CBC head of English Services says the government needs to begin to move now to ensure that we do not lose the CBC, and with it an important part of ourselves.

Nov 19, 2015 — Nation Talk

Transforming the Canada Council for the Arts: Scaling up our impact for all Canadians

Speaker says a number of researchers and think tanks have joined to call on Canada to renew its social architecture to keep pace with the changes of the past decades. This means, in part, renewing the cultural component of our social architecture.


Nov 19, 2015 — Globe & Mail

‘Pick-and-pay’ TV a popular idea, but many unaware it’s coming: report by James Bradshaw

Columnist says the new freedom promised by Canada’s broadcast regulator will be attractive to some, and it could even convince some of those who had abandoned cable or satellite TV – or never had it in the first place – to join the slowly dwindling ranks of traditional TV viewers.

Nov 19, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC exec: I never made harassment complaint to Hubert Lacroix by Kevin Donovan

A top CBC executive has confirmed to colleagues that public broadcaster vice-president Heather Conway apologized to him but says he “never made a harassment complaint” to CBC president Hubert Lacroix.

Nov 19, 2015 —

TV still tops with millennials around the world

Television Bureau of Canada says despite the popularity and hype around video services such as YouTube and Netflix, television remains the dominant form of video in millennials media lives.

Nov 18, 2015 — Toronto Star

Ottawa Citizen's editorial board members resign by Robin Levinson King

Kate Heartfield and James Gordon, who wrote editorials for the Postmedia-owned paper, both announce that they're resigning from the paper.

Nov 18, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Vidéotron pays a hefty price for overcharging by Paul Delean

Superior Court Judge Carole Hallée gave cause to a class-action suit filed on behalf of Vidéotron’s 1.5 million customers, saying the company misled consumers and deliberately overcharged, violating provincial consumer-protection laws.

Nov 18, 2015 — iPolitics

How Trudeau plans to undo Harper’s legacy, brick by brick by Susan Delacourt

Columnist says nearly every minister has some Conservative handiwork to undo, according to the mandate letters and Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly will be reversing funding cuts to the CBC.

Nov 18, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC exec: I never made harassment complaint to Hubert Lacroix by Kevin Donovan

A top CBC executive has confirmed to colleagues that public broadcaster vice-president Heather Conway apologized to him but says he “never made a harassment complaint” to CBC president Hubert Lacroix.

Nov 18, 2015 — Toronto Star

Bell Media mass job cut affects TV personalities by David Bateman

The latest round of Bell Media job cuts has affected notable TV personalities across Canada, including CTV anchors Dan Matheson, Bill Hutchison and Suneel Joshi.

Nov 18, 2015 — Broadcast Dialogue

Over 4500 participants taking part in the project measuring the performance of broadband Internet services

The CRTC says Canadians will get their initial glimpse at the first national, independent broadband performance report featuring multiple Internet service providers (ISPs).

Nov 18, 2015 — Toronto Star

Top CBC executive Neil McEneaney resigns by Kevin Donovan

Sources say Heather Conway, executive vice-president of English Services for the public broadcaster, was recently accused of harassing Neil McEneaney, CBC’s chief business officer, English Services.

Nov 17, 2015 —

FCC: Over the Top on Internet TV by James L. Gattuso

Columnist says today’s TV marketplace offers consumers more choices, more competition, and more innovation that ever before. 

Nov 16, 2015 — Digital Home

Love Canadian Content? Rogers Unveils World-Class Canadian Production Studio, Nine New Series and New Specialty Channel

Rogers and VICE Media, the youth media brand and digital content studio announced the development of VICE Canada, a new production facility that is now in development in the heart of Toronto. 

Nov 16, 2015 — Toronto Star

Mélanie Joly joins Montreal culture club by Martin Knelman

Columnist says Quebec dominance in federal arts leadership should temper Toronto arts world’s post-election euphoria.

Nov 13, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

NCC missing from heritage minister's list of priorities by Don Butler

Columnist says Mélanie Joly may be the minister responsible for the National Capital Commission, but her mandate letter, released Friday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, makes no mention of the Crown corporation.

Nov 12, 2015 — iPolitics

Citizen Shame: Politics, Paul Godfrey and Postmedia’s humiliation by Michael Harris

Columnist takes issue with Paul Godfrey imposing support for Stephen Harper on all of the sixteen major papers in the chain during the federal election.

Nov 12, 2015 — Fort Erie Times

Public servants should keep politics private by Mark Sutcliffe

Columnist says Hubert Lacroix, president of the CBC, stepped over the line when he lamented the Harper years and welcomed the new government.

Nov 12, 2015 — Groupe Média TFO

A Disappointing Decision for Francophones across Canada

Despite the CRTC’s denial to make its channel available across all French-language minority communities, Groupe Média TFO renews its commitment to share and expand the reach of its educational content.

Nov 11, 2015 — CBC News

'Explosion' of aboriginal art coming, says Canada Council president

Mélanie Joly says she will deliver on a campaign promise to double annual funding to the country's arts funding agency, the Canada Council for the Arts, to the tune of $360 million.


Nov 11, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC needs funding but money doesn’t buy smarts or class by John Doyle

Columnist says the CBC needs a dose of common sense and a reminder that, while it’s a special service, it cannot be remote from the principle that it is indeed a service. 

Nov 11, 2015 — ComMedia Converge

Community Media Convergence Ramps Up to Welcome Visitors to Ottawa by Cathy Edwards

A release from ComMedia Converge says the first ever gathering of community media practitioners from all sectors (community TV, community radio, community online media such as The Media Co-op and gamers) will meet at Carleton University Nov. 22-24th.

Nov 11, 2015 — Canadaland

Peter Mansbridge Officiated the Wedding of Justin Trudeau's Director of Communications by Jesse Brown

Columnist wonders if Peter Mansbridge was able to secure "unprecedented" access to Justin Trudeau because of a close connection to his Director of Communications.

Nov 11, 2015 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


The Prime Minster explains his expectations in this mandate letter to new Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly.

Nov 10, 2015 —

Canada s Newspapers Were In The Tank For Harper, Media Analysis Finds

The Canadian Media Concentration Research Project says Canadian newspapers overwhelmingly supported Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the past two elections, much more so than they would have if they had reflected public opinion.

Nov 10, 2015 — iPolitics

Radio-Canada’s Catherine Cano to head up CPAC by Kyle Duggan

Catherine Cano, who has been serving as executive director of news programming at Radio-Canada, will start as CPAC’s President and General Manager starting January 11.

Nov 10, 2015 — National Newswatch

“Thanks Peter, Chantal, Andrew and viewers” by Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson steps down from the At Issue Panel on CBC’s The National after his daughter accepts a position as the Director of Communications to Prime Minister Trudeau.

Nov 7, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Mélanie Joly to reset ‘symbols of progressiveness’ as heritage minister by Robert Everett-Green

Minister of Canadian Heritage says "The reinvestment in CBC and Radio-Canada is very important, but it’s also important to create a public broadcaster for this digital era."

Nov 7, 2015 — The Guardian

Ultra, cheesy access by CBC to Prime Minister Trudeau by Alan Holan

Columnist says CBC looked like a "third-world state broadcaster promoting its government" during its coverage of Justin Trudeau's first day in office.

Nov 5, 2015 — CBC News

New heritage minister Mélanie Joly says money coming to the arts, CBC

Just hours after being sworn in, Canada's new Heritage Minister outlined priorities that include increasing the budgets of the Canada Council for the Arts and the CBC.

Nov 5, 2015 — MobileSyrup

Rogers and VICE announce VICELAND, a 24-hour Canadian content specialty TV channel by Ian Hardy

The partnership also promised an opportunity for Canadian content creators to distribute their work through a content incubator called the VICE Canada studio, which is currently developing and producing nine new Rogers-commissioned series.

Nov 4, 2015 — Canadian Media Producers Association

Independent Producers Welcome New Minister of Canadian Heritage

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) congratulates the Honourable Mélanie Joly on her appointment today as Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Nov 4, 2015 — iPolitics

Groups already lobbying new heritage minister to change broadcast policy, fund CBC by Kyle Duggan

FRIENDS says they’ll be looking to the government to reinvigorate the CBC, but that the next step is finding out when and how will they do it.

Nov 4, 2015 — Money News

We can restore CBC/Radio-Canada : Letter to the Honorable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, from the Canadian Media Guild and le Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada

The Canadian Media Guild and Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada urge the new Minister of Canadian Heritage to act immediately to stop the ongoing dismantling of CBC/Radio-Canada.

Nov 4, 2015 — Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada following the swearing-in of the 29th Ministry

In his statement, Prime Minister says his government will reinvest in Canada's cultural and creative industries.

Nov 3, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix Partnering With Japan's SoftBank, Plans Original Local Content by Gavin Blair

The Japanese telecom and Internet giant will sell Netflix subscriptions to its 37 million customers.

Nov 3, 2015 —

CRTC vice-chairman Tom Pentefountas resigns by Christine Dobby

The vice-chairman of broadcasting at Canada’s telecom and broadcast regulator, has announced that he plans to step down within weeks, leaving his position about four months before his term expires.

Nov 3, 2015 — The Tyee

Under Trudeau, a Battle over Internet and Cultural Policy Looms by Michael Geist

Columnist says The Liberal platform was silent on major regulatory changes, but notes it did promise to reverse cuts to the CBC and to increase allocations to the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm, and the National Film Board.

Nov 3, 2015 — Maclean's

How the CRTC and NFB could help prevent a global media crisis

CRTC says forward-thinking direction is needed to make sure Canadians are able to find what they want to watch, or we’ll feel the pinch down the line.

Nov 3, 2015 — Toronto Star

Arts awards celebrate Peter Herrndorf’s legacy by Martin Knelman

Columnist says award felt like a key moment in the long fight to enhance Canada’s identity by supporting its talent.

Nov 3, 2015 — CBC News

Trudeau's pledge of arts investment leaves cultural groups cautiously optimistic

Justin Trudeau's campaign vow to renew investment in the arts was music to the industry's ears, and as the Liberal leader prepares for his swearing-in as Canada's 23rd prime minister next week, the prevailing mood among cultural groups is of cautious optimism.

Nov 2, 2015 — CRTC

Message to CRTC staff from Tom Pentefountas announcing his resignation.

The Vice-Chairman, Broadcasting of Canada's broadcasting regulator is stepping down from his role with the CRTC.

Nov 1, 2015 — Al Jazeera

Independent journalism and the future of the CBC

Al Jazeera's The Listening Post's Flo Phillips reports on the future of the CBC.

Oct 30, 2015 — As it Happens

Unions call on CBC president and board to step down

The two main unions representing CBC workers are demanding that president and CEO Hubert Lacroix and the board of directors step down for failing to defend public broadcasting.

Oct 30, 2015 — Yahoo!News

A host of reasons why unions want CBC head and board gone by Peter Henderson

Columnist says the Canadian Media Guild, which represents the employees of CBC’s English services as well as its French services outside Quebec and New Brunswick, says Lacroix and his board of directors have lost their legitimacy and the confidence of the staff.

Oct 30, 2015 — Toronto Star

Trudeau’s Liberals must beware sore winner syndrome by Susan Delacourt

Columnist says Sun TV was the Conservatives’ attempt to mimic — to the point of exaggerated caricature — what they believed to be the operating principle of CBC and its relationship with Liberals.

Oct 29, 2015 — Le Lézard

Telefilm Canada releases report on audience trends in Canada

Report indicates that the incidence of film viewing is increasing across the country, with the increase driven by digital platforms and younger audiences.

Oct 28, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Smartphone Adoption, Wireless Data Usage on the Rise: CRTC by Chris Powell

Continued smartphone adoption led to a 2.5% increase in Canada’s telecommunications revenue – to $45.9 billion – last year according to the CRTC’s 2015 Communications Monitoring Report.

Oct 27, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

European Parliament Rejects Net Neutrality Protections by Scott Roxborough

Politicians voted against all proposed amendments to an electronic communications bill concerning whether all online data should be treated equally.

Oct 26, 2015 — Stream Daily

The Sequel: Funding for content creation in Canada

Columnist says the massive influx of digital content, while great for the platform has meant that competition for traditional sources of funding is also heating up, with more companies than ever competing for an amount of financing that has remained relatively unchanged.

Oct 26, 2015 — Toronto Star

Privacy, telecom competition among Trudeau’s tech policy priorities by Michael Geist

Columnist says digital policies may not have played a significant role in the just-concluded national election, but the arrival of a majority Liberal government will leave many expecting “real change” on the digital front in the years ahead.

Oct 23, 2015 — National Post

Head of CRTC accused of ‘unilaterally’ naming panels, breaking commission’s bylaws by Christina Pellegrini

Columnist says court documents show an outspoken regional commissioner at Canada’s telecom watchdog is alleging that Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais has violated some of the bylaws that govern the commission.

Oct 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CRTC commissioner files second court case against regulator by Christine Dobby

Columnist says a rift at Canada’s broadcast and telecom regulator has again spilled over into the legal system, raising questions about how efficiently and fairly the commission can make public policy decisions.

Oct 23, 2015 — The Manitoban

Saving The CBC by Craig Adolphe

Columnist says decades of funding cuts under both the Liberal and Conservative governments and political interference through board appointments by Stephen Harper have severely hampered the national broadcaster’s ability to meet its mandate.

Oct 22, 2015 — Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Communications Monitoring Report 2015: Canada's Communications System: An Overview for Citizens, Consumers, and Creators

Report states wireless-only households are most prominent among the two lowest income quintiles, suggesting that the rise of mobile-only households does not solely reflect changing preferences but may also be driven by affordability.

Oct 22, 2015 — Northumberland View

National News: Canadians are adopting mobile services as their main source of telecommunication

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today released information from the 2015 Communications Monitoring Report on the state of Canada’s communications system. 

Oct 21, 2015 — Toronto Star

Mr. Trudeau, the arts ball is in your court by Martin Knelman

Columnist says Justin Trudeau understands in his bones how crucial arts, culture and education are in shaping our inclusive and multicultural identity — and how we can use our artistic achievements to show the world who we are.

Oct 21, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC snags Olympics rights for 2022, 2024

The public broadcaster got the rights to the Beijing 2022 games and the 2024 games. They currently have the rights to Rio 2016, Pyeongchang 2018, and Tokyo 2020.

Oct 18, 2015 — New York Times

Netflix Faces Challengers in Its Push to Expand Globally by Mark Scott and Elain Peltier

International competitors are offering similar fare, and even some of Netflix’s programming, making it harder for the video-streaming service to gain traction.

Oct 17, 2015 — Ottawa Sun

What does this election mean to the CBC? Everything by Eric Elliott

FRIENDS says that outside of the CBC’s funding issues, the network faces a murky future on the governance of their institution

Oct 16, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC: The election issue that wasn’t (but should have been) by Simon Houpt

Columnist says outside of the campaign cycle, the CBC is one of those national preoccupations that turns wholly civil Canadians into frothy-mouthed lunatics.

Oct 15, 2015 — Stream Daily

Netflix U.S. subscriptions miss the mark by Darah Hansen

Netflix executives maintain they are still on track for global domination in 2016 despite disappointing Q3 results that saw the SVOD fall short on its anticipated new subscriber additions in its chief market.

Oct 15, 2015 — Stream Daily

Netflix U.S. subscriptions miss the mark by Darah Hansen

Netflix executives maintain they are still on track for global domination in 2016 despite disappointing Q3 results that saw the SVOD fall short on its anticipated new subscriber additions in its chief market.

Oct 14, 2015 — Lexology

CBC/Radio-Canada funding - where the parties stand: 2015 federal election primer by Fasten Martineau

Columnist says politicians and the public have debated the role of the Federal Government in supporting CBC/Radio-Canada as the nation's public radio and television broadcaster for decades.

Oct 14, 2015 — Green Party of Canada

Green Party: Selling Off CBC Properties: “We will Remove the For Sale Sign in Front of CBC”

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich-Gulf Islands), Jo-Ann Roberts, Former All-Points West Host and candidate (Victoria), and Claire Martin, award winning CBC journalist and candidate (North Vancouver), held a press conference to denounce the selling off of CBC assets in Vancouver and across the country.

Oct 13, 2015 — The Peak

Releasing the death-grip on our Canadian voice by Tamara Connor

Columnist says selling off CBC’s properties is an irreversible mistake that will come back to haunt Canadians

Oct 12, 2015 — The Hill Times

Peterborough-Kawartha looking to move on from Del Mastro drama by Rachel Aiello

All three main party candidates have a fair showing of election signs throughout the riding, as well as the “We Vote CBC” campaign by the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

Oct 9, 2015 — The Guardian

The rise of the reader: journalism in the age of the open web by Katharine Viner

Speaker says the issue of paywalls gets to the heart of the central difficulty facing media organisations in the digital age: who is going to pay for it all.

Oct 9, 2015 — Inside Halton

Burlington candidates talk industry, pensions and CBC at final debates by Michael Gregory

During a campaign event, Conservative candidate says there hasn’t been any cuts to the public broadcaster.

Oct 7, 2015 — Cantech Letter

Will Hockey Night in Canada ever recoup Rogers’ $5.2 billion investment? by Terry Dawes

Columnist doubts Hockey Night in Canada will recoup Rogers' investment.

Oct 7, 2015 — Cantech Letter

Will Hockey Night in Canada ever recoup Rogers’ $5.2 billion investment? by Terry Dawes

While Rogers may or may not eventually be able to increase the overall viewership for hockey, it has still had to adjust rates downwards for advertisers last year, after initially assuming that Hockey Night in Canada advertising would be a seller’s market.

Oct 6, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

The Tech Behind CBC’s Big Programmatic Push by Jeff Fraser

CBC is the first major publisher in Canada to make 100% of its desktop display ad inventory available for programmatic buying, a move the company says will enable advertisers to apply rich data targeting across its entire online audience.

Oct 6, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

The Tech Behind CBC’s Big Programmatic Push by Jeff Fraser

CBC is the first major publisher in Canada to make 100% of its desktop display ad inventory available for programmatic buying, a move the company says will enable advertisers to apply rich data targeting across its entire online audience.

Oct 6, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Rogers looking to boost low NHL ratings amid rocky Maple Leafs market by David Shoalts

Columnist says that if ratings troubles persist – and advertisers already resisted Rogers’s price demands in Year 1 – then making a profit will be increasingly difficult.

Oct 5, 2015 — The Peterborough Examiner

1,300 We Vote CBC signs now up in Peterborough-Kawartha riding by Jason Bain

The final lawn sign in a campaign to restore funding to Canada’s public broadcaster was placed by an internationally acclaimed city artist Monday.

Oct 5, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

Mulcair promises $115-M funding boost for CBC by Don Peat

Several Canadian artists including Sarah Harmer and Gordon Pinsent joined Mulcair on stage for the announcement that included a pledge to add $60 million to Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board and create a $10-million digital content fund to support Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Oct 5, 2015 — CBC News

Tom Mulcair pledges to boost funding for the arts, CBC/Radio-Canada

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is pledging to ramp up support for film production and artists if elected on Oct. 19. 

Oct 5, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC shoots itself in the foot with election coverage by Michael Geist

Canada’s national public broadcaster has marginalized itself during the election campaign at the very time that it could be demonstrating its relevance to the national political coverage, says Michael Geist.

Oct 5, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Marchers from Montreal to Ottawa demanding better funding for CBC/Radio-Canada

Among the demands are increased, stable, multi-annual funding, and accountable, transparent governance, whereby the CBC President and Board of directors are not appointed by the PMO, but instead selected through a non-partisan, multi-party process.

Oct 5, 2015 — NDP

Mulcair to stop Harper’s damage to the CBC and Canadian arts

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has announced an NDP government will invest in high quality Canadian content and put Canada’s national broadcaster on a secure, long-term footing. 

Oct 5, 2015 — CBC News

Tom Mulcair pledges to boost funding for the arts, CBC/Radio-Canada

NDP Leader reconfirms his party's promise to reverse $115 million in cuts made by the Conservative government to the CBC.

Oct 2, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

Database names Conservative donors who are political appointees by Alex Boutilier

According to campaign director Rosa Kouri, the organization found 356 political appointees who have donated more than $760,000 to the Conservatives’ coffers between 2004 and 2014.

Oct 2, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Stephen Harper gives CBC a rare cameo on the election trail by Kate Taylor

Columnist says an underfunded CBC is in the midst of an awkward transition to a multiplatform and global environment in which its role as a producer, distributor, curator and aggregator of Canadian news and entertainment should become more important, not less.

Oct 2, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Three of four national political parties signal commitment to the CBC by Lise Lareau

Columnist says it’s clear the Liberals, NDP, and Green Party want Canadians to know they support CBC/Radio-Canada and that they see it as a winner issue in a crucial time.

Oct 1, 2015 — National Observer

Harper's long, incremental crusade against the CBC by Warren Bell

Columnist says Stephen Harper does not like the public broadcaster because it discusses behaviour that makes him uncomfortable, like the Mike Duffy scandal, the screening and police frisking of all participants in Conservative Party election rallies, or his own intractable hardness of heart in the face of the refugee crisis.

Oct 1, 2015 — The Gauntlet

We Need Public Broadcasting by Jason Herring

Columnist says it’s hard to imagine the CBC surviving if the trend of budget cuts continues.

Sep 30, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC head blames ‘broken finance model’ for funding squeeze by Chinta Puxley

The head of the CBC is hitting back at Conservative Leader Stephen Harper over comments the national broadcaster is floundering because of low ratings rather than a lack of funding.

Sep 30, 2015 — The Gauntlet

We Need Public Broadcasting by Jason Herring

Columnist says that while its programming isn’t always great, the Canadian content on the CBC provides a reliable source for arts and culture that reflect our national identity.

Sep 30, 2015 — Calgary Herald

Canada's enduring affliction — some people love to dislike Stephen Harper by Barry Cooper

Columnist says "Harper Derangement Syndrome" HDS seems largely confined to the media elite of Laurentian Canada. 

Sep 30, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

CBC failing to serve the public

Columnist says the CBC continues to fail the people it’s supposed to serve.

Sep 30, 2015 —

Fact check: Stephen Harper's bald-faced lies about the CBC by Nora Loreto

Hubert Lacroix, president of the corporation, rejected the notion that the public broadcaster's problem is with ratings.

Sep 30, 2015 — Calgary Herald

Canada's enduring affliction — some people love to dislike Stephen Harper by Barry Cooper

Columnist says "Harper Derangement Syndrome" seems largely confined to the media elite of Laurentian Canada. 

Sep 30, 2015 — Calgary Herald

Canada's enduring affliction — some people love to dislike Stephen Harper by Barry Cooper

Columnist says "Harper Derangement Syndrome" seems largely confined to the media elite of Laurentian Canada. 

Sep 30, 2015 —

Fact check: Stephen Harper's bald-faced lies about the CBC by Nora Loreto

Columnist reminds readers that in the 2012 budget, CBC/Radio-Canada's budget was cut by $115 million, or 10 per cent of the total operating budget.

Sep 30, 2015 — Yahoo!News

Is CBC’s audience declining as Harper claims? by Sherry Noik

FRIENDS says Stephen Harper’s assertion that his government made no cuts to the CBC’s budget is patently false.

Sep 29, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC hits back at Stephen Harper over funding cuts

Conservative leader Stephen Harper told a radio station in Quebec that the CBC’s budget crunch is not due to government cuts, but because of its low ratings.

Sep 29, 2015 — CBC News

CBC boss disputes Harper comment about broadcaster's low ratings

CBC President says the public broadcaster is crippled by a 'broken finance model'.

Sep 29, 2015 — CBC News

CBC supporters rally outside broadcaster's public meeting in Winnipeg

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting concerned about funding cuts, programming changes.

Sep 29, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

NDP Most Trusted to Protect CBC - Nanos Survey

A Nanos survey on broadcasting issues has found the NDP currently in front at 31 per cent on the question of which party is most trusted by voters to protect the CBC, with the Liberals most trusted by 27 per cent, the Conservatives by 13 per cent and the Green Party by 3 per cent.

Sep 29, 2015 — iPolitics

CBC CEO disputes Harper comments about funding

CEO Hubert Lacroix says the CBC has healthy ratings, but is crippled by a broken funding model.

Sep 29, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC hits back at Stephen Harper over funding cuts

CBC rejects Stephen Harper's comments that low ratings are responsible for the broadcaster's budget crunch.

Sep 29, 2015 — Le Devoir

Hubert Lacroix répond aux commentaires de Stephen Harper de Chinta Huxley

After the annual public meeting of CBC / Radio-Canada, Hubert Lacroix assures that the broadcaster had good ratings , but that the institution is undermined by a broken financial model.

Sep 29, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio-Canada a la cote, au-delà des allégeances by Stéphane Baillargeon

According to a Nanos poll sponsored by FRIENDS, even Conservative supporters are against cuts to the public broadcaster.

Sep 29, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC CEO disputes Harper comment over funding

CBC President says funding troubles at the public broadcaster are not about a lack of audience, but a broken finance model that doesn’t work, that used to be built on advertising revenues supporting a drop in parliamentary appropriations.

Sep 29, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Canadian voters deeply divided on who they trust to protect the CBC: survey by Simon Houpt

Nanos Research survey, sponsored by FRIENDS, finds most Canadians still believe the CRTC has a vital role to play in supporting the creation of home-grown TV programming.

Sep 28, 2015 — Newswire

Prime Minister criticized in report for failing to address alleged CRTC corruption

Prime Minister Stpehen Harper has been criticized in a report released today for his alleged failure to address allegations of long-term systemic corruption at the CRTC resulting in private corporations being subsidized by millions of Canadians, without their knowledge.

Sep 28, 2015 — Yahoo!News

Harper says low ratings, not government cuts, behind CBC's problems

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says the CBC's budget troubles aren't due to any government cuts to the national broadcaster, but rather because of its low ratings.

Sep 28, 2015 — Radio-Canada

Radio-Canada : plus d'argent d'Ottawa ne mènera pas à un retour en arrière

CBC President says the CBC will continue its shift to digital even if funding to the public broadcaster increases after the October 19th election.

Sep 28, 2015 — CBC News

Hubert Lacroix on the future of CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada president Hubert Lacroix speaks to the CBC's Janet Stewart about the current state of the public broadcaster as well as its future.

Sep 28, 2015 — National Post

Editorial: The CBC should be selling its buildings

 Editorial says unionized CBC employees and loyal CBC consumers do not share the same interests when it comes to the future of the corporation.

Sep 28, 2015 — Peterborough Examiner

Four of the five candidates would boost CBC funding by Kennedy Gordon

Four out of five Peterborough-Kawartha candidates say their parties would restore the CBC’s slashed operating budget and work to bring the national broadcaster back to its former glory.

Sep 26, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Canada Must Be a Nation That Supports Arts and Culture by Stéphane Dion

Former Liberal leader says that in order for cultural policies to move forward it will be more than ever necessary for the federal government to play a leading role.

Sep 25, 2015 — Council of Canadians

Harper has no mandate to auction off CBC buildings during an election

The Council of Canadians is accusing the Conservative Party of abusing the rules of caretaker governance in the recent announcement that all CBC buildings could soon be for sale.


Alleged CBC Plan To Sell All Of Its Properties 'Makes No Sense': Union by Maham Abedi

Ian Morrison, spokesman for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, told the Toronto Star he had not heard the news, but compared the supposed move to "burning the furniture to heat the home."

Sep 24, 2015 — Le Devoir

Tous les immeubles de Radio-Canada pourraient être vendus de Cassandra Szklarshi

The Director of Radio-Canada real estate service says any building belonging to the public broadcaster could be sold to offset the recent budget cuts.

Sep 24, 2015 — StarPhoenix

Real estate boss details CBC's national sell-offplans by Cassandra Szklarski

CBC's real estate boss says every building is a candidate to be sold as the public broadcaster grapples with massive budget cuts.

Sep 24, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

Culture is essential to democracy by Heather Menzies

Columnist says if Canadians want to be affirmed in their role as citizens sharing responsibility for the common good, cultural policy and funding need to be election issues too.

Sep 24, 2015 — New Democratic Party of Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada asset sale should be halted: NDP

In the wake of new reports of the CBC’s planned asset sale, NDP arts and culture critics Andrew Cash (Davenport) and Pierre Nantel (Longueuil – Saint-Hubert) have written to the public broadcaster’s president urging him to halt the sale of the CBC's real estate assets.

Sep 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Media union raises alarm over CBC real estate selloff plans

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is raising an alarm after Fred Mattocks, the CBC’s general manager of media operations and technology, told a staff at a town hall on Tuesday, “If you are in a CBC-owned building, you can be sure that we’re looking at selling it and leasing back space, or selling it and moving.”

Sep 23, 2015 — Ottawa Business Journal

CBC real estate boss details sell off plans as broadcaster grapples with cuts

Marc Lapierre insists there is no formal plan to sell all of the CBC's buildings, as suggested by the Canadian Media Guild.

Sep 23, 2015 — Globe and Mail

Media union raises alarm over CBC real estate selloff plans by James Bradshaw and Tamsin McMahon

The CBC is open to selling any and all of its real estate as it plans to move away from owning bricks and mortar, while its main union argues the public broadcaster is in danger of making “irreversible” cuts under financial duress.

Sep 23, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Every CBC Building A Candidate To Be Sold: Real Estate Boss by Cassandra Szklarski

CBC's real estate boss says every building is a candidate to be sold as the public broadcaster grapples with massive budget cuts.

Sep 22, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC property sell-off questioned by union by Michael Robinson

On the same day Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau pledged to reverse $115 million worth of cuts to the CBC, the union representing its employees claimed the national broadcaster had unveiled a plan to sell off all of its buildings.

Sep 22, 2015 — Liberal Party of Canada

Liberals to invest in Canadian culture and middle class jobs

Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Justin Trudeau, says a Liberal government will reinvest in our cultural and creative industries, to create jobs, grow the economy and middle class, and strengthen our rich Canadian identity.

Sep 22, 2015 — VancityBuzz

CBC to sell all of its buildings and properties across Canada by Kenneth Chan

The Canadian Media Guild says the plan is in response to continued federal government funding cuts that have stripped the CBC of its ability to carry out its mandate of creating quality and original domestic programming.

Sep 22, 2015 — Liberal Party of Canada


The Liberal Party party promises it will reinvest in Canada's cultural and creative industries.

Sep 22, 2015 — Global News

Trudeau promises to increase funding for the arts and CBC

Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberals would give $380 million in additional funding for the arts and undo the Conservative funding cuts to the CBC.

Sep 22, 2015 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promises to spend millions on CBC and the arts by Stephen Hui

The Liberals have joined the NDP and Greens in pledging to reverse the $115 million in cuts made by the Conservative government to the CBC.

Sep 22, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

CBC announces plans to sell off all buildings in midst of election campaign

CBC Branch President of the Canadian Media Guild says the decision to close down production centres should be of concern for all Canadians, and seriously jeopardizes the CBC’s ability to do meaningful production in the future

Sep 21, 2015 — EBU

EBU's Nordic Members write letter supporting BBC as "model" public broadcaster

Directors General from 7 of the EBU's Nordic Members have written an open letter to The Guardian newspaper in the UK arguing that the BBC is a source of inspiration for all public service media and urging that its future, currently being discussed as part of a charter renewal process, is safeguarded.

Sep 21, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

Music icons add support to CBC by Marty Forbes

Stony Plain Records' Holger Peterson says almost every Canadian artist has had his or her first exposure via CBC airplay.

Sep 19, 2015 — Peterborough Examiner

No Comment from Skinner by Adrian Peterson

Reader asks where is Peterborough's Conservative candidate Michael Skinner, and why is he not making himself available for comment via the media on local issues?

Sep 18, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

The Gargoyle – Liberals leading in Del Mastro's old seat, poll says by Glen McGregor

FRIENDS hired Nanos Reasearch to poll in Peterborough about attitudes towards the CBC and its local affiliate, CHEX-TV. 

Sep 18, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

CBC President Hubert Lacroix: Public Broadcasters ‘Risk Being Boiled To Death' by Daniel Tencer

The president of CBC/Radio-Canada says public broadcasters are caught in a “vicious circle” of budget cuts and service reductions that threaten their continued existence.

Sep 17, 2015 — openDemocracy

BBC Charter Review and children's content: beware the Trojan horse! by Jeanette Steemers

Columnist says the Green Paper’s proposals for children’s programming should ring loud alarm bells – for children, parents, and for the future of the BBC itself.

Sep 17, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Public broadcasters “risk being boiled to death”: Hubert Lacroix

CBC President acknowledges for the first time that the public broadcaster’s very existence is at risk due to funding cuts:  “We risk being boiled to death”

Sep 16, 2015 — NB Media Co-op

Fredericton candidates consider culture and the arts by Sophie M. Lavoie

Chairs had to be brought out in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre Auditorium to accommodate the varied crowd that filled the room at the Fredericton Riding All Candidates Meeting put on by the Fredericton Arts Alliance about Arts and Culture on Monday, Sept. 14 at 7 pm.

Sep 16, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CBC-TV Unveils Fall Schedule

CBC-TV’s fall schedule will launch over the coming weeks, highlighted by new series, returning hits, thought-provoking news and investigative content, documentaries, and engaging arts programming. 

Sep 15, 2015 — The Guardian

ABC's Mark Scott calls for new funding model to keep Australian content alive by Amanda Meade

The Austrailian public broadcaster’s managing director makes impassioned plea to lawmakers to ensure unique local drama and non-fiction survives the digital revolution.

Sep 15, 2015 —

Three Reasons to Invest in Media Companies by Sarah Cunningham-Scharf

Columnist says Canadian media companies need to manage the decline of television subscribers across the country, as well as their broadband capital spending and if they succeed, "their dividend growth models should continue for the next couple of years, keeping investors happy."

Sep 15, 2015 — openDemocracy

The BBC fight back begins by David Elstein

The BBC has published the first of four planned responses to the government Green Paper on Charter renewal. It is full of strong analysis, ambitions for the future and ambiguous financial forecasts. 

Sep 14, 2015 — CRTC

A review of the policy framework for local and community television programming

The CRTC launches a review of the policy framework for local and community television programming.

Sep 12, 2015 — CPAC

Leaders’ Tour - September 22, 2015 – Justin Trudeau – Montreal

While campaigning in Montreal, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau outlines the Liberal's plan to reinvest in the cultural and creative industries. View the press conference.

Sep 11, 2015 — openDemocracy

Saving Auntie from herself, before it's too late by John Goodyear

Columnist says briefing, leaks and spin mark the start of the campaign for favourable terms when the BBC charter is renewed, but asks whether the corporation is instead writing its own suicide note? 

Sep 9, 2015 — CHEX Television

Liberals leading locally: Nanos poll by Greg Davis

In the riding of Peterborough-Kawartha, new poll numbers show the the Federal Liberal Party has taken the lead.

Sep 9, 2015 — Peterborough Examiner

Liberals have edge in Peterborough-Kawartha riding, according to Nanos poll commissioned by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting as part of campaign to save CBC funding by Jason Bain

A Nanos poll commissioned by FRIENDS says 69% of residents are more likely to vote for a candidate favouring increased funding for the CBC, as opposed to 18% who would be more likely to vote for a candidate who would privatize the broadcaster - including half (48%) of those who say they have decided to vote Conservative.

Sep 4, 2015 — National Post

The geezer vote by Margaret Atwood

Author says the Trans-Pacific Partnership Harper’s so keen to sign will very likely mean the end of the CBC as a public national broadcaster, with advertisers and foreign interests calling the shots, including the shots on political news coverage. 

Sep 4, 2015 — openDemocracy

Lord Hall’s modest proposal for the BBC by Mike Flood

While Charter Review has been marked by a clamour over cuts to programmes and services, less attention has been paid to a BBC proposal which could have equally far-reaching implications. 

Sep 4, 2015 — openDemocracy

Digital dreams and open skies: universal service and the BBC by Sylvia Harvey

Writer says as mobile providers take over spectrum from broadcasters, the age of ‘free-to-air’ transmission could be coming to an end.

Sep 2, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Canadian Newspapers, Local TV Could Be Gone By 2025: Analyst by Daniel Tencer

In a study issued last month, Ken Goldstein, founder of Communications Management Inc., said the twin disappearances of newspapers and local TV will have “obvious” implications for Canadians’ ability to get local news.

Sep 2, 2015 — The Manitoban

Harper’s war on news media by Craig Adolphe

Columnist says that while cuts to the CBC predate the Conservative government's tenure, it wasn’t until then that Canadians saw it done with such glee.

Aug 29, 2015 — Inside Halton

CBC drops local TV affiliates in Oshawa, Peterborough and Kingston by Robin Levinson King

The CRTC announced Thursday that CHEX-TV in Peterborough, Channel 12 in Oshawa and CKWS-TV in Kingston would be ending their affiliation with CBC and entering into a “program supply agreement” with CTV beginning Aug. 31.

Aug 28, 2015 — The Pearson Centre

The CBC: Past, Present and Future by Tony Manera

Columnist says that without the CBC, English language Canadian broadcasting would be little more than a branch plant of the American media industry.

Aug 28, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC drops local TV affiliates in Oshawa, Peterborough and Kingston by Robin Levinson King

The CRTC announced Thursday that CHEX-TV in Peterborough, Channel 12 in Oshawa and CKWS-TV in Kingston would be ending their affiliation with CBC and entering into a “program supply agreement” with CTV beginning Aug. 31.

Aug 28, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Amazon Prime Video to Launch in Japan by Gavin Blair

The online retailer's online streaming service will join Netflix, Hulu and local platforms in the increasingly crowded Japanese VOD market.

Aug 28, 2015 — The Pearson Centre

The CBC: Past, Present and Future by Tony Manera

Writer says he addresses four key aspects of the CBC’s past, present and future beginning with the historical rationale for the creation of the CBC by Parliament in 1936, followed by arguments for the continuing validity of that rationale in today’s media environment. 

Aug 28, 2015 — openDemocracy

The BBC charter renewal, seen through a Nordic lens by Christian S. Nissen

Columnist says observers around the world are following the current British charter renewal process with bated breath.

Aug 27, 2015 —

SPECTRUM: Groups complain 600 MHz decision does little for small broadcasters, OTA consumers by Howard Solomon

Columnist says broadcasters looking at the likelihood of being forced to move to new over the air channels are still quietly digesting last week's 600 MHz spectrum decision by Industry Canada, but at least two interest groups are less than enthused about it.

Aug 26, 2015 — The Guardian

Ministers want BBC to consider ‘assisted suicide’, says Armando Iannucci by Armando Iannucci

Award-winning writer says it would be ‘bad capitalism’ to diminish the public broadcaster and claims debate has been poisoned by newspaper industry.

Aug 26, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix Leases 200,000-Square-Foot Hollywood Building by Natalie Jarvey

Netflix will occupy about two-thirds of the building in the largest office lease in square footage to-date for Hollywood.

Aug 26, 2015 — DigitalTonto

How The Collapse Of The Cable Business Model Will Bring A New Era Of Television by Greg Satell

Columnist says that with the cable business model starting to unravel, we can expect an explosion of creative energy that will usher in a new golden age of TV.

Aug 26, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Canadian TV Advertising Continues to Slide: Statscan

Statscan says ad sales dropped by nearly $200 million between 2011 and 2014.

Aug 26, 2015 — Inside Ottawa Valley

CBC sign adds to campaign colours on local lawns by Perth Courier

Signs from “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting,” simply say “We Vote CBC!”

Aug 26, 2015 — StreamDaily

BBC sets the date to shift linear channel 3 online by Darah Hansen

Trutstees of the British public broadcaster have set spring 2016 as the date to relaunch the channel online, a move BBC executives have repeated is a necessary to serve the needs of a modern, digitally savvy audience of cable-cutters.

Aug 26, 2015 — openDemocracy

The BBC, the press and online news by Alice Enders, Leo Watkins and Douglas McCabe

Columnists say scaling back the BBC will damage the UK’s sole source of impartial, quality and trusted news, whose independence is valued by users in the UK and around the world.

Aug 26, 2015 — Toronto Sun

General Rick Hillier post to Facebook expresses dislike of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting ad

General Rick Hillier takes issue with latest FRIENDS television ad and says the CBC should "earn their own way as other networks are required to."

Aug 25, 2015 — iPolitics

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting doubling down on 2015 campaign by Janice Dickson

FRIENDS says that over the past year the group has had one priority in mind — to hold the prime minister and his party to account for the damage he’s done to the CBC.

Aug 22, 2015 — StarPhoenix

Angry old Tories no help to Harper by Murray Mandryk

Columnist says that many Conservative supporters believe there is a problem with the media, which not had only the audacity to report on the Mike Duffy trial, but also to question Harper on it at his campaign stops.

Aug 20, 2015 — NPR

Sesame Street's New ABCs: On PBS And Now HBO

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the beloved children's show, announces a new deal with HBO that will bring the next five seasons of Sesame Street to the premium cable channel and its streaming services.

Aug 20, 2015 —

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting takes aim at Harper Conservatives with pro-CBC campaign by Miranda Nelson

FRIENDS is currently airing advertisements critical of the Harper government's treatment of the public broadcaster.

Aug 19, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Parties must turn to web to reach growing ranks of digital-only voters by Chris Hannay

As the federal election campaign picks up steam, a new survey suggests parties will have to go increasingly digital to reach potential voters.

Aug 18, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix Raises Subscription Price in Europe by Scott Roxborough

Netflix says that in order to “continue providing good series and films,” the streaming service increases its standard monthly subscription to just over $11.

Aug 18, 2015 — Digital Journal

Stingray Digital Group Obtains a Five-Year Renewal of its Broadcasting Licence by the CRTC

At least 35% of the music selections of Stingray's Canadian-produced channels consist of Canadian talent.

Aug 18, 2015 — CP24

Lawsuit alleges CBC used YouTube video without permission by Matt Ingram

 The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is facing a lawsuit in the United States over the alleged use of a YouTube video without the owner's permission.

Aug 17, 2015 —

Why culture is an election issue in 2015 by Heather Menzies

Columnist says it's culture that helps Canadians and their leaders discern how to strike the balance between the economy and the environment.

Aug 17, 2015 —

Let’s Talk TV: Why musicians and music video makers may be the first unintended consequences by Linda Stuart

Bell Media submitted Part 1 applications to the CRTC, requesting that its Much and M3 specialty channels be converted from Category A to Category B services, which have reduced requirements for the amount of airtime devoted to Canadian programming.

Aug 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Former head of TSN Rick Brace is ‘right guy at the right time for Rogers’ by David Shoalts

Columnist says while Rick Brace is well versed in running sports properties, he is also considered an expert in advertising sales and the business side of television.

Aug 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

The bold, canny aesthete at the helm of a German media giant by Joanna Slater

Axel Springer SE Chief Executive believes that within a decade, printed newspapers will only exist "as a kind of nostalgic, vintage item," much like vinyl records.

Aug 13, 2015 — National Observer

Harper's Wright hand flops in court by Sandy Garossino

Aug 11, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CBC Refuses Ads Private Networks Accept -- Friends

FRIENDS says The CBC is refusing to air TV ads intended to hold the Harper government accountable for the damage it has done to the national public broadcaster.

Aug 11, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

Does the World Service have a future? by Andrew Whitehead

The former editor of BBC World Service News argues that the funding of the World Service through the licence fee strengthens the corporation's hand in negotiations about a new charter. 

Aug 11, 2015 — J-Source

What the OMNI cuts mean for newcomer communities and journalists by Shannon Clarke

Daniel Ahadi, a PhD candidate researching ethnic media and public policy at Simon Fraser University says that while other public broadcasters such as BBC and Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service have incorporated multiple languages into their programming, Canada has been slower to respond to demographic changes, placing most of the responsibility on private broadcasters to provide multi-lingual services.

Aug 10, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

How Netflix subscribers may be unwitting tax evaders by Joel Eastwood

According to Finance Canada, Canadian Netflix subscribers are technically required to voluntarily hand over the sales tax even if they don't see it on their statements.

Aug 8, 2015 — Le Journal de Montréal

Radio-Canada: De mal en pis by Christophe Rodriguez

Blogger says CBC cuts have devastating effects on ICI Musique and Espace Musique - one of these effects being the end of recorded concerts – which affect the public broadcaster’ mission to support and promote Canadian artists and Canadian culture.

Aug 6, 2015 — The Tyee

'Netflix Tax' Hubbub Sidelines Weightier Digital Issues by Michael Geist

Columnist says the discussion of a Netflix tax (whether the debate is about supporting Canadian content or taxation of digital services) is fair game.

Aug 6, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

‘Netflix Tax' Inevitable, Say Experts

The three major federal political parties have rejected the idea of a so-called Netflix tax, but some experts say it may be inevitable as Canadians conduct more and more of their business online.

Aug 6, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Secret negotiations trading away CBC

The Canadian Media Guild says the Conservative government is taking part in secret international trade talks that could threaten the future of CBC. 

Aug 6, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Stephen Harper Uses 'Netflix Tax' Video To Take Aim At NDP And Liberals by Zi-Ann Lum

Columnist says the Conservatives are using a so-called Netflix tax kiboshed earlier this year to appeal to users of the popular media-streaming service.

Aug 6, 2015 —

Stephen Harper’s vow against a Netflix tax seems odd but the idea has been floating around in Canada by Tristin Hopper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper implies that the Conservatives are the only party without designs on taxing the streaming website Netflix.

Aug 5, 2015 — Toronto Star

Stephen Harper opposes any tax to digital streaming services by Holly Honderich

In a short video released on his Twitter account on Wednesday night, Prime Minister Harper said he is “100 percent against” a tax on digital streaming services.

Aug 4, 2015 — Times Colonist

Election season begins at Mile Zero with a CBC lawn sign by Jack Knox

Columnist says FRIENDS argues the Conservatives are systematically dismantling one of the institutions that keeps Canada together.

Aug 4, 2015 — The Prince George Citizen

CBC supporters fire first election shots by Jack Knox

FRIENDS arguesthe Conservatives are systematically dismantling one of the institutions that keeps Canada together.

Aug 3, 2015 — The Telegram

Broadcaster gets boost by Joe Gibbons

FRIENDS and other advocates of public broadcasting are lobbying to save it from cutbacks.

Aug 3, 2015 — News Article

Broadcaster gets boost by Joe Gibbons

O’Keefe joined with Mayor Lisa Helps of Victoria, B.C., to support the CBC by placing the 800th “We Vote CBC!” lawn sign from a west coast campaign at the other Mile 0 landmark in Canada. Advocates of the broadcaster are lobbying to save it from cutbacks.

Jul 31, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

Fair Game? The BBC and the future of sport on free-to-air television by Paul Smith

Columnist says in an era of multi-channel digital television and increasingly fragmented audiences, live television coverage of major sporting events remains one of the few forms of programming able to bring the nation together for a shared viewing experience.

Jul 31, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Mark Starowicz, the last of CBC’s great documentarians, rolls the credits by Simon Houpt

Mark Starowicz says he sees no contradiction between the notion of a high-quality public broadcaster and populism. 

Jul 31, 2015 — Toronto Star

Election could shine spotlight on digital issues by Michael Geist

Columnist says that with an election campaign set to run until mid-October, there may finally be a chance at a meaningful discussion about Canada’s digital future.

Jul 30, 2015 —

Memo: Mark Starowicz leaving CBC by Chantal Braganza

From CBC executive vice-president English services Heather Conway to staff.

Jul 29, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

No broadcaster is an island by Brian Winston

Columnist says the fragility of the BBC’s independence from the state cannot continue to be ignored. 

Jul 29, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

Bill Chambers, vice-president, Strategy & Public affairs, leaving CBC/Radio-Canada

Bill Chambers, Vice-President, Strategy and Public Affairs will be leaving the public broadcaster on August 31st.

Jul 28, 2015 — Parksville Qualicum Beach News

CBC supporters will mingle in Parksville Community Park by Carli Berry

Followers of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have an opportunity to share their input with local politicians.

Jul 28, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

Two thirds of Canadians turned to CBC/Radio-Canada for coverage of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

The public broadcaster says an average of close to 2.2 million Canadians tuned in to the Closing Ceremony on CBC-TV and ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

Jul 28, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

CBC subsidy still unjustified by Lorne Gunter

Columnist says other Canadian TV channels and radio services do not get the kind of money that flows into the CBC year after year, mostly producing dreadful, dull, preachy, biased or unfunny television that almost no one watches.

Jul 27, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC needs to rethink its purpose, not just its programs by Konrad Yakabuski

Columnist says Canada’s public broadcaster will continue to limp along – resisting calls to refine its outdated and overly broad mandate to reflect a multichannel, multiplatform universe – or it will admit that much of the programming on which it spends its scarce resources is redundant.

Jul 26, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

BBC Charter renewal: invisible actors and critical friends by Julian Petley

Columnisy says if the corporation is to defend itself against powerful vested interests it must work more closely with critical friends across the political spectrum. 

Jul 25, 2015 — Kingston Region

The Senate’s shoddy report on CBC by Carol Goar

Columnist says that after 18 months of hearings, a Senate committee files a slapdash, miserly report on the future of the CBC

Jul 25, 2015 — The Guardian

CBC still plays a role in our lives

FRIENDS says following the Senate Committee's recommendations would render the CBC as nothing more than a “transmitter of programs that are conceived and thought up by private interests.”

Jul 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

The Senate wants more Reach for the Top on CBC. Seriously? by Kate Taylor

Columnist says the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications would not even let Senator Art Eggleton include his minority report recommending that funding be raised from $29 per Canadian to $40, which is still only half of the average spent on public broadcasting in other Western democracies.

Jul 22, 2015 — Toronto Star

Give CBC the support it needs: Editorial

FRIENDS says the Senate Report is all about paring back both the CBC’s scope and budget, and putting it on a shakier footing.

Jul 22, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

A blueprint for marginalizing the CBC by Tony Manera

Former CBC President says Time for Change: The CBC/Radio-Canada in the Twenty-first Century represents an abdication of responsibility for an institution created by Parliament with a mandate that is as relevant today as it ever was. 

Jul 22, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

A blueprint for marginalizing the CBC by Tony Manera

Former CBC/Radio-Canada President says the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications' report represents an abdication of responsibility for an institution created by Parliament with a mandate that is as relevant today as it ever was.

Jul 22, 2015 — CBC: As It Happens

Liberal-appointed Senator slams proposed CBC changes

Liberal-appointed Senator Art Eggleton is criticizing a Senate committee report recommending major changes at the CBC.

Jul 22, 2015 — Globe & Mail

A new and better CBC must start from within by John Doyle

Columnist says neither the Senate standing committee report on the future of the CBC, nor Senator Art Eggleton’s minority report in response, is much use in figuring out where the CBC goes in the immediate future.

Jul 22, 2015 — La Presse

Disappointing, Disheartening Senate Report on the Future of the CBC

Alain Saulnier, former Director-General of News and Public Affairs at Radio-Canada, says a Senate report on the future of CBC/Radio-Canada looks to diminish the public broadcaster.

Jul 22, 2015 — National Post

CRTC says big telecom companies must open fibre networks to smaller providers by Gordon Isfeld

Columnist says by the end of next year, Canada’s telecom watchdog will require the country’s big incumbent Internet providers to allow their wholesale competitors direct access to the their fibre networks, including the so-called “last mile” from a neighbourhood’s local node to subscribers’ homes or businesses.

Jul 22, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Editorial: Senate committee's report on the CBC falls short

Columnist says A Senate committee’s 63-page report on the future of Canada’s public broadcaster was tabled in Ottawa this week, and while it contained several constructive suggestions, critics are right to be concerned about the committee’s funding proposals.

Jul 21, 2015 — CBC News

Senate report on CBC calls for new revenue sources, greater transparency by Susana Mas

A Senate committee has tabled a report on the future of Canada's public broadcaster, with 22 recommendations ranging from finding new sources of funding, to publicly disclosing how much its employees make and putting a stop to all in-house production of non-news and current affairs.

Jul 21, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Senate Committee Studying CBC Nearly Crossed Line: Ombudsman by Althia Raj

French-language service ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau says a Senate committee studying the future of CBC/Radio-Canada came dangerously close to “political interference.”

Jul 21, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

Time to fight for the BBC by Peter Oborne

Columnist says George Osborne and his neoliberal backers are not just attacking the BBC but launching a concerted assault on Britain’s democratic public culture.

Jul 20, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Here’s a better Senate plan for the CBC by Art Eggleton

Senator says it is important to have a strong and vibrant CBC, to tell our stories, to entertain and inform us as Canadians.

Jul 20, 2015 — iPolitics

Senate report recommends alternative financing models for CBC by Kyle Duggan

Among the report’s twenty-two recommendations, it suggests the CBC should explore “alternative funding models” and additional ways to generate revenue to “minimize the Corporation’s dependence on government appropriations,” and it calls on the CBC to disclose financial information about contracts and salaries.

Jul 20, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC urged to find new funding models by Simon Houpt

A Senate committee that spent 18 months studying the CBC and its place in the media landscape is recommending the public broadcaster explore alternative funding models, shake up its governance structure, be more transparent in its operations and air more amateur sports and high-quality arts.

Jul 20, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

Senate Study on CBC/Radio-Canada a Missed Opportunity

The public broadcaster says it was hoping for more from the Senate Committee's report on the future of the CBC.

Jul 20, 2015 — Winnipeg Free Press

Senate committee calls for changes at CBC by Mia Rabson

A Senate committee wants Canada’s public broadcaster to be more transparent about salaries and look for new sources of revenue.

Jul 20, 2015 — CTV News

Senate report says CBC should find new ways to pay for operations

A Senate committee is calling on Canada's public broadcaster to publicly disclose how much employees make and ensure non-executives aren't getting paid more than their peers in private broadcasting.

Jul 20, 2015 — As it Happens: CBC

Senate report says 'time for change' at the CBC

A new Senate report is calling for major changes at CBC/Radio-Canada. Conservative Senator Donald Plett, the deputy chair of the Senate's transport and communications committee, says, "Canadians want something else."

Jul 16, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Harper, Australian counterpart Abbott part ways on austerity by Konrad Yakabuski

Canada’s Prime Minister and his Australian counterpart share the same conservative ideology, contempt for carbon taxes and disdain for their public broadcaster.

Jul 15, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

The Whittingdale Eight: war or wisdom for the BBC? by Lis Howell

The government has set up an advisory panel for its review of the BBC Charter. 

Jul 14, 2015 — The Guardian

The Battle of the BBC by Charlotte Higgins

Under attack from a government intent on reducing its size and besieged by commercial rivals, the broadcaster has been forced to justify its very existence.

Jul 14, 2015 — The Guardian

The battle for the BBC by Charlotte Higgins

Columnist says that under attack from a government intent on reducing its size and besieged by commercial rivals, the broadcaster has been forced to justify its very existence.

Jul 14, 2015 — Reuters

INSIGHT-Local TV takes news to Web in fight for cord cutters by Lisa Richwine

Local TV stations are plugging one of the last major holes in mobile video: streaming their news to phones and tablets. The move presents yet another challenge to cable and satellite providers, which are grappling with the widespread online availability of content.

Jul 14, 2015 — MediaPost

World Wide Web Consortium Unveils Do-Not-Track Standards by Wendy Davis

Columnist says a four-year privacy initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium advanced today when the group published tentative standards for implementing do-not-track requests that users can send through their browsers.


Jul 14, 2015 — MediaPost

OTT Platforms Could Hit $12B IN 2018, Netflix Will Dominate by Wayne Friedman

Over-the-top TV platforms could triple in revenue in four years.

Jul 12, 2015 — Financial Times

BBC faces second bruising funding battle with government by Henry Mance

John Whittingdale, the new culture secretary, will look at whether the BBC should air fewer popular entertainment shows, do more to ensure its impartiality, and be subject to greater oversight from regulator Ofcom.

Jul 10, 2015 — National Post

National Post View: The cord cutters’ revolt

Columnist suggests that had the CRTC’s regulatory changes happened years ago, it is possible many of today’s cord-cutters might have stuck with cable and adapted to the new system.

Jul 8, 2015 — OpenDemocracy

“We cannot allow chaff to impact strategic direction”: an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Scadding

The Head of Public Affairs at the BBC talks about pressures and ambitions at the corporation ahead of next year’s Charter Renewal. 

Jul 7, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

German TV, Print Giants in Talks About $16 Billion Merger by Georg Szalai

Discussions of a merger come a decade after a previous deal failed amid regulatory opposition. 

Jul 7, 2015 — Broadcast Dialogue

Canadian broadcasters spent $138.7 million in television public benefits in the 2013-2014 broadcast year, according to new research

Spending on so-called tangible public benefits related to the acquisition of regulated Canadian broadcast television assets increased by 27% or $29.9 million to $138.7 million in the 2013-2014 broadcast year, according to new research from Ottawa-based research and consulting firm Boon Dog Professional Services Inc.

Jul 7, 2015 — Comox Valley Record

Federal parties converge to man We Vote CBC booth Saturday

On Saturday, July 11, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting (Comox Valley contingent) are bringing three federal parties together to work in a spirit of co-operation, manning our "We Vote CBC" booth.

Jul 7, 2015 — The Guardian

BBC considering move to make news channel online only by Tara Conlan

Columnist says the BBC is understood to be looking into future of £66.2m TV channel and how live news is covered, with final decision yet to be made.

Jul 6, 2015 — RapidTVNEws

BBC faces 18% funding cut in Tory budget by Rebecca Hawkes

The BBC could be forced to meet the cost of free television licences for those over age 75 as part of £12 billion in welfare cuts to be announced in the UK Government's budget on Wednesday.

Jul 6, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC’s Still Standing gets laughs in small-town Canada by John Doyle

Columnist says Still Standing is a retro-CBC premise and on paper it reeks of CBC dutifully fulfilling its public broadcast mandate and showing Canada to Canadians, but there is a delightful quality to Harris’s genuine curiosity about the people in obscure places.

Jul 6, 2015 — BBC

BBC to fund over-75s' TV licences

Ministers said the move would be phased in from 2018-19. In return, rules on paying for catch-up services such as iPlayer might be introduced and the licence fee will rise with inflation.

Jul 6, 2015 —

BBC to fund over-75s' TV licences by Nick Higham by Nick Higham

Funding free licence fees for over-75s cost the government £608m in 2013-14 - about a fifth of the BBC's budget.

Jul 5, 2015 — Toronto Star

Growing number of Canadians are cutting traditional TV services, says CBC report by Aly Thomson

Light viewers are now realizing most of their content needs can be met by the Internet, leading 16 per cent of Canadians to not pay for traditional TV.

Jul 2, 2015 — The Guardian

BBC to cut more than 1,000 jobs in cost-savings push by Jane Martinson

Managers and back office functions to be cut to make up for a funding shortfall of £150m largely due to the faster-than-expected switch to online viewing.

Jul 2, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

BBC to Cut More Than 1,000 Jobs, Become "Simpler, Leaner" by Georg Szalai

The U.K. public broadcaster remains under pressure to reduce its costs amid funding shortfalls.

Jul 1, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Everyone’s a critic, but Canadians have so much to celebrate by Jeffrey Simpson

Columnist suggests the CBC is starved for money compared with other countries’ public broadcasters.

Jun 30, 2015 — The Guardian

The BBC is under threat because its success challenges market ideology by Polly Toynbee

Columnist says many of the newer Bristish Tory MPs detest the very existence of the BBC because its phenomenal success an affront to market ideology.


Jun 29, 2015 — Strategy

The fight for specialty channel survival by Jonathan Paul

Columnist says when the specialty TV status quo changes in March 2016 there will be casualties, it’s just a question of how many.

Jun 28, 2015 — Toronto Star

Fixed-date election comes back to bite Stephen Harper by Chantal Hébert

Columnist says no prime minister in his right mind would opt to campaign for a fourth mandate in the circumstances currently faced by Stephen Harper.

Jun 26, 2015 — The Province

Rogers, Shaw look to protect their turf with Shomi streaming service to rival Netflix by John Greenwood

Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. are teaming up to launch a video streaming service to compete with so-called over-the-top players such as Netflix, which have been grabbing market share from conventional players over the last several years.

Jun 26, 2015 — Toronto Star

Fixed-date election comes back to bite Stephen Harper by Chantal Hébert

Columnist says knowing what he does today, chances are that Harper — whose government spent much energy creating as Conservative-friendly an electoral environment as possible — would not have relinquished control over the biggest strategic advantage a ruling party leader used to enjoy.

Jun 25, 2015 — Digital Radio FM Europe

Final Stop For DAB Radio in Sweden

The Swedish government has announced it will not go ahead with plans to replace FM radio with digital DAB+ broadcasting.

Jun 25, 2015 — Edmonton Journal

CRTC revokes licences of aboriginal radio stations in Edmonton, four other cities

In a decision “to help improve radio service for urban aboriginal listeners,” the CRTC says it is revoking the licences of AVR stations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa effective July 25.

Jun 24, 2015 — Calgary is Awesome

CKUA to Open Calgary Studio, Tripling Local Content by Sarah Pynoo

Calgarians will soon be able to tune into more local music programming, thanks to a partnership between CKUA, the NMC, and the Calgary Foundation.

Jun 22, 2015 —

CBC misjudged demand for radio ad sales on music stations, analyst says by Peter Henderson

Columnist says CBC/Radio-Canada's poor numbers from its experiment with paid commercials on Radio 2 and Espace Musique show that the public broadcaster misjudged the market for national advertising on its music-focused radio channels.

Jun 21, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Canadian TV, as we know it, is dead by John Doyle

Columnist says there is change symbolized in CBC actually firing a well-connected person of privileged background on a heap-of-cash issue.

Jun 18, 2015 — iPolitics

Ugly spat over cost of business travel within top ranks of CRTC by Jennifer Ditchburn

An ugly internal spat over business trips is escalating at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, with one senior government appointee threatening to get the Prime Minister’s Office’s involved.

Jun 18, 2015 — Globe & Mail

BCE bolsters editorial code after meddling affair by James Bradshaw

BCE Inc. has introduced a new journalistic independence policy to strengthen autonomy at its flagship news broadcaster after the company’s head of media was dismissed in April over his attempts to intervene in coverage.

Jun 18, 2015 — Stream Daily

YouTube Newswire creates a one-stop shop for eyewitness videos by Todd Longwell

Social media news agency Storyful has partnered with Google News Lab to launch YouTube Newswire, featuring global and regional feeds that highlight the most relevant videos from different parts of the world, covering news, politics and weather.

Jun 17, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

European Channels Dumping American Series for Homegrown Fare by Scott Roxborough

“Five years ago, American series dominated primetime across Europe ... now its local stuff,” says FremantleMedia International CEO Jens Richter in his Monte Carlo TV festival keynote.

Jun 17, 2015 — AM770

Numbers tell the story by Dave Rowe

Numbers suggest playoff ratings were down 20 percent despite heavy Canadian content in the early rounds.

Jun 17, 2015 —

MPs ask why Rogers can’t pull money from other divisions to fund OMNI by Perry Hoffman

Columnist says Rogers Media resolutely defends its decision to cut all news programming from its ethnic OMNI stations and replace it with current affairs shows before a Parliamentary committee.

Jun 17, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Newspapers Canada Releases 2014 Circulation Report by Chris Powell

Canada’s 91 paid and 13 free distribution dailies had a combined weekday print and digital circulation of 5.3 million, and weekly circulation of 31.8 million in 2014, according to the latest circulation report from Newspapers Canada.

Jun 17, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Private Radio Sees First Revenue Decline Since 2009: Statscan by Chris Powell

Operating revenues for Canada’s private radio stations were “relatively stable” in 2014, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada, with a slight 0.5% decline to $1.6 billion.

Jun 15, 2015 — The Hill Times

CBC Ottawa bureau reeling after loss of Solomon in ‘brutal year’ by Simon Doyle

The bureau is now headed toward a fall election while “missing one of our biggest players,” one CBC employee said.

Jun 15, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Global Online TV, Video Revenue Forecast to Hit $51.1B by 2020 by George Szalai

Worldwide over-the-top TV and video revenue will reach $51.1 billion in 2020, nearly doubling the $26.0 billion expected in 2015, according to a new forecast.

Jun 15, 2015 — NationTalk

Telefilm Canada announces 15 Micro-Budget Production Program finalists for 2015-2016

The Talent Fund helps the film industry diversify its funding sources and promote its successes.

Jun 15, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

How Thomas Mulcair could become prime minister by Peter Loewen

Columnist says polls show Thomas Mulcair atop the leaderboard, thanks to a rapidly disappearing Liberal vote.

Jun 14, 2015 — The Guardian

Jonathan Dimbleby warns of 'powerful vested interests' attacking BBC licence fee

Broadcaster warns against cuts to licence fee following appointment of John Whittingdale, who calls fee ‘worse than the poll tax’, as culture secretary.

Jun 13, 2015 — The Guardian

Canadian public broadcaster's crisis: 'When you create celebrities, you create monsters' by John Barber

Columnist says that gutted by a conservative government and forced to emphasize ‘host culture’ over content, the CBC has faced three scandals involving presenters in recent months, the latest Evan Solomon’s alleged influence-peddling in art deals.

Jun 13, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Netflix Should Report Subscription Data, Viewing Habits, NDP, Liberals Say by Daniel Tencer

The NDP & Liberal parties say Netflix and other streaming video services should be required to report Canadian subscription data and customers’ viewing habits to regulators.

Jun 12, 2015 —

Separating Evan Solomon's conduct from CBC culture is hard to do by Rick Salutin

Columnist says former CBC journalist Evan Solomon had become very good at what he did, and was serving Canadians far more than others at the public broadcaster. 

Jun 12, 2015 — iPolitics

Evan Solomon isn’t the only one at the CBC who should be fired by Michael Harris

Columnist says Evan Solomon was troubled only by the public relations disaster he triggered when his entrepreneurial sideline became public.

Jun 12, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

BuzzFeed Canada is Here by Russ Martin

With millions of Canuck visitors, BuzzFeed has officially launched a Canadian edition.

Jun 11, 2015 — The Tyee

The Wisdom of Evan Solomon by Crawford Kilian

Columnist says the departure of Evan Solomon from CBC is an opportunity for our national broadcaster to save its institutional soul, and for Canada to get a grip on itself.

Jun 11, 2015 — Toronto Star

Evan Solomon and the CBC’s culture of greed by Rick Salutin

Columnist says the former host is surely the boss of his own conscience but still, he may have found it confusing at CBC regarding what was valued there.

Jun 10, 2015 — Georgia Straight

Broadcaster Evan Solomon offers his side of the story after being fired by CBC by Charlie Smith

In a statement issued through his lawyer, Evan Solomon says that he had disclosed the existence of his now-defunct private art business earlier this year to the public broadcaster broadcaster. 

Jun 10, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Evan Solomon scandal joins long list of TV news's ethical imbroglios

Columnist says the firing of CBC host Evan Solomon, alleged to have used his contacts to profit from a lucrative art-dealing business, is a new blow to a public broadcaster that has already faced other staff controversies in recent months.

Jun 10, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

CBC/Radio-Canada Appoints Sullivan for Digital Role by Chris Powell

The build-out of the CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions Group continues with the appointment of digital veteran Robyn Sullivan as director of digital revenue optimization and innovation.

Jun 10, 2015 — National Post

The rise and fall of Evan Solomon: How the career of CBC’s golden boy came undone in less than 24 hours by Cassandra Szklarski

Columnist says CBC severed ties with Solomon barely an hour after the Toronto Star alleged the 47-year-old took advantage of his position to broker lucrative art deals between a friend and wealthy interview subjects.

Jun 10, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Court case over harassment probe details deep rift between CRTC chairman, commissioner by Christine Dobby

Columnist says new details have emerged in a legal action over a workplace harassment investigation at Canada’s broadcast and telecom regulator, revealing claims that a commissioner created a “toxic work environment” as he repeatedly questioned the chairman’s control over the organization.

Jun 10, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC host Evan Solomon fired after Star investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals by Kevin Donovan

Columnist says the former CBC journalist facilitated sales of art to wealthy Canadians he dealt with in his job — including one buyer who had no idea Solomon was collecting a commission.

Jun 10, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

Evan Solomon latest in line of journalists under fire by Michelle Mandel

Columnist says former CBC host Evan Solomon has become the latest in a long list of journalists who think they don’t have to behave by the rules.

Jun 10, 2015 —

Evan Solomon’s firing: Is CBC making up its human resources policies as it goes along? by Elissa Freeman

Crisis communications specialist Elissa Freeman takes a look at the firing of Evan Solomon by the CBC, and how the public broadcaster is handling this situation.

Jun 9, 2015 — Globe & Mail

It’s time to take down the spoils system by Lawrence Martin

Columnist says the latest appointment to the CBC Board is only one of countless numbers who, courtesy of our well-entrenched practice of patronage, receive appointments without having much in the way of qualifications. 

Jun 9, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC has fired marquee host Evan Solomon after the Star reported that he was taking secret commission payments related to art sales involving people he dealt with as a host.

CBC has fired marquee host Evan Solomon after revelations that he was taking secret commission payments related to art sales involving people he dealt with as a host.

Jun 9, 2015 — Brampton Guardian

Degrassi:Next Class to air on Family Channel in January 2016

Fifth incarnation of the long-standing Canadian TV franchise will debut in January 2016 on Family Channel and Netflix.

Jun 8, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

Canadian networks unveil fall lineups by Bill Brioux

CTV, Global and Rogers have no new Canadian shows this fall and CTV has announced that they are cancelling "Degrassi: The Next Generation" after 14 seasons.

Jun 8, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Jean-Pierre Blais, CRTC Chief, Sees Consumers Clicking On TV Shows To Buy Products by Sunny Freeman

The so-called “click to retail” model is the way of the future, CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais said Sunday as part of a "Back To The Future"-themed speech delivered at the Banff World Media Festival.

Jun 8, 2015 — Le Lézard

Soutenir la programmation radiophonique dans le Nord de la Saskatchewan

The government of Canada will give $380,815 to Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation for the 2015-2016 financial year to support the production and broadcast of up to 168 weekly hours of radio content which will include 20 hours of new content in Aboriginal languages.

Jun 6, 2015 — Vancouver Sun

Victoria’s CHEK rides out turbulent times by Claire Brownell

Columnist says five-and-a-half years after employees bought the station from Canwest, CHEK is still chugging along, with more local programming, less funding and no major media conglomerate with other sources of revenue to fall back on.

Jun 5, 2015 — Nieman Lab

Newsonomics: La Presse’s bet on tablets and its crossover calculus by Ken Doctor

The Montreal daily is probably closer than any other major North American newspaper to shutting off the presses and going digital-only. But can a strategy based on tablets — whose sales have flattened — succeed in the long term?

Jun 4, 2015 — MediaPost

Digital Video On Social Media Competing With Prime TV by Jack Loechner

Marketers are expected to spend $7.77 billion on digital video ads this year in the United States, up 30% compared with 2014, fueled by the growth in video on social networks, according to eMarketer, reported by Queenie Wong, SJMercury News.

Jun 4, 2015 — IPpolitics

Harper’s Kingdom: Home of the Whopper by Michael Harris

Columnist says Stephen Harper began the 2015 election campaign with a cascade of factual deficiencies including regarding the CBC.

Jun 4, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix to Launch in Spain in October by Pamela Rolfe

CEO Reed Hastings said he's not worried about Spain's rampant piracy or growing market competition.

Jun 4, 2015 — Stream Daily

Consumers are shaving the cable cord, not cutting it by Todd Longwell

RBC Capital Markets industry analyst says the online video market poses little threat to the traditional network TV ecosystem.

Jun 4, 2015 — National Post

When Netflix just won’t do: Canadians hiked their spending on TV services last year, especially sports channels

Columnist says that for all the talk and fear about so-called cord cutters and competition from Netflix, the total sales generated by television services in Canada actually grew in 2014 compared to the previous year.

Jun 4, 2015 — Newswire

Le CRTC tiendra une audience publique afin de revoir la structure et le mandat du Commissaire aux plaintes relatives aux services de télécommunications

The CRTC launched a public consultation to revise the mandate and structure of the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) as well as the mandatory participation of telecommunications services suppliers.

Jun 3, 2015 — Estevan Mercury

The 'C' in CBC should stand for 'Canadian,' not 'cuts'

Senator Maria Chaput says CBC’s mandate is really what is at stake when talking about cuts being made to the public broadcaster.

Jun 3, 2015 — Newswire

Le CRTC encourage une nouvelle génération de chercheurs pouvant contribuer au développement de politiques en matière de communication

The CRTC, in collaboration with the Canadian Communication Association (CCA) launched the CRTC Prize for Excellence in Policy Research during the CCA Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

Jun 3, 2015 — wifihifi

Bell Media Says We Need to Make Content More Accessible by Christine Persaud

In her first keynote as the new President of Bell Media since taking over for Kevin Crull, Mary Ann Turcke used several personal examples to illustrate the importance of local Canadian content, and making content accessible.

Jun 3, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Encourages New Generation of Researchers to Contribute to Communications Policy

The CRTC, together with the Canadian Communication Association (CCA), has launched the CRTC Prize for Excellence in Policy Research.

Jun 3, 2015 — Globe & Mail

The real creativity in Canadian TV? It’s all in the press releases by John Doyle

Columnist says there is more creativity and ingenuity in the press releases sent out by Canadian networks than in the matters of creating shows, casting them, scheduling and positioning them. 

Jun 3, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Encourages New Generation of Researchers to Contribute to Communications Policy

The CRTC together with the Canadian Communication Association has launched the CRTC Prize for Excellence in Policy Research at the CCA annual meeting in Ottawa.

Jun 3, 2015 — MediaPost

Netflix Rejects Advertising, Maintains Subscriptions by Wayne Friedman

Netflix has been running what looks like commercials before some TV and movie content, but those entertainment messages are just TV and movie promos for other content on the service.

Jun 2, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Global Montreal adding more local newscasts this fall by Steve Faguy

Global Montreal is adding more local news to its daytime schedule.

Jun 2, 2015 —

Google Canada boss says businesses too slow in seizing digital tools

Google Canada Managing Director urges Canadians to embrace virtual office infrastructure that has diminished substantially in cost over the last two decades to about $5,000 for a startup from $5 million on average.

Jun 1, 2015 — LaPresse

Lise Thériault à la Rescousse de la Chaîne avis de Recherche by Jasmin Lavoie

Lise Thériault, Quebec Minister of public Safety, is asking federal M.P Steven Blaney and Shelly Glover to intervene with the CRTC to rescue “Avis de recherche” television station.

Jun 1, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Tories still tone deaf in Quebec by Konrad Yakabuski

Columnist says this year’s Gémeaux gala runs Sept. 20 on Radio-Canada and Tory cuts to the public broadcaster are shaping up to be an election issue in Quebec with federalist and sovereigntist politicians united in calling for their reversal.

May 31, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC’s new season is in desperate need of your love by John Doyle

Columnist goes through his impressions of CBC's upcoming programming season.

May 29, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

Record Breaking Results for CBC Radio One With Strong Numbers in Local Markets

The spring Numeris diary results indicate that CBC Radio One has captured record audiences across the country, with increased listenership in key demographics.

May 28, 2015 —

CBC Dethrones CJOB as Winnipeg’s Top Radio Station

Columnist says a major shift in the local radio landscape shook up the spring ratings book in Winnipeg.

May 28, 2015 —

Arts, humour and sports feature in CBC's 2015-16 schedule

Historical dramas and home-grown humour feature prominently in CBC's just announced 2015-16 programing lineup, as well as a special cross-platform arts hub and coverage of the highly-anticipated Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

May 28, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Ni Hao, Netflix! How Entering China Is Harder Than Scaling the Great Wall by Clifford Coonan

The streamer's stock soared past $600 a share on news of talks with a mainland media group owned by Jack Ma as Reed Hastings contends with rampant local piracy and byzantine regulation.

May 28, 2015 — Kingston Region

CBC releases 11 new fall shows with 14 returning series by Tony Wong

The CBC is showcasing 11 new productions this fall, including new dramas, comedies and reality shows that it hopes will connect with Canadians. And they have nowhere to go but up.

May 26, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC considers selling Vancouver building to free up money for programming by Frances Bula

A shrinking CBC is looking to sell its outsized downtown flagship headquarters in order to cut costs.

May 26, 2015 — NationTalk

Supporting Radio Programming in Michif-Cree Language

The Government of Canada is providing $167,592 in funding for the year 2015–16 to Minahik Achimowin Inc. to support the production of up to 45 hours of radio programming per week.

May 26, 2015 — The Drum

Facebook launches Amber Alerts in Canada by Nesh Pillay

The system, which was launched on the social media site earlier this year, issues alerts to users in targeted locations when children are missing. The alerts include pictures of the missing children along with other relevant information.

May 26, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC considers selling Vancouver building to free up money for programming by Frances Bula

The 2.1-acre site may have “developable density” that could make it attractive as more than just another office building for sale, said Fred Mattocks, the CBC’s manager of media operations and technology for CBC English services.

May 26, 2015 — NationTalk

Supporting Radio Programming in Michif-Cree Language

The Government of Canada is providing $167,592 in funding for the year 2015–16 to Minahik Achimowin Inc. to support the production of up to 45 hours of radio programming per week. From this, 30 hours per week will be new original content in the Michif-Cree language.

May 26, 2015 — The Drum

Facebook launches Amber Alerts in Canada by Nesh Pillay

The system, which was launched on the social media site earlier this year, issues alerts to users in targeted locations when children are missing. The alerts include pictures of the missing children along with other relevant information.

May 23, 2015 — Canadian Press

Election debates must be "equitable," but anyone can host them, says CRTC

The CRTC says it's not going to stand in the way of changes to the way federal election debates are conducted, so long as all the major parties get equitable news coverage.

May 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Network debates without Harper? No problem by Jeffrey Simpson

Columnist says the Conservatives' refusal to participate in anything organized by CBC/Radio-Canada would be consistent with the government’s well-known attitude of hatred towards the public broadcaster. 

May 21, 2015 — The Rebel

Sun News, the PQ and Pierre Karl Peladeau by Theo Caldwell

Columnist says newly minted Parti Quebecois leader Pierre Karl Peladeau will fail in his ambitio to "make Quebec a country", not just due to polls or because the window for separatism has closed, but because it is not in Peladeau’s nature to succeed.

May 16, 2015 — Toronto Star

Netflix denies hurting European film industry

Netflix Inc. chief content officer defends his company against accusations at the Cannes Film Festival that the streaming service is hurting Europe’s subsidized film industry.

May 15, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix in Talks With Alibaba-backed Wasu Media About China Partnership by Clifford Coonan

Netflix is talking to Wasu Media, a Chinese media group backed by Alibaba chief Jack Ma, and other possible partners, as it tries to access the Chinese online video market.

May 15, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix in Talks With Alibaba-backed Wasu Media About China Partnership by Clifford Coonan

Netflix is talking to Wasu Media, a Chinese media group backed by Alibaba chief Jack Ma, and other possible partners, as it tries to access the Chinese online video market.

May 15, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

CRTC Says Federal Election Debates Must Be 'Equitable'

The country's broadcast regulator says it's not going to stand in the way of changes to the way federal election debates are conducted, so long as all the major parties get equitable news coverage.

May 15, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Toronto Tax Credits Take a Hit by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says a surprising reduction in Ontario could send Hollywood producers elsewhere as one local insider laments, "Our credibility is blown forever."

May 15, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Tories reign as masters of the message by Jeffrey Simpson

Columnist says the Conservatives scare their core supporters with talk of social liberals, secularists, tax-and-spenders, Big Government lovers, CBC-watchers, “elites” of all kinds.

May 15, 2015 — Toronto Star

You can help write rules for TV providers by Ellen Roseman

Your TV provider may change the channels during your contract, leaving you fuming. The CRTC wants to know what is fair.

May 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Cameron turns to Thatcher in hope history doesn’t repeat by Mark MacKinnon

Columnist says the BBC is a likely target of David Cameron's Conservative majority government.

May 14, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Broadcasters fight back against federal leaders’ debate changes by Steven Chase

A consortium of major broadcasters that has traditionally run federal party leader’s debates is fighting back in the wake of Stephen Harper’s decision to skip its upcoming events.

May 13, 2015 — Calgary Journal

Eat or be Eaten: How the NHL is changing Canadian Broadcasting by Jordan Dahl

David Taras, professor of communications at Mount Royal University suggests that, for the CBC, it appears as though the loss of NHL hockey to Rogers was only the spark that may soon ignite a forest fire.

May 12, 2015 — Radio Canada International

Ruling party eschews major networks for debates by Lynn Desjardins

The ruling Conservative Party says it will not take part in debates hosted by the usual major broadcasters during the upcoming election campaign.

May 12, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Asks for Public Input on Television Service Provider Code of Conduct

The CRTC is opening its online discussion forum to gather comments about a draft Television Service Provider Code of Conduct.

May 12, 2015 — CHEX TV

City residents rally to make the CBC an election issue by Aileen Doyle

Columnist says Peterborough has been chosen as one of twenty riding’s to join a national campaign to save the CBC.

May 12, 2015 — Toronto Star

Tory Trudeau trap hardly a guaranteed winner by Tim Harper

Columnist says the Conservatives are trying to stage manage their own debates and shut out the CBC, which is part of the broadcast consortium along with CTV and Global.

May 9, 2015 — Le Devoir

Le moment de changer est arrivé, dit le président du CRTC

Jean-Pierre Blais, Chair of the CRTC, tells Quebec producers they can no longer count on “measures of the past— such as quotas and genre protection” nor on historical levels of public support for the sector. He exhorts them to coproduce content that will sell internationally

May 5, 2015 — The Telegram

CBC has never been stronger by Denise Wilson

Senior-Managing Director of CBC (Atlantic Canada) says technology and media consumption habits are changing almost daily and the CBC must position itself so that it is agile and responsive to the audience’s changing needs.

May 5, 2015 — Maclean's

New rules could impact wireless roaming rates

Budget measures adopted by the Harper government last year set a cap on wholesale roaming costs.

May 5, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Despite U.S. Show Dominance, Canada Sees TV Ad Revenue Decline by Etan Vlessing

The CRTC, the country's broadcast regulator, cited a "challenging" ad market to explain private broadcasters seeing overall TV ad revenue tumbling 7.2 percent to CAN$1.8 billion, compared to CAN$1.94 billion in 2013.

May 5, 2015 — MediaPost

Netflix Warns Of Threat Posed By AT&T-DirecTV Merger by Wendy Davis

Netflix meets with the Federal Communications Commission to voice concerns about another large deal in the works -- AT&T's $48 billion merger with DirecTV.

May 4, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

Leo Housakos appointed new Speaker of the Senate by Robert Sibley

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who made the appointment, notes Housakos was recommended by the leaders of both the Conservatives in the red chamber and the Senate Liberals.

Apr 30, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Why is CBC taking aim at our videographers? by Lise Lareau

Columnist says every CBC videographer in Alberta has received notice that they are to be laid off.

Apr 30, 2015 — The Guardian

Paul Almond obituary by Brian Winston

Paul Almond was a long-time and strong supporter of the work of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

Apr 30, 2015 — Planet S

The Great CBC Purge by Wanda Schmöckel

Columnist says the reality is there will be far fewer people in the Saskatoon region doing the work needed to bring Saskatchewan’s stories to the public.

Apr 28, 2015 —

We still need journalism to make sense of our world by Stephen Kimber

Columnist says no other current news organization has the mandate -- or had the resources -- to do the kind of digging, public service journalism the CBC consistently does.

Apr 27, 2015 — New York Times

ESPN Sues Verizon Over New Cable Packages by John Koblin

ESPN files a lawsuit against Verizon in New York Supreme Court, asserting that the telecommunications company breached its contract with the network when it unveiled a new cable package last week.

Apr 27, 2015 — Media Post

ESPN Sues Verizon For Letting Customers Reconfigure TV Packages by Wayne Friedman

ESPN has filed a lawsuit against Verizon for “breach of contract” and "unfairly depriving (ESPN) of the benefit of its bargain" and to assess damages of $500,000 or more.

Apr 26, 2015 — New York Times

Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal’s Collapse Leaves Frustrated Customers Out in the Cold by Hilary Stout

Columnist says that in the vast realm of unhappy cable customers, Time Warner Cable subscribers stand out as an especially miserable bunch.

Apr 26, 2015 — Vancouver Sun

A tepid victory for TV viewers

Editorial says the CRTC's move to allow "pick and play" reflects a changing world in which consumers are demanding more choice and TV viewers have been taking advantage of alternative options, such as Netflix and Shomi.

Apr 24, 2015 — MediaPost

Digital Democracy? More Like Digital Dictatorship by Kaila Colbin

Columnist says that with too much power concentrated in too few hands we lose the robustness, perspective, diversity and choice that come from a vibrantly competitive ecosystem.


Apr 24, 2015 — Toronto Star

Music copyright changes in federal budget hit a sour note by Micahel Geist

Columnist says extending copyright protection will raise prices and harm small innovative Canadian companies.

Apr 24, 2015 — MediaPost

FCC Chairman Explains How Comcast-Time Warner Deal Threatened Online Video by Wendy Davis

Comcast's decision to walk away from the deal came soon after reports surfaced that regulators at the FCC and Department of Justice opposed the takeover, which would have left the company as the sole broadband provider for many U.S. residents.

Apr 24, 2015 — CBC News

Google Fi might be exactly what Canada's telecom market needs by Diane Buckner

Google is about to launch a new cost-effective mobile phone service for Americans only, and as the news spreads, it may trigger a new round of grumbling in Canada over the state of this country's telecom industry.  

Apr 24, 2015 — Chronicle Journal

Tories, Liberals both cut CBC by Andrew Foulds

Candidate says the federal Conservatives have continued the Liberal cuts to the CBC with a plan to cut a further 25 per cent in the next five years.

Apr 23, 2015 — Media Post

Netflix Viewing Rises, Impacts Trad TV Trends by Wayne Friedman

MoffettNathanson Research says Netflix’s comparative size within the traditional TV linear market, in terms of quarterly viewing hours, was just under 6% for the first quarter of 2015 -- 10 billion hours streamed for Netflix against 129.5 billion hours traditional linear TV viewing in the quarter.

Apr 22, 2015 — MediaPost

Digital Advertising Revenues Reach Record $49.5B, The IAB Says by P.J. Bednarski

The Interactive Advertising Bureau says digital advertising revenues were $49.5 billion up 16% over the year before, marking the fifth straight year of double-digit growth.

Apr 21, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Global TV cuts staff in Montreal, will anchor some local newscasts from Toronto by Steve Faguy

In an effort to cut down on staffing costs, Global will be increasing the amount of content produced nationally.

Apr 21, 2015 — MediaPost

Congress Considers Freeing More Spectrum For Mobile Broadband by Katy Bachman

Columnist says unlicensed spectrum is high in demand as a way to unload traffic from wireless broadband networks that are struggling with growing demand. Making more of it available to the public is a priority for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, wireless companies, and others in the tech industry.

Apr 20, 2015 — Gizmodo

Norway Will Be the First Country to Turn Off FM Radio in 2017 by Maddie Stone

Norway’s Minister of Culture announces that a national FM-radio switch off will commence in 2017, allowing the country to complete its transition over to digital radio. It’s the end of an era.

Apr 20, 2015 — The Tyee

Harper Brings CBC to Heel by Antonia Zerbisias

Columnist says the thing about public broadcasters is that governments too often get confused between "publicly-owned" and "state-owned."

Apr 20, 2015 — MediaPost

Google, Yahoo Encrypting Ad Network Connections by Laurie Sullivan

Google and Yahoo in separate announcements said they will individually encrypt ad network connections to reduce bot traffic and other types of ad fraud.

Apr 18, 2015 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC cuts cost 23 jobs here: union

The Canadian Media Guild says the latest round of CBC layoffs will eliminate 23 positions in Manitoba.


Apr 18, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC eliminates 241 jobs

The public broadcaster eliminated 241 positions, bringing the tally to 1,400 over the last year.

Apr 18, 2015 — Prince George Citizen

Save CBC, kill CBC by Neil Gadabout

Columnist says that for the CBC to be saved, the existing model for the public broadcaster needs to go.

Apr 18, 2015 — Calgary Sun

CBC failed us in Ghomeshi scandal by Lorne Gunter

Investigators conclude that CBC management “condoned” the “intimidating, humiliating, hostile, or offensive work environment” that Ghomeshi is alleged to have perpetrated at his popular radio show Q.

Apr 18, 2015 — Toronto Sun

Ghomeshi scared the CBC by Adrienne Batra

Report on the public broadcaster’s failure to rein in its now-disgraced star concludes managers didn’t do their jobs.

Apr 17, 2015 — Vancouver Observer

CBC promises reform after scathing report on Jian Ghomeshi scandal

A scathing report detailing the failure of CBC managers to stop star radio host Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged inappropriate workplace behaviour elicited a profuse apology Thursday from its president, who admitted Canadians "have a right to expect a higher standard from their public broadcaster."

Apr 17, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC management needs shakeup after damning report on Ghomeshi affair: Editorial

A report on the CBC finds that “management’s failure to effectively deal with Mr. Ghomeshi’s behaviour gave him licence to continue.”

Apr 17, 2015 —

CBC program Q aimed at U.S. youth while most Canadians given a back seat by Nick Fillmore

Columnist says Q producers are much more attuned to coming up with entertainment and youth-oriented program ideas rather than off the beat Canadian ones.

Apr 15, 2015 — Canadian Media Guild

Canadian Media Guild at CBC in Toronto

The Canadian Media Guild is conducting a survey of workers at CBC in Toronto in regard to the management of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Apr 15, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Does a media elite exist in Canada or not? by John Doyle

Columnist says the matter of a “media elite” in Canada isn’t about politics or brazen partisanship, but about influence, connections, money and secrecy.

Apr 13, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

CanCon is up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle by Kerrie-Ann Bernard

Columnist says the CBC hit is lauded as Canadian, yet there is little Canadianness about it.

Apr 13, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

TV producers go to court over CRTC ruling

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) filed an application for leave to appeal a decision by the CRTC that the association warns will cost thousands of jobs.

Apr 13, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC ‘handcuffs’ itself with decision to air Rogers’ NHL playoff games by David Shoalts

Columnist says the impact of CBC’s decision to allow for-profit Rogers Communications to broadcast NHL games for free on the public network could hit CBC’s bottom line hard over the next two and a half months thanks to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Apr 13, 2015 — ChexTV

Effort to make future of CBC an election item ramping up by Jeanne Pengelly

The local Peterborough chapter of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is ramping up its efforts to put the future of the CBC onto the federal-election agenda.

Apr 11, 2015 — The Telegram

Speaking out for the CBC by Tim Hann

Councillor is concerned about continuing cuts to the public broadcaster.

Apr 11, 2015 — Victoria News

Trudeau discusses CBC's future

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting will host the public showing of Justin Trudeau’s webcast interview on the federal Liberal Party’s policies and vision for the CBC on April 15.

Apr 10, 2015 — LaPresse

Bientôt une vitesse internet minimale? by Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot

The journalist believes the ongoing CRTC consultation regarding basic telecom services could lead to access to a minimum internet speed for all Canadians.

Apr 10, 2015 — Toronto Star

Why the bell finally tolled for Kevin Crull by David Olive

Columnist says the reason for Kevin Crull's dismissal from BCE may have dated back to a March 6 speech.

Apr 10, 2015 — LaPresse

Télé-Québec perd sa PDG by Michèle Fortin

Michèle Fortin will have to leave her job as CEO of Télé-Québec on July 3rd. She will be replaced by Denis Dubois.

Apr 9, 2015 — Journal Metro

Le CRTC veut mesurer l’accès à internet au pays by Terry Pedwell

The CRTC is initiating a open consultation to measure web accessibility throughout the country and revise minimum access policies.

Apr 9, 2015 — Le Devoir

Le président de Bell Média remercié

Kevin Crull, the Bell Media President who interfered with a CTV editorial decision was fired by BCE and and Bell Canada management.

Apr 9, 2015 — Les Affaires

BCE montre la porte au président de Bell Média, Kevin Crull by Denis Lalonde

Kevin Crull is no longer president of Bell Media and Mary Ann Turcke replaces him.

Apr 9, 2015 — Tutorial Finder

A dark Friday for CBC employees across the country

Article says 1,300 people laid-off in one year is the largest number since the Conservatives formed a government.


Apr 9, 2015 — Northern View

Bell Media boss gone after news meddling

The president of the country's largest communications company abruptly left his post Thursday, two weeks after he admitted to trying to influence national news coverage by one of its subsidiaries.

Apr 9, 2015 — Chronicle Herald

Internet users polled about service by Terry Pedwell

Canada’s telecom regulator is asking Internet users whether they’re getting enough speed, as well as value for money.

Apr 8, 2015 — Journal Metro

Le CRTC veut mesurer l’accès à internet au pays by Terry Pedwell

The CRTC is initiating a open consultation to measure web accessibility throughout the country and revise minimum access policies.

Apr 8, 2015 — Newswire

Le CRTC amorce un examen des services de télécommunication de base pour tous les Canadiens

The CRTC is launching an examination of basic telecommunication services for all Canadians.

Apr 8, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio-Canada revoit le régime de retraite de ses employés by Stéphane Baillargeon

Radio-Canada/CBC is initiating a readjustment - over a three-year period - of it’s employees’ contribution to their retirement plan. This measure will bring their actual contribution of 40% to 50% by July 1st 2017.

Apr 7, 2015 — CBC Radio: Maritime Noon

Is protecting Canadian Content still important to you?

FRIENDS' Spokesperson, Ian Morrison, is a guest on a CBC Radio call-in program discussing recent CRTC decisions on Canadian television regulations.

Apr 7, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio France entame son 19e jour de grève by Laurence Benhamou

Radio-France has been on strike for 19 consecutive days, a historical record for the public broadcaster. Journalist says the situation may be further aggravated when the board presents the new workforce reduction plan.

Apr 7, 2015 — LaPresse

Protection de la vie privée: Bell critiqué by Ross Marowits

From now on, Bell Canada will have to ask their clients for “explicit consent” before analyzing their internet, telephone and television use to create a publicity profile adapted to each of them. This practice is currently challenged before the CRTC.

Apr 3, 2015 — IfPress

A surprising news controversy, dripping in irony by Michael Nolan

Columnist says recent news reports of a corporate owner meddling in a major Canadian television network have received only passing media comment and drawn curiously little public reaction.

Apr 3, 2015 — Alternet

More Americans Trust Fox News Than the Govt to Tell Them the Truth About Climate Change by Lindsay Abrams

Columnist says Americans are extremely confused about where reliable information on global warming comes from.

Apr 3, 2015 — Le Monde

« La grève à Radio France est d’utilité publique »

In this open letter, Radio France strikers say their strike is for public value.

Apr 3, 2015 — La Devoir

Costumier de Radio-Canada: ce qui s’efface de Isabelle Montpetit

Isabelle Monpetit – President of the SCRC – argues that the shutting down the Radio-Canada costume department is only one of many steps towards the destruction of our television culture and expertise.

Apr 2, 2015 —

Note from CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix: Update on the board, budget and the Way Forward

Memo sent by CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix bringing staff up to date on all the changes that are happening (including layoffs), singing the praises of the public broadcaster, and explaining the massive challenges that remain.

Apr 2, 2015 — CBC News

Nenshi urges CBC to reconsider Calgary's cuts

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi says cuts are a breach of CBC’s mandate.

Apr 1, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Google Preferred Launches in Canada by Jeff Fraser

As in the U.S. and the U.K., Canada’s version of Google Preferred will sell the top 5% of YouTube directly to select agency partners.

Apr 1, 2015 — Ottawa Star

Emergency alerts now available for most Canadians; some broadcasters not ready

The CRTC says five companies, Bell, Bell Aliant, MTS, Shaw and Soetel notified them that they would not be ready for the March 31 implementation date and says customers can switch providers without having to give a 30-day notice if they want to ensure they receive emergency alerts.

Apr 1, 2015 — Toronto Star

Time to reflect on media concentration by Dick Smyth

Letter to the editor states Canadians should reflect on the terrible folly of media consolidation and the vertical integration of Canadian broadcasting.

Apr 1, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Channel survivor: What will the dial look like in a pick-and-pay world? by James Bradshaw

Columnist says in a pick-and-pay world, TV channels will have to fight to attract viewers’ attention and some won’t make it and will be kicked off the dial.

Apr 1, 2015 — Radio-Canada

Une seconde vie pour le costumier de Radio-Canada?

A group formed of the Community Economical Development Corporation Centre- Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal, Culture Montréal and some television producers has shown interest in acquiring the Radio-Canada costume department entire collection for the greater benefit of the whole industry.

Apr 1, 2015 — LaPresse

Bras de fer autour du costumier de Radio-Canada by ANDRÉ DUCHESNE

The journalist says two organizations are fighting over the acquisition of Radio-Canada costume department with its’ 70 000 costumes and 20 000 accessories.

Apr 1, 2015 — Radio-Canada

Une seconde vie pour le costumier de Radio-Canada?

A group formed of the Community Economical Development Corporation Centre- Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal, Culture Montréal and some television producers has shown interest in acquiring the Radio-Canada costume department entire collection for the greater benefit of the whole industry.

Mar 31, 2015 — TVA Nouvelles

Le CRTC propose un code pour les fournisseurs de services de télévision

The CRTC unveiled a temporary version of a code to allow cable and satellite television subscribers to access more precise information about their services. Citizens have until May 25th to communicate their observations.

Mar 31, 2015 — LaPresse

Denis Vaillancourt réclame des «actions concrètes» by Paul Gaboury

Denis Vaillancourt – President of the Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario – blows the whistle on the recent 100 job cuts at the CBC French services. He is asking the federal government to reinvest in Radio-Canada, which is the only access to information in French for many Ontarians.

Mar 31, 2015 — Newswire

Les Canadiens qui écoutent la radio ou regardent la télévision peuvent dorénavant recevoir des messages d'alerte d'urgence

From now on, a majority of Canadians will receive emergency messages directly through their television or radio. The CRTC deplores that some distributors are not ready yet.

Mar 31, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Transparency Remains Programmatic’s Achilles Heel by Jeff Fraser

Marketers are starting to hear more about arbitrage, a practice where a media agency or network buys bulk inventory at low prices and resells it at a markup.

Mar 31, 2015 — Le Devoir

Michèle Fortin quittera Télé-Québec

The Couillard government is letting go of Michèle Fortin as CEO of Télé-Québec.

Mar 31, 2015 — La Presse

Denis Vaillancourt réclame des «actions concrètes» de Paul Gaboury

Denis Vaillancourt – President of the Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario -blows the whistle on the recent 100 job cuts at the CBC French services. He is asking the federal government to reinvest in Radio-Canada, which is the only access to information in French for many Ontarians.

Mar 30, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio-Canada revoit sa «stratégie littéraire» by Stéphane Baillargeon

Radio-Canada is rethinking its literary strategy by combining radio, literature and web.

Mar 27, 2015 — CBC News

CBC announces cuts to Atlantic region

FRIENDS Steering Committee member says the CBC board should be speaking out, but "the president serves at the pleasure of the prime minister, rather than at the pleasure of the board."

Mar 27, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC cuts 244 jobs as part of plan to eliminate 1,500 positions by Simon Houpt

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced Thursday that it is cutting another 244 jobs over the next six months to save $15-million annually, as part of its five-year plan to eliminate up to 1,500 positions by 2020.

Mar 27, 2015 — CBC/Radio-Canada

Change: the one constant in the media industry by Hubert T. Lacroix

CBC President says the public broadcaster's new local plan reduces the cost of service and starts to reshape it for how media is being, and will be, consumed in the future.

Mar 27, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Where’s the money in CRTC’s TV decisions? by Kate Taylor

Columnist says without regulation, there would not be any Canadian TV.

Mar 26, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC eliminates 144 more jobs in new round of cuts by Robin Levinson King

Positions in the West were cut the deepest, with 37 cut from Alberta and 25 from British Columbia. Ontario will lose 30 positions.

Mar 26, 2015 — Vancouver Sun

Editorial: A tepid victory for TV viewers

Editor says the CRTC recently announced a new policy that, by the end of 2016, will allow greater flexibility for TV watchers in choosing their television channels.

Mar 26, 2015 — Now the Details

CTV Management 1: CBC Management 0 by Jeffrey Dvorkin

Kevin Crull, CEO of Bell Media Crull attempted to black the head of the Canadian broadcast regulator, Jean-Pierre Blais, from being interviewed on CTV programs.

Mar 26, 2015 — Toronto Star

Consumers are focus of TV rules by Michael Lewis

Columnist says proposed CRTC code of conduct targets cable and satellite providers.

Mar 25, 2015 — Stockhouse

Statement by Kevin Crull, President, Bell Media on CTV News

Bell CEO says it was wrong "to be anything but absolutely clear that editorial control always rests with the news team".

Mar 25, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Statement by Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman and CEO of the CRTC, on journalistic independence

CRTC Chairman says holding a radio or television licence is a privilege that comes with important obligations that are in the public interest, especially in regards to high-quality news coverage and reporting.

Mar 25, 2015 — CRTC

Statement by Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman and CEO of the CRTC, on journalistic independence

Chairman says one of the pillars of Canada’s broadcasting system—and, in fact, of our country’s democracy—is that journalists are able to report news stories independently and without undue editorial interference.

Mar 24, 2015 — Le Rive-Sud Express

Le péputé Pierre Nantel déçu d’une décision du CRTC

Pierre Nantel NDP MP and Official Opposition critic for heritage denounces CRTC decision to abolish Canadian content quotas on daytime television.

Mar 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Bell denied right to keep Mobile TV pricing in place during appeal by Christine Dobbby

Bell Mobility Inc. has lost a bid to keep the pricing model it uses for its mobile television application in place pending the outcome of a court challenge.

Mar 23, 2015 — Chronicle Herald

EDITORIAL: CRTC regulating a revolution on the airwaves

The CRTC says by the end of 2016 the commission wanted consumers to be able to either pick-and-pay for individual channels or buy “reasonably priced” channel packages.

Mar 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Pick-and-pay will lead to better Cancon

Clumnist discusses some of the CRTC's successes and failures on the eve of its 50th anniversary.

Mar 22, 2015 — Inside Belleville

Toronto Star's View: Two cheers for ‘pick and pay’ on cable TV

Editorial says the “pick and pay” model for cable the CRTC unveiled amounts to giving viewers what they’ve been demanding for years.

Mar 21, 2015 — StarPhoenix

Sask. providers react to CRTC by D.C. Fraser

Access, which serves over 200 communities across Saskatchewan, was hoping it wouldn't have to contribute to a fund used to support television production.

Mar 21, 2015 — Chronicle Herald

Editorial: CRTC regulating a revolution on the airwaves

Editorial says the guiding principle for the CRTC must be to ensure Canadians have maximum choice in what they want to watch and where that programming comes from.

Mar 21, 2015 — The Province

TV producers fear a la carte channel selection threatens jobs, kids' content by Cassandra Szklarski

An a la carte system gives TV fans more choice but they'll ultimately have fewer channels to choose from, say some Canadian producers who predict job losses and less programming for kids.

Mar 20, 2015 — Times Colonist

Cable firms told to offer basic TV for $25 a month or less by Terry Powell

Cable and satellite service providers will soon have to offer consumers an “entry-level” television service, at a cost of no more than $25 a month, a decision that the country’s broadcast regulator acknowledges will cost some people their jobs.

Mar 20, 2015 — Maclean's

It’s Friday–so kick back and watch the CRTC by Katherine Dunn

The CRTC unveils new restrictions on charges for bundled TV packages.

Mar 20, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Cheap politics, cheap TV: CRTC hands Tories a populist election platform by Simon Houpt

Columnist says the CRTC is supposed to operate on an arm’s-length basis, so it can develop policy that is free from politics, but that is not the reality.

Mar 20, 2015 — Hamilton Spectator

The pros and cons of CRTC's ‘pick and pay’ cable rules

Consumers who have long bemoaned bloated cable packages may well embrace the new model, but some have suggested that unbundling TV channels could ultimately hurt the industry, and the consumer.

Mar 20, 2015 — CBC News

Pick-and-pay TV: Consumer choice, but at what cost?

Tech analyst says the CRTC's decision to allow "pick-and-pay" might be too little too late as the market continues its headlong rush towards purely online alternatives.

Mar 20, 2015 — Toronto Star

You’ll get more options, but you might not pay less when it’s all said and done, chairman warns by Sadiya Ansari and Raju Mudhar

FRIENDS is concerned about the impact pick-and-pay will have on Canadian content.

Mar 20, 2015 — Northumberland View

National News: Conservatives must ensure consumer choice and protect the cultural sector

The NDP says they welcome changes that give consumers greater choice and low-cost basic packages, but caution that the Conservatives haven’t explained how they will ensure that pick-and-pay doesn’t lead to less choice and higher costs for some subscribers.

Mar 20, 2015 — Kingston Region

TV giants are the CRTC’s real target by Michael Geist

Columnist says the CRTC is not taking on Netflix; it's introducing new rules for Bell, Shaw and Rogers.

Mar 20, 2015 — Radio-Canada

La réforme du CRTC dénoncée

Small Quebec producers are worried recent CRTC decision to abolish Canadian content quotas on daytime general television will prove detrimental to an industry already weakened by provincial government cuts to tax credit for film.

Mar 20, 2015 — Waterloo Region Record

‘Skinny basic’ cable gets CRTC go-ahead, with $25 cap by Terry Pedwell

FRIENDS is concerned that Canadian jobs will be affected with the new "pick and pay" model.

Mar 20, 2015 — Toronto Star

Multicultural shows, $25 starter cable may be biggest changes in TV landscape by Sadiya Ansari

FRIENDS says people will get more choice with "pick and pay", but if Canadians choices aren’t protected, it means there will be less viewing of Canadian programming.

Mar 20, 2015 — Inside Toronto

CRTC ruling could mean higher Internet bills

Columnist says consumers could see Internet costs edge higher as cable companies look to maintain profits in light of a ruling that forces them to unbundle television channels.

Mar 20, 2015 — Toronto Star

Independent Canadian TV producers face valuation risk by Michael Lewis

Columnist says a recent CRTC ruling has impacted share prices for specialty content creators that would like a new wholesale code to remain competitive.

Mar 20, 2015 — Toronto Star

TV giants are the CRTC’s real target by Michael Geist

Columnist says it is readily apparent that the CRTC is committed to reducing or eliminating outdated regulations in the hope of fostering a more competitive broadcast environment. 

Mar 20, 2015 — St. Catharines Standard

Pick-and-pay cable won't be painless by John Law

FRIENDS says the move to unbundle cable channels and introduce a mandatory basic TV service represents a body blow to Canadian content on TV and will leave consumers expecting a price break disappointed.

Mar 19, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada to Offer a La Carte Cable Pricing by 2016 by Etan Vlessing

The CRTC insists that still making popular American channels available as part of large basic cable packages, in addition to standalone sale, should convince U.S. broadcasters to not pull channels and keep them in the Canadian market. 

Mar 19, 2015 — Toronto Star

Multicultural shows, $25 starter cable may be biggest changes in TV landscape by Sadiya Ansari

FRIENDS is concerned about the effect pick-and-pay will have on Canadian content.

Mar 19, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Rolls Dice on the Future of Canadian Broadcasting says Friends

FRIENDS says the CRTC is rolling the dice on the future of an industry that is crucial to Canada’s cultural sovereignty and generates more than $15 billion in revenue and 66,000 jobs.

Mar 19, 2015 — Toronto Star

The war for the business television viewer by Tony Wong

Bloomberg Television Canada will launch sometime in the summer of 2015 and it promises to create waves in a competitive area where "the stakes are high for an elite viewership that can move markets".

Mar 18, 2015 — Fort Erie Times

Sony launches PlayStation Vue online TV service in 3 U.S. cities by Todd Spangler

Sony will start marketing PlayStation Vue to consumers in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, aimed at owners of PS3 and PS4 video game consoles, with packages starting at US$50 per month.

Mar 18, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

U.K. to Offer "More Generous" Film, TV Production Incentives by George Szalai

The government also announced that it would reduce the minimum U.K. expenditure requirement for TV and animation productions from 25 percent to 10 percent, in line with films.

Mar 17, 2015 — Toronto Star

CRTC to take cable packing issue Thursday by Michael Lewis

Cable revamp proposals pure pick-and-pay approach and a so-called skinny-basic model.

Mar 16, 2015 — Vancouver Sun

Rogers retains exclusive rights to hockey’s GamePlus service

The CRTC rules that Rogers Communications can give its own subscribers exclusive access to its GamePlus service, which delivers bonus content from NHL games.

Mar 16, 2015 — National Newswatch

Speech: CRTC chairman on Let’s Talk TV and the future of content made by Canadians by Jean-Pierre Blais

Text from a speech delivered on March 12, 2015 by CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais.

Mar 16, 2015 — Newswire

Le CRTC encourage l'utilisation innovatrice des médias numériques

AQPM (Quebec Association for media content) is worried by the decision of CRTC to abolishing Canadian content daytime quotas onlocal and specialized television.

Mar 16, 2015 — Top Broker

When your company’s front person gets in big trouble by Jeff Pearce

Columnist says the CBC's handling of the Jian Ghomeshi case drew almost as much attention as the Q host's sex life.

Mar 15, 2015 —

Toronto Star's View: Charting Canada’s ‘golden age’ in TV

CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais has taken on board the central challenge facing Canadian producers: the need to compete with the best in the world.

Mar 14, 2015 — Business News Network

Television producers predict another shakeup by CRTC by James Bradshaw

Columnist says as the television industry weighs the impact of a 67-page regulatory decision that will reshape the way Canadian content gets made, its leaders are already looking ahead to a ruling expected next week that could yet overshadow major changes made so far.

Mar 13, 2015 — The Walrus

The Case for a Netflix Tax Just Got Stronger by Astra Taylor

Columnist says the CRTC announcement highlights why digital media companies must ante up for Canadian film and TV productions.

Mar 13, 2015 — National Post

The CRTC, a body no one understands, regulating TV no one watches by Kelly McParland

Columnist says the CRTC has concluded that, since Canadians are increasingly spending their time on services like Netflix, which has no Canadian Content requirements, it no longer makes sense to force it on television programmers.

Mar 13, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CRTC gets it: Time to make ‘hits’ not ‘shows’ by Irene Berkowitz

Columnist says the announcement that the CRTC is relaxing the rules on Canadian content is a clear sign the Canadian television system needs a reboot, from its 20th-century purpose to ‘correct and protect’ our domestic market, to a 21st-century freedom to ‘send and receive’ seven billion potential viewers.

Mar 13, 2015 — AM 900, CHML HAMILTON

Talking about CanCon on the Bill Kelly Show

In a radio interview, FRIENDS spokesperson Ian Morrison, discusses the implications of a CRTC decision to relax Canadian Content requirements on television.  

Mar 12, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CRTC’s new plans: Quality over quantity? Good luck with that by John Doyle

Columnist says the challenge presented by CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais is to be better, not entitled.

Mar 12, 2015 — CTV News

CRTC to lower quotas on Canadian content on TV

The country's broadcast regulator is planning to significantly ease rules governing Canadian content on TV -- in hope of boosting the quality of local programming.

Mar 9, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Ad dollars, intercepted – and the Super Bowl

Editorial says that the CRTC should rethink its extremely targeted decision about one annual American program and one Canadian broadcaster.

Mar 7, 2015 — Edmonton Sun

Free us from the CBC by Lorne Gunter

Columnist takes issue with FRIENDS' goal of making greater funding for the CBC a campaign issue in the upcoming federal election.

Mar 6, 2015 — Canadian Press

Financial news company Bloomberg plans to launch Canadian business TV channel

Financial news and data company Bloomberg LP is getting into Canadian television with a new 24-hour channel aimed at the business community.

Mar 6, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC internal investigation clears Lang in RBC story par Jacques Gallant

CBC affirme que le journalisme pratiqué par sa correspondante Amanda Lang correspond répond aux normes journalistiques de la corporation.

Mar 6, 2015 — Toronto Star

Behind the scenes of Ontario’s campaign for a Netflix tax by Michael Geist

Columnist says the CRTC is likely to effectively reject what had been an expensive Ontario government campaign to convince the regulator to establish a Netflix tax.

Mar 3, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC cancels TV drama Strange Empire

The drama was one of several new shows heralded as a return to premium original Canadian content for CBC in the wake of budget cuts and the loss of Hockey Night in Canada.

Mar 3, 2015 — Peterborough Examiner

New local group aims to make CBC funding an issue in federal election by Joelle Kovach

The group is called We Vote CBC - Peterborough, and it is a local offshoot of a national campaign to make CBC funding an issue in the forthcoming federal election.

Mar 2, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

Bell Goes to Court to Fight CTRC Decision on U.S. Super Bowl Ads

Media company says banning simsub could cause "real harm" to Canada's broadcasting sector.

Mar 2, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

Netflix Plans to Break Into China Market Without Local Partners by Clifford Coonan

Columnist says Netflix is planning to go it alone in its attempt to break into the booming China market, a move that could make it tougher to get into the notoriously difficult China market but ultimately was a more streamlined option.

Mar 2, 2015 — Peterborough Examiner

Make CBC an election issue, group urges

The new group We Vote CBC – Peterborough, formed last year after a visit from FRIENDS.

Mar 2, 2015 — Federal Court of Appeal

Federal Court of Appeal Decision re: "simsubbing"

Federal Court of Appeal says The CRTC has no authority under the Broadcasting Act or otherwise to make regulations conferring on itself the power to penalize broadcasters for simultaneous substitution errors or to order BDUs to pay monetary rebates to its customers. 

Feb 27, 2015 — Burnaby Now

Burnaby group hosts webcast event with Elizabeth May

Green party leader Elizabeth May will talk about what she would do with the CBC if she was prime minister at an upcoming Burnaby event, hosted by FRIENDS.

Feb 26, 2015 —

Watch the anti-Harper ad CBC refuses to air by Miranda Nelson

FRIENDS says all major Canadian TV networks and station owners—Bell, Corus, Québécor, Rogers, and Shaw—will not run Friends of Canadian Broadcasting TV ads that poked fun at Stephen Harper's "hostile agenda" for the CBC.

Feb 26, 2015 — Highland County Press

FCC Commissioners call on chairman to release 332-page Internet regulation plan by Ajit Pai and Mike O'Rielly

FCC Commissioners request that FCC leadership immediately release the 332-page Internet regulation plan publicly and allow the American people a period of not less than 30 days to study it.

Feb 26, 2015 — MediaPost

FCC Bans Broadband Providers From Blocking Traffic Or Creating Fast Lanes by Wendy Davis

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to impose net neutrality rules that prohibit broadband providers from blocking or degrading traffic and from creating online fast lanes.

Feb 25, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

Television Networks Reject Friends' TV Spots

FRIENDS says the ads the networks do not want Canadians to see are meant to hold the Harper government to account for the damage it has done to public broadcasting in Canada.

Feb 25, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Ad Mocking Harper Over CBC Cuts Rejected By All Networks, FCB Says, But..

FRIENDS says no major TV station owners in Canada are willing to run an ad it has produced criticizing the Harper government for its approach to the CBC.

Feb 25, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

BBC Trust Should Be Abolished, License Fee Replaced, U.K. Parliament Report Says by George Szalai

A committee of the U.K. parliaments says the governing body of the public broadcaster "has failed to meet expectations," while the fee on TV homes should in the medium-term be replaced by a levy on all households.

Feb 24, 2015 — The Tyee

Sun News Burned by Changing Broadcasting Climate by Michael Geist

Columnist says Sun News' demise signals the beginning of a new era in Canadian broadcasting in which services are allowed to fail rather than being propped up through regulatory or government support.

Feb 24, 2015 — Huffington Post Canada

Bell Canada Seeks Reversal Of CRTC's Net Neutrality Ruling In Federal Court by Daniel Tencer

Bell Canada has gone to court to overturn a ruling from Canada’s telecom watchdog that requires the media giant to price competing streaming services at the same rates as its own.

Feb 23, 2015 — Canadian Jewish News

Sun TV’s demise lamented by pro-Israel groups by Paul Lungen

Spokespeople for several Jewish groups lament the loss of Sun TV, both for the coverage it gave to issues they found important, and because it signals yet another diminishing of the news media landscape.

Feb 23, 2015 — National Post

Bell Mobility Inc asks courts to overturn CRTC decision over ‘unlawful’ mobile TV pricing by Terry Pedwell

One of the country’s biggest mobile companies is hoping the courts will overturn a decision by the telecom regulator that was aimed at creating greater price fairness for mobile TV services.

Feb 19, 2015 — Le Devoir

Pour l’amour de Radio-Canada by Philippe Orfali

1500 people attended the show Tous en coeur in support Radio-Canada. Among them, Montreal Mayor, Denis Coderre, called on Canadians to elect a government that will support the public broadcaster.

Feb 19, 2015 — Newswire

Harper exerce une pression inacceptable sur l'intégrité du diffuseur public

The FPJQ (Professional Federation of Quebec Journalists) is critical of the disrespect Prime Minister Stephen Harper demonstrated towards Radio-Canada in an interview on 93FM, a Quebec City radio. Mr. Harper questioned the integrity of the public broadcaster’s employees by saying many people at Radio-Canada hate Conservative Party values.

Feb 19, 2015 — LaPresse

D'autres voix pour défendre Radio-Canada par Richard Therrien

Les initiatives de mobilisation en faveur de Radio-Canada se multiplient depuis quelques semaines. Après le lancement d'un vidéoclip regroupant 125 vedettes, et un grand spectacle qui a réuni une trentaine d'artistes au Métropolis à Montréal, le Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique (SCFP) a lancé une série de capsules vidéo dans lesquelles des personnalités affirment leur attachement à Radio-Canada, racontent une anecdote liée au diffuseur public ou s'indignent des compressions qui lui sont imposées.

Feb 19, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

Music Composers Play Major Role in Canada's TV Industry

Canadian music composers for screens, both big and small, generated approximately $100-million in domestic and international royalties for their music in TV and film in 2014 – about a third of all revenues that flow through SOCAN to the organization's nearly 125,000 songwriters, composers, music publishers and international partners.

Feb 18, 2015 — C2C Journal

How and why to save the CBC: A Q&A with Rogers VP Kenneth Whyte

Senior vice-president of public policy for Rogers Communications tells former CBC Radio producer and host Don Hill that Canada needs a national public broadcaster more than ever, and offers some ideas for how the CBC could survive and thrive amid the tumultuous changes in 21stcentury media environment.

Feb 18, 2015 — National Post

CBC considering sale of downtown Toronto headquarters amid staff reductions and budget cuts by Jen Gerson

In the face of new technology and budget cuts, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is mulling the sale of its downtown Toronto headquarters, a move network officials admit may shake staff morale and its public image.

Feb 18, 2015 — Globe & Mail

You want a top-notch broadcaster, Canada? Show CBC the money by Kate Taylor

Columnist says by international standards, the CBC is appallingly underfunded.

Feb 18, 2015 — La Presse

Des gestes à la parole by Valérie Lessard

Columnist says Stephen Harper is moving from action to talk. Although he has been aggressively cutting the CBC/Radio-Canada budget for years, his latest on air remarks on 93FM - he attacked Radio-Canada employees’ integrity - reveal his true intentions for the public broadcaster.

Feb 17, 2015 — Yahoo!News

Amanda Lang review continues, CBC exec tells senators

CBC executives who appeared before a Senate committee to discuss the future of the public broadcaster also faced questions about internal investigations underway at the corporation.

Feb 17, 2015 — Marketing Magazine

CBC/Radio-Canada Consolidates English and French Sales Teams by Chris Powell

CBC/Radio-Canada has introduced its restructured sales unit, which brings together its English and French sales teams to offer national solutions across its TV, radio and digital assets.

Feb 17, 2015 — National Post

CBC boss defends public broadcaster during tense grilling by Senate committee by Jordan Press

Columnist says the head of Canada’s public broadcaster defended his staff, their journalism and the culture of the CBC during what was at times a tense atmosphere in a Senate committee hearing.

Feb 17, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

Top CBC brass to face senators' grilling on recent controversies by Jordan Press

The top three executives at CBC, including president Hubert Lacroix, will likely face sharp questions from a Senate committee about the public broadcaster’s plans for dealing with troubling behaviour from some employees.

Feb 17, 2015 — House of Commons

Exchange between Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper about CBC/Radio-Canada

During Question Period, Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition, takes Prime Minister Harper to task for telling a Quebec City radio host that employees of Radio-Canada "detest" Conservative values.

Feb 17, 2015 — House of Commons

Exchange between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper about CBC/Radio-Canada

During Question Period, Liberal Party Leader, Justin Trudeau, asks Prime Minister Harper to apologize for attacking the professionalism of CBC/Radio-Canada employees after the PM said they "detest" Conservative values.

Feb 17, 2015 — Infopresse

Radio-Canada lance CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média by Julie Buchinger

By launching CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions, the public broadcaster has gone one step further in merging its French and English networks. This one stop shop offers advertisers access to television, radio and web platforms in both languages on a national level. CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions could even sell content to advertisers.

Feb 17, 2015 — 98,5FM

Propos sur la SRC: Harper critiqué, Lacroix reste muet

Journalist says that Stephen Harper, far from apologizing for his remarks about Radio-Canada employees on FM93, is hijacking critiques about the event to gain political capital.

Feb 16, 2015 — Journal Metro

Harper: haine des valeurs conservatrices à la SRC by Mélanie Marquis

Stephen Harper tells Quebec radio station that plenty of Radio-Canada workers "hate" conservative values.

Feb 16, 2015 — The Tyee

Sun News Death a Victory for Intellect by Antonia Zerbisias

Columnist says Sun News' jabbing at the CBC,  calling it "the state broadcaster", was ironic given the network's unequivocal support of the Harper government and its steady fill-ups at the Economic Action Plan advertising tank.

Feb 16, 2015 — Toronto Star

Harper says Radio-Canada employees hate conservative values by Melanie Marquis

Stephen Harper tells Quebec radio station that plenty of Radio-Canada workers "hate" conservative values.

Feb 16, 2015 — FM93

Harper on SRC/CBC

In a French language interview with Eric Duhaime and Nathalie Normandeau on FM93, Stephen Harper said that a majority of Quebecers embrace conservative values and that those same values are hated by many SRC/CBC employees.

Feb 15, 2015 — Journal Metro

Démonstration d'appui à Radio-Canada, dimanche

Artists, journalists, labor leaders and politicians came together in Montreal on Sunday February 15th to show support for Radio-Canada.

Feb 15, 2015 — Todd Veinotte

The Todd Veinotte Show - Episode 11

FRIENDS' spokesperson, Ian Morrison, discusses the end of Sun News Network on the Todd Veinotte Show

Feb 13, 2015 — New York Times

A Russian TV Insider Describes a Modern Propaganda Machine by Stephen Castle

Author says he believes he saw many classic propaganda techniques at work in Moscow.

Feb 12, 2015 — Journal Metro

Radio-Canada mise sur le web by Jeff Yates

The journalist says Louis Lalande, executive vice-president of French services at CBC/Radio-Canada, unveiled his strategy for the future of French services at Radio-Canada.

Feb 9, 2015 — Stream Daily

Netflix says ‘hola’ to Cuba by Todd Longwell

Cuba is the latest Latin American country to join the Netflix family, following Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama.

Feb 9, 2015 — CACTUS

CRTC Decision on MAtv Doesn't Go Far Enough: CACTUS

The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations says the CRTC's decision does not address ICTV's application, which was filed following the letter of the CRTC's community channel policy.

Feb 9, 2015 — Guilde Canadienne des Médias

Défendons la radiodiffusion publique – Plaidoyer pour CBC/Radio-Canada

The Canadian Media Guild announces a series of concerts and actions to champion public broadcasting.

Feb 8, 2015 — New York Times

VPNs Dissolve National Boundaries Online, for Work and Movie-Watching

Co-founder and director of PureVPN says 20 million consumers use VPNs and similar services to reach more than 300 channels that are geographically blocked in some way.

Feb 6, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Numeris is calling, but Canadians need more information about TV ratings by Kate Taylor

Columnist says ratings show the CBC is actually not doing so badly: Murdoch Mysteries, The Book of Negroes, Schitt’s Creek and The Mercer Report all made it to the top 30 during the week of Jan. 25.

Feb 6, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Consumer groups challenge ‘tied selling’ of CraveTV, Shomi services by Christine Dobby

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Consumers’ Association of Canada (PIAC-CAC) file applications with the CRTC complaining about the “tied selling” used by the two services.

Feb 6, 2015 — iPolitics

CRTC Super Bowl ad decision influenced by tweets by Janice Dickinson

Columnist says The CRTC decision to bar Canadian broadcasters from substituting local ads for American commercials during Super Bowl games was based on complaints – and tweets – from very few Canadians.

Feb 4, 2015 — Montreal Gazette

Vidéotron gets CRTC nod to create English community TV channel by Steve Faguy

The CRTC rules that Vidéotron has failed in its mandate to provide proper community access television, but it will be allowed to create an English version of its community channel MAtv in Montreal.

Feb 4, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Requires Videotron MAtv Better Serve Greater Montreal Communities

The CRTC announces that Videotron's community channel MAtv must take concrete steps to better serve the diverse cultural communities in Greater Montreal. 

Feb 4, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

Friends' Leaders Series about the CBC Kicks off with Opposition Leader

FRIENDS has kicked off its Leaders’ Series about the CBC with a TV interview and video stream with the Honourable Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition and Canada’s New Democrats.


Feb 3, 2015 — Stockwatch

Globe says BCE not happy with CRTC's decision on simsub

The Globe and Mail reports that Bell Media is sparring with the CRTC over a decision to ban a long-standing practice of substituting Canadian commercials for flashier American ads during the Super Bowl. 

Feb 2, 2015 — Calgary Sun

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission steps up for consumers by Ricky Leong

Canadian broadcasters say simsubbing is an integral part of their business model, allowing them to pay for Canadian programming of all description.

Feb 2, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Bell clashes with CRTC over future Super Bowl commercials by James Bradshaw

Bell Media is sparring with the federal broadcast regulator over a decision to ban a long-standing practice of substituting Canadian commercials for flashier American ads during the Super Bowl.

Feb 2, 2015 — Interlake Today

Canadian carriers cry foul on CRTC plan by Fred Rinne

The CRTC is contemplating a ban on Canadian network carriers from blocking American commercials on Canadian TV.

Feb 2, 2015 — Cabinet du ministre responsable des Affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes et de la Francophonie canadienne

Rencontre avec le Comité sénatorial permanent des langues officielles - Le Québec et l'Ontario poursuivent leurs actions pour le maintien des services en français à Radio-Canada

As part of an ongoing process to protect francophone services at Radio-Canada, Quebec and Ontario ministers Jean-Marc Fournier and Madeleine Meilleur met with the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages.

Feb 2, 2015 — Le Huffington Post

Publicités du Super Bowl : lorsque Bell tente de séduire le CRTC par courriel by Daniel Thibeault

Bell Media tries to intervene directly with CRTC Commissioners to reverse the decision to allow Canadians to watch American commercials during the Super Bowl, starting in 2017.

Feb 2, 2015 — The Province

Why does the CRTC subsidize U.S. television? by William Watson

Columnist says the CRTC’s decision to stop “simultaneous substitution” of Super Bowl commercials starting in 2017 comes just as technology makes TV commercials irrelevant.

Feb 2, 2015 — University of Toronto Faculty of Law

From antennae to Android: Former CRTC chair says Canada's communications laws stuck in pre-digital era by David Kumagai

Konrad von Finckenstein says that unlike Australia and the United States, Canada has failed to articulate a coherent vision for regulating the not-so-new media environment.

Feb 2, 2015 — National Post

National Post View: The CRTC’s anti-consumer agenda

Editorial says that on the surface, the CRTC's recent announcements might seem like the broadcast regulator is taking some very necessary steps toward allowing greater telecom freedoms, but it's actually introducing new mobile and televisions restrictions.

Feb 2, 2015 — Digital Orphans

Those Go Daddy ads during the Super Bowl may come at a hidden cost by Michael Hennessy

Columnist says eroding the value of legitimately acquired rights is never a good idea. 

Feb 2, 2015 — Calgary Sun

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission steps up for consumers by Ricky Leong

According to the CRTC, simsubbing garnered broadcasters about $250 million in revenue in 2012-13, plus additional income as high as $191 million generated from the programming simsub revenues would have funded.

Feb 2, 2015 — New York Times

In Net Neutrality Push, F.C.C. Is Expected to Propose Regulating Internet Service as a Utility by Steve Lohr

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is expected to propose reclassifying high-speed Internet as a telecommunications service.

Feb 2, 2015 — Globe and Mail

Bell clashes with CRTC over future Super Bowl commercials by James Bradshaw

Bell Media is sparring with the federal broadcast regulator over a decision to ban a long-standing practice of substituting Canadian commercials for flashier American ads during the Super Bowl.

Feb 1, 2015 — Digital Orphans

Those Go Daddy ads during the Super Bowl may come at a hidden cost by Michael Hennessy

Columnist says the point behind simultaneous substitution was to ensure respect for a monetization of the exclusive rights Canadian channels acquire and that make their businesses viable and meet regulatory obligations. 

Feb 1, 2015 — The Sunday Edition

The Liberal Party of Canada's vision for the CBC

Stéphane Dion, the Liberal critic for Canadian Heritage, speaks with Michael Enright on CBC Radio about his party's vision for Canada's public broadcaster.

© The Sunday Edition

Jan 31, 2015 — Le Devoir

La Cour suprême renvoie la cause à la Cour d’appel by Lia Lévesque

Canada Supreme Court has ordered the Court of Appeal of Quebec to give a second hearing to the case of two Radio-Canada unions opposing a federal expenditure control law. This law had retroactively reduced the salary increase negotiated by the union members with their employer.

Jan 30, 2015 — Toronto Star

Dean Del Mastro hides behind his baby in court by Heather Mallick

Columnist says Del Mastro, former Conservative MP and "longtime bully of the CBC", was found guilty of exceeding 2008 electoral spending limits, failing to report a personal contribution of $21,000 to his own campaign and knowingly submitting a falsified document.

Jan 30, 2015 — The Province

CRTC report: Nine things to know about impending changes to your TV, online or off by Ashley Csanady

CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais promises a regulator that protects consumers both online and off and wants to ensure a future for Canadian television content in the 21st century, regardless of how it’s watched.

Jan 30, 2015 — Yahoo!News

CRTC misses the local TV mark, and then some by Carmi Levy

Columnist says that by striking down carriers’ attempts to implement a preferential payment system, the CRTC has made it clear it has no intention of allowing anything less than equitable access to all Internet resources.

Jan 29, 2015 — National Post

‘Pandering to public': CRTC makes way for U.S. Super Bowl ads on Canadian TV, starting in 2017 by Christina Pellegrini

FRIENDS says CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais is displaying a lack of leadership by pandering to public opinion and the sentiments of the Harper government while avoiding some very serious problems. 

Jan 29, 2015 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Misses the Mark -- Unifor

Unifor Media Council Chair Randy Kitt says it is not enough for CRTC chair Jean-Pierre Blais to admonish broadcasters for the amount of local programming they produce, but needs to give broadcasters the tools to fill this vital role.

Jan 29, 2015 — The Chronicle Herald

Finally, Canadians may get to see U.S. ads with the Super Bowl

In a speech to a London, Ont., business gathering the CRTC chairman announces that broadcasters will lose the ability to switch ads, along with mandatory carriage privileges on cable and satellite services, if they shut down transmitters that allow Canadians access to free, over-the-air TV signals.

Jan 29, 2015 — Global News

CRTC grants access to U.S. Super Bowl commercials, but silent on future of local TV

The so-called “simsub” rule is a key source of revenue for Canadian broadcasters and helps support the production of Canadian programs. 

Jan 29, 2015 — Le Huffington Post

Tous en «cœur» pour Radio-Canada: un spectacle engagé by Mélissa Pelletier

33 artists come together to share their love and support for the CBC. The show will be held at Metropolis on February 15th.

Jan 28, 2015 — Nieman Lab

Here’s how the BBC, disrupted by technology and new habits, is thinking about its future by Joseph Lichterman

The BBC releases a new report looking at the future of news as it looks toward its royal charter renewal in 2017.

Jan 28, 2015 — Concordia University

Does a digital-age journalism student have the edge? Ask the CBC by Samuel Rancourt

CBC President Hubert Lacroix addresses Concordia's Department of Journalism.

Jan 28, 2015 — Business News Network

Canadian broadcast regulator to announce new rules for local TV by Paul Bagnell

Owners of local television stations say carriage fees would rescue local television and allow it to continue delivering important services like local news.

Jan 27, 2015 — The Tyee

Return of the Netflix Tax? by Michael Geist

Columnist says the Canadian government quietly consults on sales tax for digital products.

Jan 27, 2015 — Shaw Connect

Jean-Pierre Blais to speak to the London Chamber of Commerce on the Future

Jean-Pierre Blais , Chairman and CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, will deliver a speech at the London Chamber of Commerce on the future of local television in Canada.

Jan 26, 2015 — Maple Ridge Times

Odd thoughts: Canada sits low on list of lists by Bob Groeneveld

Columnist says for the most part, Canada’s national broadcasting company, the CBC, doesn’t figure prominently in any of the lists of top programming – except in the lists specifically dedicated to Canadian content.

Jan 25, 2015 — The Hockey News

Are the NHL, Rogers and, most importantly, fans benefitting from new TV deal? by Amber Dowling

Columnist says when the CBC lost NHL broadcast rights last year, reports surfaced that it could see an annual advertising revenue loss of $225 million – a staggering number that is still less than Rogers’ annual payments. 

Jan 23, 2015 — Le Devoir

Le NPD promet d’annuler les coupes à Radio-Canada by Stéphanie Marin

Thomas Mulcair announces an NDP government would cancel the 115 million dollar cuts to the CBC/Radio-Canada and invest to safeguard the future and independence of the public broadcaster.

Jan 23, 2015 — La Presse

Changement de ton à la SRC, se réjouit Madeleine Meilleur by Julien Paquette

Madeleine Meilleur, Ontario’s minister of francophone affairs, is optimistic that Radio-Canada’s CEO, Hubert Lacroix is opening up to her message about the importance of francophone services provided by the public broadcaster. 

Jan 23, 2015 — Le Devoir

Radio-Canada interdit à ses journalistes toute «activité extérieure rémunérée» by Philippe Orfali

In the midst of the Amanda Lang turmoil, CBC/Radio-Canada forbids its journalists to accept paid work outside the institution.

Jan 23, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC’s Amanda Lang problem should end with this: Resign by John Doyle

Columnist says as citizens, consumers and taxpayers we are obliged to fund the CBC, and in return CBC delivers something that commercial broadcasters don’t have to deliver -  absolute clarity about corporate interests influencing how news and information is delivered.

Jan 22, 2015 — CBC News

The NDP is promising to restore $115 million to the CBC.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair says the public broadcaster has been cut by both Liberal and Conservative governments and that an NDP government would commit to restoring the recent cuts made by the Conservatives in the 2012 budget.

Jan 22, 2015 — The Tyee

Would Funding Boost Save the CBC? by Jeremy J. Nuttall

The NDP also pledges to bring in a new process for nominating members to the CBC's board of directors.

Jan 22, 2015 — NDP

NDP to restore CBC funding

If elected to government, the NDP would cancel the Conservatives’ $115 million cut to CBC/Radio-Canada.

Jan 22, 2015 — Canadian Union of Public Employees

Radio-Canada headquarters handed to private sector on a silver platter

CUPE says Radio-Canada has never been able to demonstrate with supporting figures why it wants to sell its assets to the private sector and believes it is a purely ideological decision.

Jan 22, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Public trust matters more than speaking fees by Amanda Lang

CBC's senior business correspondent saysit is painful that public perceptions of her integrity may have been compromised because she has been accused of acting improperly by allowing herself to be seen to have been in a conflict of interest.

Jan 21, 2015 — Yahoo!News

CKLB received over $550K in funding since shutdown

Since the station shut down, the Native Communications Society, which runs CKLB, has received $464,000 in federal funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Jan 20, 2015 — Le Devoir

«On veut s’entendre, on veut se voir» by Lia Lévesque

Three ministers from Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick are pleading for the importance of french services at Radio-Canada.

Jan 20, 2015 — Toronto Star

The CBC has toxic workplace syndrome by Heather Mallick

Columnist asks why, in the face of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives preying on the public broadcaster, can't CBC management get along?

Jan 20, 2015 — The Guardian

Our ‘impartial’ broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite by George Manbiot

Columnist says that the controversy surrounding CBC's senior business correspondent is symptomatic of a much wider problem in journalism: those who are supposed to scrutinise the financial and political elite are embedded within it.

Jan 19, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

With "Schitt's Creek," CBC coarsens the culture another notch by William Watson

Columnist takes issue with the title of a comedy series the CBC has already renewed for a second season.

Jan 18, 2015 — Globe & Mail

A contemporary argument for Canadian content by Kate Taylor

Columnist says cultural production can be time-consuming, expensive and result in many more misses than hits, but finding the mechanisms to nurture Canadian content seems a rather simple matter of self esteem.

Jan 17, 2015 — The Tyee

There's Sitcom Potential in those CBC Missteps by Shannon Rupp

Columnist says managers over at CBC seem to have lost their grip on the purpose of public broadcasting in a democracy, which is to provide an independent source of information for voters.

Jan 16, 2015 — Le Devoir

Un concours à un seul concurrent by Stéphane Baillargeo

An invitation to bid with only one contestant: only one business consortium is still interested in purchasing the Radio-Canada building and property. 

Jan 16, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Journalist Jesse Brown is quick to expose the failures of Canadian media. But what about his own? by Simon Houpt

Columnist says it’s hard to pin down Canadaland founder Jesse Brown’s primary allegiance, because he has a track record of playing fast and loose with facts.

Jan 16, 2015 — National Post

CBC must engage with the public’s dialogue, not brush it off by National Post Editorial Board

Editors at the National Post say the CBC, as a public broadcaster, answers to that public and that means being open to external debate.

Jan 15, 2015 — Globe & Mail

Canadian media unscrutinized, says reporter who broke Ghomeshi, Lang stories by Paola Loriggio

The man who helped bring to light two major controversies at the CBC — including this week’s conflict-of-interest allegations against business reporter Amanda Lang — says he’s made it his mission to take a critical look at what is happening inside Canada’s media organizations.

Jan 15, 2015 — Toronto Star

The mingy, minimal mindset of CBC managers by Rick Salutin

Columnist says that in the titillation of seeing public figures drop like bowling pins, it’s easy to lose sight of the ball, and that ball is CBC management.

Jan 14, 2015 —

Woe is the CBC by Ashley Csanady

Carleton professor Andrew Cohen says the CBC is having a bad year and a bad time because it’s not able to do the thing the public broadcaster should be doing in Canada and that’s because we’re underfunding it.

Jan 13, 2015 — Ottawa Citizen

The CBC's conflict of interest by Madeline Ashby

Columnist says Canadians have every right to wonder what, exactly, is going on behind the scenes at the public broadcaster.

Jan 13, 2015 — Toronto Star

Amanda Lang: Some of CBC host’s RBC-involved speaking engagements unpaid by Tim Alamenciak

CBC host Amanda Lang is under fire over accusations of conflict of interest in connection with her reporting on RBC.

Jan 12, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC's Amanda Lang denies she tried to 'kill' Royal Bank story by Jacques Gallant

The CBC’s Amanda Lang is denying allegations that she tried to “sabotage” a significant story on RBC and temporary foreign workers because she appears to have ties to Canada’s biggest bank.

Jan 6, 2015 — Le Devoir

Avant-garde suisse by Stéphane Baillargeon

Columnist reviews the licence funding swiss model for public and private broadcasting.

Jan 6, 2015 — CBC News

Netflix geoblocking in Canada 'a game of whack-a-mole'

Amid reports that Netflix was cracking down on online proxy services that allow foreign-based viewers to vault geofences, even the streaming company admits that trying to block virtual private networks (VPN) is next to impossible.

Jan 5, 2015 — Sun News Network

Two CBC executives suspended amid Ghomeshi scandal by Shawn Jeffords

The CBC has suspended two executives in connection with the ongoing Jian Ghomeshi scandal.

Jan 5, 2015 — Maclean's

CBC execs involved with Ghomeshi investigation put on leave of absence

Executive director of CBC-Radio and executive director of human resources put on leave; is ‘related’ to Ghomeshi scandal.

Jan 5, 2015 — Toronto Star

CBC execs put on leave in wake of Jian Ghomeshi scandal by Jacques Gallant

Chris Boyce, once responsible for all radio programming at CBC including Jian Ghomeshi's Q, and executive Todd Spencer are on immediate leave.

Jan 5, 2015 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC Radio Boss Takes Leave of Absence Amid Jian Ghomeshi Scandal by Etan Vlessing

CBC radio boss Chris Boyce, the central figure in the Canadian pubcaster's Jian Ghomeshi sex scandal, is on a leave of absence from his job.

Jan 5, 2015 — Globe & Mail

CBC suspends two senior executives who managed Ghomeshi file by Simon Houpt

CBC has suspended the two senior executives who managed the Jian Ghomeshi file months before it exploded into view last fall, including one of the disgraced radio host’s primary champions.

Jan 4, 2015 — Todd Veinotte

The Todd Veinotte Show - Episode 5

Todd Veinotte speaks with Ian Morrison of FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting about the CBC and Canadian media.

Jan 4, 2015 — Toronto Star

Selling sovereignty daunting task for Péladeau by Giuseppe Vallante

Columnist says Karl Péladeau's perception in some quarters as a ruthless capitalist who led a crusade against the CBC’s French-language service — Quebecor’s fiercest TV competitor in Quebec — has not helped him in the polls.

Jan 3, 2015 — Toronto Star

Pierre Karl Péladeau likely to be main player in Quebec politics in 2015 by Giuseppe Valiante

Columnist says the media magnate is considered the front-runner in the Parti Quebecois leadership race, but experts are divided on if he can unite Quebecers around sovereignty.

Jan 2, 2015 — Times Colonist

Jo-Ann Roberts quit CBC to fight from outside by Jack Knox

Former CBC Radio One host says the public broadcaster has long clashed with whichever party is in power, but this is the first time one has seemed ideologically opposed to the very existence of a national broadcaster.