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Dec 30, 2010 — Maclean's


CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix tells a parliamentary committee that Sun Media has used its papers to "smear the public broadcaster" by publishing disparaging stories about the expenses of CBC senior management.

Dec 29, 2010 —

CBC keeps chats with minister under wraps by Brian Lilley

Senior Correspondent for Sun Media's National Bureau says the CBC has deemed that virtually all correspondence between the broadcaster and the government minister it reports to is off limits to the public.

Dec 29, 2010 — News Article

Editorial: Bell's $1.3-million fine is important to us

Editorial says there's nothing like a record-setting fine to remind people of their rights.

Dec 25, 2010 —

New Report Exposes Media Love Affair with Right-Wingers and the Fox News Worldview: 'Reporters Can't Get Enough' by Joshua Holland

Columnist says the most enduring unfounded conspiracy theory in America is that institutions of knowledge - the media, the academy and even science - are biased in favor of liberals.

Dec 24, 2010 — StarPhoenix

Regulator approves gov't sale of SCN

The CRTC has approved the sale of Saskatchewan Communications Network, for 20 years the province's government-owned educational broadcaster, to an Ontario firm called Bluepoint Investments.

Dec 23, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC approves SCN sale to Bluepoint

Bluepoint Investment Corp. has been granted permission by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to buy SCN, Saskatchewan's publicly owned TV channel.

Dec 22, 2010 — The Tyee

Idea #3: Let's You and Me Transform the CBC by Steve Anderson

Columnist says is people believe in the potential of public media in a digital era, it's their responsibility to do their part to ensure that potential is realized.

Dec 22, 2010 — Calgary Herald

News Corp. to control BSkyB

A European Commission says the takeover of BSkyB by the publisher of the Wall Street Journal won't "significantly impede effective competition".

Dec 22, 2010 — CBC News

Complaints over Bell rebate pitch rejected

A complaint to the CRTC over how Bell Canada is handling a rebate it must give to customers has been set aside by the government agency.

Dec 22, 2010 — Globe & Mail

ISPs argue CRTC decision kills competition by Iain Marlow

A group of Internet service providers has banded together to fight against regulatory changes they say threaten their survival and the competitiveness of Canada’s telecom industry.

Dec 21, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules by Lindsay Powers

Columnist says the new order prevents cable providers from limiting broadband access to rival content and video and gives the FCC the power to issue fines and injunctions.

Dec 21, 2010 — Truthout

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, but Reform Groups Unsatisfied by Nadia Prupis

The FCC has approved net neutrality regulations that will ensure cable companies provide consumers with equal access to legal web sites and content.

Dec 21, 2010 — The Daily Beast

The Internet Splits in Two by Dan Lyons

Columnist says there will soon be a fast Internet for the rich and a slow Internet for the poor.

Dec 21, 2010 —

How Comcast and Huge Telecom Players' Latest Gambit Could Destroy the Internet as We Know It by David Rosen and Bruce Kushnick

Columnists say unless the debate over congestion and pricing is opened up and refocused to the larger question of industry consolidation, the FCC December 21st proposal will only make the problem worse.

Dec 21, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

$1.3-million penalty levied against Bell by Laura Stone

The CRTC says Bell Canada paid a record-high $1.3-million penalty for "unauthorized telemarking practices," including the peddling of its own services to people on the national do-not-call list.

Dec 20, 2010 — New York Times

F.C.C. Is Set to Regulate Net Access by Brian Stelter

The Federal Communications Commission appears poised to pass a controversial set of rules that broadly create two classes of Internet access, one for fixed-line providers and the other for the wireless Net.

Dec 20, 2010 — Maclean's

Digging for dirt on the CBC by Martin Patriquin

Columnist says it’s a sensible to have an exclusion to the Access to Information Act that allows CBC to protect its journalistic sources and commercial interests, but Michel Drapeau believes the corporation has used it as an excuse to avoid disclosing potentially embarrassing information.

Dec 20, 2010 —

I Love CBC petition aims to save the CBC by Michelle de Silva

FRIENDS has launched a petition to re-affirm the importance of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Dec 20, 2010 — CHEX TV

Del Mastro Talks CBC by Pamela VanMeer

Reporter says Peterborough M.P. Dean Del Mastro is firing back at FRIENDS, saying his comments were taken out of context.

Dec 17, 2010 — Cultural Human Resources Council

CHRC releases Cultural HR Study 2010

The CHRC's report documents the breadth and strength of the sector with a labour force of 539,000 employers and workers across the country, and an economic impact of $39 billion or 3.1% of GDP.

Dec 17, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Vancouver seeks ban on 'Internet metering' by Jeff Lee

The City of Vancouver is asking the federal government to ban "Internet metering" and usage-based billing, which, they say, will restrict the freedom of the Internet.

Dec 17, 2010 — CBC News

Cogeco takeover of Quebec radio stations cleared

Canada's broadcast regulator has approved Cogeco Inc.'s acquisition of 11 Quebec radio stations once owned by Corus Entertainment.

Dec 17, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CRTC approves Cogeco's acquisition of 11 Corus radio stations in Quebec by LuAnn LaSalle

Cable and media company Cogeco Inc. has more than tripled its radio holdings in Quebec after winning regulatory approval for its $80-million acquisition of 11 stations in the province.

Dec 16, 2010 — Broadcaster Magazine

New Coalition Calls for Completely Accessible Broadcasting System

Access 2020 says while current regulatory trends mean that sight- and hearing-impaired Canadians will only obtain complete access to television in thirty years, their goal is to achieve fully captioned and described television content within the next decade.

Dec 14, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

The big switch: Shaw is singing a new tune on Net regulation by Michael Geist

Columnist says as companies ping-pong between policy positions, consumers and creators are invariably stuck in the middle with the public interest a forgotten part of the regulatory process.

Dec 13, 2010 — Playback

Integrate the net into media mix or lose CanCon: WGC by Patricia Bailey

The Writers Guild of Canada, which represents 2,000 professional screenwriters, believes that if the CRTC doesn’t start to regulate the Internet, Canadian content will get lost and forgotten as audiences move online for their entertainment fix.

Dec 13, 2010 — Lingua Món

English's grip on internet loosening

The predominance of English on the Web is declining, with Chinese and emerging languages such as Arabic and Russian making up ground.

Dec 13, 2010 —

Open Government: My Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Ethics, Accountability & Privacy by Michael Geist

University of Ottawa law professor says Canada should consider following the Australian model of leaving Crown copyright in place but overlaying it with an open licence approach.

Dec 13, 2010 — Toronto Sun

CBC staff well paid by you by Brian Lilley

Columnist says CBC employees earn on average 39% more than the average Canadian, according to information obtained through access to information about the state broadcaster.

Dec 12, 2010 — Playback

Producers criticize BCE for miserly CTV benefits package by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canadian indie producers are crying foul over the phone giant demanding it not contribute a tangible benefits package.

Dec 11, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CRTC needs sharper teeth, Audet says by Jamie Sturgeon

Some of the country's largest cable and satellite carriers are growing anxious over what rivals have planned for their newly acquired broadcast properties, and are urging regulators to adopt new rules "with teeth."

Dec 10, 2010 — League of Conservation Voters

Tell Congress: Don't cave to Sarah Palin (& her Demand + Other Right-Wingers) to Defund National Public Radio by League of Conservation Voters

Advocacy organization says NPR is one of the few mainstream media outlets to report on the science of global warming and urges its supporters to sign a petition asking congress to maintain NPR's funding.

Dec 10, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Councillor protests CRTC decision to allow Internet billing-by-usage by Jeff Lee

Vancouver city councillor says billing independent Internet service providers based on their usage impedes competition in Canada's online business.

Dec 10, 2010 — Toronto Sun

MP wants to quiz CBC bosses by Brian Lilley

Paul Calandra has tabled a motion to have the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee, “study access to information at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.”

Dec 10, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Sun TV pulls special request in licensing by Mark Brownlee

Acccording to documents obtained under the Access to Information Act, Sun TV news channel bowed to pressure from the broadcasting industry in dropping its application for a mandatory spot on basic television packages.

Dec 9, 2010 — Globe & Mail

BCE to ask for a break on CTV deal by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says BCE Inc. will go before the CRTC to ask for approval of its deal to acquire control of the broadcasting arm of CTVglobemedia Inc. while at the same time arguing that ownership is not changing enough to cost BCE a significant amount of money.

Dec 9, 2010 — CBC News

Sun TV bowed to industry pressure

Documents show the CRTC received 19,555 interventions from citizens across the country regarding Quebecor's application for a new right-leaning news television station.

Dec 9, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Sun TV believed changed application would answer concern of objectors:documents by Mark Brownlee

Columnist says the owner of Sun TV was hoping an altered application would find favour with the CRTC and appease those who were opposed to the news channel.

Dec 8, 2010 — CBC News

Quebecor smearing CBC: president

CBC president Hubert Lacroix has taken aim at competitor Quebecor Inc., alleging the company is using its journalists to "smear" the public broadcaster in the media and in the courts.

Dec 7, 2010 — 680 News

CBC boss takes aim at Quebecor on access-to-information fight by Jennifer Ditchburn

BC boss Hubert Lacroix takes at competitor Quebecor Inc., alleging the company is using its journalists to ''smear'' the public broad-caster in the media and in the courts.

Dec 7, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Content is the message

Columnist says communications companies are getting past the technical wizardry of HD television, the Internet and smart phones and beginning to concentrate on content.

Dec 7, 2010 — Chronicle Herald

Using the Internet’s about to get more expensive by Paul Schneidereit

Editorial says starting early next year, most Internet service providers will be charging customers a surcharge — per gigabyte — for bandwidth use that exceeds a monthly cap.

Dec 6, 2010 — Parliament of Canada

Question Period discussion on the CBC

Heritage Minister James Moore is asked to disavow comments by his Parliamentary Secretary in regards to cutting all funding to the CBC.

Dec 6, 2010 — Playback

Producers/CBC respond to Wikileaks cable comments on Border/Little Mosque by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says producers are stunned after Wikileaks pointed to discussions between the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and the State Department about the CBC series and their portrayals of U.S. border agents.

Dec 6, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Expert doubts CRTC jurisdiction in Internet regulation by Mark Brownlee

Business professor says the CRTC has no legal authority to force Internet service providers to expand high-speed broadband to rural areas.

Dec 6, 2010 —

CBC at 75 by Coco Cabrera

Columnist says that at 75 years of age, the CBC has become for­get­ful and some­times con­fused, forc­ing the Harper gov­ern­ment to con­front tough deci­sions about its care.

Dec 6, 2010 — The Hill Times

CBC uses taxpayers' dollars to fight court cases to prevent us from learning how it is spending some of our tax dollars by W.T. Stanbury

Regarding complaints against the CBC under the Access to Information Act, FRIENDS says there should be the same kind of transparency that exists as for a department within the Canadian Government.

Dec 6, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Sirius XM CFO: Howard Stern Might Have to Take a Pay Cut; Possible 10 Days Left on Air by Paul Bond

Columnist says there is still no decision as to whether Howard Stern will renew his contract, which expires on Dec. 31 and costs Sirius XM $100 million every year.

Dec 5, 2010 — Chronicle Herald

Does choice = price hike? by Luann Lasalle

Columnist says when big telecom companies buy up bil­lions of dollars worth of media, entertain­ment and sports properties, the result for Cana­dians is choice, but it's not clear whether that results in high­er or lower pricing for consumers.

Dec 4, 2010 — Toronto Sun

CBC execs got big bonuses amid job cuts by Brian Lilley

Columnist says in the past fiscal year, CBC's top 10 executives split $778,799, with individual bonuses ranging from $22,649 to $132,791.

Dec 3, 2010 — Globe & Mail

General Jim Leech redeploys the troops by Derek DeCloet

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, which has earned a small fortune on Toronto sports franchises, is rumoured to be in discussions about a possible sale of its two-thirds ownership stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

Dec 3, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Rogers plays defence with expanded cable service Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says in a bid to play catch-up with other media, Rogers is launching a service to allow cable subscribers to watch its television offerings on an array of tablet devices.

Dec 3, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Pursuing MLSE a survival strategy for Rogers by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says for an unprecedented second consecutive quarter in the United States, cable TV subscriptions have declined.

Dec 3, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Broadcasters put their skin in the game, and the team by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says in the new order at Rogers Media, there is sports content, and then there is everything else.

Dec 2, 2010 — CBC News

Telecom companies must join complaints body

The CRTC has extended mandatory membership with the Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunications Services to all telecom companies operating in Canada.

Dec 2, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Shaw says Internet companies like Netflix should be regulated by CRTC by Julian Beltrame

Columnist says Telecom company Shaw Communications is calling on the CRTC to regulate certain aspects of the Internet to protect Canadian broadcasting.

Dec 2, 2010 — News Article

Shaw says Netflix should be regulated by CRTC

Shaw says foreign entrants like online movie provider Netflix and video site Google TV are undermining the Canadian broadcasting system.

Dec 1, 2010 — Lilley's Pad

John Tory rips into CBC over accountability by Brian Lilley

John Tory explains why he used to defend the CBC and why he no longer will.

Nov 30, 2010 — New York Times

A Facebook Founder Begins a Social Network Focused on Charities by Jenna Wortham

Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook and the chief digital organizer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has created Jumo, a website to help people find and evaluate charities.

Nov 30, 2010 — Playback

Astral radio stations get mobile streaming apps by Etan Vlessing

Astral Media is set to launch mobile streaming applications for its traditional radio station listeners early in 2011.

Nov 30, 2010 — CBC News

Bell accused of turning rebate into promotion

The CRTC is being called on to put an end to a promotional campaign that offers to let Bell Canada customers turn a mandated $67 rebate into a $100 coupon that would tie customers to a two-year contract.

Nov 30, 2010 — Playback

If you screen it, will they come? by Emily Claire Afan

Toronto Underground Cinema director of operations Nigel Agnew says, "Everyone loves to say they support Canadian films, but when it comes to the box office, no one wants to pay money to see them."

Nov 30, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Bell debt issue turns eyes to telcos by Tim Kildaze

Columnist says investor demand for telecom debt is strong, and after Bell Canada has raised an impressive $1-billion in new debt there are questions about who could come to market next.

Nov 29, 2010 — Playback

The digital earthquake is coming by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says the open Internet is being closed and colonized by digital giants like Apple, Netflix and Facebook that stand to control the media business for a generation.

Nov 29, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Small telecom firms should be part of consumer complaints agency, CRTC told by Sarah Schmidt

Bell has joined consumers groups in telling the CRTC it's simply not fair that customers of smaller companies cannot lodge consumer complaints, especially with so many smaller wireless companies entering the marketplace.

Nov 28, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CTV, Rogers to continue Olympic union by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says that under new president Keith Pelley, Rogers has struck a deal with CTV/TSN to bid for the 2014/ 2016 Olympic TV package.

Nov 27, 2010 — Sudbury Star

Let's save money by turfing CBC by Jim Merriam

Editorial says if Canada is serious about saving money to reduce the federal deficit, chopping the CBC would be a good first step.

Nov 27, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Shaw changes raise questions over structure by Deborah Yedlin

Columnist says there might have been a time when having dual voting shares made sense, but that time has passed.

Nov 27, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

CRTC approves Quebecor's Sun News by Andrew Mayeda

Columnist says the network's biggest challenge will be to make a profit without special treatment.

Nov 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Sun TV and a Conservative ‘scandal’ by Norman Spector

Columnist questions the 2007 story of Krista Erickson, former CBC reporter and new chief daytime anchor for Sun TV, feeding questions to Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.

Nov 26, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC gives green light to Sun TV by Susan Krashinsky

After gaining CRTC approval for a standard category-two licence, Sun TV is now set to launch in mid-March, 2011.

Nov 26, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CRTC approves Quebecor’s application to launch Sun TV by Andrew Mayeda

Quebecor Inc. has received  a standard category-two licence to launch its proposed 24-7 news-and-opinion channel, Sun TV News.

Nov 24, 2010 —

CMF funds 4,400 hours of Cancon for $327M

The Canada Media Fund disbursed a record amount of $327 million last year to help produce 4,400 hours of programming, including 932 hours of new broadcast programs.

Nov 24, 2010 —

XM Canada, Sirius announce merger

Satellite radio competitors XM Canada and Sirius will merge in Canada, just as their American parent companies did over two years ago.

Nov 24, 2010 —

CRTC, Industry Canada chiefs complain about lack of tools by Perry Hoffman

Assistant deputy minister at Industry Canada says for the department to more effectively manage scarce spectrum resources, legislative changes are in order.

Nov 23, 2010 — Parliament of Canada

Dean Del Mastro on the CBC

In a Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage hearing, Dean Del Mastro, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, openly muses about cutting all funding to the CBC.

Nov 23, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Clement puts telecom decision on hold by Steven Chase

Columnist says the government is delaying plans to open up the telecom sector to more foreign investment only weeks after bowing to a political backlash and nixing the sale of Potash Corp. to overseas bidders.

Nov 22, 2010 — CBC News

More consultations on telecom rules: Clement

Industry Minister Tony Clement says a new auction of wireless spectrum is expected by 2012 and that possible changing of foreign ownership rules would be integrated into the consultations.

Nov 22, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian Foreign Ownership Rules Could Change Beginning Spring 2011 by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says delaying a decision on foreign ownership rules is expected to give the Conservatives some breathing room in case they are forced into an early election over their upcoming federal budget.

Nov 22, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Sun Media's war against CBC by Norman Spector

Columnist says some members of parliament are simply supplying quotes to curry favour with Sun Media’s Parliament Hill bureau.

Nov 21, 2010 —

Feds to CBC: Be open, comply with law by Brian Lilley

Senior Correspondent for Sun Media's National Bureau says the minister in charge of the CBC is calling on the state broadcaster to respect Canada’s access to information laws.

Nov 19, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Jim Shaw makes early exit as CEO of Shaw Communications by Kim Guttormson

Brad Shaw is replacing his older brother as CEO of the family-run cable giant months sooner than planned amid reports Jim Shaw blasted investors at a recent lunch.

Nov 19, 2010 — Yahoo! Canada

Shaw Communications president dismisses reports of ex-CEO's outbursts as rumour by Lauren Krugel

Shaw's president says the abrupt exit of Shaw Communications Inc.'s CEO Jim Shaw did not come about as a result of belligerent behaviour he is reported to have displayed at an investor lunch.

Nov 18, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Too soon to say if vertical integration in the media is good for Canada: CRTC

Canada's broadcast regulator says it is concerned enough about vertical integration in the media to launch public hearings next spring, but currently has no idea if it is creating a problem.

Nov 18, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Cineplex to unveil movie download service Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says Canada’s largest peddler of big-screen entertainment is expanding beyond concession stands and stadium seats and into living rooms.

Nov 18, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Jim Shaw steps down after ‘unprofessional’ behaviour by Iain Marlow and Susan Krashinsky

Jim Shaw will be handing the reins to his younger brother Brad two months before the previously announced date after displaying unusual behaviour at a lunch with investors.

Nov 17, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Tony Clement won’t stand for a tax on his iPhone – or yours by Steven Chase

Columnist says the Industry Minister is unmoved by a renewed call for a federal fee on smart phones and handhelds to compensate artists for file-swapping.

Nov 17, 2010 — Globe & Mail

DISCUSSION: How should Canada protect its culture (or should it)?

Online chat regarding Bill C-32, which if passed will re-write much of the country’s laws on copyright.

Nov 17, 2010 —

CBC News Releases New Journalism Guidelines

The new CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices states that the CBC won’t give in to the urge of other news organizations and many blogs in posting first, and verifying later.

Nov 16, 2010 —

PRESS RELEASE: Rupert Murdoch: Sky's the Limit

Activist group is urging people to submit comments to the British communications regulator in order to stop Rupert Murdoch's expansion bid for the BSkyB TV network.

Nov 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Capacity lacking to carry all local TV: Bell, Shaw by Susan Krashinsky

Satellite television providers say requiring them to carry local signals would crowd out room on the satellites for more lucrative specialty channels and high-definition feeds.

Nov 16, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Canadian TV stars lobby MPs on copyright bill by Laura Stone

A group of Canadian television actors are lobbying MPs to make changes to a copyright bill that they claim would cost artists millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Nov 15, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Postmedia encouraged by improving revenue, but proceeds with caution by Sunny Freeman

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. says it plans to proceed with caution and focus on cost-cutting to deal with lingering economic uncertainty.

Nov 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

OPINION: Why we need more Sun TV and CBC by Graham Fox

Columnist says biased analysis has been so often repeated it has taken on an aura of truthiness – putting at risk the public spaces we count on for open debate.

Nov 14, 2010 — Bloomberg

Canada Plans New Guidance on Takeovers After Potash Rejection, Harper Says by Theophilos Argitis

Stephen Harper says  his government will outline what kinds of foreign takeovers it will tolerate, after the country rejected Melbourne-based BHP Billiton Ltd.’s bid to acquire Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc.

Nov 14, 2010 — Toronto Star

Do you really need cable TV? by Marc Saltzman

Columnist says there are many ways a Canadian can watch television content and rent or buy movies outside of traditional cable or satellite TV.

Nov 12, 2010 — The Tyee

As Advertising Dies, So Do Traditional Media by Marc Edge

Author Bob Garfield predicts a golden age of online marketing is about to bloom.

Nov 12, 2010 — Toronto Star

OPINION: CBC is losing the war to survive by Martin Knelman

Columnist says that by turning off its traditional loyalists and losing its unique character, the CBC becomes so similar to other channels that there’s less and less reason to fight for its continued existence.

Nov 12, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Civil servant headed the CBC from 1975 to 1982 by Amy Minsky

Tom Kent, an adviser to prime minister Lester Pearson, says Al Johnson was a major figure in the social transformation and economic transformation that took place in Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.

Nov 11, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Deaths: JOHNSON, Albert (Al) Wesley

From 1975-1982, Johnson served as President and Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, motivated by a passion for creativity and a belief in the CBC as 'the single most important institution for Canadianism outside the Parliament of Canada'.

Nov 11, 2010 — New York Review if Books

All Programs Considered by Bill McKibben

Columnist says public radio claims at least 5 percent of the American radio market.

Nov 10, 2010 — CBC News

Former CBC president Al Johnson dies

Former CBC president Al Johnson has died in Ottawa at the age of 87.

Nov 10, 2010 — CBC News

OPINION: Time to give the telecom watchdog some real teeth by Ellen Roseman

Business writer for the Toronto Star says the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) currently lacks the power to hold cell phone companies accountable for breaking rules created to protect consumers.

Nov 10, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC ponders rural phone rate hike

The cost of maintaining a landline for some Canadians may go up by 50 per cent, raising rates from around $22 to about $36 per residential line.

Nov 9, 2010 — Newswire

PRESS RELEASE: Rogers Media Becomes Exclusive Digital Media Sales Agent For NBA Canada

Rogers Media will sell advertising across platforms including display ads, video content and mobile applications.

Nov 9, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

BCE says competition 'intense' in wireless industry as customer needs change by LuAnn LaSalle

BCE Inc.'s chief executive George Cope says competition is "intense" among all wireless players — both new and established — as consumers demand the latest in technology and devices.

Nov 8, 2010 — National Post

More remote communities get Internet broadband by Jameson Berkow

The federal government has announced that high-speed Internet service will be coming to more than 30,000 Canadian households in rural or remote areas.

Nov 8, 2010 —

Mounties stop Murdoch's Sun TV News from shining by Michael Elcock

Columnist incorrectly suggested that Rupert Murdoch has a stake in proposed Canadian 24 hour news channel Sun TV.

Nov 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Guardian issues correction: No, Rupert Murdoch does not own Sun TV by Susan Krashinsky

Britain’s The Guardian has published an inaccurate story on its website claiming that the Quebecor Inc. project to launch a new 24-hour news channel in Canada is actually masterminded by media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Nov 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC wants power to fine rule-breaking broadcasters by Susan Krashinsky

Canada’s broadcast regulator says too many companies in the broadcast system are breaking the rules, and it’s asking the federal government for the power to mete out tougher punishments.

Nov 6, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Madonna of the North by Brendan Kelly

Columnist says flirting with the bimbo image is good business for Quebec TV producer Anne-Marie Losique, who is behind Canada's first French-language adult-entertainment specialty channel.

Nov 6, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Shaw gets 5-year licence renewal by Kim Guttormson

Shaw Communications' broadcasting distribution licence was extended for five years, rather than the standard seven, with the CRTC citing its late payments to a fund that pays for Canadian programming.

Nov 5, 2010 — StarPhoenix

SaskTel objects to proposed phone rate hikes in rural Canada

At CRTC hearings on local telephone service, several large cable and phone companies including Shaw, Rogers, Telus and Bell, proposed that local telephone rates in rural Canada should be increased by 50 per cent or more.

Nov 3, 2010 —

CBC’s Thunder Bay Roots by James Murray

Columnist shares how C. D. Howe, as a Minister in the King Government, brought forward the legislation needed to create the CBC.

Nov 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Make high-speed Internet ‘basic service,’ CRTC urged by Iain Marlow

Liberal MP Marc Garneau has warned the CRTC that they should make high-speed Internet part of its “basic service objective” because Canadians who do not have advanced broadband Internet will become “second-class citizens”.

Nov 2, 2010 — CBC News

CBC looks forward to 75th birthday

CBC/Radio-Canada plans a year of celebrations leading up to the 75th anniversary of the creation of the public broadcaster.

Nov 2, 2010 — CACTUS

A Bigger Shaw Communications Must Support Real Community and Local TV: Advocates

Community and local TV advocates have asked Shaw and the CRTC to ensure that Canada’s broadcast system remains open to public participation and local content production.

Nov 1, 2010 — Globe & Mail

OPINION: Connect the dots: Bring broadband to all Canadians by Robert McLeman

Robert McLeman argues setting a goal of broadband for everyone is in our national interest, just as the railway, the post office, the RCMP and the Trans-Canada highway were in years past.

Nov 1, 2010 — CRTC

Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-808

To ensure that the definitions of television program categories still accurately capture all of the types of programs enjoyed by Canadians, the CRTC sets out revised definitions for specific program categories.

Nov 1, 2010 — Toronto Star

Telus called the shots on CRTC deal by Richard J. Brennan

Columnist says that to avoid admitting any wrongdoing or fine, Telus helped set the terms and conditions of an agreement with the CRTC and even had a hand in writing their press release.

Nov 1, 2010 — The Walrus

The cultural desirability of Canadian broadcasting by John Macfarlane

Editor states that twenty-five years after the founding of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting the CBC is still beleaguered, and its survival is still in doubt.

Nov 1, 2010 — The Walrus

Dragon Done by Trevor Cole

Columnist says if ever an organization needed someone to blame, it was the CBC and Richard Stursberg, former vice-president of English Services, was made for that job.

Oct 31, 2010 — Radio Canada International

New schedules

RCI's new schedules for the B10 broadcast season (31 October 2010 to 27 March 2011) have been posted on their website.

Oct 31, 2010 — Toronto Star

Bell wins nod to use wireless option in rural Web rollout by Iain Marlow

Columnist says the CRTC has issued a ruling saying Bell Canada may use a pool of regulatory fees to roll out broadband Internet using wireless technologies, overturning an earlier decision that would have forced Bell to use more costly DSL networks.

Oct 30, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Where was 'local TV' on election night? by Brad Oswald

Columnist says the same people who spent much of last year imploring Canadians that local TV must be saved chose to make covering Winnipeg's civic election a secondary consideration in their prime-time programming.

Oct 29, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Globalive financier: 'We will make pain, and they will suffer' by Iain Marlow

Egyptian telecom titan, Naguib Sawiris says Canada has much in common with China in terms of its regulation of foreign investment in the telecommunications industry.

Oct 28, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

As Canwest Global Dies, Shaw Media is Born by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canwest Global has confirmed it "has ceased to carry on business" after Shaw completed its deal to acquire its TV assets.

Oct 28, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC green lights usage-based internet billing by Peter Nowak

The CRTC has given Bell Canada approval to implement usage-based billing to wholesale customers. Under the plan, Bell will charge wholesale service providers a flat monthly fee to connect to its network, and for a set monthly usage limit per each ISP customer the ISP has.

Oct 28, 2010 — CRTC

Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-649-2

The CRTC announces it will consider the application for licence of Sun TV News at a non-appearing hearing.

Oct 27, 2010 — StarPhoenix

SaskTel seeks subsidy for rural broadband

SaskTel CEO Ron Styles warned about the growing "digital divide" between urban and rural Canada and wants the CRTC to include high-speed Internet in the national subsidy for high-cost telecommunications services to rural and remote areas.

Oct 27, 2010 —

CBC News Toronto Breaks New Ground With Graphics Technology

During coverage of the Toronto municipal election, CBC inaugurated an application that allows a host to control on screen graphics themselves, instead of having the control room do it.  It also marked the first use of the immersive graphics at the CBC.

Oct 27, 2010 — Playback

Canwest Global to become Shaw Media, execs named by Etan Vlessing

Barb Williams will oversee TV series production and acquisitions at Shaw Media, while Paul Robertson will become vice president of broadcasting and president of Shaw Media business.

Oct 27, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC holds hearings on rural broadband

The CRTC is deciding whether it should declare broadband internet a fundamental service that it needs to regulate, similar to how it governs basic phone service.

Oct 27, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Shaw Communications closes purchase of Canwest TV assets, rebrands as Shaw Media by David Friend

Columnist says that after a long haul through a restructuring process, regulatory approvals and other legal wrangling, the broadcasting assets of Canwest Global Communications are set to emerge from creditor protection as Shaw Media.

Oct 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Northern high-speed Internet focus of hearings by Iain Marlow

The CRTC and federal government face the challenge of expanding high-speed Internet and declaring it a basic service in a country where, in many places, a relatively small population is scattered over great distances.

Oct 25, 2010 — New York Times

Globe and Mail Uses Old Weapons in Press War By Ian Austen

John Stackhouse, Editor in Chief of The Globe and Mail, says "I think you can produce the sexiest looking newspaper on the planet and still be the most serious newspaper in the country.”

Oct 23, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Media mogul talks future of Sun TV, Shaw at meeting by Dina O'Meara

Pierre Karl Peladeau, head of Quebecor and Sun Media, said Sun TV and Calgary-based Shaw Communication have started collaborating on technologies to bring the two growing empires closer.

Oct 22, 2010 — Metro News

CRTC OKs sale of Canwest TV assets to Shaw by Luann Lasalle

FRIENDS says the CRTC approving the sale of Canwest's TV assests to Shaw further concentrates media in Canada and that "The concentration in the hands of just a few people ... is a matter of concern."

Oct 22, 2010 — Playback

Shaw announces change at the top by Etan Vlessing

Effective January 13, 2011, Jim Shaw Jr. is making way for brother Bradley Shaw to succeed him as CEO of Shaw Communications.

Oct 22, 2010 — Newswire

CRTC OKs sale of Canwest TV assets, but will look into broadcast consolidation by Luann Lasalle

Shaw Communications Inc. won approval to buy Canwest's TV assets, but the CRTC has signalled it's worried consolidation in the broadcast industry could produce anti-competitive behaviour.

Oct 21, 2010 — Playback

CBC to focus on Canadian, regional and digital content

Columnist says CBC president Hubert Lacroix has signaled a renewed focus on Canadian, regional and digital content.

Oct 21, 2010 — CBC

CBC Radio Audience

Graph showing decline in CBC Radio 2 audience since the shift away from predominantly classical music programming in 2008.

Oct 20, 2010 — Newswire

CBC/Radio-Canada highlights importance of a strong public broadcaster at second Annual Public Meeting

Hubert T. Lacroix, CBC President and CEO: "Recent changes in our industry leave CBC/Radio-Canada as the country's only national television broadcaster not owned by a cable or satellite company."

Oct 20, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC committed to Canadian content, online services, serving the regions: Lacroix

CBC president Hubert Lacroix says the public broadcaster has emerged from a round of deep cuts to staff and programs with a renewed commitment to Canadian content and regional programming.

Oct 20, 2010 — Playback

Editorial: Whither the CBC? by Brendan Christie

Editor says the nature of public broadcasting is changing and that the question is "what is it changing into?"

Oct 20, 2010 — Guardian

Spending review: day of cuts begins with raid on BBC by Patrick Wintour

Columnist says photograph gaffe reveals 490,000 public sector jobs will be lost while BBC is hit by a 16% budget cut.

Oct 20, 2010 — New York Times

BBC Agrees to Cut Spending and Freeze License Fee by Sarah Lyall

After being embroiled in tough financial negotiations with a Conservative-led coalition government, the BBC has effectively reduced its budget by 16 percent.

Oct 18, 2010 — National Post

Ottawa urged to end telecom 'xenophobia' by Jamie Sturgeon

Ottawa should end an "xenophobia" towards international ownership of domestic wireless and broadband carriers that has deterred innovation and resulted in competitive gridlock, says a new report from influential research firm Seaboard Group.

Oct 18, 2010 — CBC News

End foreign ownership limits on telecoms: group

SeaBoard Group says the Canadian government should quickly lift all restrictions on foreign ownership in the telecom companies.

Oct 18, 2010 —

The CBC’s Annual Public Meeting: Now’s Your Chance To Ask Any Question by Paul Mcgrath

The CBC is holding its Annual Public Meeting by webcast with speakers including Hubert Lacroix, the president and CEO, Timothy Casgrain, the chair of the board of directors, and Suzanne Morris, vice-president and CFO.

Oct 18, 2010 — StarPhoenix

New SCN owner seeks licence

Bluepoint Investments wants a seven-year licence to continue operating SCN. The company is also seeking some changes to the conditions of the current licence to allow the broadcaster to air advertisements.

Oct 16, 2010 — Windsor Star

Bring new station into Canada by Madeline Ritchie

Letter to the Editor takes issue with FRIENDS' recent campaign regarding Sun News TV.

Oct 15, 2010 —

"I really doubt that the CBC is going to be able to compete in the future," says former CEO by Greg O’Brien

Former CBC President talks about the future of Canada's public Broadcaster.

Oct 15, 2010 — Playback

Questions raised over CBC’s future post-BCE/CTV combo by Etan Vlessing

Former CBC president Robert Rabinovitch says the public broadcaster will be hard-pressed to maintain its current ratings revival if BCE completes its acquisition of CTV and snags key TV sport properties away from the CBC.

Oct 14, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CRTC to consider Corus' all-news network by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Corus Entertainment is applying for an all-news network in western Canada that proposes "hyper-local" newcasts for 64 small and medium-sized markets.

Oct 14, 2010 — Playback

The Non-Fiction Pitch Guide: The CBC by Julie Bristow

The CBC's Executive Director of Factual Entertainment is looking for repeatable series for primetime and daytime hours.

Oct 13, 2010 —

Broadcast lobby group rakes in millions, discloses little by Brian Lilley

Sun Media reporter looks at FRIENDS fundraising and grassroots mobilization activities.

Oct 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CTV-Rogers set to renew their Olympic teamwork by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says the two media companies, which secured the rights to show the Vancouver Games and the 2012 Summer Olympics over the CBC, will keep their partnership together in an attempt to also secure the rights to the 2014 and 2016 Games.

Oct 12, 2010 — Mediacaster

CBC News Balance Study 'Not Balanced' Watchdog Says

Columnist says while offering up kudos to Canada's public broadcaster for launching its own investigation of its news practices, FRIENDS says "shame on CBC" for "making extravagant claims about their current efforts".

Oct 10, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CBC laying foundation for Olympic success by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says coverage of the Commonwealth Games are an investment for CBC, a pay-it-forward gesture to get back into the Olympics game it dominated for years.

Oct 10, 2010 — Toronto Sun

CBC won't release director's expenses by Althia Raj

FRIENDS is waiting on the information commissioner to confirm whether CBC was right to deny a request on how much the public broadcaster spent hiring a U.S. firm to revamp The National, CBC News Network and local newscasts.

Oct 9, 2010 — The Daily Beast

Murdoch's Iranian Invasion by Reza Aslan

Columnist says Persian language station Farsi1's controversy exists with the man behind the project, Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox News Network has turned anti-Islam hysteria into ratings gold.

Oct 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Murdoch may 'abuse power' with BSkyB bid by Lindsay Powers and Mimi Turner

BBC director general Mark Thompson says if Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp.'s bid for the remaining 61 percent of BSkyB goes through "there might be a significant loss of plurality in our media market".

Oct 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

China blacks out Nobel TV broadcasts by Jonathan Landreth

Columnist says China’s government blocked all media coverage of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo, keeping the world's largest television and online audiences in the dark about one of its most prestigious honors.

Oct 8, 2010 — The Guardian

Naturally, it's more sinister than that by Michael Tomasky

Columnist asks what political candidates are doing working for a Fox News and wonders if these candidates can be trusted to tell the truth about themselves, their supporters, and their opponents.

Oct 7, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

George Soros accused in Sun TV News debate by Etan Vlessing

Senator Bob Runciman told the Canadian Senate that Avaaz, a U.S. website linked to American billionaire George Soros, was spearheading a campaign against Sun TV News, a conservative all-news TV channel dubbed Fox News North by its critics.

Oct 7, 2010 — National Post

BCE shuffles executive chairs

BCE's chief of residential wireline operations, Kevin Crull, will become CTV's chief operating officer early next year and eventually president of one the country's largest media companies.

Oct 6, 2010 — MediaPost

Confidence In Mass Media Continues to Falter

According to Gallup's annual Governance poll 57% of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.

Oct 6, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CBC Schedule (II): Selling the government-approved narrative by John Doyle

Columnist says the current CBC prime time line-up of reality and pseudo-reality shows is creating a preferred narrative of Canada as the Conservative Party sees it.

Oct 6, 2010 — Playback

Kevin Crull to CTVglobemedia as COO by Etan Vlessing

BCE’s embrace of CTVglobemedia has begun with news that Kevin Crull will join the broadcaster as chief operating officer, effective January 1, 2011. Crull will also succeed Ivan Fecan as president of CTV when he retires from the national TV network in 2011.

Oct 6, 2010 — MediaPost

Report: News Organizations Unfairly Shut Down Political Speech by Wendy Davis

According to a new report by the Center for Democracy & Technology, Fox News, MSNBC, National Public Radio and other news organizations have used copyright law to stifle political speech online.

Oct 6, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC vows to heat up 'Battle of the Blades' by Etan Vlessing

The Canadian public broadcaster, facing stiff competition Monday nights for its popular "Battle of the Blades" competition series from ABC's saucy "Dancing With The Stars" on rival CTV and Fox's "House" on Global Television, has vowed to steam up ice dancing.

Oct 6, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Fox News North denies hate propaganda by Etan Vlessing

In his newspaper editorial, Pierre Karl Peladeau, CEO of Quebecor Media says "We have never published or broadcast hate propaganda."

Oct 6, 2010 — The Tyee

TV versus the Internet by Steve Anderson

Columnist says telecom companies seem to have enough money to invest to ensure that their TV services operate unfettered, yet people rarely question whether Canada's decline in key broadband metrics might have something to do with the inherent conflict of interest in having the same entities provide access to two competing mediums.

Oct 5, 2010 — CACTUS

Two-Thirds of CRTC Interveners Support Funding for Independent, Community-Based Television Channels and Multi-Media Centres

Canadian Accociation of Community Television Users and Stations says years of complaints from the Canadian public that they have been excluded from "community TV channels" on cable, the CRTC released a new community TV policy for Canada in late August with little change from the existing policy.

Oct 5, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Enough with the fluff: CBC is top-heavy with lightweight shows by John Doyle

Columnist says the CBC's primetime schedule is full of reality shows and lighthearted sitcoms, and more investment should be made by the public broadcaster into one-hour dramas.

Oct 5, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Sun TV gears down licence application by Susan Krashinsky

Quebecor chief executive officer Pierre Karl Péladeau says his company will withdraw and attempt for special treatment from the broadcast licence application of Sun TV News.

Oct 5, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Quebecor won't force news channel on Canada by Etan Vlessing

Pierre Karl Peladeau says Quebecor likely to drop a request to the CRTC, Canada's TV regulator, to guarantee market carriage for the proposed Sun TV News service.

Oct 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

A tribute to Norman Atkins by Gerald Caplan

Former NDP political organizer says Norman Atkins was one of the last Progressive Conservatives and that Canada has never needed his kind more.

Oct 1, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Activist group Avaaz files 21,000-name petition against Sun TV

The activist group Avaaz has delivered over 21,000 letters from Canadians to the country's broadcast regulator demanding no special treatment for Sun TV.

Sep 30, 2010 — Broadcaster Magazine

Reject Sun TV Application Says Friends

In FRIENDS' brief to the Commission, spokesperson Ian Morrison writes: "FRIENDS recommends that the request for the initial three-years' mandatory access be rejected by the Commission."

Sep 30, 2010 —

OPINION: The CRTC listened, but Shaw didn't by Beverly Milligan

President of Mediac Inc. says Shaw ignored both the CRTC and Canadians with disabilities by only offering $3 million to add a few hours of described video per week for millions of visually impaired Canadians.

Sep 30, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Shaw extends Canwest deadline

Shaw Communications has extended the deadline for its $2-billion purchase of Canwest's television division until the end of the year.

Sep 28, 2010 — National Post

Corus mulls merger options in wake of Shaw-Canwest deal by Jamie Sturgeon

John Cassaday, chief executive of Corus Entertainment Inc., says consolidation of media assets is perhaps an inevitability as consumer habits shift toward circumventing traditional cable and satellite TV for subscriptions to online products.

Sep 25, 2010 — StarPhoenix

CBC told to hand files over to information czar

The Federal Court ruled Friday that the CBC must hand over its records to Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault after repeated requests for information by Quebec Media Inc. (QMI) Agency.

Sep 24, 2010 — Federal Court

Federal Court Decision regarding the Judicial Review of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Complete Federal Court Decision, in French, outlining the CBC's obligation to provide records to the Information Commissioner during the investigation of a complaint.

Sep 24, 2010 — Toronto Star

Nine myths about Canadian culture by Kate Taylor

Toronto Star Columnist, Kate Taylor, takes on commonly held beliefs about media in Canada.

Sep 24, 2010 — Toronto Star

How to make the CBC viable in the digital age by Kate Taylor

Columnist says that due to its multiple platforms, CBC is ideally poised to be a standard-bearer for Canadian content in the digital future and that more money should be invested in the public broadcaster.

Sep 24, 2010 — Newswire

The Court Rejects the Application for Judicial Review of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

In the case of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) v. the Information Commissioner of Canada, the Federal Court ruled that the Commissioner has the authority to order the CBC to produce records and that providing information to the Commissioner does not constitute public disclosure.

Sep 23, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw promises ad neutrality: ‘We like money’ by Susan Krashinsky

Shaw has concluded its final presentation to the CRTC, asking approval for its $2-billion acquisition of the TV stations of CanWest Global Communications Corp.

Sep 22, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Tories blast ‘agenda-driven’ CBC gun-registry coverage by Jane Taber

Columnist says Conservatives are upset with a story aired on the CBC suggesting a powerful American gun lobby was helping to fight the battle against the long-gun registry in Canada.

Sep 22, 2010 — Playback

CRTC weighs in on Shaw-Canwest deal by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Shaw Communications looks on track for a quick approval of its $2 billion takeover of Canwest Global Communications’ TV assets.

Sep 22, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

BBC allows Audit Office access to accounts by Mimi Turner

The BBC is allowing the government greater access to its financial accounts, including the hotly contested issue of talent payments.

Sep 21, 2010 —

Shaw, Commission, spar over length of cable license renewal in prelude to Tuesday's merger hearing by Greg O’Brien

Columnist says CRTC chairman, Konrad von Finckenstein, has reservations about granting Shaw Cable a normal seven year license term due to the company falling behind on payments to the Canada Media Fund as well as advertising transgressions on some of its community channels.

Sep 20, 2010 — David Aikin's On the Hill

Ian Morrison gets it wrong on SunTV by David Akin

Sun Media Ottawa bureau chief takes issue with FRIENDS opt-ed regarding the application of Sun TV currently before the CRTC.

Sep 20, 2010 — Hill Times

Prime Ministers shouldn't hand out broadcasting licences like Senate seats by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS says Canadians don't want their Prime Ministers handing out broadcasting licences like Senate seats and that such power would damage the freedom of the press.

Sep 17, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Signing on to Save the Soul of Canadian Democracy

United Church of Canada Moderator, Mardi Tindal, says "Too often voices that are critical of government policies are finding themselves marginalized" and asking others to join her in signing the Raise Your Voices Declaration.

Sep 17, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Canada ranks among the world's best in telecommunications technology, services

Columnist says Canada is one of the leading countries in terms of broadband penetration and that 80 per cent of Canadians 16 and older used the Internet for personal reasons in 2009, that 96 per cent of them went online from home and 92 per cent of those accessed the Internet with a high-speed connection.

Sep 17, 2010 — National Post

Amateur hour at Sun Media by Chris Selley

Columnist says one of the problems with Sun TV is that Sun Media and its bid to create a right-of-centre TV news channel has been its own top story.

Sep 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

10 things you need to know about Fox News North by John Doyle

Columnist says that nobody is “afraid” of Sun TV News but some people are simply disgusted by the attacks on existing media and the insistence that a right-wing-only media outlet is necessary in Canada.

Sep 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw, Telus pick up Sportsnet One in time for hockey season by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says the announcement that Shaw and Telus are picking up Rogers Sportsnet One comes too late for Toronto Blue Jays fans who’ve missed a significant part of Jose Bautista’s run for the club’s home-run record.

Sep 16, 2010 — Halifax Chronicle Herald

Snuffleupagus, Icarus and the strange case of Kory Teneycke’s fall from grace by Stephen Maher

Columnist says the prospect of a police investigation into the recent Avaaz petition regarding Sun TV may have led to Teneycke’s departure.

Sep 15, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Kory Teneycke quits Sun TV by Andrew Mayeda

Quebecor Media vice-president and former director of communications for Stephen Harper says he's decided to resign because it's become clear his involvement in Sun TV would only "inflame" the controversy over the channel, dubbed "Fox News North" by critics.

Sep 15, 2010 — CBC News

Teneycke resigns from Quebecor

Ricken Patel,'s executive director and co-founder, called Teneycke's resignation "a battle won in a longer fight against crony-media in Canada."

Sep 14, 2010 — CBC News

Telus says no intention of joining content race

Despite a series of recent acquisitions of media assets by rival telecom companies, Telus said it won’t be jumping into the media content hunting fray.

Sep 14, 2010 — Star Phoenix

BCE gains ammunition in content war by Jonathan Ratner

Columnist says BCE Inc.' s purchase of CTV may be more about bolstering its defences in a new content "cold war" than any utopian desire to provide every Canadian with hockey on their cell-phones.

Sep 14, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Telus doesn't plan to buy media assets to put content on multiple screens by LuAnn LaSalle

Telecom company Telus doesn't plan to own the content it puts on its TV, online and wireless services and won't match competitors Bell and Shaw by buying up media assets.

Sep 14, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

BBC Trust chairman to exit post in May by Mimi Turner

BBC Trust chairman Michael Lyons says he will leave the public broadcaster in May after serving just one term of office, telling staff and colleagues that the job has proved too time consuming.

Sep 13, 2010 — National Post

Fee for carriage issue may be dead by Paul Vieira

Analysts say BCE Inc.’s deal for CTV has likely ushered in an era of détente in the broadcasting industry battle over fee-for-carriage.

Sep 13, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

CTV deal gives BCE content control by Eric Lam

Joe Compeau, communications and information technologies professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ont., says "Telus has been shut out of the Canadian media space. It's going to hurt them. They will have to start paying their competitors for all that content."

Sep 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

How media convergence 'has come of age’ by Gordon Pitts

Columnist says technology has finally become advanced enough to make former BCE Inc. CEO Jean Monty's vision of media convergence a reality.

Sep 12, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Ottawa’s media rules muzzling federal scientists, say observers by Margaret Munro

Columnist says the Harper government has tightened the muzzle on federal scientists, going so far as to control when and what they can say about floods at the end of the last ice age.

Sep 10, 2010 — Le Devoir

Harper voudrait Luc Lavoie au CRTC by Guillaume Bourgault-Côté

Columnist says Stephen Harper wants Luc Lavoie as Chair of the CRTC.

Sep 10, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CTV to lose ‘its heart and soul’ by Andy Hoffman

Ivan Fecan, widely regarded as the most powerful and influential television executive in the Canadian industry’s modern era, has signalled he will step down as head of CTVglobemedia Inc. once BCE’s $1.3-billion acquisition of the Canadian private broadcasting giant is completed.

Sep 10, 2010 — National Post

BCE buys CTV in $3.2B deal by Eric Lam

Columnist says Bell, which currently holds a 15% stake in CTV, will acquire the remaining 85% for $1.3-billion in equity value from an ownership group including The Woodbridge Company Ltd.

Sep 9, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Canwest creditor protection extended

Canwest Global Communications Corp. said Wednesday it has been granted an extension of creditor-protection status until November 5th, 2010.

Sep 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC independence by Konrad von Finckenstein

CRTC Chair, Konrad von Finckenstein, denies any one at any level of government has approached him about the Sun TV News application, the appointment of the CRTC's vice-chair of broadcasting, or his own mandate.

Sep 7, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Province promises funding for new Quebec City arena by Rheal Seguin and Sean Gordon

Columnist says Premier Jean Charest said his government is prepared to pay 45 per cent of the cost of a new arena in Quebec City – an estimated $180-million – regardless of whether the city attracts an NHL franchise or wins a future bid to host the Winter Olympics, possibly in 2022.

Sep 7, 2010 — Globe & Mail

I guess Sun TV News only works if shoved down our throats by John Doyle

Columnist says if there were a big demand for a right-wing news outfit from consumers, it would be a success without the special cable status it is manoeuvring to achieve.

Sep 5, 2010 — Toronto Star

Geist: Competition concerns drive CRTC Internet provider policy by Michael Geist

Columnist says that while the investment concerns are unquestionably important, the CRTC decision forcing incumbent telecom companies to provide independent ISPs with speed-matched open access to their networks is fundamentally about competition.

Sep 4, 2010 —

Harper s'intéresse à Sun TV News by Malorie Beauchemin

A freedom of information request to the Prime Minister's Office reveals that Stephen Harper received a briefing note on Quebecor's pitch to the CRTC for "Fox News North" last July.

Sep 4, 2010 — Globe & Mail

The real deal behind Fox News North by Norman Spector

Columnist says a Conservative friendly all-news network may be more about Quebecor Inc. President Pierre Karl Péladeau's ambition to own an NHL francise in Quebec City.

Sep 4, 2010 — National Post

Sportsnet squeezing the most out of fans by Jeremy Sandler

Columnist says the biggest shame of what seems to be the most hopeful ending to a Toronto Blue Jays season since the World Series glory years is how few people across Canada are getting to see it.

Sep 3, 2010 — National Post

The Blind Protester by Chris Selley

Columnist says rumours of Stephen Harper attempting to oust Konrad von Finckenstein as chairman of the CRTC and trying to push "American style hate media" on Canadians is purely conjecture.

Sep 3, 2010 —

Margaret Atwood's U.S. sellout by Kory Teneycke

Vice President of Sun New Network says Margaret Atwood's "ignorant attack" confirms just why Canada needs Sun TV News.

Sep 2, 2010 — Barrie Examiner

Left-wing scare tactic lacks facts by Brian Lilley

Columnist says the recent Avaaz petition asking Canadians to stop "American style hate media" is really about a group of left-wing Americans supporting interests in Canada that don't want to see competition in news broadcasting.

Sep 2, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Bell to appeal CRTC Internet ruling by Vito Pilieci

Bell Canada says it will appeal to the federal cabinet a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that incumbent companies like Bell must open Internet connections to competitors and provide unimpeded access.

Sep 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Apple, TV networks clash over 99-cent rentals by Jennifer Saba and Yinka Adegoke

Apple Inc. introduced a new version of Apple  TV with shows from just two networks, underscoring its struggles to win over a media industry worried about losing control over the pricing of its programs.

Sep 1, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Margaret Atwood takes on ‘Fox News North’ by Jane Taber

Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, is criticizing Stephen Harper over what she sees as his dictatorial approach to regulating the airwaves.

Aug 31, 2010 —

How Fox North became Harper's priority by Frances Russell

Columnist says the the Prime Minister's Office is prepared to walk over any cavilling by the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Corporation to grant Sun Media a first-class licence for Sun News TV.

Aug 31, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Small providers win CRTC ruling for top-speed broadband

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says their decision will safeguard the principles of public access and greater competition.

Aug 31, 2010 — Toronto Star

Good news for smaller Internet service providers by Alastair Sharp

Columnist says the CRTC has ruled that Canada’s established telecom carriers must allow smaller Internet providers access to their high-speed fiber networks at the same speed they offer to their own customers but they may charge a 10% mark-up.

Aug 30, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Canada is a telecom backwater, says bold backer of Wind Mobile by Iain Marlow

Naguib Sawiris, the Egyptian industrialist behind Wind Mobile, says Canada’s desire to protect its domestic industry from foreign players is matched only by China.

Aug 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

In telecom, a new battle for Quebec by Iain Marlow

Columnist says a new battle for the Quebec cellphone market is about to be ignited as Vidéotron becomes the first major Canadian cable company to launch its own wireless network since Rogers Communications Inc. did so 25 years ago.

Aug 26, 2010 — CRTC

CRTC changes community television policy to enhance local participation

In this media release, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced a new policy that will give Canadians more opportunities to participate in their community television channels.

Aug 26, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

CBC's TV and radio channels are doing quite well by Jeff Keay

The head of Media Relations for CBC English Services claims the broadcaster's ratings have increased on television and radio.

Aug 24, 2010 — Toronto Star

McQuaig: Harper’s Foxy luncheon by Linda McQuaig

FRIENDS spokesperson, Ian Morrison, says based on the information he has, Stephen Harper has taken a person interest in creating a right-wing, Fox-style TV station in Canada.

Aug 23, 2010 — Mediacaster

CRTC Set to Decide on Community TV Service

The CRTC is expected to release its decisions regarding the possibility of eliminating the regulatory requirement that community channels be distributed as part of basic cable service.

Aug 21, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

How to fix the CBC by Ian Morrison

In an op-ed, FRIENDS spokesperson Ian Morrison says the departure of the executive responsible for CBC's English language operations presents an opportunity for all of CBC’s 34 million shareholders to reflect on what kind of national public broadcaster Canada needs.

Aug 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Pelley will need all his smarts to fix Sportsnet One fiasco by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says in a business where loyalties are often a lifetime assignation, Pelley’s hiring as president of Rogers Communications is significant.

Aug 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Is Stephen Harper set to move against the CRTC? by Lawrence Martin

FRIENDS says the integrity of the CRTC has to be defended.

Aug 19, 2010 — Toronto Life

Revealed! Stephen Harper’s secret plan to take over the CRTC and launch Sun TV by Ashleigh Ryan

Columnist lays out arguments as to how Stephen Harper may be trying to "take over" the CRTC.

Aug 17, 2010 — Inside the CBC

Millions of People Tune in to CBC Radio

According to July audience numbers reported by Nielsen, CBC Radio 2 reaches 2.1 million people a week, while Radio One reaches 4.3 million listeners each week.

Aug 16, 2010 — Canadian Journalism Project

News Ageism by Dana Lacey

Blogger Alan D. Mutter says newspapers are often insensitive to readers over 55, which also happens to be their most loyal readership base.

Aug 14, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Sportsnet One tuned to local audience by Yvonne Zacharias

Columnist says Sportsnet Pacific is a victim of its own success and will be launching Sportsnet One to increase the number of games broadcasted.

Aug 14, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Shaw takeover of Canwest Global TV operations okayed by Competition Bureau

Canada’s Competition Bureau says Shaw Communications Inc.’s $2-billion purchase of Canwest Global Communications Corp.’s broadcast arm will not substantially reduce or prevent competition in the sector.

Aug 13, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian local avails conversion bid denied by Etan Vlessing

The CRTC denied an application by Toronto-based Media de Novo to sell ad time on U.S. cable channels' local avails to direct an estimated $285 million over seven years into the production of Canadian shows.

Aug 13, 2010 — Inside the CBC

CBC News Boss Responds to Stursberg’s Departure: “Nothing Changes”

Internal memo from Jennifer McGuire, the General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News.

Aug 13, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Diversity before, and behind, camera by Marke Andrews

Columnist says the U.S. TV industry is still struggling to hire staff and crews that reflect the population at large.

Aug 13, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Sportsnet One tuned to local audience by Yvonne Zacharias

Rogers is set to launch a second TV sports channel in the Pacific region.

Aug 13, 2010 — National Post

Wind Mobile burns cash as it buys clients by Jamie Sturgeon

Columnist says around 100,000 subscribers signed up with Wind Mobile through early July, far exceeding projected numbers.

Aug 13, 2010 — Competition Bureau

Competition Bureau Clears Shaw's Acquisition of Canwest

The Competition Bureau will not challenge Shaw Communications Inc.'s proposed acquisition of the over-the-air and specialty television businesses of Canwest Global Communications Corp.

Aug 12, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC chief defends Richard Stursberg firing by Etan Vlessing

CBC President says he dismissed the former head of English Services after "long reflection of CBC's future".

Aug 12, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

CBC risks turning off its audience by Jason MacDonald

Richard Stursberg's former chief of staff at CBC Television defends his old boss's legacy.

Aug 11, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC to air 3D documentary on the Queen next month; free glasses at Canada Post by Nick Patch

The CBC is touting "Queen Elizabeth in 3D" as the first 3D television broadcast to be shot and produced in Canada and transmitted nationally.

Aug 11, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Quebecor prepares for wireless launch; profit dips by Iain Marlow

Columnist says Quebecor's new wireless service is set to launch in late summer at a steep discount within a bundle of existing services.

Aug 10, 2010 — Toronto Sun

Language watchdog taking CBC to court by Althiq Raj

Canada’s language watchdog is taking the CBC to court over its decision to cancel all its French-language programs produced in Windsor, Ont.

Aug 10, 2010 — Inside the CBC

CBC President Sets the Record Straight Following Stursberg’s Departure

Text of CBC President and CEO Hubert Lacroix's note to staff on the departure of Richard Stursberg.

Aug 10, 2010 — MediaPost

Will The Empire (Traditional Media Companies) Strike Back? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

New-media entrepreneur says that by biding their time and holding out for the day when online video advertising is meaningful, traditional media companies are showing prudence. 

Aug 10, 2010 — MediaPost

CBS Reconsiders Hulu, Fostering A Bigger 'Dual Revenue' TV Financial Model by Wayne Friedman

Columnist says CBC seems poised to join Disney-ABC, News Corp. and NBC Universal on the online TV portal Hulu.

Aug 10, 2010 — Playback

CBC will miss digital deadline by Etan Vlessing

The public broadcaster has told the CRTC it will have 15 digital transmitters on stream by the upcoming digital TV deadline, but needs another year before another 12 digital transmitters will be operational.

Aug 10, 2010 — Playback

Wilson upped at CBC by Etan Vlessing

Christine Wilson, executive director for CBC network programming, has become the acting general manager.

Aug 10, 2010 — The Canadian Journalism Project

Separation of church and fourth estate by Ken Paradis

Book explores how evangelical Christian organizations have affected Canadian public policy and opinion by pressuring the media and borrowing lobby tactics imported from the U.S.

Aug 10, 2010 — The Canadian Journalism Project

CBC loses its head by Howard Bernstein

Columnist says that Richard Stursberg's legacy at the CBC includes a massive employee lockout, a gutted arts program and a general disinterest for news and shows like the fifth estate and Market Place.

Aug 10, 2010 — MediaPost

Devices Will Add To TV's Advantage by Michael Kokernak

Columnist says that when ads are presented on the viewer's terms, deeper emotional bonds are created.

Aug 10, 2010 —

Stursberg out at CBC as new strategic plan percolates

CBC executive says a comprehensive internal and external recruitment process to replace the departed Richard Stursberg will be launched immediately.

Aug 10, 2010 — Canadian Press

News Corp. sells controlling stake in China TV businesses

News Corp. is selling a controlling stake in three of its TV businesses in China to a government investment fund in a market where foreign investors have struggled to succeed.

Aug 9, 2010 — Los Angeles Times

Google, Verizon lay down a marker on net neutrality

Despite nearly a year's effort, negotiators for Google and Verizon have crafted a framework for net neutrality that fumbles one of the central issues involved in the debate: the principle of non-discrimination.

Aug 9, 2010 — New York Times

The First Church of Robotics by Jaron Lanier

Op-ed author says that by portraying the Internet as capable of "creative thinking, problem solving and connection making", devalues human thought.

Aug 9, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Tune in any time, anywhere by Gillian Shaw

New technology allows viewers to decide when and where to watch their favourite programs.

Aug 9, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Sudan suspends license for BBC Arabic radio in the north over alleged agreement violations

Sudan's government alleges that a BBC crew smuggled satellite equipment for live transmission into the country and began working in south Sudan without proper approval — both in violation of a broadcast agreement.

Aug 9, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Still trying to break the mould by Gordon Pitts

Competition lawyer claims Canadian content rules are rendered useless by an Internet that is unconstrained by time and space.

Aug 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

PBS is what CBC could be: marginal and obscure by John Doyle

Columnist says lack of public investment makes PBS a marginalized broadcaster in the US - important as a token alternative to the frippery of commercial TV, but existing strictly on the sidelines.

Aug 8, 2010 — Toronto Star

CBC to stay the course of departed boss by Ashante Infantry

FRIENDS says the CBC should have separate executives in charge of TV and Radio.

Aug 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CBC says switch to digital too onerous to make deadline by Susan Krashinsky

Network executive says the CBC doesn't have the funds necessary to meet the August 2011 cut-off date for the transition to digital TV signals.

Aug 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Sports fans, beware of CBC shakeup by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says Richard Stursberg's sports legacy includes losing the rights to the Olympics, the CFL and curling and overpaying to retain Hockey Night In Canada.

Aug 7, 2010 — Calgary Herald

CBC switching to over-the-air digital TV

CBC/Radio-Canada unveiled its plan Friday to switch over to digital transmission from the analogue service it currently provides.

Aug 7, 2010 — The Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Controversial CBC boss leaves network by Cassandra Szklarski

FRIENDS says under Stursberg's leadership, CBC's audience share in television has dwindled.

Aug 7, 2010 — National Post

CBC ousts revolutionary after six years by Randy Boswell

FRIENDS says a high-level CBC source has indicated Richard Stursberg was dismissed "over irreconcilable policy differences regarding CBC's strategic plans for the next five years."

Aug 6, 2010 — CBC News

Richard Stursberg leaves CBC

CBC Vice President of Communications, Bill Chambers declined to say whether Stursberg had been fired, saying the change is "not about where we are" but "all about the future and the way we are going forward."

Aug 6, 2010 — CBC News

CBC won't meet digital TV deadline

The public broadcaster said it will require 27 transmitters to make the switchover nationally, but only 15 of them will be active by Aug. 31, 2011, the deadline imposed for major markets by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Aug 6, 2010 — 680 News

Controversial CBC boss Richard Stursberg leaves network after six years by Cassandra Szklarski

FRIENDS says Stursberg was appointed "as a complete outsider" with no previous radio or television production, scheduling or marketing experience and that his departure "cannot help but be a good thing for the institution of public broadcasting."

Aug 6, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Dismissal of top boss could portend turmoil over direction of CBC by Randy Boswell

FRIENDS says it was announced within the corporation that CBC President Hubert Lacroix dismissed Stursberg "over irreconcilable policy differences regarding CBC's strategic plans for the next five years."

Aug 6, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Top CBC executive leaves broadcaster by Guy Dixon

National President of the Canadian Media Guild, Lise Lareau says it's become harder to distinguish the CBC from its commercial counterparts with Stursberg’s choice of programming.

Aug 6, 2010 —

CBC to install 27 digital OTA transmitters under national transition plan

CBC/Radio-Canada has released the details of its plan for the transition to digital over-the-air television.

Aug 6, 2010 — Toronto Star

Richard Stursberg out as head of CBC by Ashante Infantry

FRIENDS says Richard Stursberg was appointed “as a complete outsider” with no previous radio or television production, scheduling or marketing experience.

Aug 5, 2010 — Stratford Beacon Herald

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting spokesman slams CBC leadership by Donal O'Connor

FRIENDS blames the erosion of quality broadcasting by the CBC on "inexperienced management" and says having people in charge who lack appropriate experience would be unthinkable in private sector broadcasting.

Aug 3, 2010 — CBC News

Cogeco plans to sell two Quebec stations

Cogeco Inc. wants to sell two of its radio stations in Quebec City and obtain special permission to run more FM stations in Montreal as it seeks regulatory approval to buy Corus Entertainment Inc.’s Quebec radio assets.

Aug 2, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

'Rookie Blue' top-rated series on Canuck TV by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says BBM Canada reports the Canadian cop drama from Thump Inc. and E1 Entertainment pulled in 1.8 million total viewers.

Aug 2, 2010 — Chronicle Herald

New radio station will target men 18 to 34 by Ian Fairclough

Program Manager, Rob Johnson, says the new station, owned by Evanov Communications Inc., promises to play music not given wide or sometimes any exposure on Halifax airwaves.

Jul 30, 2010 — The Mark

What Media Crisis? by Dwayne Winseck

Columnist says that while certain media conglomerates may be in trouble, the industry as a whole is hardly sliding into oblivion.

Jul 29, 2010 — CBC News

Telecom took in $41B in 2009

Conventional television and radio stations saw their revenue decline, while the telecom industry saw a 1.8 per cent increase from the previous year in 2009.

Jul 29, 2010 — National Post

Internet, wireless taking bigger chunk of communications by Derek Abma

The CRTC says that Internet usage among Canadians reached new highs in 2009, with the consumption of broadcasting content among the most popular activities.

Jul 27, 2010 — Bluepoint Investment Inc.

Bluepoint Investment Corp. and The Government of Saskatchewan Agree to Terms for Acquisition of SCN

With the application to the CRTC for change of ownership, Bluepoint will also be filing for a change of condition of license to broaden the programming slate and to allow for the sale of advertising.

Jul 24, 2010 — Truthout

Are iPads, Smartphones, and the Mobile Web Rewiring the Way We Think? by Gregory M. Lamb

Columnist says today's technology may be determining not just how we spend our time: It actually may be "rewiring" the way we think, how we experience the world around us.

Jul 24, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Rumble on the Radio by Kelly Grant

Columnist says Newstalk 1010 in Toronto is mulling whether to host one-on-one debate between mayoral candidates Smitherman and Ford – while excluding all others.

Jul 23, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Shaw benefits package for Canwest Global deal by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says cable giant Shaw Communications Inc. has proposed putting $203 million into the local industry to secure regulatory approval for a $2 billion deal for the TV assets of Canwest Global Communications Corp. as it completes a financial restructuring.

Jul 22, 2010 — Community Radio Fund

CRTC Decision Provides Boost for Campus-Community Radio, But A Lot Of Work Still To Be Done

The campus and community radio sector will receive $775,000 in annual funding following a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on the Review of the Campus and Community Radio Policies.

Jul 21, 2010 — Mediacaster

CRTC to Review Satellite TV Policies

Columnist says the CRTC wants to address matters relating the country's transition to digital TV, local television access and broadcast commercial substitution, all of which have been controversial issues for the broadcast and telecom regulator.

Jul 19, 2010 — National Post

Postmedia Network names board of directors

Postmedia Network Inc. revealed its board of directors, including several top Canadian executives from within the news business and beyond.

Jul 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Give R.B. Bennett his place on the Hill by John Turner

Former Prime Minister John Turner says R. B. Bennett ensured Canada would forever have a voice on the airwaves by founding what soon became the CBC.

Jul 19, 2010 — Playback

CRTC talks switchover

The CRTC has said broadcasters should begin a program to educate consumers about the switch to digital television no later than March of next year, and says that it will begin digital trials in select markets ahead of the August, 2011 deadline.

Jul 19, 2010 — Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc.

CBC/Radio-Canada – Summary for Participants

CBC President and CEO, Hubert Lacroix says the summary of this spring's survery of opionion leaders show that while the CBC received high marks for it's coverage of national and international events, responders feel the network has been less effective with regional programming.

Jul 17, 2010 —

Sun TV news channel hits a snag

Serge Sasseville, Quebecor's vice-president of corporate affairs, says "We'll get exactly what we're asking for at the end of the day" and will make the same request for must-carry through another category of license.

Jul 17, 2010 — National Post

Sun TV News 'confident' it will launch by deadline by Tim Shufelt

Columnist says Sun News will likely have to appear lower on the dial and without the guaranteed source of income a Category 1 license would offer.

Jul 17, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Loss of daily newspapers doesn't look like a trend by Don Cayo

Columnist says Canadian newspaper markets tend to be more competitive than in t-he U.S., so Canadian media companies are more skilled at adjusting to change.

Jul 16, 2010 — National Post

Almost a million households not ready for digital TV by Eric Lam

Columnist says the CRTC has decided to modify its regulations for smaller local stations who may choose not to convert to digital and drop their analog broadcasting capabilities altogether.

Jul 16, 2010 — CRTC

CRTC provides update on the transition to digital television

The CRTC says consumer awareness and education is a key component of the transition to digital television.

Jul 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC refuses Sun TV’s bid for preferred status on dial by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission disagreed the Quebecor Inc. all-news specialty station was creating a completely new genre in Canada, rejecting its request for a rare must-carry license.

Jul 16, 2010 — Canadian Business

Program to subsidize digital converter boxes for consumers not necessary: CRTC by Luann Lasalle

CRTC Chairman, Konrad von Finckenstein, says there's no need for a government subsidy to help consumers make the transition to digital TV.

Jul 15, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian broadcast earnings improving by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canadian broadcasters are revealing an improving Canadian ad climate during an economic upturn, on top of subscriber growth for pay and cable channel operators.

Jul 14, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Montreal Gazette will drop Sunday print edition and go digital one day a week

Columnist says in order to cut costs, the Montreal Gazette has announced it will stop publishing its Sunday print edition and instead move to a web-only version for that day.

Jul 14, 2010 — The Wire Report

Cablecos should devote 10 per cent of revenues to Canadian programming: Broadcasting watchdog by Karen Fournier

FRIENDS recommends a 10% levy on cable revenues for Canadian content, and a prevention of these monopolies from recouping the contribution from their subscribers.

Jul 14, 2010 — Playback

Weak revenue growth for Canadian TV industry in 2009: StatsCan by Barry Walsh

Columnist says ad revenues for Canadian TV broadcasters have suffered their first decline in 15 years.

Jul 14, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Corus returns to profit

Corus Entertainment Inc. has posted a $31.4-million profit for its fiscal third quarter, as the broadcaster's revenues increased 12 per cent over last year with the Canadian economy's recovery from recession.

Jul 14, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Relax, folks, we won’t be channelling Fox News North by Jeffrey Simpson

Columnist says Sun TV won’t be watched by many people most of those who do watch will be committed right-wingers looking to have previously held opinions reaffirmed.

Jul 13, 2010 — The Tyee

Court Whacks Plan to Boost Canadian Content on Web

The Federal Court of Appeal has concluded that so long as ISPs maintain a content-neutral approach, they fall outside of the Broadcasting Act and should not be expected to play a role in promoting the policies found within the legislation.

Jul 12, 2010 — Statistics Canada

Television broadcasting

Report shows specialty channels continue to generate higher profits than private conventional channels.

Jul 9, 2010 — CRTC

Upcoming renewals of TV undertakings (2011-2012)

The CRTC intends to consider the renewals of various television undertakings at public hearings across the country.

Jul 9, 2010 — Toronto Star

Is there anything good on specialty TV? by Greg Quill

Columnist says specialty TV doesn’t have to deal with the programming promises that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission imposes on conventional broadcasters, with some channels having no Canadian content requirements so long as they're not competing with existing Canadian services.

Jul 7, 2010 — Liberal Party of Canada

My Canada includes a free exchange of ideas by Michael Ignatieff

Liberal fund raising letter mentions Conservative attacks on the CBC, the importance of public broadcasting and adequate funding.

Jul 7, 2010 — CBC News

The new journalism and the G20 by Ira Basen

Columnist says the actions of the Toronto police during the G20 summit have exposed an unintended consequence: When everyone is a journalist, no one is a journalist.

Jul 6, 2010 — CBC News

CHUM ex-president gets OK for 4 HD channels

Former CHUM president Jay Switzer plans to launch four new high-definition channels in Canada devoted to love and adventure.

Jul 6, 2010 — MediaPost

Will Apple Make Televisions? by Philip Leigh

Columnist says Apple is unlikely to manufacture televisions but will likely offer HDTV-compatible appliances that permit abundant Internet access on the TV screen.

Jul 6, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC's coverage of World Cup quarter-finals averages nearly two million viewers

Columnist says although large numbers of viewers are tuned in to watch the World Cup quarter-finals, Hockey still rules in Canada.

Jul 5, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

CP news service to privatize by Mark Iype

Columnist says the Canadian Press wire service will cease to function as a non-profit cooperative under a tentative deal that will put the iconic media organization under private ownership.

Jul 3, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Canwest papers' buyer unveils corporate name

National Post chief executive Paul Godfrey says the new company, which will hold some of Canada's largest daily newspapers, will be called Postmedia Network Inc.

Jul 1, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Shaw may accelerate wireless service plans by Dina O'Meara

Columnist says Shaw Communications could be moving up its mobile wireless launch from late 2011 on increasingly competitive offerings from rival providers

Jul 1, 2010 — Toronto Star

Shaw Continues to Execute by Imari Love

Colunmist says Shaw's revenue grew 10% thanks to an 11% boost in cable sales and a 3% uptick from satellite.

Jun 30, 2010 — ZoomerMedia

ZoomerMedia Limited Completes Acquisitions and Financing

In its press release, ZoomerMedia announces the acquisition of the business and undertakings of Vision TV and the acquisition of MZ Media Inc. and its radio stations.

Jun 29, 2010 — Playback

Ceeb scores with round of 16 openers by Marise Strauss

CBC says it averaged 956,000 viewers per game for the Group Match stage of the World Cup, while there were 5.3 million live streams online.

Jun 26, 2010 — Variety

Quebecor to add right wing news net by Brendan Kelly

FRIENDS says a point-of-view news network doesn't fit in with CRTC policy, which requires a balance in news reporting.

Jun 24, 2010 — Playback

Bluepoint to acquire SCN by Katie Bailey

Columnist says Bluepoint Investments is expanding its media sights westward with the purchase of television and satellite educational channel Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN).

Jun 24, 2010 — Playback

Shaw one step closer to Global by Brendan Christie

Colunist says the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has cleared away another hurdle in the $2 billion deal that will see Shaw Communications acquire Canwest Global Communications' broadcasting assets.

Jun 24, 2010 — Wire Report

Distributors disappointed with CTV's 'Save Local TV' CBSC win by Stefan Dubowski

FRIENDS supports the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council's finding that CTVglobemedia Inc. didn’t break the rules during its “Save Local TV” campaign, but says broadcasters and distributors were both “stretching the truth” during the fee-for-carriage air war.

Jun 23, 2010 — Playback

TIFF contributes $170 million to economy by Brendan Christie

The Toronto International Film Fesival has released economic impact numbers that show $170.4 million in contributions to the Ontario economy.

Jun 23, 2010 — National Post

Richard Stursberg: CBC proud of its journalism, but welcomes competition

VP of CBC English services says in the news environment of the future the winners will be those who retain the trust and respect of their audiences.

Jun 22, 2010 — Center for Media Research

Who's Watching What?

Report states as the total number of viewing hours increases there's more at work than programming alone and that technology enhancements contribute significantly to the quality of the consumer experience.

Jun 22, 2010 — Nanaimo Daily News

CBC looks to U.S. programming for ad revenue

FRIENDS says the Canadian content void is being filled by private broadcasters like Canwest Global Communication's Global TV and CTV Inc. with Canadian-made, prime-time content increasing by 17 per cent this year.

Jun 21, 2010 — Hill Times

Sun TV News vows to do more 'populist' coverage, less 'inside Ottawa' by Harris Macleod

Columnist says Kory Teneycke, Quebecor Media's vice-president of development, promises to leave the "boring" coverage to the CBC and says the network will offer less "inside Ottawa" coverage and more "populist" appeal.

Jun 21, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Fox News North? And you thought the fake lake was barking mad? by John Doyle

Columnist says if Sun News is anything like the Fox News channel in the United States, it won’t be a news outlet. It will be entertainment with opinion delivered as fact.

Jun 21, 2010 —

BBM data knocks CBC Radio One from top spot

Corus and Rogers owned stations lead the market in Toronto and Vancouver, two of Canada's largest radio markets.

Jun 21, 2010 — National Post

CBC runs fewer Canadian shows in prime time by Jamie Sturgeon

FRIENDS says the amount of domestic-made content aired by CBC between 6-11 p.m. stands at a 30-year low, with a full quarter of weekly programming dedicated to U.S. shows.

Jun 20, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Liberals want further study on foreign ownership by Iain Marlow

Liberal industry critic, Marc Garneau, says the federal Liberals will not support any move to ease foreign ownership restrictions in the telecom sector that might endanger Canadian culture.

Jun 18, 2010 — Maclean's

Shaking up the news world by Blair Gable

Quebecor VP of Development, Kory Teneycke, says market space for political commentary is more oriented toward conservatism but doesn't think only conservative views will be represented on the Sun TV News Channel.

Jun 17, 2010 — New York Times

F.C.C. Moves to Expand Role in Broadband By Edward Wyatt

The Federal Communications Commission believes giving itself the authority to regulate the transmission component of broadband Internet service is central to expanding the availability of broadband.

Jun 17, 2010 — Playback

Canadians spend $3.2 billion on tech products in Q1 by Emily Claire Afan

Darrel Ryce, NPD director of information technology and entertainment states, "Canadians have grown so accustomed to their computers and constant connectivity that IT products are no longer viewed as optional purchases. "

Jun 16, 2010 — Playback

Media industry to grow 5% annually until 2014: PwC by Melita Kuburas

Columnist says there is good news ahead  for entertainment and media industries who are set to make a large post-recession comeback.

Jun 16, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Veritas Communications named CBC's new agency of record

Veritas takes over from Media Profile, CBC's publicity and promotions agency for the past five years.

Jun 16, 2010 — National Post

Quebecor aims to jump queue for TV licence by Jamie Sturgeon

Columnist says observers are wondering whether there will soon be a wave of similar requests for specialty channels from cash-strapped conventional TV operators.

Jun 16, 2010 — Broadcaster

"Save Local TV" Campaign Did Not Violate Codes -- CBSC

In its decision, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council concluded CTV stations provided sufficient balance in their coverage of the "fee for carriage" issue.

Jun 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Quebecor fires warning shot at all-news networks by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says Quebecor is seeking a potentially lucrative Category 1 licence from the CRTC for its proposed Sun TV News Channel, requiring distributors to offer it on at least one tier of their services.

Jun 15, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Rogers: TiVo can unite industry by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Rogers wants to see marketers, cable operators and networks united behind the solutions TiVo offers to what ails the industry during a time of incessant digital change and disruption.

Jun 13, 2010 — New York Times

MTV Serves as Model for AOL Site by Brian Stelter

Columnist says Cambio is being billed by its backers as a next-generation video network for the Web with features similar to MTV but "without the middleman".

Jun 11, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Conservative broadcaster says Canadians ready for like-minded TV network by Stephanie Levitz

Columnist says there is speculation Quebecor Inc. is looking to create a news network in the style of Fox News as an alternative to what supporters call "left wing, mainstream media" in Canada.

Jun 11, 2010 — National Post

Quebecor seen seeking all-news channel licence by Barbara Shecter

Columnist says Quebecor Inc. is attempting to secure a new broadcasting licence with "mandatory distribution" for a conservative-minded all-news channel.

Jun 11, 2010 — Globe & Mail

New telecom rules a balancing act by Iain Marlow Telecom Reporter

Columnist says a tilt toward favouring new entrants, combined with removing restrictions, could see a foreign firms harm Canadian companies in the $40-billion telecom and broadcasting sector and explains the three options up for debate.

Jun 10, 2010 — National Post

Group seeks to modify deal for Canwest newspapers

The group of noteholders buying the Canwest newspapers is proposing to modify the existing $1.1-billion deal slightly so the new company that emerges from creditor protection will have less debt on its books.

Jun 9, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Foreign ownership of telecoms a risk, CRTC says; Regulator warns Canadian content would suffer by Jamie Sturgeon

Columnist says the CRTC is warning Canadians of the need for a "massive subsidization" for Canadian content by the federal government if Ottawa moves to allow foreign ownership of telecom operators.

Jun 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Treat telecom, broadcasting equally: CRTC by Iain Marlow

CRTC Chairman, Konrad von Fickenstein, says it's impossible to separate the telecom and broadcasting sectors in an age of convergence, and suggests if Ottawa wishes to ease foreign ownership rules for telecom, it must do the same for broadcasting.

Jun 8, 2010 — Radio World

Canadian Lobby No More by James Careless

Columnist says private broadcaster's no longer have a common front for responding to various CRTC policy initiatives, "many of which promote Canadian cultural goals at the broadcasters’ expense."

Jun 8, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Former Harper spokesman to take over Ottawa bureau of Quebecor by Janice Tibbetts

Columnist says opponents of Teneycke's appointment call him "a hatchet man for Stephen Harper" who has no business working in the Ottawa bureau of a major news organization due to his previous post as the prime minister's former communications director.

Jun 7, 2010 — Calgary Herald

TV trouble: Canadian drama stuck in a rut by Alex Strachan

Columnist says that while current Canadian comedies are unique and original, home grown dramas are simply revisiting old formulas.

Jun 7, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada seeks consultation on media ownership by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says any eventual relaxation of foreign ownership rules for domestic phone companies is expected to impact Canadian cable operators and broadcasters operating under the federal Broadcasting Act as each is Canada sees increasing crossover amid continuing industry convergence.

Jun 7, 2010 — CBC News

Telecom industry readies for rules overhaul

Lobbying groups seek potential new ownership rules to be applied to all telecommunications companies, regardless of size.

Jun 6, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Some home truths about Canadian TV by John Doyle

Columnist says promotion matters more than anything and what Canadian television lacks is a drama for grown-ups.

Jun 6, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Will World Cup provide bang for CBC's buck? by Mark Sutcliffe

Columnist says CBC is hoping the $25 million spent purchasing the rights to the World Cup will bring new viewers to the network.

Jun 6, 2010 — New York Times

Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price By Matt Richtel

Scientists say juggling e-mail, phone calls and other incoming information can change how people think and behave, with our ability to focus being undermined by bursts of information.

Jun 4, 2010 — CIUT Take 5

The Dalton Camp Award

In a radio interview, FRIENDS spokesperson Ian Morrison and 2010 Dalton Camp Award winner Ethan Rabidoux discuss the award and the man who inspired it.

Jun 4, 2010 — Alpha Trade

More foreign ownership a "one-sided sell out of Canadian interests"

The president of Canada's largest telecommunications union says that Industry Minister Tony Clement's plans to ease restriction on foreign investment in the Telco sector are a one-sided sell out of Canadian interests.

Jun 4, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Tories to launch plans for telecom shakeup by Steven Chase

Columnist says as part of their economic prescription for making Canada more competitive, the Conservatives have demonstrated their determination to overturn existing foreign ownership restrictions, particularly within the telecommunications sector.

Jun 4, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Shareholders challenge Shaw deal by Martin Cash

Columnist says the group, which includes the Asper Family,  is seeking a motion from the court to start a new auction process that would solicit bids for 100 per cent of the company.

Jun 4, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CTV lineup relies heavily on proven winners by Brad Oswald

Columnist says the network has unveiled a new-season lineup with only five new series in the mix, along with a few additions that are already successes on U.S. networks.

Jun 4, 2010 — Chronicle Herald

Watchdog slams CBC for blocking access to information

Columnist says information commissioner Suzanne Legault is accusing the public broadcaster of wrongly withholding information and attempting to overcharge for access requests.

Jun 3, 2010 — CBC News

CBC hit for information access stonewalling

Information commissioner, Suzanne Legault, and the CBC are in Federal Court disputing access to information the broadcaster says is related to programming and therefore is exempt under the Access to Information Act.

Jun 3, 2010 — Toronto Star

The power of political cartoons by Ethan Georges Rabidoux

In his Dalton Camp Award winning essay, Rabidoux explores the role of political cartoons in giving a outlet to the "working folk" to strike back at the elite.

Jun 3, 2010 — Toronto Star

No news is bad news on Manitoba reserve by Rosalyn Yake

In her Dalton Camp Award winning essay, Yake explores the importance of of local media in holding political leaders accountable against the backdrop of the 2006 Norway House Elections.

Jun 3, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Private Broadcasters Support Government's Modernization of Copyright Act by Canadian Association of Broadcasters

In their press release, Canadian private broadcasters applaud the Ministers of Industry and Canadian Heritage for introducing a new copyright bill they say "aims to strike an important balance between the interests of creators, users and intermediaries."

Jun 3, 2010 — Playback

Copyright legislation walks a fine line by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canadian content creators are applauding  Ottawa for combating content piracy with new copyright legislation that protects film and TV production jobs and creativity.

Jun 3, 2010 — Toronto Sun

Almost 900 info complaints against CBC by Christina Spencer

Columnist says more than 80% of complaints made to the Office of the Information Commissioner in the 2009-10 period were filed against the CBC for failure to make information available, many of them on behalf of Sun Media.

Jun 2, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Media Advisory - Federal court hearing on Globalive foreign ownership

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP), Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) and Friends of Canadian Broadcasting argue before the Federal Court for intervener status in a case that claims the federal government ignored the Canadian ownership requirements of the Telecommunications Act.

Jun 1, 2010 — Ryerson Review of Journalism

Beyond Repair by Tyler Harper

Columnist says CBC News is walking a tightrope of expectations between two types of audience: the one that thinks CBC as a public broadcaster has a duty to give Canadians vital content without pandering for advertising money, and the other that wants CBC to maintain its quality while providing a return on taxpayers’ investment.

May 31, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

NHK to end analog broadcasts early by Gavin J. Blair

Columnist says pubcaster NHK is ending analog satellite broadcasts four months ahead of schedule as part of a reorganization of its non-terrestrial channels.

May 31, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian actors to protest U.S. TV purchases by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says ACTRA is criticizing domestic broadcasters for filling their primetime schedules with American programming, while pushing Canadian productions to fringe timeslots.

May 31, 2010 — National Post

Bell blasts CRTC over 'unacceptable' cable rules by Jamie Sturgeon

Columnist says Bell Canada and the CRTC are in conflict as the country's biggest communications firm disagrees with rules it says put it at a disadvantage to key competitors.

May 28, 2010 — Calgary Herald

CBC, National Post join forces in advertising deal by Jamie Sturgeon

Columnist says the CBC and the National Post are deepening their commercial relationship, announcing Thursday a deal that will allow advertisers to use each media company's platforms.

May 28, 2010 —

CBC and Rogers Sign Historic Programming Alliance

Rogers and CBC say agreement helps bring more CBC content to Canadians in more ways, from mobile to On Demand to online.

May 28, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Deciphering sides in Canada's ‘culture wars’ by Gerald Caplan

Columnist says Stephen Harper has only just begun his escalation of the culture wars and that he has had some surprising success in moving middle-of-the-road Canadians toward his "regressive" political values.

May 27, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

William Shatner to host 'Making a Scene' by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says With Canadian viewers mostly shunning rookie series until they perform in their second seasons, the CBC has chosen to rely on old favorites to bring viewers set-side.

May 23, 2010 — The View from Seven

The CBC as a “cultural conduit connecting our coasts”? That’s so 1986! by Kevin McDougald

Blogger says FRIENDS should be more concerned about internet based television, rather than the Conservative government's agenda for the CBC.

May 21, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest loans raise spectre of newspaper sales by Andrew Willis

Columnist says debt repayment is likely to be a priority at Canwest Global Communications.

May 21, 2010 — Reuters

Google tries where others failed: shaking up TV biz by Yinka Adegoke and Jennifer Saba

Columnists say a service that will bring the Web to television screens is likely to create more headaches for broadcast and cable executives already concerned with being sidelined by free online video shows on computers.

May 21, 2010 — Financial Times

Online sites alter view on TV ratings by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Columnist says new ratings system suggests pay-TV channels and smaller networks now have the same chance of capturing advertisers’ budgets as large broadcast network shows.

May 21, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canucks stock up at L.A. Screenings by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canwest Global acquired approximately 15 new series for its Global Television network as it tries to play "catch up" to primetime  leader CTV.

May 20, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canucks busy at L.A. Screenings by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canwest Global and CTV have mainly stuck to studio lines while filling their primetime lineups, but some schedule shuffling will need to take place in the fall.

May 19, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

BCE launching Internet-based TV in summer by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says phone giant BCE promises a knock-down fight with rival cable operators to become the biggest TV provider nationwide.

May 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

The Big Question: who benefits from battering the CBC? by John Doyle

Columnist says the Conservative Party's current "obsession" with the broadcaster could be seen as the minority government preparing the public for a major cut in CBC funding.

May 14, 2010 — Playback

CBC gears up for World Cup by Marise Strauss

Columnist says exclusive broadcasting rights for the upcoming World Cup is a chance for CBC Sports to reclaim big-event coverage after losing broadcast rights to the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games to CTVglobemedia.

May 13, 2010 — Toronto Star

Ottawa firm on foreign ownership of telecoms

Industry Minister, Tony Clement says The Harper government is committed to preserving Canadian content on television and radio while allowing for a greater foreign presence in the telecommunications sector.

May 13, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Clement hints Ottawa driving telecom policy, not CRTC by Iain Marlow

CRTC Chairman says a foreign-ownership cap of 49 per cent should remain in place for both the broadcasting and wireless sectors, and that loosened restrictions should apply even to existing providers.

May 13, 2010 — Playback

Tories play slow-pitch with Clement by Suzan Ayscough

Industry Minister Tony Clement argued on Thursday that broadcasting and telecommunications should remain separate while repeating his argument that competitiveness, by way of foreign investment, "is good for Canadians."

May 13, 2010 — SCN Matters

SCN and Sask. government miss CRTC deadline

Watchdog group says the CRTC has informed SCN Matters that SCN and the government of Saskatchewan have missed the deadline set by the CRTC for response to several complaints filed with the commission regarding SCN’s board of directors.

May 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw poised to control women’s TV programming by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says Shaw's purchase of CanWest's television stations makes the cable giant a powerhouse for attracting ad dollars.Almost all the channels in Canada targeted at women will be controlled by Shaw Communications, making the cable giant a powerhouse for attracting ad dollars

May 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CBC waging ‘faith war,’ Conservatives say by Jane Taber

Columnists says after a story aired on CBC's The National, Conservative strategists are accusing the network of fuelling a "faith war" in an “ongoing campaign against the Conservative Party.”

May 12, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Nearly 13 mil watch U.K. election coverage by Mimi Turner

Columnist says in an election where the first-ever televised candidates' debates played an unprecedented role in bringing politics direct to the viewer, media has played a more vital role in the political dialogue than ever.

May 10, 2010 — Inside the CBC

Is Kevin Newman Angling for the Host Job at The National?

Kevin Newman's departure from Global has led to speculation he may have his eye set on hosting the national newscast at CBC or CTV.

May 8, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CTV Winnipeg builds on supper-hour news lead

Columnist says CTV's local supper-hour newscast in Manitoba attracts more than double the audience of both of its local-news counterparts combined.

May 8, 2010 — Variety

Shaw-staked redemption? by Brendan Kelly

Columnist says many believe Shaw will be a more aggressive bidder against CTVglobemedia for U.S. programming.

May 7, 2010 — CBC News

Mobilicity wireless launch approved by CRTC by Peter Nowak

Columnist says Data and Audio-Visual Enterprises will need to make some changes to ensure that a non-Canadian minority shareholder doesn't undermine the Canadian management team and board of directors.

May 7, 2010 —

Canadian Satellite Radio: Finally

FRIENDS says upholding the CRTC's decision to issue two new satellite radio licences signals a "black day" for Canadian media.

May 7, 2010 — Globe & Mail

‘Viewer-inspired’ CBC poll works Tories into a lather by Jane Taber

After airing a viewer question from a two-time federal Liberal candidate on CBC's Power and Politics, Conservatives are raising more questions about the network's neutrality.

May 7, 2010 —

ANALYSIS: Digital TV transition Plan B: Do nothing by Greg O’Brien

Columnist says it is impossible to make our over-the-air TV system digital by the August 31, 2011 deadline set by the CRTC.

May 5, 2010 — MediaPost

FCC Chair To Propose Reclassifying Broadband by Wendy Davis

Columnist says FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski intends to put forward a plan to categorize broadband transmission service as a telecommunications service, subject to Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

May 5, 2010 — New York Times

F.C.C. Push to Regulate Broadband Is Expected By Edward Wyatt

Columnist says Federal Communications Commission considers broadband service a hybrid between an information service and a utility and that it has sufficient power to regulate Internet traffic under existing law.

May 4, 2010 — Truthout

The Rebirth of Regulation by Robert Reich

Columnist says the public needs protection from companies and executives that will do almost anything to make a buck and asks "Where are the regulators?"

May 2, 2010 — Canadian Press

Newman's departure from Global TV could signal wave of changes in broadcast news by Diana Mehta

Columnist says Kevin Newman's departure is opening a lively discussion on the future of the country's three national newscasts.

May 1, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Corus tuning out of Quebec by Paul Delean

Columnist says after a decade of trying to decode Quebec's distinct radio market, Toronto-based Corus Entertainment has struck a deal to sell 11 radio stations in the province.

May 1, 2010 — Reuters

Extended deadline for Canwest newspaper bids closes by Susan Taylor

Columnist says group of lenders owed money by Canwest and representing Canada's five biggest banks has offered about C$925 million to buy the newspapers.

Apr 29, 2010 — The Economist

The great survivor

Columnist says while other traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, have become threatened by the Internet, television is still alive and well.

Apr 29, 2010 — The Economist

Changing the channel by Joel Budd

Columnist says television is adapting better to technological change than any other media business.

Apr 28, 2010 — CBC News

CBC News letter to the Conservative Party chairman by Jennifer McGuire

CBC News General Manager says there is no call for a Canadian "culture war" but will continue to report on both it and other topics that occur throughout Canada’s political landscape.

Apr 28, 2010 — Globe & Mail

SCN’s closing casts cloud over Saskatchewan TV industry by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says by providing seed money for projects to be shopped to larger networks, SCN had been keeping Saskatchewan's production industry afloat.

Apr 28, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Beating up the CBC is like beating up a sick puppy by John Doyle

Columnist says the Conservative Government is merely trying to "demonize the messenger" in order to detract attention away from the recent announcement that Canada will not fund abortion in developing nations.

Apr 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Why aren’t Canada’s lefties ready to rumble? by John Doyle

Columnist says Canada has been in the midst of a culture war for years, and conservatives are winning it.

Apr 26, 2010 — Conservative Party of Canada

CBC-Liberal "Culture War"? by Doug Finley

Campaign Director says pollster's affiliation with both the Liberal Party and the CBC shows Conservatives "are up against a powerful array of vested interests".

Apr 26, 2010 — Globe & Mail

SCN goes dark and no one notices by Patricia Dawn Robertson

Columnist says taxpayers shouldn't be asked to foot the bill for a television service whose main audience is made up of "shut-ins, quilting clubs and captive hitchhikers in root cellars."

Apr 26, 2010 — Toronto Star

CBC host Budd says firing felt like drowning by Richard Ouzounian

In her last week as host of As It Happens, Barbara Budd talks about the weeks since learning CBC was failing to renew her contract.

Apr 26, 2010 — Jordan Thornton

Opinion: Don't Let SCN Fade to Black by Jordan Thornton

Former employee says in an attempt to justify the closure of SCN to the public, the government misrepresented the facts and downplayed the public broadcaster and its achievements.

Apr 23, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Pollster Frank Graves apologizes, denies anti-Tory bias by Bill Curry

EKOS pollster says there is a higher incidence of people who are less tolerant to homosexuals and more wary of other races within the Conservative Party.

Apr 22, 2010 — CRTC

CRTC releases 2009 financial results for specialty, pay and pay-per-view television services and video-on-demand services

Although investments in Canadian programming were essentially at the same level, spending on foreign programming increased 36.7% from the $381.6 million reported in 2008.

Apr 22, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian TV bulks up on U.S. fare by Etan Vlessing

Report from the CRTC says spending on foreign programming rose 36% in 2009.

Apr 22, 2010 —

Specialty broadcasters up spending on foreign content

Columnist says investment in foreign programming by Canada’s specialty, pay-per-view and video-on-demand services surged last year, while spending on local content remained little changed.

Apr 21, 2010 — Brad Wall

Response letter re: the closing of SCN by Brad Wall

Premier says the decision to close SCN was one in a number of difficult choices to make while creating the provincial budget.

Apr 21, 2010 — Inside the CBC

Dispiriting CBC Survey Leaked

Survey reveals 90 per cent of reporters questioned feel ‘radio culture’ is much worse than it was a year ago

Apr 21, 2010 — The Tea Makers

The renewal of and scurrilous flutter on Twitter by Jennifer McGuire

CBC News General Manager says despite massive changes, quality journalism is still their biggest priority.

Apr 20, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC to CBC: You’ve got 30 days to shape up! by John Doyle

Columnist says the CRTC is upset that CBC has changed the mandate of a specialty channel aimed at rural audiences

Apr 20, 2010 — Fédération des TVC autonomes du Qc

Motion Unanime Ça y est, C'est Fait! by Gérald Francine Beaulieu

April 20, 2010: The Quebec National Assembly backs community television

Apr 19, 2010 — Yahoo!News

Foreign media control opposed by most: poll

In a recent poll, per cent of responders agreed that Canadian broadcasting and communication companies are too important for cultural and national security reasons to be sold into foreign control.

Apr 19, 2010 — New York Times

For Chinese, Web Is the Way to Entertainment by David Barboza

Columnist says the Internet has become an alternative with many options over traditional state-run media.

Apr 19, 2010 — Star Phoenix

SCN supporters hold rally in Regina by Joe Couture

SCN supporters want the provincial government to revisit the decision to close the broadcaster.

Apr 18, 2010 — Toronto Star

CRTC faces a new reality

Columnist says Tony Clement’s notion that Canada can invite foreign investment in one sector (telecom) without it spilling over into another (culture) is either naïve or reckless.

Apr 17, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

We won't miss CBC by Mike Boone

Columnist says snubbing the Canadiens and their fans is just the latest step in the public broadcaster's march toward irrelevance.

Apr 17, 2010 — Star Phoenix

SCN gutting done ignorantly by Murray Mandryk

SCN Board Chair finds it offensive that the government arbitrarily eliminated SCN without consulting or attempting to understand how it fits into the intricate film and industry puzzle of Saskatchewan.

Apr 15, 2010 — Insightrix

Approval ratings for Brad Wall remain strong amid weak assessments of the government’s management of provincial funds and strong opposition to eliminating SCN

According to Insightrix online poll, only three in ten Saskatchewan residents support the decision to eliminate SCN.

Apr 14, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Corus declares Canadian ad recession over by Etan Vlessing

Corus' overall revenue reported at $192.6 million, up from $181.3 million a year earlier.

Apr 14, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest's improved losses will have little impact on asset sales by David Friend

Columnist says "nobody is surprised" by the improved results and they will have little effect on bids for Canwest's newspapers.

Apr 14, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC does the policy time warp again by Robert Silver

Columnist questions CRTC position on foreign ownership and calls for changes to telecommunications legislation.

Apr 13, 2010 — Star Phoenix

CRTC wants massive media, telecom rules reform by Jamie Sturgeon

CRTC Chair says his commission's powers are becoming "outdated" and a single "comprehensive" piece of legislation is needed.

Apr 13, 2010 — Toronto Star

Canwest loses $46.1 million

After filing for bankruptcy protection last fall, Canwest reports a loss in revenue during its second quarter.

Apr 13, 2010 — National Post

Cost controls fuel big Canwest profit jump

Columnist says an improving advertising market and lower costs helped propel Canwest Global Communications Corp. to a big increase in second quarter earnings.

Apr 12, 2010 — National Post

Harlequin takes full ownership of its German publishing unit by Eric Lam

Torstar subsidiary to take control of its publishing business in Germany.

Apr 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Reports of TV's death greatly exaggerated by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says that despite speculation that viewers are switching to the Internet, television is still where the money is.

Apr 11, 2010 — New York Times

The Incidental Video Screen Is Seen by More Viewers Than Prime Time by Stephanie Clifford

Columnist says as consumers move away from traditional media, place-based media is gaining momentum in the advertising market.

Apr 9, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw steps up with ‘a quad-play' by Iain Marlow

Shaw CEO hopes bundling four services will entice exhisting customers to choose it for cell phone service.

Apr 8, 2010 — Canadian Press

Pillars of Shaw Communications' growth ambitions face uncertainty by Lauren Krugel

Analyst says unless Shaw moves forward within the wireless sector, investors are going to get frustrated.

Apr 8, 2010 — Playback

Envelopes shrink 3% for 2010/11 by Marise Strauss

Drama, children's and youth, documentary, and variety and performing arts among the genres supported by the CMF.

Apr 8, 2010 — Stephen Herrod

Canadian Broadcasting From Technological Evolution To Distribution Revolution by Stephen Herrod

A proposed plan to bring OTA HD Canadian programming to more Canadians.

Apr 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Astral posts higher Q2 earnings by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Astral has fared better than industry rivals during the economic downturn.

Apr 8, 2010 — Regina Leader-Post

Fading SCN to black 'terrible' by Robin Schlaht

Op-Ed says SCN builds bridges between Saskatchewan communities and the world.

Apr 8, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Telefilm Canada matchmakers hope they can captivate Cannes with Cancon by Nelson Wyatt

40 Canadian TV producers set to "speed date" with their counterparts from other countries to help land co-production and distribution deals.

Apr 8, 2010 — Epoch Times

Coalition Seeks to Overturn Decision to License Globalive by Andrea Hayley

FRIENDS says "the government has done something it doesn't have the right to do" regarding a ruling that allows Globalive a wireless license in Canada.

Apr 7, 2010 — Playback

Funding cuts could jeopardize CBC primetime by Marise Strauss

CBC Executive Vice President states reducing the number of shows on the schedule would be like going backwards".

Apr 7, 2010 — Globe & Mail

The problem with Shaw by David Berman

Blogger says limited wireless exposure and uncertainties related to CanWest's broadcasting assets are to blame for lagging share prices.

Apr 7, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC warns it may have to chop prime-time TV shows due to funding cut by Jennifer Ditchburn

CBC President says he's disappointed the government did not put an immediate emphasis on successful, Canadian prime-time shows.

Apr 7, 2010 — Canadian Press

Industry minister doesn't want delays in transition to digital TV by Jennifer Dithburn

Despite warnings that Canada isn't ready for the transition from analog to digital TV, Tony Clement says he wants to stick to the August 2011 deadline.

Apr 6, 2010 — National Post

Show courage: Make the CBC accountable by Pierre Karl Peladeau

The CEO of Quebecor says criticism of CRTC's decision to leave the CBC out of new fee-for-carriage scheme is unwarrented.

Apr 6, 2010 — New York Times

Bringing You a Signal You’re Already Paying For by Matt Richtel

Some consumers say AT&T is trying to profit from their weakness.

Apr 6, 2010 — New York Times

U.S. Court Curbs F.C.C. Authority on Web Traffic By Edward Wyatt

Reporter says ruling could raise obstacles in the effort to increase access to high-speed Internet networks.

Apr 6, 2010 — Reader Supported News

Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News spread the militia message by Eric Boehlert

Columnist says Beck has placed militias' anti-government message into the mainstream.

Apr 6, 2010 — Broadcaster Magazine

CRTC Audits Reveal Abuses of Community Channel -- CACTUS

CACTUS says that Canada's 'community' channels have become promotional tools for cable companies.

Apr 5, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Consumers oppose fee hike, CRTC says by Katie Bailey

CRTC lays out two primary themes in report: a concern for the future of local television and opposition to paying more for programming.

Apr 4, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Shaw to launch wireless business in late 2011, invest $100 million this year by Lauren Krugel

Senior Vice President states that by waiting to release its wireless service, Shaw will be able to offer the most leading-edge products.

Apr 4, 2010 — New York Times

Weighty Dramas Flourish on Cable by Bill Carter

Columnist says the gap is closing between cable and broadcast networks on the total number of drama hours being produced.

Apr 3, 2010 — Toronto Star

Stephen Harper on the hunt for new governor general by Tonda MacCharles

Conservative insider says the next Governor General "definitely won't be a CBC broadcaster."

Apr 2, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC in talks to lease space to Disney by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says Canada's cash-strapped public broadcaster is in talks with Disney to lease out unused space in its Toronto headquarters.

Apr 2, 2010 — The Chronical Herald

Grapes sour but still fun to watch by Gail Lethbridge

Columnist defends Don Cherry's contribution to Canadian media.

Apr 1, 2010 — CBC News

Moses Znaimer cleared to take over VisionTV

ZoomerMedia to take over multi-faith religious broadcaster.

Apr 1, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Telesat set to launch Shaw Direct satellite by Bert Hill

New Anik G1 satellite will be ready for commercial service by the end of 2012.

Apr 1, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Harper failed to consider Canadian culture in Globalive decision

FRIENDS says several generations of hard work to maintain our cultural sovereignty will go down the drain if foreign ownership rules are gutted.

Apr 1, 2010 — News Article

Unions side with telcos against Globalive by Suzan Ayscough

FRIENDS, ACTRA and CEP are backing Public Mobile in its bid to challenge the federal government's approval of Globalive and its mobile brand Wind.

Apr 1, 2010 —

Unions seek to back review of Globalive licence

ACTRA and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union join FRIENDS in backing a review of Globalive's wireless license.

Mar 31, 2010 — Now The Details

End of an Era: Barbara Budd Leaves CBC Radio's "As It Happens" by Jeffrey Dvorkin

Blogger suggests CBC Radio is becoming a "training ground to sustain the failing TV side."

Mar 31, 2010 — CBC News

200 protest SCN's closure in Regina

Local film and television producers say industry will suffer as a result of the Saskatchewan Government's decision to close down the provincial broadcaster.

Mar 30, 2010 — Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Content producers facing hard times by Karen Mazurkewich

TV producers say the debate over fee-for-carriage should really have been about the survival of Canadian production and whether or not cable and satellite would lift a hand.

Mar 30, 2010 — Globe & Mail

No room for Canadian content rules online, Google warns MPs by Bill Curry

Google supports subsidizing the production of Canadian culture but says that traditional Canadian content rules should not carry over to the Internet.

Mar 30, 2010 — Straight Goods

Static on the CBC by Ish Theilheimer

FRIENDS says the CRTC decision on fee-for-carriage entrenches the power and wealth of the cable companies.

Mar 30, 2010 — The Hill Times

Opening foreign ownership for integrated telecom sector will impact broadcasting, Morrison tells committee by Jonathan Migneault

FRIENDS says opening up foreign ownership regulation in one sector can be expected to impact others.

Mar 29, 2010 — Toronto Star

Broadcast policy gives the web a wide berth by Michael Geist

Columnist says a missing perspective in the CRTC's fee-for-carriage ruling was the failure to account for the emergence of the Internet as a significant delivery channel for broadcast content.

Mar 29, 2010 — Toronto Star

Barbara Budd leaving As it Happens by Greg Quill

Barbara Budd, longtime co-host of CBC Radio One’s nightly telephone call-out news magazine As it Happens, is calling it quits.

Mar 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Time to move on by Paul Sparkes

CTVglobemedia executive says if cable companies decide to raise rates viewers will always have the option of getting the company's stations over the air for free.

Mar 27, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Ottawa merges funds by Jamie Sturgeon

The Federal Heritage Minister has launched a new $350-million Canada Media Fund, which will give grants to Canadian producers that develop content for movie, television and computer screens.

Mar 27, 2010 — Halifax Chronicle Herald

Don’t be a boob. Step away from these tubes

Canadians are spending almost 17 hours a week watching TV and 18 hours surfing the web.

Mar 26, 2010 — Canadian Press

Broadcasters face challenge of keeping viewers, even as CRTC tries to offer help by Luann Lasalle

Columnist says broadcasters will need to get creative when it comes to content if they want to keep eyeballs glued to the TV screens.

Mar 26, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Pay-as-you-go online TV shows may be way of the future by LuAnn LaSalle

Analysts say TV broadcasters may have to charge for some of their online programs and broadcast more live events to make up for weak advertising revenues.

Mar 26, 2010 — CBC News

TV, digital content gets $350M fund

The federal government has launched a $350-million Canadian Media Fund designed to support development of Canadian content for big and small screens.

Mar 26, 2010 — Playback

Industry upbeat on new CMF by Marise Strauss

CFTPA president says new multiplatform fund is "a good day for Canadian content".

Mar 25, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) being shut down by Heather Polischuk

Saskatchewan's provincial broadcaster to go off the air in May laying off 35 employees.

Mar 25, 2010 — Halifax Chronicle Herald

CBC reporter gets free flights by Stephen Maher

CBC Krista Erickson is registered as the designated traveller for Conservative MP Lee Richardson, which means she is entitled to receive flights paid for by taxpayers.

Mar 25, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CRTC needs real power by Nicholas Hirst

Columnists says the government should make legislative changes that will allow the CRTC look to the future rather than being bound by the past.

Mar 25, 2010 — Toronto Star

The network/cable war

Editorial says if TV networks emerge with more revenues from cable fees, the CRTC should ensure that money is spent on domestic content.

Mar 25, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Canwest wins approval to fast-track Shaw appeal

Canwest has won approval from an Ontario court to fast-track appeal hearings into Shaw's bid for its television assets.

Mar 25, 2010 — Playback

Saskatchewan pulls plug on SCN by Etan Vlessing

ACTRA Saskatchewan representative says the province's TV production industry will take a huge hit if the government cuts SCN.

Mar 24, 2010 — Michel Morin

Minority Report by Commissioner Michel Morin

CRTC commissioner says the broadcast regulator should have established a a "skinny" basic TV service that would have given viewers the choice whether or not to pay new rates resulting from negotiations between broadcasters and distributors.

Mar 24, 2010 — News Article

IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T by David Pogue

Columnist says that an iPhone application that allows people to make calls using wifi has the potential to change the entire mobile industry.

Mar 24, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Why the CBC should stop the hissy fit by John Doyle

Columnist says The CBC’s reaction to the CRTC fee-for-carriage plan was hysterical and utterly unwarranted.

Mar 24, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Canadians can afford higher cable fees, CRTC says by Jamie Sturgeon

CRTC says it does not believe "that significant affordability issues would be created" for consumers if a new compensation regime is introduced as early as next year.

Mar 24, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Canadian TV creators frustrated by CRTC ruling by James Bradshaw

Groups representing actors and producers are frustrated with the laissez-faire approach the federal regulator is taking to where and when Canadian programming appears.

Mar 24, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Government fears consumer casualties in TV wars by Mike De Souza and Jamie Sturgeon

The federal government says it is studying options to protect consumers from fee hikes as a result of an ongoing war between television broadcasters and cable distributors.

Mar 24, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CRTC decision is good news - for lawyers by L. Ian Macdonald

Columnist says that by nodding in favour of fee for carriage and punting the issue to the courts, the CRTC gets to wash his hands of the whole business.

Mar 24, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest fears executive exodus by Grant Robertson and Susan Krashinsky

Canwest is seeking court permission to pay out millions in bonuses to executives, arguing further departures would hinder restructuring.

Mar 24, 2010 — Toronto Star

CanWest broadcast sale urgent, court told by Dana Flavelle

Canwest is asking courts to speed up the process for dealing with the objections of Goldman Sachs.

Mar 23, 2010 — Globe & Mail

The CRTC justifies its existence by John Doyle

Columnist says the CRTC exists for a reason: Cable and broadcasters cannot be relied upon to self-regulate and provide the best services to Canadians.

Mar 23, 2010 — Canada AM

Video: The CRTC decision on fee-for-carriage

The spokesperson for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting explains how the CRTC ruling about a negotiated settlement will impact TV viewers.

Mar 23, 2010 — Canadian Press

TV networks win latest battle with cable companies, but war ahead by Jennifer Ditchburn

FRIENDS says the CRTC made a business-as-usual decision on fee-for-carriage, punting the opinion to the Federal Court of Appeal, which is months if not years away.

Mar 23, 2010 — National Post

Evil genius logic at CRTC by Don Martin

Columnist says the CRTC has proposed a standoff scenario filled with enough mutually assured discomfort to force both sides to the table to deliver popular programming for shared financial benefit.

Mar 23, 2010 — Calgary Herald

CRTC gives local TV edge in fees dispute by Jamiest Urgeon And Paul Vieira

FRIENDS says the CRTC's decision on fee-for-carriage is "fiddling while Rome burns."

Mar 23, 2010 — Toronto Star

We're watching Internet more than TV, poll finds

Polling firm report says Canadians now are spending more than 18 hours a week online.

Mar 23, 2010 — Canadian Press

Cable and satellite TV operators focus of market in wake of CRTC ruling by Malcolm Morrison

A CRTC ruling would allow TV stations to withhold their signals from a cable or satellite company if they don't like the way fee-for-carriage negotiations are going.

Mar 23, 2010 — CRTC

The implications and advisability of implementing a compensation regime for the value of local television signals

Report on the issue of fee-for-carriage in Canada's broadcasting industry.

Mar 23, 2010 — CBC News

CBC blasts CRTC for TV signals decision

CBC/Radio-Canada is condemning the CRTC for its new framework for conventional television, saying the decision leaves Canada's public broadcaster out to dry.

Mar 23, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Cogeco Cable challenges CRTC order by Etan Vlessing

Cable operator Cogeco Cable says it will approach the Federal Court of Appeal to argue the CRTC has no jurisdiction to order distributors to negotiate with broadcasters for their local TV station signals.

Mar 22, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Numbers may not lie, but Nancy Wood's future came down to two sample listeners by Mike Boone

Columnist says that a drop in ratings recorded by Portable People Meters gave CBC managers cover to fire Daybreak host Nancy Wood.

Mar 22, 2010 — Toronto Star

MP shakes up copyright landscape by Michael Geist

NDP MP Charlie Angus proposes an extension of the private copying levy to audio recording devices such as iPods and greater flexibility in the fair dealing provision.

Mar 22, 2010 — Inside the CBC

CBC Excluded From Fee-For-Carriage Decision. Programs and Service Cuts Likely: Lacroix

CBC president says the fee-for-carriage decision "will force us to cut programs and services, and our ability to fulfill our mandate has been compromised".

Mar 22, 2010 — Toronto Star

CRTC to rule on 'TV tax' dispute by LuAnn LaSalle

FRIENDS expects the CRTC to mandate compensation for local television signals and have both sides sit down to work out the value.

Mar 22, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC approves talks on TV signal fees

FRIENDS says the CRTC's deaccession on fee-for-carriage is not in the interest of Canadian viewers.

Mar 22, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC rules TV networks can charge for their signals by Susan Krashinsky

The major television networks have won the right to start charging for their signals, but it will now be up to the courts – and the federal government – to determine whether consumers will pay more on their monthly bills.

Mar 22, 2010 — Business Week

Canadian Watchdog May Tell Rogers to Pay for Television Signals by Alexandre Deslongchamps

FRIENDS says the CRTC should rebalance the business models of the broadcast and cable industries.

Mar 22, 2010 — New York Times

In Canada, Local Stations May Negotiate a Cable Fee by Ian Austen

The CRTC has devised a system aimed at allowing conventional television station owners to negotiate payments from operators of cable and satellite TV systems.

Mar 19, 2010 — Toronto Star

Canadian broadcasters bleed advertising dollars

Data show Canada's television broadcasters continue to struggle under the weight of the economic recession, losing 10 per cent of their advertising revenue last year.

Mar 19, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canuck broadcasters add episodes for ratings by Etan Vlessing

Canadian broadcasters have hit on a new local strategy to boost ratings by commissioning more episodes for new seasons of established properties.

Mar 19, 2010 — National Post

CRTC to rule next week in battle over television carriage fees by Jamie Sturgeon

FRIENDS says the cable companies are in a financial position where they should pay for the over-the-air signals they pull in.

Mar 19, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Declining ad sales hurting broadcasters

CRTC data show Canada's private broadcasters saw their profit margins fall 5.9 per cent in the last year as declining advertising sales took a bite out of revenues.

Mar 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Canucks-Oilers-Flames partnership crumbles by Bruce Dowbiggin

A disagreement between The Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Canucks as produced a breakdown in negotiations to form a broadcast partnership among the teams.

Mar 18, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

The changing faces of our cultural institutions by Henry Aubin

Columnist says it's possible for cultural institutions like the CBC to attract bigger and younger audiences without lowering standards.

Mar 18, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Google goes prime time by Omar El Akkad

The Web search giant is teaming up with Intel and Sony  to design a product that would enable users to access the Web's most popular services through their television sets.

Mar 18, 2010 — CBC News

Canadian broadcasters lost money in 2009

Canada's broadcasters continued to increase the amount they spend on foreign programming — up 9.2 per cent to $846.3 million in 2009.

Mar 18, 2010 — Globe & Mail

TV-cable spat set to resume by Jennifer Ditchburn

The CRTC is soon expected to hand down major decision  in the fee-for-carriage fight between broadcasters and cable companies.

Mar 18, 2010 — Canadian Press

CRTC says private conventional TV stations booked $116.4 million loss last year by David Friend

Canada's biggest private television broadcasters reported losses before interest and taxes of $116.4 million in 2009.

Mar 17, 2010 —

Punish BDUs for anti-competitive behaviour, Allarco tells Heritage Committee

The owners of Super Channel say Canada’s current broadcast legislation fosters anti-competitive behaviour among the dominant cable companies.

Mar 17, 2010 —

Is Wind blowing its first-mover advantage? by Perry Hoffman

Columnist says that recent missteps indicate that months spent on the foreign ownership file may have taken time away from Wind Mobile's launch preparation.

Mar 16, 2010 —

The fight is on for Canadian communications and culture by Fred Wilson

Media union executive says the fate of Canada's broadcasting industry is linked to the decisions being made in telecom and book-selling by the Conservative government.

Mar 16, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Wood firestorm is spreading by Henry Aubin

Columnist says the decision to remove a popular CBC Radio host in Montreal is only a symptom of a more fundamental problem with the public broadcaster.

Mar 16, 2010 — ScienceDaily

An Express-Lane for the Internet

A new way of transferring data may allow Internet service providers to accommodate large file transfer, like movies, at a reasonable price for customers.

Mar 15, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Canwest sale moves forward by Doug Ward

Canwest has announced that an unspecified number of suitors have been invited to participate in Phase 2 of the sale process, which will involve management presentations, site visits and further due diligence.

Mar 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Foreign ownership rules: The plot thickens by Omar el Akkad and Marina Strauss

Columnists say Ottawa's review of bid to set up shop in Canada is one of several steps that the Harper government is taking to loosen its restrictions on foreign ownership in an array of cultural industries.

Mar 15, 2010 — Toronto Star

Book-sales rules about competition, not culture by Michael Geist

Columnist says greater retail competition for books will increase the availability of Canadian publications.

Mar 15, 2010 — The Hill Times

Failed auction for Globalive cost taxpayers millions by Brent Fullard

Industry analyst says Stephen Harper's decision to overrule the CRTC and allow Globalive to proceed with its wireless service in Canada, cost taxpayers many tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mar 15, 2010 — The Hill Times

CBC displays keen sense of self-preservation The Canadian by Tom Korski

Columnist notes that the CBC rated lesser mention in the 2010 budget than the tariff on duvet covers.

Mar 15, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada to review foreign ownership limits by Etan Vlessing

A Conservative MP has been tapped to look into Canada's foreign ownership laws as it relates to the Broadcasting Act, the Telecommunications Act, the Radiocommunications Act and "any other legislation deemed appropriate."

Mar 15, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

It sure tweets regular TV by Misty Harris

Social media such as Twitter, blogs and Facebook are the new hive, with people discussing their favourite shows online while simultaneously watching them on TV.

Mar 14, 2010 — New York Times

A PBS Offering, ‘Earth Days,’ Will Be Seen on Facebook First by Elizabeth Jensen

For the first time, PBS will offer a documentary on Facebook before it goes to air on television.

Mar 14, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Freed by the feds, Telesat begins the hunt for deals by Iain Marlow

The largest satellite company in Canada weighs global acquisitions after the federal government loosens restrictions.

Mar 13, 2010 — Toronto Star

Kevin O'Leary: Canada's unrepentant Dragon

Dragon's Den fixture says "The CBC was a platform for journalists. Now it's a platform for a right-wing Attila the Hun guy."

Mar 13, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CBC brass grilled over Nancy Wood

CBC Radio One listeners in Montreal show their outrage at the firing of a radio host.

Mar 12, 2010 — Toronto Star

Owning the podium, selling the stadium by Bruce Campbell

The Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says the Harper government is preparing a major sell-off of Canadian interests that will compromise our cultural sovereignty, national identity and national security.

Mar 12, 2010 — New York Times

Effort to Widen U.S. Internet Access Sets Up Battle by Brian Stelter and Jenna Wortham

In the U.S. the FCC is is proposing a 10-year plan that will reimagine the nation’s media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country’s dominant communication network.

Mar 12, 2010 — Toronto Star

Does Twitter push up TV ratings?

The VP of digital media for the Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium thinks social media give TV ratings a boost.

Mar 11, 2010 — Business Week

Revenge of the Cable Guys by Ronald Grover, Tom Lowry and Cliff Edwards

Columnists say the cable industry has a plan to take control of the pricing and distribution of online TV.

Mar 11, 2010 — Hennessy Bray Communicatins

BBM Overview: New PPM Ratings - March 2010 by David Bray

Radio ratings for the thirteen week period covering Nov. 30, 2009 to Feb. 28, 2010 in Toronto and Vancouver.

Mar 11, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Big funds stalk Canwest newspapers by Theresa Tedesco

The sale of Canada’s largest English-language daily newspaper chain has attracted some of the country’s financial heavyweights as potential suitors.

Mar 11, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Canwest publishing employees get legal representation

 Employees from the publishing division of Canwest Global Communications have been appointed representation to keep apprised of the division's ongoing restructuring.

Mar 11, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Gambling with Canadian culture by Nicholas Hirst

Columnist asks whether Canadian cultural protection works best without foreign investment or with it.

Mar 10, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Goldman Sachs tries to stop Shaw from controlling Canwest by Theresa Tedesco and Jim Middlemiss

The U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs alleges that the Canwest restructuring process has been "corrupted."

Mar 10, 2010 — Inside the CBC

The CBC Gets its One Time Funding. Again.

The CBC President confirms that for the eight year in a row, the CBC received its “one-time” funding of $60 from the government.

Mar 10, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Wireless sector at forefront of Tories' deregulation plans by Steven Chase, Jacquie McNish and Omar El Akkad

Industry Minister Tony Clement indicates foreign ownership restrictions likely to be relaxed, but not without public consultations.

Mar 10, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Aspers bid to reclaim newspaper chain by Grant Robertson and Susan Krashinsky

The Asper family has emerged as one of about six finalists chosen for the short list of bidders for the newspaper division of CanWest Global Communications.

Mar 9, 2010 — Canadian Business Magazine

Jim Shaw: Don't call him 'Junior' by Thomas Watson

Profile of Jim Shaw, who with the acquisition of Canwest assists, is poised to be Canada's newest media mogul.

Mar 9, 2010 — CBC News

CBC News makes management changes

CBC News says it has made organizational changes meant to improve operations as part of an ongoing news renewal process.

Mar 9, 2010 — CBC News

Telefilm Canada names new director

Carolle Brabant, a senior manager who has been with Telefilm Canada for 20 years, has been appointed the funding agency's new executive director.

Mar 9, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Online challenge: Getting TV viewers to pay up by Susan Krashinsky

An online TV expansion in the works in the U.S. that will see distributors try to persuade their customers that online content should not be free.

Mar 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter seeks Canadian foothold by Etan Vlessing

Efforts to pry open the Canadian media industry to more foreign ownership continue with asking Ottawa for permission to start a new business in Canada.

Mar 8, 2010 — National Post

An open letter from CBA president Stephen Cribar to Heritage Minister James Moore

The President of the Canadian Booksellers Association says if the government allows to open in Canada serious concerns would be raised over the protection of Canada's cultural industries.

Mar 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian sitcoms, reality TV outdo dramas by Etan Vlessing

Lead by 'Hiccups' and 'Dan for Mayor' Canadian sitcoms and light reality fare are outperforming edgy homegrown dramas in primetime.

Mar 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Event TV: Networks enjoy ratings bonanza by Susan Krashinsky

Columnist says that will big ratings for marquee events such as the Oscars and the Olympics, the challenge for the conventional television business is to make every week feel like an event.

Mar 7, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

ABC pulled off Cablevision in NY by Nellie Andreeva

3.3 million viewers in the New York area lost their ABC signal due to stalled retransmission negotiations with distributer Cablevision.

Mar 6, 2010 —

CBC May Be Gone from CKPR

On the heels of the move by Thunder Bay Electronics to shift from being a CTV affiliate to a Global Television affiliate, now comes a move to sever ties to the CBC.

Mar 6, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest's newspapers benefit from Torstar earnings as sales deadline nears by David Friend

Columnist says on the heels of strong earnings from Torstar, Canwest's newspapers are looking more attractive to potential buyers.

Mar 6, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Amazon's digital-physical disconnect by Omar el Akkad and Marina Strauss

Internet retailer's efforts to start new Canadian business sparks foreign ownership and cultural questions.

Mar 5, 2010 — Canadian Press

Opening up Canada's telecom market to foreign ownership expected to take time by Luann Lasalle

Big Canadian telecom players say they aren't expecting any quick changes to open up their industry to more foreign competition.

Mar 5, 2010 — Inside the CBC

Federal Budget 'Good News' for CBC: President

In a note to staff the Hubert Lacroix says he's pleased that the CBC's budget wasn't cut like other departments, however there are other issues affecting the corporation's finances to deal with.

Mar 5, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Fearing a knife, the BBC wields a scalpel by Elizabeth Renzetti

BBC's former head of global says "there's an assault on public broadcasting going on around the world."

Mar 5, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Boosting broadband by Vito Pilieci

Columnist says Canada was once seen as a leader in high-speed Internet access and technologies, but this status has been steadily slipping and innovation is now struggling to keep up with other nations.

Mar 5, 2010 — Toronto Star

Leonard Asper quits as CanWest CEO

Leonard Asper says he's stepping aside to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest in the debt laden company's restructuring process.

Mar 4, 2010 — CIUT Take 5

Changes to Canada's foreign ownership rules

In a radio interview, FRIENDS spokesperson, Ian Morrison, discusses how changes to foreign investment rules could impact Canadian broadcasters and the country's cultural sovereignty. 

Mar 4, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Foreign ownership: Another broken promise of the Conservatives

Canada's largest media union says a Conservative government plan to weaken Canada's foreign ownership regulations in telecommunications constitutes yet another attack on Canada's sovereignty.

Mar 4, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Ottawa to rewrite telecom rules by Iain Marlow, Bill Curry and Jacquie McNish

Ottawa's proposed liberalization of foreign ownership rules in Canada's telecom sector sets the stage for a wave of mergers and acquisitions that would reshape the industry.

Mar 4, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Black Press founder joins CanWest paper chase by David Ebner, Grant Robertson and Tara Perkins

B.C. newspaper magnate David Black is making a bid for CanWest LP's chain of dailies.

Mar 4, 2010 — Playback

Canadian culture at stake, unions warn by Etan Vlessing

ACTRA national executive director Stephen Waddell says, when it comes to foreign ownership "I don't think you can silo telecommunications away from broadcasting."

Mar 4, 2010 — CBC News

Budget sows confusion over telecom rules by Peter Nowak

The federal budget has confused opposition politicians and industry observers alike as to whether Canada will open its doors to foreign telecommunications companies.

Mar 4, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada to relax foreign ownership rules by Etan Vlessing

FRIENDS says the sale of telecom companies to foreigners will inevitably lead to cable operators and broadcasters similarly selling out to the highest bidders as they demand equal treatment.

Mar 4, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC lite goes by Etan Vlessing

Canadian webcaster has struck a distribution deal with the CBC to feature celebrity-driven content on its ad-supported online video network.

Mar 4, 2010 — Inside the CBC

The CBC Dodges a Budget Bullet

CBC spared budget cuts that would have included more painful structural changes.

Mar 4, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Asper to fight Shaw for TV assets by Jamie Sturgeon and Theresa Tedesco

A group including Leonard Asper, Catalyst Capital Group and Goldman Sachs is planning to appeal a transaction that would see Canwest fall under the control of Shaw Communications.

Mar 3, 2010 — CBC's The National

Foreign ownership in Canada's telecommunications sector

FRIENDS warns that generations of hard work to maintain our cultural sovereignty through Canadian ownership and control of broadcasting could be thrown into jeopardy if foreign ownership rules are changed.

Mar 3, 2010 — Reuters

Canada focuses on stimulus for now, eyes deficit by Louise Egan

FRIENDS says proposed changes to telecom ownership rules creates a slippery slope that will likely lead to the sale of Canadian broadcasters to foreign companies.

Mar 3, 2010 —

Throne speech signals telecom floodgates to open

FRIENDS says that if foreign owners control telecoms and satellite companies, then cable monopolies will demand equal treatment - broadcasters will follow suit and Canadian content could suffer.

Mar 3, 2010 — Canadian Press

Ottawa to open cell phone market to foreign entrants: throne speech by Julian Beltrame

FRIENDS warns changes to the telecommunications industry could be the first step in exposing the country's broadcasters to foreign ownership.

Mar 3, 2010 —

Report: Revitalizing a Media Reform Movement in Canada has released a report entitled "Revitalizing a Media Reform Movement in Canada," which is focused on the potential for a broader movement for media change in Canada.

Mar 3, 2010 — Toronto Star

Torstar rebounds with $57.4M profit by Dana Flavelle

Torstar says it enjoyed higher profit in its latest quarter, reflecting a strengthening economy and advertising market.

Mar 3, 2010 — Inside the CBC

Canadians Actually Watch Canadian TV

TV writer says that strong ratings for Canadian TV shows demonstrates an appetite for Canadian stories.

Mar 3, 2010 — Playback

Ottawa to "open doors" on foreign ownership by Etan Vlessing

FRIENDS says changing Canada's foreign ownership rules threatens Canadian culture and could tilt the playing field against domestic broadcasters.

Mar 3, 2010 — Playback

Cost-cutting lifts CTV profits by Etan Vlessing

Minority shareholder Torstar reposts that despite losing $89 million in 2009, cost-cutting and one-time gains led CTVglobemedia to a profitable fourth quarter.

Mar 3, 2010 —

Is Canada a mobile laggard? by Steve Anderson

The the national coordinator for the Campaign for Democratic Media says politicians and policy makers should develop a digital strategy for Canada with a central focus on mobile communications and broadband infrastructure.

Mar 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

BBC reveals plan to scale back operations by Ben Fenton

The BBC has outlined its plans to downsize its £3.5-billion ($5.4-billion Canadian) a year operations, amid accusations that it is acting to appease political parties.

Mar 2, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Rogers to launch new sports channel by Etan Vlessing

The broadcast license for Rogers' new sports channel stipulates 60% of the broadcast day and at least 50% of the evening broadcast period must comprise Canadian programming.

Mar 2, 2010 — CBC News

BBC confirms cuts to web, radio

Up to 600 BBC staff and freelancers could lose their jobs in the cuts, which would reduce operating costs by 25 per cent annually.

Mar 2, 2010 — News Article

Stellar Olympics broadcast shows we want to watch our own TV by Greg O'Brien

Columnist says that Canadian broadcasters invested more in Canadian programming rather than importing US shows, the quality would increase and more Canadians would watch.

Mar 2, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Olympics deliver historic number of viewers by Bruce Constantineau

The CTV-Rogers broadcast consortium says the 2010 Winter Olympics delivered the five most-watched television events in Canadian history.

Mar 2, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Goldman 'in no worse position' after Canwest deal with Shaw by Jamie Sturgeon

An Ontario Court justice says the Shaw takeover of Canwest was made in "good faith" and did not purposefully exclude other interested parties now objecting to it.

Mar 1, 2010 — Toronto Star

Kudos to CTV-Rogers for an Olympic job well done by Chris Zelkovich

Columnists assesses the CTV-Rogers coverage of the Vancouver Olympics.

Mar 1, 2010 — Calgary Herald

CTV's coverage golden by Karin Klassen

CTV and Rogers broadcast the Vancouver Olympic Games 22 hours a day, across 11 channels in 22 languages, from Punjabi to Cantonese to Cree.

Mar 1, 2010 — CTV

Oh Canada!! 16.6 Million Watch Team Canada Ignite a Nation

The Olympic broadcaster says nearly half of the Canadian population watched the entire gold medal men's hockey game, while 80% of Canadians watched some part of the game (26.5 million).

Mar 1, 2010 — CBC News

Olympic advocates push for 24/7 amateur sports channels

A consortium is lobbying the CRTC for two 24/7 amateur specialty channels that would keep the spotlight on Canada's Olympians as they compete between Games.

Feb 27, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Reporters hugging and applauding Cdn athletes raises objectivity concerns by Murray Brewster

Open displays of patriotism among journalists covering the Olympic events have raised concerns about journalistic independence and objectivity.

Feb 27, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Andy Barrie's secret? Respect for listeners by Rick Salutin

Columnist says the career of the now retired host of CBC Radio's Toronto morning show was a model for Canadian public broadcasting.

Feb 27, 2010 — Toronto Star

Sportsnet, TSN enjoying rewards of teaming up by Chris Zelkovich

Columnist says despite the rivalry between Rogers and CTV, there have been no outward signs of one side getting favoured treatment in Olympic broadcasts.

Feb 26, 2010 — Playback

Corus puts forth news channel by Emily Claire Afan

Corus Entertainment is proposing to launch what it describes as a "hyper-local" news channel serving communities in Western Canada.   

Feb 26, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Corus proposes new western Canadian net by Etan Vlessing

Corus Entertainment, Shaw's broadcast division, has applied to the CRTC to operate a new broadcast network in Western Canada described as a "hyper-local" TV alternative to major networks like CTV and Canwest.

Feb 26, 2010 — CBC News

BBC web budget cut by half: report

Recent reports indicate that the British public broadcaster will close two radio stations and scale back its web presence in order to save about $965 million CDN.

Feb 26, 2010 — Business Week

Canada Opposition Seeks Parliament Debate of Telecom Ownership by By Alexandre Deslongchamps

Canada's three opposition parties say foreign-ownership laws in the country's telecommunications industry are unclear and will seek to debate the issue.

Feb 26, 2010 — National Post

Opposition seeks debate on telecom ownership by Alexandre Deslongchamps

Opposition MPs say the government's decision to let Globalive operate in Canada effectively changes the foreign ownership rules in the industry and gives some companies an advantage over others.

Feb 25, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Quebecor blocked in Canwest bid by Etan Vlessing

Media giant Quebecor Media says it was set to make a play for voting control of restructuring rival Canwest, but was blocked from talking to key shareholder Goldman Sachs & Co.

Feb 25, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian Film Centre by Etan Vlessing

Article profiles the Canadian Film Center, an advanced training center created by Norman Jewison where Canadian film, TV and new media professionals look to boost their careers.

Feb 25, 2010 — Liberal Party of Canada

Don't hurt our culture, Mr. Harper

Liberal MPs have published an open letter stressing that the foreign ownership rules for broadcasting companies – as stated in the Broadcasting Act – must be preserved.

Feb 24, 2010 — Toronto Star

TV organized by content by Robert Cribb

Columnist applauds Rogers' new launch guide service which lumps together channels according to content.

Feb 24, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Digital Olympics score big with Canadians by Etan Vlessing

The CTV-led broadcast consortium reports 110 million online video views so far for the Vancouver Olympics.

Feb 23, 2010 — New York Times

Internet Can Be TV’s Friend by Brian Stelter

Many television executives are crediting the Internet, in part, for the revival of television ratings for big-ticket events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

Feb 23, 2010 — National Post

CRTC settles fee for carriage debate; TV ruling out next month by Jamie Sturgeon

A source inside the CRTC says that the body has come to a determination on the highly contentious "fee for carriage" debate.

Feb 23, 2010 — National Post

Wanted — Governor General. Only CBC journalists, please by Matt Gurney

Columnist says Steven Harper will likely appoint a new Governor General "less representative of the gala gang and more in keeping with his political agenda".

Feb 22, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada looking to change casting rules by Etan Vlessing

The Canadian government is looking to change casting rules for Hollywood stars in homegrown movies to boost their boxoffice appeal.

Feb 22, 2010 — ACTRA

Making Canadian films American not the path to success

Actors' union says Canadian stars are incensed to hear that  Telefilm Canada is considering using taxpayer's money to buy Hollywood talent.

Feb 22, 2010 — Inside the CBC

The CBC's Digital Content Strategy

CBC intends to push its content onto multiple digital platforms by negotiating deals with distributors and building partnerships with iTunes and Google.

Feb 22, 2010 — Canadian Press

Owners of anti-Chavez TV to launch new channel, seek return to Venezuela's television sets by Fabiola Sanchez

A Venezuelan TV company says it will meet government regulations to carry official broadcasts while keeping a tough editorial line on President Hugo Chavez.

Feb 22, 2010 — National Post

The Chopping Block: End corporate subsidies, save billions by Terence Corcoran

Cutting funds to CBC mentioned in an article about ways to reduce the federal government's deficit.

Feb 22, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Industry Canada asks for input on bandwidth spending

Federal agency invites education experts to weigh in on slice of Canadian airwaves once reserved for learning initiatives.

Feb 22, 2010 — Edmonton Journal

What 'local TV' is left to support? by Jim Sellers

Article mentions a poll commissioned by FRIENDS that states 76 per cent of Canadians feel that local news is "very important."

Feb 21, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Canada's broadband lag

Editorial says if Canada does not make high-speed broadband a priority, the innovations that could employ the future work force could well pass us by.

Feb 20, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw wins court fight for CanWest assets by Susan Krashinsky, Grant Robertson and Andrew Willis

Columnist says the court approval sets stage for talks between Shaw and Goldman Sachs over Canwest's specialty channels.

Feb 20, 2010 — Toronto Star

Judge okays Shaw bid for CanWest TV assets

The Ontario court overseeing the restructuring of CanWest Global approved a takeover bid for the company by Shaw Communications.

Feb 20, 2010 — CBC News

Telefilm wants U.S. stars in Canadian movies

The head of Canada's federal film agency Telefilm, is urging the government to ease restrictions on allowing foreign stars to appear in publicly-funded movies.

Feb 19, 2010 — The Wire Report

CRTC has lost its 'structure of control,' says von Finckenstein by Jonathan Migneault

The CRTC chairman says the role of the broadcast regulator could change significantly in the coming years as converging technologies change how Canadians use and access media.

Feb 19, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

CBC No-No? by Nick Patch

CBC spokesperson says and error caused News Network to broadcast about 45 minutes of Olympic footage.

Feb 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Asper backs rival bid for CanWest by Andrew Willis and Grant Robertson

Catalyst Capital Group and Goldman Sachs set to tender a bid for Canwest that would see the Asper family play a continuing role in the restructured company.

Feb 18, 2010 — New York Times

A Wish List of Features for the Next Round of Cellphones by Nick Bilton

Columnist wants a projector built into a mobile phone for the  presentation of movies and photos on a large screen.

Feb 18, 2010 — Variety

CME buys Bulgarian web by Bobbie Whiteman

Central European Media Enterprises is acquiring three of News Corp.'s Bulgarian TV channels and 74% of its radio company, in a $400 million deal.

Feb 18, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian media to break even on Olympics by Etan Vlessing

Canada's CTV-led Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium expects to break even covering the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Feb 18, 2010 — Canadian Press

Publisher and printer Transcontinental says print medium not dead yet by Ross Marowits

Transcontinental says devices such as the Kindle and iPad are expected to take between 5% and 20% away from their printed material business over the next couple of years.

Feb 18, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canadian Association of Broadcasters will shutter on June 1: chairman

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters says it is planning to shut down after reaching an impasse with some of its members over fee-for-carriage.

Feb 17, 2010 — Canadian Press

Olympics score big TV ratings, helped by new way of calculating size of audience by Bill Brioux

Columnist says that new TV audience metrics using Portable People Meters are likely responsible for record ratings.

Feb 16, 2010 — Canadian Press

CTV's chief anchor Lloyd Robertson insists he's not planning retirement

Lloyd Robertson addresses retirement rumours saying he's not stepping away from the anchor desk any time soon.

Feb 15, 2010 — Canadian Press

CTV says two in every three Canadians saw part of Olympic opening ceremony

CTV says 23 million Canadians watched part of the Olympic opening cerimonies, making for record TV ratings.

Feb 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CRTC chief tries to clear the air over broadband by Jacquie McNish and Iain Marlow

The CRTC chair says there are no plans to extend regulator's media and telecom regulations into the wireless world.

Feb 15, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Heritage minister 'disappointed' by lack of French at Olympic opening by Mike Barber and Jeff Lee

Heritage Minister James Moore says the Olympic Games opening ceremony should have been "a better representation of our bicultural past and the reality today."

Feb 15, 2010 — National Post

Shaw, Canwest move to appease Goldman by Janet Whitman

Goldman Sachs lawyers say they are "gravely concerned" that Canwest entered into a deal to be acquired by Shaw without its knowledge.

Feb 15, 2010 — Gizmodo

Windows Phone 7 Series: Everything Is Different Now

Microsoft set to compete with Apple and Google in the multi-media smartphone business.

Feb 15, 2010 — Variety

BBC leads broadband programming by Steve Clark

The BBC is reported to have spent more money producing made-for-broadband content than any other single broadcaster in the world.

Feb 14, 2010 — ScienceDaily

Breakthrough for Mobile Television

A new mobile telecommunications standard is poised to offer HD films in real-time in the appropriate format for cell phones or netbooks.

Feb 13, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Television deal puts another feather in Jim Shaw's cap by Robert Remington

Profile of Shaw Communications CEO, Jim Shaw.

Feb 13, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Networks have Games covered as never before by Alex Strachan

There will be more than 700 hours of video-on-demand coverage of the Vancouver Olympics from a consortium of broadcasters and cable companies that includes CTV, TSN, Rogers, Shaw, EastLink, Source Cable and Delta Cable.

Feb 13, 2010 — Toronto Star

Future uncertain for CanWest's newspaper chain

FRIENDS says Shaw's decision to keep Corus at arm's length from its Canwest acquisitions might be a strategy to keep the CRTC from intervening.

Feb 12, 2010 — Canwest Global Communications

Canwest reaches agreement on equity investment

Canwest Global Communications announces that it has secured an equity investment commitment from Shaw Communications.

Feb 12, 2010 — Shaw Communications

Shaw Announces Equity Investment in a Restructured Canwest

Shaw to take effective control of a restructured Canwest.

Feb 12, 2010 — NDP

CTRC must show backbone on Shaw takeover of Canwest

The NDP Cultural spokesman says the merger of Shaw and Canwest presents a dangerous new threshold in media concentration.

Feb 12, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Shaw Comms. to control Canwest Global by Etan Vlessing

In a move that confirms cable's increasing dominance of Canadian TV, cable giant Shaw is set to acquire a controlling stake in Canwest.

Feb 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Why Shaw wants CanWest by Iain Marlow

Columnist says Canwest's TV assets puts Shaw on equal footing with rivals Rogers and Quebecor.

Feb 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Let's join the digital broadcasting revolution by Lawson A.W. Hunter, Edward Iacobucci and Michael J. Trebilcock

Industry observers says the Internet age requires a complete overhaul in Canadian-content policies.

Feb 12, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Canwest name to remain on facilities? by Geoff Kirbyson

As the Canwest empire continues to crumble, questions are being raised in Winnipeg about the company's sponsorship of local facilities.

Feb 12, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

French State calls TV ad ban illegal by Rebecca Leffler

France's highest court argues the government doesn't have the power to unilaterally ban advertising on the country's public networks.

Feb 12, 2010 — CRTC

Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2009-803-1

An application by Média de Novo to sell the 'local availabilities' on U.S. specialty channels has been withdrawn.

Feb 11, 2010 — Canadian Press

CTV to move most of regular lineup to A channel during Vancouver Olympics by Victoria Ahearn

Olympic broadcaster CTV says most of its regular lineup will move over to A channel, except in the Atlantic region, for two weeks during the Games.

Feb 11, 2010 — Guardian

BBC tells news staff to embrace social media

BBC news journalists have been told to use social media as a primary source of information by the new director of BBC Global News.

Feb 11, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Aspers quit Canwest board by Martin Cash

Columnist says that the resignations of David and Gail Asper indicated the family no longer controls Canwest.

Feb 11, 2010 — Canadian Press

Sierra Club files complaint over unlabelled Canwest oilsands ad features by Bob Weber

An environmental group has filed a complaint over ad features run by Canwest newspapers, saying they blur the lines between journalism and advertising.

Feb 11, 2010 — CBC News

CRTC struggling to rein in rising phone, TV prices by Peter Nowak

A new report indicates skyrocketing phone and television prices are a key area of concern for the CRTC, but the regulator has no easy answers for fixing the problem.

Feb 11, 2010 — Canadian Press

Director of anti-Chavez TV channel departs, network vows to maintain editorial line by Fabiola Sanchez

Venezuela's only television channel that remains critical of President Hugo Chavez has announced the departure of its director.

Feb 10, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest auction heats up by Grant Robertson and Susan Krashinsky

Sources say two leading consortiums have been formed to buy company’s chain of 46 newspapers in a deal that could see the winner spend as much as $1-billion.

Feb 10, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

RAI votes for political fairness by Eric J. Lyman

Italian state broadcaster RAI says it will not run political commentary programs during the last month before the upcoming national elections.

Feb 10, 2010 — MarketWatch

Canwest announces further changes to its Board of Directors

Gail Asper, David Asper and Lisa Pankratz have tendered their resignations from Canwest's Board of Directors.

Feb 10, 2010 — CRTC

Navigating Convergence: Charting Canadian Communications Change and Regulatory Implications

The CRTC has issued a report projecting future issues in a converged world of broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.

Feb 10, 2010 — MediaPost

Digital Video WILL Reign Supreme by Matt Wasserlauf

Industry observer says online content needs to address the standardization of tracking before advertising revenues will take off.

Feb 9, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

BBC reveals overall annual talent payment by Mimi Turner

The BBC said it spent £229 million last year on talent payments to artists, presenters, musicians and other contributors.

Feb 9, 2010 — Toronto Star

Metro Morning's new voice, new view by Donovan Vincent

Incoming CBC Toronto Radio One host Matt Galloway hopes to keep Metro Morning's existing audience while also bringing in a young and diverse set of listeners.

Feb 9, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Corus Entertainment starting movie channel in March aimed at female audience

Corus will replace SexTV with W Movie, a female-oriented specialty channel.

Feb 8, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Sunday's Super Bowl most-watched in Canada by Etan Vlessing

Data show Super Bowl XLIV was the most-watched NFL championship game ever in Canada, snagging 6.7 million viewers.

Feb 8, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Building supervisor's efforts save historical footage from fire at CTV Ottawa by Kristy Nease

CTV staff honour a man who helped firefighters limit the destruction caused by a devastating fire at the broadcaster's Ottawa studios.

Feb 8, 2010 —

FreeHD Canada receives CRTC licences

FreeHD Canada has received CRTC approval to provide national direct-to-home satellite TV and wholesale programming satellite distribution services in Canada.

Feb 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Blacked-out in the Great White North by Bruce Dowbiggin

Columnist says that employing the blunt weapon of blacking out U.S. content, especially during the Super Bowl, won't work for a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Feb 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Ottawa refuses to release Globalive decision documents by Iain Marlow

The federal government has refused to release documents that may reveal how it came to its controversial decision on Globalive.

Feb 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CTV station takes stock of devastating fire by Erin Anderssen

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused a fire that ripped though Ottawa's CTV station causing $2.5 million in damages.

Feb 6, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest Global publishing subsidiary signs DIP financing deal worth $25 million

Canwest says that its publishing subsidiary has signed a deal for $25 million in debtor-in-possession financing.

Feb 6, 2010 — AlterNet

Being 'Objective' Is Killing Newspapers, But We'll Be Much Worse Off When They Go Out of Business by Chris Hedges

Columnist says the journalistic creed of objectivity and balance is losing relevance with a public looking for a more personal and human presentation of news.

Feb 5, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CBC picks up 'Men With Brooms' series by Etan Vlessing

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has picked up a sitcom from E1 Television based on the popular Canadian curling movie "Men With Brooms."

Feb 5, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Satellite radio coming to BlackBerry by Susan Krashinsky

The U.S. satellite radio company Sirius XM Radio has announced the launch of a BlackBerry application.

Feb 4, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Media small caps? Just take a look by Paul Sullivan

Columnist says that those media companies have been beaten down, but those that have survived the drubbing have decent investment prospects.

Feb 4, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Bell ups the ante in Canada's Internet speed war by Julie Fortier

Bell has announced plans to install new fibre optic cables to replace the old copper lines in several cities over the next few years.

Feb 4, 2010 — National Post

Tories set to bet on 'free markets' by John Ivison

Government sources say the Speech from the Throne on March 3 will focus on foreign investment rules.

Feb 3, 2010 — CACTUS

More Than 2560 Canadians Support Community-Controlled Media

More than 2,560 Canadians have written the CRTC to let communities control community-based media, says the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Status (CACTUS).

Feb 3, 2010 — MediaPost

News Right Now Drives Newspaper Readers to Web

Research predicts continued steep drops in US newspapers' print circulation as consumers continue to gravitate toward the Internet for news.

Feb 3, 2010 —

PPM locates elusive 18-24 TV demographic

Data show national television audiences are on average 18% higher than the same period last year since the launch of portable people meters.

Feb 3, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

CTV leaves CBS behind on 'The Bridge' by Etan Vlessing

CTV won't wait for CBS to set a U.S. primetime slot for "The Bridge" before it debuts the Canadian cop drama.

Feb 3, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Sundance Channel in Canada by Susan Krashinsky

Corus Entertainment is set to launch the Sundance Channel in Canada with a lineup of films, documentaries and original series.

Feb 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

I quit watching television by Patricia Markley by Emily Flake

Columnist explains the benefits of going "TV-free."

Feb 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Style of Metro Morning won't change with Barrie's departure by Guy Dixon

After 15 years of hosting the Toronto CBC morning show, Andy Barrie is set to retire on March 1.

Feb 2, 2010 — National Post

Where is Canada's plan for the digital age? by Marc Garneau

The Liberal Critic for Industry, Science and Technology says the government should be commitment to Internet connectivity and universal access.

Feb 2, 2010 — Inside the CBC

The CBC's Copyright Confusion

CBC spokesperson Jeff Keay admits that there are contradictions in the CBC's copyright and licensing rules.

Feb 2, 2010 — Inside the CBC

CBC’s New Licensing System Causes Anger

In addition to implementing a new copyright protection system for its website, the CBC has also implemented technology that tracks the amount of content copied and pasted.

Feb 2, 2010 — CBC News

Dave Wireless launching Mobilicity brand

Data & Audio Visual Enterprises is joining Globalive and other new entrants into the wireless market and rolling out cellular service in Toronto in the spring.

Feb 2, 2010 — Globe & Mail

A rivalry set aside - at least for 17 days by Susan Krashinsky

Article describes the partnership that was struck between CTV and Rogers to outbid the CBC for the 2010 Olympics.

Feb 1, 2010 — Toronto Star

National Film Board unreels online smash hits by Michael Geist

Columnist says a series of NFB innovations have highlighted the benefits of an open distribution model and the potential for Canadian content to reach a global audience online.

Feb 1, 2010 — Toronto Star

What's behind delay in appointing film agency boss? by Martin Knelman

Industry insiders suspect Prime Minister's Office declined to approve the CEO candidate for Telefilm Canada recommended by the search committee.

Feb 1, 2010 — Xinhua General News Service

Canadian media woes as major company un-dergoes failed media convergence experiment by Mark Bourrie

FRIENDS says the end of Canwest dominance in the newspaper industry is a good thing for Canada.

Feb 1, 2010 — iStockAnalyst

Canadian media woes as major company undergoes failed media convergence experiment by Mark Bourrie

FRIENDS says it is unlikely that anyone will be able to re-establish the Canwest newspaper and TV chain and restore it to the market dominance it held a decade ago.

Feb 1, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest to make changes to newspaper auction after noteholders complain

Canwest says the bidding process for its newspaper assets has been made more robust.

Feb 1, 2010 — National Post

The CBC reports today that ... oops. Nevermind by Adrian MacNair

The controversy over CBC's new digital licensing policies has prompted a liberal blogger to declare "CBC must be destroyed."

Jan 29, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CRTC rules becoming 'ineffective' by Jamie Sturgeon

A new report says the rapid expansion of broadband-fuelled entertainment, whether online or across cable TV networks, has rendered the regulatory framework established to protect and foster Canadian content obsolete.

Jan 29, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadians told to face down digital threat by Etan Vlessing

Consultant says Canadian TV producers, broadcasters and funders need to work closer and faster to compete against American broadband content flooding into the domestic market.

Jan 29, 2010 — New York Times

The Muddled Selling of the President by Richard W. Stevenson

Columnist says the fragmentation of media and the quickened news cycle means political leaders have much less power to shape their own narratives.

Jan 29, 2010 — AlterNet

Will Al Jazeera English Revolutionize America's TV News Landscape?

Article says Al Jazeera English has changed the face of Arab media, and its poised to do the same in North America.

Jan 28, 2010 — News Article

Local Avails: Whose time is it anyway? by Greg O'Brien

Columnist examines a proposal by Mediadenovo to sell the local availability advertising time on American specialty services to national Canadian advertisers.

Jan 28, 2010 — Calgary Herald

Breaking up Canwest chain 'disaster' for advertising buyers by Hollie Shaw

Media buyers say the Canwest chain of newspapers is more attractive to advertising buyers if it is sold as a single network.

Jan 28, 2010 — Vancouver Sun

Canwest's would-be suitors: The Paper Chase

Article looks at the various media players that may be interested in Canwest's daily newspapers.

Jan 27, 2010 — Canadian Press

Nearly 77 per cent of Canwest's lenders support its restructuring plan

The committee representing Canwest's secured lenders of says there's sufficient support to ensure a court-supervised auction of the company's newspapers and online businesses.

Jan 27, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest says senior lenders agree to supervised sale of newspapers

Canwest says its secured lenders have voted in favour of a restructuring plan that includes a court-supervised sale of its newspapers and online businesses.

Jan 26, 2010 —

Radio Activity: The 100th Anniversary of Public Broadcasting by Marina Koestler Ruben

Since its inception, public radio has had a crucial role in broadcasting history - from FDR's "Fireside Chats" to the Internet Age

Jan 26, 2010 — AlterNet

TV Is Not Dead: 3 Ways Television Makes the World a Better Place

Article says TV can bust prejudices, be thought-provoking and discussion-creating and change people's behaviour.

Jan 26, 2010 — New York Times

The ‘Upfront’ Is Looking Up by Stuart Elliott

Columnist says one sign that the things are looking up for American broadcasters is that "Upfront" presentations are being planed this year to showcase new programs.

Jan 26, 2010 — Toronto Star

Elitists in populist clothing by Linda McQuaig

Columnist says the CBC has responded to the economic crisis  by ramping up the "conservative economic message".

Jan 26, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Rogers backs down on CRTC application by Iain Marlow

Rogers has withdrawn an application to the CRTC that would make it the responsibility of a subscriber's new cellphone company to pay any unpaid balance at the old one.

Jan 25, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Put community back in community TV by Cathy Edwards

The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations is set to urge the CRTC to free community TV from the leash held by cable companies.

Jan 25, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canada deters online revenue streams by Etan Vlessing

Report says Canadian newspapers are unlikely to follow the Wall Street Journal and other American dailies and adopt pay walls and micropayments for new revenue streams.

Jan 24, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

Venezuelan cable providers drop anti-Chavez TV channel under government orders by Christopher Toothaker

A venezuelan cable television channel critical of President Hugo Chavez has been yanked from the airwaves for defying new regulations requiring it to televise the socialist leader's speeches.

Jan 23, 2010 — Now The Details

CBC Board to Get New Blood by Jeffrey Dvorkin

Former Chief Journalist at CBC Radio Toronto says Trina McQueen and Peter Herrndorf are likely to step down from the CBC Board of Directors.

Jan 22, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Put Community Back Into Community TV

The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations says Cable companies are curtailing access to community TV channels.

Jan 22, 2010 — CBC News

Rogers wants rivals to pony up for unpaid cellphone bills by Peter Nowak

Rogers is asking the CRTC to order all wireless companies to be responsible for the unpaid balances owed by customers who switch providers.

Jan 21, 2010 — Globe & Mail

New rules 'a big, big hit' to Canadian magazines by James Adams

Columnist says long-feared changes to funding mean many literary, arts and scholarly magazines are likely to close.

Jan 20, 2010 — Canada Newswire

Recession and reduced CRTC requirements behind Citytv program cuts and job loss in Toronto

Media union rep says "The CRTC has permitted major market television stations to reduce local programming to a minimum of fourteen hours weekly and as a result there will be no weekend newscasts, noon news, or five o'clock news."

Jan 20, 2010 — National Post

Anchor cut loose as Citytv axes jobs by Jamie Sturgeon

60 CITY-TV workers, including producers, editors and camera operators have lost their jobs as Rogers eliminates "underperforming" local programming.

Jan 20, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CITY-TV restructures with local news cuts by Susan Krashinsky and Guy Dixon

Rogers media cuts 60 staff from CITY-TV, mostly in local news programming.

Jan 19, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest shows no appetite for piecemeal bids by Grant Robertson

CanWest officials say the company and its creditors have little interest in pursuing partial bids for the company's newspaper assets.

Jan 19, 2010 — Toronto Star

Satellite radio's reach doubted by Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew

Skeptics wonder if XM, Sirius can still compete with iPhones and the Internet.

Jan 19, 2010 — Toronto Star

Trio eyes 3 CanWest papers by Dana Flavelle

A group led by a former Liberal senator is interested in purchasing the National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Montreal's Gazette.

Jan 19, 2010 — Winnipeg Free Press

XM Canada seeks to diversify away from auto market with iPhone, Internet apps by Sunny Freeman

The head of XM Canada says a shift into mobile Internet and GPS markets is crucial to the company's future.

Jan 18, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Ofcom to force BSkyB sports price cut by Mimi Turner

The U.K. media regulator Ofcom is poised to slash the fee BSkyB can charge other operators to carry its sports channels.

Jan 18, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Memo to the CBC: Hire Conan by Matthew Hays

Columnist says Talk Show host Conan O'Brien could give Canada a pop-culture shot in the arm.

Jan 17, 2010 — New York Magazine

New York Times Ready to Charge Online Readers by Gabriel Sherman

Sources indicate that the New York Times is close to announcing that the paper will begin charging for access to its website.

Jan 17, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Grit plan: Let Harper be Harper by Rick Salutin

Columnist says most Canadians don't watch the CBC, yet they often want it there, just to prove the country and its culture exist.

Jan 17, 2010 — New York Times

As Shrinking Newsrooms Use Upstarts' Content, Vetting Questions Arise by Richard Pérez-Peña

A raft of smaller news outlets have cropped up in the last few years, selling or simply giving news reports to the traditional media.

Jan 16, 2010 — AlterNet

Corporate Titans Competing for Olympic Gold: How Ad Wars Have Hijacked the Games by Geoff Dembicki

Columnist says that big corporate spending battles could overshadow the athletic competitions at the Olympic games in Vancouver.

Jan 16, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Globalive on hunt for cash to expand Wind Mobile by Iain Marlow

Globalive plans to raise "several hundred million" dollars to finance the expansion of the company's Wind Mobile wireless business across Canada.

Jan 15, 2010 — The Tea Makers

Hockey Thugs Aren't Only On The Ice

Blog post claims a CBC executive threatened to ex-communicate the Globe & Mail if the newspaper published an expletive laced tirade by Don Cherry.

Jan 15, 2010 — Toronto Star

Shaw could be interested in Canwest assets

The chief executive officer of Shaw Communications has confirmed that his company has been looking at buying some of Canwest's assets.

Jan 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Shaw kicks off year with 'strong start' by Iain Marlow

Shaw Communications reports a 11-per-cent revenue growth in the first fiscal quarter of 2010 and a sharp increase in subscribers.

Jan 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Media sector slump eases by Grant Robertson

Astral Media CEO says company is starting to see advertising sales pick up.

Jan 15, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest chain leaves 300 creditors unpaid by Paul Waldie

CanWest's newspaper chain has left a stack of unpaid bills to creditors, including charities, labour union locals, several news services and a pair of National Hockey League teams.

Jan 14, 2010 — Inside the CBC

CBC Television Strategy to Focus on Entertainment, Expands Feature Film Initiative

The head of CBC English Services has presented a television programming strategy update that stressed the importance of "entertainment" programming at the CBC.

Jan 14, 2010 — CBC News

Shaw gets wireless plan rolling

Shaw Communications plans to get moving on launching a cellphone network in 2010.

Jan 14, 2010 — News Article

Score Media's new platforms part of offensive strategy toward growth goals by Sunny Freeman

Score Media has reported its most profitable quarter ever, earning $1.1 million as revenue grew nearly 10 per cent.

Jan 14, 2010 — Canadian Press

Canwest Global Communications reports Q1 profit on Ten Network Holding sale

Canwest says it earned $652.5 million in its latest quarter, boosted by the sale of its stake in Ten Network Holdings in Australia.

Jan 14, 2010 — Toronto Star

CanWest, rival deliver upbeat earnings results by Dana Flavelle

Corus says it's eyeing Canwest's specialty TV channels, but not its newspapers.

Jan 13, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Google threat to leave China a rare show of business defiance by Joe McDonald

Columnist says a threat by Google to pull out of China over censorship is a rare display of defiance in a system where foreign companies have long accepted intrusive controls to gain access to a huge market.

Jan 13, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Telefilm is no longer Wayne's world by Gayle MacDonald

The federal film agency's departing CEO reflects on a turbulent five years.

Jan 13, 2010 — News Article

Pensions at risk in CanWest mess by Dana Flavelle

Reports indicate at least seven former senior newspaper executives stand to lose as much as $14.4 million in pension benefits now that CanWest Limited Partnership has filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Jan 13, 2010 — Charlie Angus MP for Timmins—James Bay

The Generalissimo Wore Pinstripes by Charlie Angus

The NDP's Heritage critic says Stephen Harper acts like a man annoyed by the democratic process.

Jan 13, 2010 — MediaPost

A Peek Behind The Curtain; What Do Future Consumers Look Like

A new report looks at changes in consumption patters as the population ages.

Jan 13, 2010 — MediaPost

Big Things to Come In Video -- The Best Of CES 2010 by Ben Weinberger

Columnist says that before the dream of "TV everywhere" becomes a reality, studios and providers need processes to handle rights managements and figure out how to deliver high-quality content to different devises.

Jan 13, 2010 — CBC News

Corus profits boom on growth in television and advertising

Corus Entertainment posted an 82% rise in first quarter profit on strong revenue growth in television and the beginnings of an advertising recovery.

Jan 12, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Canadian TV station switches affiliation by Etan Vlessing

A spat over local and national commercial airtime has Thunder Bay-based CHFD-TV dropping its affiliation with CTV and looking to buy popular U.S. series from rival Global Television.

Jan 12, 2010 — MediaPost

More Targeted Ad Dollars Less Profitable by Jack Loechner

A new study says Online advertising can be much better at targeting certain demographics than its traditional media counterparts, but these advantages do not automatically translate into greater profits.

Jan 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest draws four potential bidders by Andrew Willis

Corus, Shaw, Fairfax and Pattison are said to be interested in Canwest's specialty and conventional TV networks.

Jan 12, 2010 — National Post

Canada's 2nd oldest magazine sheds its pelt by Randy Boswell

The Beaver has been forced to change its name after 90 years because the title's inadvertently sexual connotation is getting caught in online filters.

Jan 12, 2010 — Mediacaster

Satellite Radio Service Hits A Million Subs

SIRIUS Canada reports it has exceeded one million paying subscribers across Canada.

Jan 12, 2010 — Globe & Mail

Media group on track to meet Olympic ad targets by Susan Krashinsky

Sources indicate the consortium of media companies with broadcast rights to the Olympic Games is at least $20-million short of breaking even, but is on track to meet targets.

Jan 11, 2010 — Hollywood Reporter

Jay Leno shuffle leaves Citytv in the lurch by Etan Vlessing

With NBC's decision to move Jay Leno out of his 10pm time-slot, Rogers Media will need to fill the hole in Citytv's primetime schedule.

Jan 11, 2010 — National Post

Tories yet to follow through on arts tax credit by Meagan Fitzpatrick

The children's arts tax credit, contained in the 2008 Tory platform and announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has never materialized.

Jan 11, 2010 — The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations

CACTUS Invites Public Comment on Community TV

Community Television group seeks public involvement in an upcoming CRTC hearing.

Jan 11, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest lenders can't wait on sale, Scotiabank tells Asper by Grant Robertson

The sale of CanWest's newspaper chain has exposed a deep and bitter rift between its chief executive officer Leonard Asper and what was once one of the company's most trusted banks.

Jan 10, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

CBC Radio 2: Transformers

Profiles of two broadcasters that have changed the sound of CBC Radio 2.

Jan 10, 2010 — Toronto Star

Quebecor watching Canwest paper sale with interest

Pierre Karl Peladeau indicates Quebecor may be interested in snapping up a Canwest newspaper.

Jan 9, 2010 — Toronto Star

CanWest's newspaper empire for sale

In the biggest shakeup in Canadian media in years, debt-laden Aspers cede a chunk of the family's legacy.

Jan 9, 2010 — Canadian Press

CBC provides radio band for new technology to help home appliances save energy by Peter Rakobowchuk

CBC and Toronto-based e-Radio-Inc. have unveiled a new technology that harnesses the power of FM radio to activate household appliances at energy-saving times of the day.

Jan 9, 2010 — New York Times

A Fox Chief at the Pinnacle of Media and Politics by David Carr and Tim Arango

The head of Fox News says "I built this business to throw off a billion dollars in profit. That was the goal from Day 1."

Jan 9, 2010 — Toronto Star

Let bidding begin, CanWest creditors say by Dana Flavelle and Rita Trichur

Canwest has an offer for it's daily newspapers from its secured creditors, a group led by Canada's biggest banks, for $950 million - the amount they are owed.

Jan 8, 2010 — Montreal Gazette

Cellphone providers play hardball by Roberto Rocha

Up-and-coming carrier Public Mobile is challanging the government's decision to allow Globalive to operate despite its hefty foreign investment.

Jan 8, 2010 — Globe & Mail

CanWest newspapers go on block despite CEO Asper's objections

Assets expected to fetch at least $1-billion, but chief executive argues they would be worth more down the road.

Jan 8, 2010 — Variety

Georgia wages TV war by Nick Holdsworth

A channel in Georgia that was set up to raise awareness about the country's struggle with Russia has launched.

Jan 7, 2010 — Mediacaster

Community Television Hearings at CRTC

The CRTC will hold public hearings into policies for community television beginning April.

Jan 7, 2010 — New York Times

Free Local TV Soon to Be Available on Cell Phones

New technology allow people to watch live, local TV shows on mobile phones and other portable devices.

Jan 6, 2010 — New York Times

In a Clash Over Cable, Consumers Lose by Brian Stelter

Networks begin to pull programs off Cable platforms as the battle over fee-for-carriage in the U.S heats up.

Jan 6, 2010 — News Article

Indie producers looking outside Canada by Etan Vlessing

Canadian indie producers hope international broadcasters will fund more of their reality-TV series to get them through hard times.

Jan 5, 2010 — Variety

DTT makes gains in Spain, France by Emiliano de Pablos

In France and Spain, nearly all households can now access DTT channels free-to-air and free-of-charge with a digital TV set or DTT decoder.

Jan 5, 2010 — Canadian Press

Number of media workers killed on the job hits 132 in 2009, watchdog says by Michelle McQuigge

A report from the International News Safety Institute said 132 journalists and media staff died on the job in 2009.

Jan 5, 2010 — Toronto Star

U.S.-type deal on cable fees not likely here, observers say by Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew

Analyst says the U.S. TV model gives broadcasters the choice of either "mandatory carriage" or a negotiated fee-for-carriage.

Jan 4, 2010 — New York Times

Adding Fees and Fences on Media Sites by Richard Pérez-Peña & Tim Arango

Newspapers such as the New York Times are currently looking at ways to ask online readers to pay for at least some content.

Jan 4, 2010 — Toronto Star

The 10 players who will shape technology law by Michael Geist

Columnist identifies people such as the federal Industry Minister, the federal Heritage Minister and the chair of the CRTC as individuals who will influence tech law in the next year.

Jan 4, 2010 — The Tyee

For Media, 2010 is the Year of 'Open' by Steve Anderson

Columnist says it is time for Canada to drastically open up the country's media system.

Jan 4, 2010 — Ottawa Citizen

Wireless competition behind CRTC overruling by Andrew Mayeda

The Industry Minister says the government's desire to promote more competition in the wireless industry was a key factor in its decision to overrule the CRTC and approve the launch of Globalive.

Jan 3, 2010 — New York Times

Watching TV Together, Miles Apart by Ashlee Vance

Simple technology, including video chatting services like Skype, is making it possible for far-flung friends to watch shows together.

Jan 3, 2010 — New York Times

Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for Consumers by Brian Stelter

Columnist says battle over fee-for-carriage in the U.S. will result in higher cable TV bills.