Goals & Priorities

A very powerful idea – that Canada should remain a free and independent country – unites us from coast to coast to coast in a common cause.

Central to the realization of that idea is that we have access to our own Canadian stories and our own Canadian perspectives on the many platforms now available to us, from TV to tablet to telephone.

Our cultural sovereignty is directly liked to the health of our democracy and the development of an informed and engaged citizenry.  

In the lead-up to the next Federal election in 2019, FRIENDS has committed to an ambitious advocacy agenda in support our democracy and our ability to tell our own stories:

  • Force foreign media giants in the Canadian marketplace to make appropriate contributions to Canadian programming and pay their fair share
  • Ensure CBC’s editorial independence through governance reform and reduced dependence on advertising
  • Give CBC’s newly independent Board the power to hire and fire its President
  • Defend local broadcasting in small/medium sized communities where media are most threatened
  • Close the tax loophole that favours foreign digital advertising over Canadian media
  • Safeguard Canadian ownership and control of media – including Internet media
  • Defend Canadian programming and predominant use of Canadian creative resources.