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Canadian Content - It Matters

A very powerful idea – that Canada should remain a free and independent country – unites us from coast to coast to coast in a common cause.

Central to the realization of that idea is that we have access to our own Canadian stories and our own Canadian perspectives on the many platforms now available to us, from TV to tablet to telephone.

Canadians have extraordinary access to news and entertainment from around the world.

Yet without Canadian content requirements, market forces alone fail to ensure "shelf space" for our own stories.

With high quality drama programming flooding into our homes from south of the border, building audiences for Canadian shows has been a challenge since the dawn of the television age.

Here’s what we need to do to remain strong and free on the northern half of the continent.

Rebuild the CBC and public broadcasting

Defend the CBC against enemies of public broadcasting. Restore CBC's fiscal capacity so that it can reduce its dependence on commercial revenue and re-invigorate its regional and local roots in communities across Canada. Reverse measures that allow political interference in the CBC’s editorial decision-making and ensure appointments to CBC's governing Board are made at arm's length from government.

Renew our commitment to community broadcasters and provincial public broadcasters like TVOntario.

Stand up to the cable guy

Rein in the powerful cable and satellite distribution companies that dominate the Canadian communications landscape.  The broadcast and non-broadcast services of companies like Rogers, Bell, and Quebecor, rake in billions in profits while contributing little to the production of Canadian programming.

Level the playing field

Ensure Canadian programs are able to compete effectively with foreign shows offered by unregulated providers like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Google TV, among others.