Media Resources

What has FRIENDS accomplished?

  • Built an independent watchdog group supported by 364,000 Canadians to defend and enhance Canadian content on radio, television and online.

  • Deterred actions against public broadcasting on the part of Liberal and Conservative governments

  • Led the defence of local programming

  • Created dozens of television and social media video campaigns to mobilize public support

  • Defended provincial educational public broadcasters in several Canadian jurisdictions

  • Placed 25 ads in newspapers across the country

  • Commissioned 33 public opinion surveys on broadcasting and cultural sovereignty themes

  • Built ‘’, Canada’s go to site for media issues including the unique Media Monitor database

  • Promoted the adoption of the 1991 Broadcasting Act and defended its values in subsequent years

  • Submitted 82 briefs to the CRTC on policy and licensing issues

  • Appeared regularly before House of Commons and Senate Committees on broadcasting issues

  • Mobilized public opinion in several federal elections and by-elections, including 24 swing ridings during the 2015 general election

  • Sponsored the Dalton Camp Award to encourage Canadians to think and write on the links between media and democracy

  • Collaborated with other groups on matters of common interest affecting broadcasting and communication