Process and Criteria in Public Broadcasting Governance: Appointments to CBC and CRTC by Abigail Friendly

Sep 23, 2004

Prepared for the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Using public sources, including biographical directories, media archives, government reports and legal statutes, this report examines a wide variety of characteristics, including political affiliation, gender, education, and experience, of the individuals who have been appointed to the CBC and CRTC during their histories.

The report begins by identifying the desirable characteristics of governing bodies that can be inferred from several decades of broadcasting legislation. Second, given those expectations, the report proposes a normative range of skills, experiences, and characteristics that appointees to the governing bodies might or should possess as a group. Third, the report surveys the more than 200 individuals who have served on the governing bodies of the CBC and CRTC and draws conclusions about how their skills, experiences, and characteristics compare to these normative standards. Finally, the report suggests that a new appointments procedure might better meet current legislative expectations.

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