Leaving Town: An Analysis of Availability and Audience for Locally-Produced Programming

Apr 1, 2000


Using sources in the public domain, the report studies the availability of and audience for locally-produced English-language programming in cities across Canada.  Major findings include: 

  • The quantity of locally-produced programming on English-language CBC stations across Canada is low compared to private stations for all markets. 
  • Audience demand for locally-produced programming is higher than supply in most markets. 
  • Locally-produced Category 2 (Analysis) and Category 7/8/9 (Drama/Music/Variety) is under-represented on both the CBC and private broadcasters. 
  • Locally-produced programming is left out of prime time on both public and private broadcasters. 

Despite strict CRTC licence conditions and a parliamentary mandate to support such programming, locally-produced programming does not fare well in Canadian markets.

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