Who is lying now?

Apr 8, 2011


Toronto  - At the direction of the Prime Minister's Office, Conservative MPs have engaged in a national campaign to mislead voters concerning the Harper government's investment in the CBC.

In reply to messages from constituents who have written to express concern about the future of the CBC, at least seventy two Conservative MPs have stated in correspondence that:

"In fact, this government has increased support to CBC in every one of our budgets.  This year the CBC is receiving $1.1 billion dollars in funding - this being the highest amount of funding ever allotted to the CBC - more than any government in Canadian history. "

This statement is false.

Total Parliamentary Funding of CBC chart

In each of the past three years, CBC funding has declined under the current government, even after factoring in one-time grants such as the $60 million programming top up in the last federal budget which died when the election was called.

Jason Kenney's February 15th, 2011, declaration that "the CBC lies all the time" has caused Friends of Canadian Broadcasting spokesperson Ian Morrison to wonder "who is lying now?"

"Individual Conservative MPs may not know they are passing on false and misleading information to their constituents.  They are simply regurgitating lines supplied by the PMO," said Morrison.

Full details of FRIENDS research on CBC funding are available at http://www.friends.ca/fact-sheet/10120.


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