Opinions of Canadians and Conservative Party members on the CBC

May 24, 2017

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting commissioned Mainstreet Research to survey members of the Conservative Party who are currently voting to elect the next leader of their party.  At the same time, FRIENDS commissioned Nanos Research to ask a representative sample of Canadians the same questions.

The two polls reveal a wide gulf between Conservative Party members, many of whom dismiss the importance of the CBC and would cut its funding, in contrast to Canadians who value the CBC and would increase or maintain its funding. While 82% of Canadians favour increasing (43%) or maintaining (39%) CBC funding, and 54% of Canadians who would consider voting Conservative share this view (20% increase; 34% maintain), only 27% of Conservative Party members favour this policy (8% increase; 19% maintain).

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Mainstreet Research report:

Nanos Research report: