Canadians' attitudes toward the CBC and public broadcasting in Canada

Nov 29, 2011

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Executive summary

This report presents initial findings from a national survey on attitudes toward the CBC and public broadcasting in Canada. The report is organized along a number of broad themes:

  • Opinion on the trustworthiness of political parties when it comes to matters of culture and of protecting the CBC
  • Canadians' views on the performance of the CBC A specific analysis of opinion on the CBC and public broadcasting among Conservative supporters 
  • Canadians' perceptions of the government's plans for the CBC 
  • Opinion on funding of public broadcasting and opinion on privatization 
  • Opinion on Canadian content and programming

More Canadians trust the Conservative party than any other to handle matters of national culture and identity. Even on the question of protecting the CBC the Conservative Party is more trusted that the Liberal Party, though well behind the NDP.

Overall, the results of the survey indicate continued strong support for the CBC. Three quarters of Canadians give the CBC high marks for its performance in fulfilling its mandate. A majority want to see public broadcaster funding increased or at least maintained at current levels and three-quarters of Canadians are against privatizing the CBC.

A majority of Conservative supporters want to maintain or increase funding for the CBC, consider the CBC important to their community and to the maintenance of Canada's culture and identity.

Fieldwork for the poll was done by Vision Critical on the Angus Reid Forum National Panel.


 Download the Full Report