Government must help Canadians thrive in digital universe, report suggests

Feb 22, 2017

Source: Calgary Herald

OTTAWA — A report commissioned by the Heritage Department suggests the federal government find new ways to boost Canadian content in a digital world, opening the door to potential new taxes or levies to help struggling producers.

But the report, based on consultations conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, doesn’t contain specific recommendations for funding mechanisms.

The consultations, launched in September, involved tens of thousands of participants through in-person events and the web.

There were calls to review the mandates of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the country’s broadcast regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The report also says the government may want to explore what qualifies as Canadian content.

The Heritage Department says the discussions will help support Canadian endeavours, noting it plans to launch a so-called policy tool kit for creative industries this year.

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