Joe calls on Parliament to stand up for CBC

May 26, 2014

MP's vote today on an important NDP motion in support of public broadcasting

Source: Joe Cressy

NDP candidate Joe Cressy spoke out against the new round of CBC budget cuts.

"Ever since they took office, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been targeting CBC with cuts and repeated threats to its independence," said Cressy. "It's time for Parliament to stand up for Canada's public broadcaster and support the NDP motion today."

A $130 million cut will drastically affect the CBC’s ability to carry out its work from coast to coast to coast. In 2012, the Conservatives cut $115 million over three years – leaving the broadcaster more vulnerable than ever, while the television market evolves and becomes more competitive.

"Thousands have already called on the government to end these attacks against the CBC and guarantee stable, adequate, multi-year financing for our public broadcaster to live up to its mandate," said Cressy. "I urge all parliamentarians to rally behind the NDP motion today and save the CBC."

© Joe Cressy