Internal Memo to CBC Staff

Mar 4, 2014

Source: Heather Conway, CBC Executive VP English Services

You may recall I was appointed to the EVP role back in September and while I didn't officially start until December, I spent a good deal of time in the Fall getting up to speed through many briefings and to get a feel for the organization and how it operates. In light of those conversations, recent events and looking down the road, I need to ensure there's a structure in place that will ultimately help us succeed. I'd like to take you through some changes I'm announcing today and the rationale for the moves.
When I first addressed my Senior Management team, I made it clear that I'm a firm believer in having fewer direct reports, ideally- seven to ten. From my perspective, having fewer direct reports allows me to partner with them and is the most effective way to get things done. . Something that will come as no surprise, Neil McEneaney would be a key member of that group. From my first meeting with Neil, it was clear he is a hugely valuable colleague and, candidly, someone who complements my skill set. As you saw firsthand while Neil was acting EVP, and what I've since come to know, we're most fortunate to have him at CBC. His wide ranging experience on the business side of our industry positions us well to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
To that end, I'm really pleased Neil has agreed to take on an expanded role as Chief Business Officer running Business and Operations.  In addition to managing the Finance and Strategy portfolio, Neil will oversee Sports Properties (Jeffrey Orridge) and MO&T (Fred Mattocks). 

Fred will continue to advise me and the rest of the Senior Executive Team on issues of technology.  Please join me in congratulating Neil on his new responsibilities which he'll assume officially on April 1st.
I'm also announcing today a newly created role and a critical one at that-General Manager of Programming.  This individual will be responsible for leading the television programming strategy and bringing together the vision for what CBC's content offer should be...compelling, bold, identifiably Canadian programming that will have people leaning forward. Reporting into this office will be Scripted, Unscripted, Scheduling and Content Planning. An executive search firm has been retained and will begin the search immediately.
Another critical role for the CBC going forward is Marketing, Communications and Brand.
I have a desire for change in this area and in light of this, Bridget Hoffer will be leaving the CBC.  As many of you know, Bridget has had a remarkable career at CBC and I want to thank her for her significant contributions to English Services and, with all of you, wish her much success in whatever she chooses next.  Like the programming position, we have retained a search firm to fill the Marketing, Communications and Brand role.  In the interim, Bonnie Brownlee, a veteran of the industry who most recently worked at CTV as Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications, has kindly agreed to step in and lead the department in an acting capacity.  We're fortunate to have someone with Bonnie's background and experience available to us and I know I can count on you to help her as she gets up to speed.
Thank you for your continued support as we restructure to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Heather Conway, CBC Executive VP English Services