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There's a new senior minister in town by Larry Kusch

Dec 28, 2013

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press: What about the CBC? Is it going to be cut again?

Glover: Remember that we went through a recession and we had what was called a deficit-reduction action plan that asked all of our departments and all of our organizations to cinch their belts for Canadians and find ways to be more efficient and find some savings so that we can continue to provide direct support to artists and programs going out into the field are maintained. So we cinched our belts and found savings within government. We reduced our spending. The CBC did the same. I've had many conversations with Mr. Hubert Lacroix (CBC president and CEO), who believes he can meet his obligations for his 2015 plan with the changes that he opted to make to also reduce (spending).

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