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Ottawa-based company launching national cooking, lifestyle TV network by Joe Lofaro Metro

Dec 10, 2013

Source: Metro

Chris Knight has been waiting nearly five years for his new food and lifestyle television network, Gusto TV, to launch nationally to Canadians, and on Wednesday that vision will come to fruition.

And the Ottawa industry veteran feels pretty darn lucky to be able to say that.

“(It’s) very, very rare that a small, private company gets to launch a national television network,” said Knight in an interview Tuesday. “Being a small, independent broadcaster in Canada is a very, very rare thing these days.”

Gusto TV will make its debut to 2.2 million Bell Fibe TV and Bell satellite customers beginning Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET. The network will feature prime-time cooking and culinary travel shows and evening features on everything from fashion to health.

Knight is the CEO of Knight Enterprises, which has its headquarters in Ottawa. His work might be familiar to fans of The Food Network Canada programming like The Great Canadian Cooking Show and Road Grill.

But Gusto TV, he says, is something that’s missing from Canadian television.

“I think that food and cooking shows is a genre that’s sort of been abandoned by the other channels as they try and do game shows and contests,” he said. “We’re filling a much-loved niche that nobody else is doing right now (in Canada).”

Viewers can feast their eyes on everything from Martha Stewart’s Cooking School to Carlo Rota’s cross-country gastronomical adventures in The Edible Road Show.

For Knight, this is just the beginning. In the New Year, the network plans to put out a casting call for local personalities or chefs to appear on Gusto TV.

“There’s lots of talent we have our eye on here in Ottawa that we are going to approach,” said Knight.

A full list of programming on Gusto TV is available at GustoTV.com.

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