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CBC’s vulnerability explored in radio series by Lauren Strapagiel

Nov 29, 2013

New radio series looks at the importance of public broadcasting

Source: Canada.com

Between budget cuts from the federal government and a recent blow to their hockey advertising dollars and tradition, CBC broadcasting appears to be in increasingly perilous territory.

Canadians know CBC as our public broadcaster, but they may not know how uncertain its future is, says Kevin Caners, a radio host at CIUT 89.5 at the University of Toronto.

Caners is hosting a recently-launched radio series called Broadcasting Canada, which examines the future of CBC, an issue close to his heart.

“I think there’s households across Canada where CBC is turned on, CBC radio, and it never goes off, and that was certainly my experience growing up,” said Caners, who recalls listening to Vinyl Cafe as a kid then The Current as he got older.

The show speaks with CBC personalities — such as Rick Mercer, David Suzuki, George Stroumboloupoulos and  Michael Enright — about their time with the crown corporation and the importance of public broadcasting. Caners said many of his guests talk about “close to the wire” CBC can be.

“What comes across is just how vulnerable it is. I think that’s something that a lot of Canadians that don’t follow that sort of policy details of it don’t necessarily appreciate,” he said.

“There’s many loud voices right now in the media and Canada in general articulating why the CBC doesn’t matter. I think that CBC itself feels quite reticent to make the case for itself,” said Caners. “This leaves quite a vacuum.”

Check out a few of Broadcasting Canada’s interviews below and check out the rest on their website.

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