CRTC Empire strikes back: UBB Redux

Jan 6, 2012

Source: Online Party of Canada

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The DASH Show episode 'Digital Economy':

TORONTO, Jan. 6, 2012 /CNW/ - A year ago, Canadian RadioTV and Telecomm Commission (#CRTC) caused a nationwide uproar trying to impose Internet Usage-Based Billing (#UBB) culminating with demagogic and improper Government intervention that put the decision on hold. CRTC stepped back while the public and Government celebrated, but quietly introduced UBB Redux, a less outrageous decision, successfully stemming opposition while advancing the agenda of the Telecomm Empire, Bell and Rogers.

OPC is calling for a public inquiry into the activity and staffing of CRTC stating that:

(1) Under their policies Canada ranks embarrassingly low in terms of quality and outrageously high in terms of prices of Internet, phone and television services compared to many third-world countries.

(2) CRTC staff (many former Bell or Rogers employees) are enmeshed with the large telecom corporations and industry lobby groups hence their decisions protect the market share and profitability of the Telecomm giants.

(3) The relaxed regulations have allowed telecomm companies to grow into dangerously big and diversified (Internet, television, radio, printed) media behemoths. The end result is that lately they make or break political campaigns at will as we've seen during last year's elections.

Michael Nicula, the party's founder: "Since the current political establishment is not helping and major media is owned by the telecomm giants, OPC is calling on Canadians to take political action via Internet by commenting, voting and sharing the many telecomm-related issues on our website - the only way of fighting the system effectively".

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