CBC announces Saskatoon morning radio show

Jan 5, 2012

Source: CBC News

CBC has announced plans for a new morning radio show for Saskatoon.

The show will launch in 15 months, CBC Saskatchewan managing director John Agnew said Thursday.

Currently, the Morning Edition is CBC's morning show and is heard throughout the province.

In Saskatoon, the new show will replace the Morning Edition on the FM band. The existing show will continue to be heard throughout the rest of province, as well as on AM in Saskatoon.

Staff for the new show, including a host, haven't been hired yet.

CBC also said it will be moving from its current Saskatoon space downtown at 144 2nd Ave. S. A new home hasn't been selected yet, but the broadcaster says it wants to stay downtown.

The Saskatoon station will also be hiring a new web writer.

Although budget cuts to CBC are expected in the spring, that won't affect today's proposed expansion in Saskatoon, Agnew said.

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