Friends of CBC hire 'Ass Man' as actor by Kris Sims

Dec 1, 2011

Source: Toronto Sun

OTTAWA -- "Friends of Public Broadcasting" picked a curious bedfellow in their defence of the high-minded CBC.

When selecting actors for their two spoof videos that mock professional wrestlers and their ad-selling American promoters, the cultured club picked "Uncle D: The Canadian Ass Man."

Uncle D runs several websites that feature ladies with large bums sheathed in impossibly tight pants.

Years ago, the Cape Breton, N.S., entrepreneur made a pitch to investors on CBC's Dragon's Den but was turned down, with the Dragons saying Uncle D's product was too close to pornography.

The blogger "Alberta Ardvark" noticed the actor was the same man.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting say they worry the CBC could be sold in a worst-case scenario and also oppose a possible 5%-10% cut to the state broadcaster, the same amount other government departments are considering.

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