CRTC tells francophone radio broadcasters to limit use of musical montages

Nov 24, 2011

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA - The regulator of Canada's broadcast industries is telling two francophone radio stations in Montreal that they must limit their use of musical montages.

Musical montages are a compilation from a number of songs played without interruption, so that it's counted as a single piece under federal broadcasting rules.

The montages can be used towards a regulated broadcaster's Canadian content or French-language vocal content.

However, the regulator says the two radio stations have used too much popular English-language and non-Canadian music in their long montages.

The CRTC's order applies to CKTF-FM, owned by Astral Media Inc. (TSX:ACM.A), and CKOI-FM, which belongs to Cogeco Inc. (TSX:CGO).

But the CRTC says it may impose similar conditions to all broadcasters that allot more than 10 per cent of the programming each week to such montages.

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