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The Future of FRIENDS

“On behalf of FRIENDS’ Board and all FRIENDS’ supporters, I want to extend to you, Ian, our deepest gratitude for your tireless efforts and nuanced insights – crucial ingredients in building FRIENDS.

“Without your wit, tenacity, and extraordinary ability to bring people together for a common cause, I hazard a guess that FRIENDS would not be here today.”

Thanks to Ian and to a deep vein of commitment among FRIENDS’ supporters about Canada’s democracy and cultural sovereignty, together we have managed to create and build a formidable organization that commands great respect and loyal affection.

Over three decades, FRIENDS has grown from a handful of supporters to an organization that merits the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

In recognition of Ian’s amazing achievements, we are planning a special initiative to thank him. Please click here if you would like information on how to participate.

In the meantime, we are about to launch a search for FRIENDS’ next leader. We are planning this carefully so that we achieve the transition in an orderly manner that takes advantage of the opportunity for Ian to place his wisdom and mentoring skills at the disposal of our next leader.

We cannot miss a beat in this transition because the need for FRIENDS grows daily. Canada requires our tenacity more than ever because the struggle for democracy and cultural sovereignty is a growing challenge in this digital age.

Our target to launch the public search is September 25th and to have a new leader in place by February 2018.

Through all this, and going forward, Ian will continue working with the Board and the new Spokesperson fighting to protect and enhance Canada’s cultural sovereignty every day on your behalf.

Thanks for your ongoing support and confidence. We are truly grateful!

Best regards,

Noreen Golfman
FRIENDS Board Chair

The transition of its founding Spokesperson out of the key chief executive role presents FRIENDS with an exciting and challenging opportunity. The title Executive Director/Spokesperson is deliberate and intended to underscore the primary nature of this role: to be the voice of FRIENDS in the public sphere and to be a strong, visible advocate for Canadian broadcasting.

Our leadership transition is designed to ensure FRIENDS builds the capacity we need to face these challenges in the coming years.

The Board’s priority is to identify the right person to lead FRIENDS through this transitional phase into its next period of contributing to the Canadian democracy and cultural sovereignty. This requires a dynamic person who can work effectively with the Board to establish strategy, develop effective work plans and implement a creative program of advocacy and research that will advance our mission and values.

The successful candidate will be a leader who knows how to work effectively with a policy volunteer Board to develop strategy and effective action plans. S/he will embody what FRIENDS is known for:

  • a deep commitment to Canadian culture and democratic practice
  • an ability to develop and articulate clear, compelling policy positions rooted in strong empirical research
  • demonstrated skills in advocacy and fundraising
  • leadership characterized by creativity, agility and responsiveness
  • entrepreneurial, operational management capabilities
  • and an exceptional capacity or potential to grow and nurture a broad and diverse network of supporters, allies, stakeholders and influencers in both English and French speaking Canada.

The ideal candidate will have strong leadership skills, demonstrated political acumen and an ease communicating with diverse groups of varying size, sophistication and backgrounds as well as the ability to function in both official languages. Knowledge of decentralized, virtual operating models, experience with fundraising and stewardship through solicitation, strategic recruitment and engagement of volunteers, partners and suppliers are considered strong assets.

Key Questions:

You can express your interest to apply at future@friends.ca.

FRIENDS’ Board of Directors will make the final candidate selection on the recommendation of a Board Search Committee.

FRIENDS would like to have the new Executive Director/Spokesperson in place by early 2018.

For additional information please contact Nancy Hood at future@friends.ca.