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In December 2014, FRIENDS approached all the big TV owners in Canada seeking to run this paid ad. Bell, Corus, Québecor, Rogers and Shaw all refused to run it. On February 25th, 2015, Bell contacted FRIENDS to indicate that they would be willing to run the ad.

The Man Behind the Desk State Broadcasters Political Scandals? Who is Stephen Harper listening to?

Stephen Harper's instinct to silence and attack perceived enemies has rarely been more evident than in the Conservatives' treatment of our CBC.

Under Harper, our national public broadcaster has been under constant attack. Draconian budget cuts have weakened the CBC while Conservative Party donors now dominate its Board. Seeking even greater control, the Harper government has given itself new powers to undermine the journalistic independence of our CBC. 

Launched from a trail of broken promises, Harper’s intent is to mute and control an essential tool for Canadian democracy and identity.

But he can't drown us all out! Please sign this petition and share the video far and wide - with your family and friends. Let’s take back our CBC!

TO: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Like most Canadians, I value the CBC and call on your government to do the same.

The CBC is important to me and so many of my friends and family. It connects us and informs us. It is one of the things that makes Canada such a special place. Stop attacking our CBC. It is not yours to destroy

I urge the Leaders of the opposition parties to pledge to undo the damage your government has done to public broadcasting in Canada.

[your name]

CC: Leaders of the Opposition Parties, Your local MP

It’s essential that we speak up for our CBC now – public broadcasting in Canada has never been more threatened. And with the federal election just around the corner, now is the time to act.

After nine years of Harper, our CBC has been severely damaged:

Ditching some of the most iconic CBC personalities

Nancy Wilson, Linden McIntyre and Alison Smith

2000 creative staff – the heart and soul of our CBC – are being laid off, including some of the most talented CBC personalities such as Nancy Wilson, Linden MacIntyre and Alison Smith.

LocalLocal news has been cut in half and plans to expand local service cancelled.

For example, the cancellation of afternoon Radio One shows in places like Thunder Bay, where they are most needed. Thunder Bay will now get programs from Sudbury, 1,008 kilometres away. CBC has recently announced that they are abandoning their commitment to expansion of local service in under-served communities such as London. If they abandon local coverage, how can they expect CBC Radio and Television to remain a vital presence in our communities?

RadioCBC Radio has been gutted.

For decades, Radio Two has been an essential element of Canada’s cultural life, showcasing and supporting Canadian creative and performing talent.

The format change away from world classical culture seven years ago was an unmitigated disaster, as was the botched introduction of commercials in 2013, all this under the direction of Harper’s man at the CBC, Hubert Lacroix.

LeafFailing to renew the most distinctively Canadian shows on CBC Television

CBC reflects every part of this country to the whole – not just in information, but also in entertainment: a political satire in Ottawa, a family drama from Alberta, a comedy-drama from Newfoundland, a police show from Quebec. Arctic Air has already been cancelled. Where will the axe fall next?

And much more...

  • Other than news, all original in-house TV production has been cancelled
  • CBC’s award-winning documentary unit has been killed. Never again will CBC be able to produce series such as Canada: A People’s History
  • Threat to move such genres as TV Children's and Radio Music, as well as local programming in some markets, to on-line only delivery.
  • Virtual elimination of live music production on radio
  • TV local supper-hour news has also recently been cut from 90 to 30 minutes.

To stop Harper's plan before it’s too late, we must respond with a HUGE protest. Please take action right now! Sign the petition and share the video.


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Nanos Research

Make no mistake, Harper’s intent is to mute and control our CBC, as a first step to destroying Canadian public broadcasting.
We have to hold Harper to account for the damage he has done, and demonstrate that the political cost of killing the CBC far outweighs whatever neo-conservative  benefits he thinks he might achieve.

Canadian democracy can ill afford another four years of Harper CBC attacks.

Together we must secure commitments from the opposition leaders to undo the damage Harper has done to our national public broadcaster, given the chance.

Please take action right away and share this campaign on social media and by email.