Re: CBC's TV and radio channels are doing quite well

Aug 26, 2010

The following was submitted to the Ottawa Citizen on August 26, 2010 as a letter to the editor.

Contrary to what CBC's Jeff Keay wrote in response to my August 21 article, CBC's own research reports submitted to parliament confirm that Radio Two's audience share has declined significantly since it confined classical music to a mid-day ghetto in 2008. Mr. Keay also chose to compare CBC television's current audience share with 2004/2005, the season when an NHL lockout depressed CBC's audience numbers. Had he chosen the preceding season for comparison, CBC's viewing share would have declined. He also neglected to mention that the most recent viewing data exclude most U.S. stations, while the earlier data included them. CBC's fruit bowl is indeed full of apples and oranges.

Ian Morrison
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

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