Supporter response to CBC President editorial

Nov 27, 2006

Re the article by the president of the CBC - which you will note appeared on the National Post's editorial - not op-ed page - is a disgrace. I would refer you, in particular to the 5th and 6th paragraphs - as regards bizarre language.  As for the closing paragraphs, a BBC-like process of the broadcaster's mandate  could be a welcome thing, if carried out along lines such as are carried out, as  in the UK.  Meanwhile, Mr. Rabinovitch's dreadful pitch demonstrates that  he is the enemy within.

FYI,  I am not a CBC employee or contractor. But I'm angry enough this morning to join your organization in order to help save one of our country's most cherished institutions (ironically, established by one of the most hated governments in Canada, ever, whose leader left Canada, forever.)    

Headline in the Post today should have read as "a CBC contract ON Canadians." Not with us.

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