Election 2006 - Party Policies

Jan 23, 2006

Federal Party Policies on Arts and Culture

In December 2005, FRIENDS wrote to the major federal political parties, requesting their official policies on FRIENDS' four election priority issues:

1. Restoring CBC's grassroots capacity and local and regional programming
2. Defending our airwaves and ensuring Canadian cultural sovereignty
3. Ensuring more quality Canadian drama programs on TV
4. Ending patronage appointments to CBC's Board and Presidency

Following are the responses FRIENDS received:

Liberal Party of Canada (PDF 61 KB)
New Democratic Party of Canada (PDF 46 KB)

Conservative Party of Canada: Election Pocket Policy Guide for Candidates (PDF 277 KB)
FRIENDS received no direct response from the Conservative Party of Canada, but the above document contains a section on the party's arts and culture policy (see page 10).