Conservative MP takes aim at CBC

Feb 12, 2013

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber's Private Members' bill to impose new disclosure requirements on the CBC/SRC is up for debate in the House of Commons this morning.

With its reliance on ad revenue, CBC and SRC TV operate largely as commercial broadcasters. The CBC's English and French TV networks compete against private companies like Bell Media or Quebecor which enjoy public subsidies without any disclosure requirements. At the same time government cuts are forcing CBC/SRC to be more commercial. Transparency is fine but imposing disclosure requirements on CBC/SRC and no other party is asking our semi-public broadcaster to compete with one hand tied behind its back.

Mr. Rathgeber has an ongoing interest in the CBC. During the 2011 election campaign he told 100 people attending a local chamber of commerce all-candidates forum:

"I don't know that we need a national broadcaster in 2011...We have to wean them off ... of the taxpayer's dollar..."

Update: Here is the video of the debate in the House of Commons on Feb 12, 2013: