All Parliament / Legislation Articles — 2005

Dec 26, 2005 — News Article

Media: Radio Waves by Andy Holloway

Article discusses business prospects of U.S. satellite radio services in Canada; FRIENDS continues to see CRTC approval of satellite radio with low Canadian content requirements as slippery slope for regulatory regime that enabled the success of the Canadian music industry.

Dec 22, 2005 — News Article

Senate OKs 'hard date' for '09 digital switch by Brooks Boliek

U.S. Senate approves deadline for U.S. broadcasters to turn off analog television signals, complete move to digital broadcasting.

Dec 21, 2005 — News Article

U.S. TV all digital by 2009

Despite government subsidy, cost to U.S. consumers to upgrade to digital technology by 2009 deadline expected to top US$3.5 billion.

Dec 16, 2005 — News Article

Ottawa stifling sector, Corus says by Grant Robertson

Corus CEO calls for looser foreign ownership rules, says foreign takeovers and partnerships essential to survival of broadcasting sector.

Dec 15, 2005 — News Article

Une coalition à la défense de la radiotélévision publique de langue française par Paul Cauchon

Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec labour unions launch coalition to support French-language public broadcasting.

Dec 13, 2005 — News Article

Networks to rein in candidates' debate by Antonia Zerbisias

Networks plan more control in televised election debates, aim to tone down anarchy, shouting, force substantive debate.

Dec 7, 2005 — News Article

Canuck TV needs bucks

Industry sources say national public broadcaster requires sustained funding commitment.

Dec 7, 2005 — News Article

Shaw ends membership in cable industry group by Catherine McLean

Shaw follows Videotron in terminating membership in cable industry association.

Dec 6, 2005 — News Article

Federal elections don't have time for local arts by Martin DeGroot

Article says that arts and culture supporters must come up with viable election strategies in order to achieve their goals.

Dec 6, 2005 — News Article

Canada's TV industry looking to 2006 for relief from perennial funding crisis by John McKay

FRIENDS says next federal government will be forced to address the scarcity of funding for production of Canadian television programs; notes current funding model effectively helps to subsidize the cost of acquiring U.S. shows.

Nov 26, 2005 — News Article

Hey Sheila, how about a little poetry? by Kate Taylor

Columnist takes issue with Auditor General's report, says cultural spending must be justified in cultural, not just arithmetical terms.

Nov 24, 2005 — News Article

Funding rush: wallets open for the arts by Guy Dixon

Liberal government allocates new money to Canada Council for the Arts, effectively doubling its budget over three years.

Nov 23, 2005 — News Article

Actors gang up on Ottawa over CRTC, CBC

Canadian actors visit Parliament Hill, call for increased funding for CBC, CRTC to do its job to preserve Canadian airwaves for Canadian programming.

Nov 22, 2005 — News Article

Minutes of Proceedings of House of Commons Heritage Committee

Heritage Committee adopts motion calling on the federal government to tighten broadcasting policies so that Canada retains control over radio and television broadcasting in Canadian territory, as recommended in the Lincoln Report.

Nov 22, 2005 — News Article

Canadian Heritage needs to sharpen its approach to supporting cultural industries

Auditor General finds weaknesses in Department of Canadian Heritage strategic management of cultural funding, as well as governance and control of organizations through which funding is administered.

Nov 18, 2005 — News Article

Abernathy to depart FCC in December by Brooks Boliek

One of two Republicans on Federal Communications Commission steps down.

Nov 9, 2005 — News Article

Bush Picks Tennessee Regulator For FCC by Brooks Boliek

U.S. President nominates Republication, renominates Democrat to positions on the Federal Communications Commission.

Nov 8, 2005 — News Article

Bitove expects to raise $50-million in CSR IPO by John Partridge

Holder of CRTC licence for satellite radio service authorized to air predominantly U.S. content plans $50-million IPO.

Nov 8, 2005 — News Article

IPO in works for XM's Canada licensee by Etan Vlessing

U.S. satellite radio licensee to launch IPO to fund rollout of Canadian service, which will feature minimal Canadian content.

Nov 4, 2005 — News Release

Satellite Radio Damages Canadian Musical Artists: CRTC must make a stand for Canada

Joint press release by ACTRA and FRIENDS reaffirms criticism of CRTC decision to license U.S. satellite radio services with low Canadian content requirements, welcomes CRTC decision to proceed with radio policy review, calls on CRTC to reject demands for reductions in Cancon by conventional radio broadcasters.

Nov 3, 2005 — News Article

You get the CBC you pay for by Chris Cobb

Media reporter writes that if Parliamentarians care about the future of CBC, they must properly fund it.

Nov 2, 2005 — News Article

C'est bon radio by Paul Brent

Astral Media agrees to supply programming to U.S. satellite broadcasting licensee Sirius, seals fate of collaborate venture with CHUM for CRTC-approved terrestrial digital radio service.

Nov 2, 2005 — Policy Brief

Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

FRIENDS tells Finance Committee pre-budget consultations that the Committee should focus on two broadcasting issues: increasing the size and stability of CBC's parliamentary grant, and ensuring increased resources are deployed at the grassroots level in communities across the country, rather than in Montreal and Toronto operations.

Nov 1, 2005 — News Article

Telecommunications for the benefit of all Canadians: A Declaration

Public Interest Advocacy Centre issues declaration criticizing the federal government's telecommunications policy review and recommending changes; FRIENDS has endorsed the declaration.

Nov 1, 2005 — News Article

Economic and cultural convergence by Michael Hennessy

Cable lobbyist calls for simultaneous reform of telecommunications and broadcasting regulation and a reassessment of Canadian content regulations in light of broadband technology.

Nov 1, 2005 — News Article

New technologies require smart policy by Glenn O'Farrell

Comments by President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters on the impact of new technologies on broadcasting policy.

Oct 28, 2005 — News Article

CBC/Radio-Canada Revenues and Expenditures 2000-2005

Data show that increased expenditures at CBC over the five-year period 2000-2005 have significantly exceeded growth in revenues.

Oct 27, 2005 — News Article

Transcript of appearance by CBC President and other CBC executives

CBC President Robert Rabinovitch, English Television Vice President Richard Stursberg and other CBC executives respond to extensive questioning by MPs at post-CBC lockout meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

Oct 27, 2005 — News Article

How did it all go so wrong at the CBC? by Michael Posner

Lockout can be explained in part by a cult of management at odds with CBC's public broadcasting mission; author notes management has never faced consequences of its bad decisions, including other lockouts, reductions in local programming.

Oct 20, 2005 — News Article

Liberal lobbyists got satellite 'success fees' by Campbell Clark

Liberal lobbyists were reportedly paid lucrative success fees to save U.S. satellite radio providers' CRTC licences in face of Cabinet appeal.

Oct 19, 2005 — News Article

Letter to FRIENDS supporter from Werner Schmidt, MP, regarding satellite radio

Conservative MP responds to letter from FRIENDS supporter regarding CRTC decisions on satellite radio.

Oct 19, 2005 — News Article

Mahoney's mix-up by Glen McGregor

Report alleges U.S. satellite radio firms retained several well-connected Liberals to lobby on their behalf to oppose cabinet appeal of CRTC subscription radio decisions.

Oct 18, 2005 — News Article

Are there lessons for the CBC in the BBC?

Editorial argues CBC must follow BBC's lead and articulate a clearer vision for public broadcasting.

Oct 17, 2005 — News Article

Conservative Cabinet’s Secret Deal With Enron Revealed

Details of secret arrangement between Alberta Conservative government and Enron, the matter being pursued by popular Alberta radio host Don Hill at the time of his sudden dismissal from the CBC.

Oct 17, 2005 — News Article

CBC Strife and the Future of Public Broadcasting: Interview with CBC President Robert Rabinovitch

CBC Radio interview with CBC President Robert Rabinovitch about the lockout and the future of the national public broadcaster.

Oct 12, 2005 — News Article

Le Canada élu au Comité du patrimoine mondial par Stéphane Baillargeon

Both Ottawa and Quebec helped define and seek the adoption of the international convention on cultural diversity recently approved by UNESCO.

Oct 11, 2005 — News Article

Libre opinion: La clé du cadenas par Bertrand Hall

Bertrand Hall condemns CBC lockout decision, says CBC permanence, excellence and relevance should be affirmed.

Oct 7, 2005 — News Article

Angus calls on Frulla to get serious about patronage problems at CBC

NDP Heritage Critic says seven-week lockout at CBC the direct result of the patronage system used to appoint the CBC president.

Oct 6, 2005 — News Article

Scholarly Advice: The public broadcaster must start a dialogue with its audience -- and this time, it needs to listen by F.W. Peers

FRIENDS advisory council member recommends public consultations on future of CBC, calls for government to implement recommendations contained in 2003 Lincoln Report.

Oct 6, 2005 — News Article

Past-Presidential View: Workers and managers: Set your differences aside. Ottawa: Loosen up the purse strings by Tony Manera

Former CBC president comments on the future of CBC post-lockout.

Oct 5, 2005 — News Article

The feds starved the CBC, and they won't feed it in future by Jeffrey Simpson

Columnist says CBC lockout would not have happened if the public broadcaster had sufficient federal funding.

Oct 1, 2005 — News Article

CHUM requests changes to new radio licence by Simon Tuck

CHUM asks for changes to subscription radio licence to allow commercials, more channels, more foreign content, and more programming already broadcast on conventional radio; seeks level playing field with U.S. satellite radio services recently licensed with low Canadian content requirements.

Oct 1, 2005 — News Article

I have to ask: Have we no pride? by Heather Mallick

Columnist criticizes prime minister for allowing "Canada-hating bean-counters" to keep CBC off the air for seven weeks and counting.

Sep 27, 2005 — News Article

Letter to FRIENDS supporter from NDP leader Jack Layton

Federal NDP leader outlines NDP position on CBC lockout and Parliamentary initiatives to end it.

Sep 26, 2005 — News Article

Transcript of Question Period

Bloc Quebecois MPs challenge Minister of Labour on federal response to CBC lockout.

Sep 24, 2005 — News Article

Hooray for Hollywood and other bad Telefilm ideas by Kate Taylor

The federal government's feature film policy, introduced in 2000, is failing; only 1.6 per cent of English language box office films were Canadian in 2004.

Sep 23, 2005 — News Article

Eased satellite radio rules could 'shock' system by Grant Robertson and Richard Blackwell

Conventional radio broadcasters hint they will seek lower Canadian content requirements following recent CRTC decisions, upheld by Cabinet, to approve low requirements for U.S. satellite radio services.

Sep 21, 2005 — News Article

MPs pressuring feds to end CBC lockout by Bradley Bouzane

Majority of Atlantic caucus signs letter to CBC management stating concerns about how lockout is affecting their region.

Sep 17, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radioheads going grey market by David Menzies

Canadians break law to receive satellite radio signals.

Sep 17, 2005 — News Article

MPs want CBC head to report by Graham Fraser

Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage asks CBC president to appear before the Committee, report on the CBC lockout.

Sep 16, 2005 — News Article

CHUM may kill plan for subscription radio service by Simon Tuck

CHUM expects it will not launch its proposed Canadian subscription radio service after CRTC licences awarded to U.S. satellite radio services with low Canadian content requirements were upheld by cabinet.

Sep 13, 2005 — News Article

Hurricane Katrina? Blame the media

Members of the Bush administration blame slow response to Hurricane Katrina on alleged media stories claiming that New Orleans had "dodged a bullet"; Wall Street Journal reports no such story was found.

Sep 12, 2005 — News Article

Satellite Subscription Radio Undertaking: Quebec’s cultural community dismayed by government decision

Quebec cultural organizations lament that CRTC satellite radio decisions and federal cabinet decision to uphold them blatantly contradict the founding principles of the Broadcasting Act, set a precedent that could lead to complete marginalization of Canada within its own radio broadcasting industry.

Sep 12, 2005 — News Article

Sirius says cabinet has OK'd bid to provide satellite radio

FRIENDS appeal of CRTC satellite radio decisions based in part on the risk that conventional broadcasters would demand reductions in Canadian content obligations to compete with licensed U.S. services.

Sep 12, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio campaign hinged on making political compromise by Simon Tuck

Cabinet decision on satellite radio appeal characterized by heavy last-minute lobbying by U.S. satellite radio providers.

Sep 12, 2005 — News Article

Despite rumours, don't bet on Asper sale of Post by Antonia Zerbisias

Liberal politics cited as one reason the Aspers may not be in a hurry to sell the National Post.

Sep 10, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio ruling upheld by Paul Vieira and Paul Brent

Last minute offer of slight increase in Canadian content, lobbyist efforts cited in cabinet decision to uphold CRTC ruling on satellite radio.

Sep 10, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio ruling upheld by Simon Tuck

FRIENDS expects conventional radio broadcasters will eventually ask Ottawa to reduce their Canadian content obligations in wake of cabinet decision to uphold CRTC decisions on satellite radio.

Sep 9, 2005 — News Article

The Government of Canada Upholds CRTC Decisions 2005-246, 2005-247, and 2005-248

Text of press release stating that the federal cabinet has upheld CRTC decisions licensing two U.S. satellite radio providers with low Canadian content requirements.

Sep 9, 2005 — News Article

Cabinet backs broadcast regulator's licence approvals for satellite radio by Dennis Bueckert

Cabinet upholds CRTC decisions to issue satellite radio licences with unprecedented low Canadian content obligations; Canadian content policy dealt blow; FRIENDS calls decision a black day for Canada.

Sep 9, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio debate rages by Terry Weber

Artists' groups oppose ghettoization of Canadian content on U.S. satellite radio services, urge cabinet to send licensing decisions back to CRTC.

Sep 9, 2005 — News Article

Organizations Representing More than 130,000 Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Actors, and Label Employees Stand up for Canadian Content

ACTRA, AFM, CCMIA, CIRPA, CRIA, SOCAN, SAC urge federal government to send satellite radio decisions back to CRTC.

Sep 9, 2005 — News Article

Cabinet tries again to break satellite-radio deadlock by Simon Tuck

The federal cabinet has reportedly delegated satellite radio appeal decision to its operations committee.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

Maybe CBC isn't worth its cost, MP says by Bill Curry

Conservative Heritage critic calls for parliamentary debate on future of CBC, hints that continued public funding, particularly of CBC English language television, may no longer be justified.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio firms offer more Cancon by Brian Laghi and Simon Tuck

U.S. satellite radio services make last-minute conditional offers for slight increases in Canadian content in effort to sway federal cabinet decision.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

Cabinet puts off satellite radio decision

Federal cabinet has reportedly yet to decide whether to overturn CRTC satellite radio decisions or return them to the CRTC for reconsideration.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

Radio Daze by Michael Geist

The fact that cabinet is reviewing the CRTC satellite radio decisions reduces the independence of the CRTC.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

Scrapping radio ruling a big risk by Gregg Terrence

Company serving independent musicians argues the alternative to approving U.S. satellite radio services is "lawlessness" on Canadian airwaves.

Sep 8, 2005 — News Article

CRTC denies chair has conflict in satellite radio licences

CRTC spokesperson maintains CRTC chair's former directorship, stock options in CD Radio (later Sirius) not a conflict of interest.

Sep 7, 2005 — News Article

Canadian-content rules under attack

Editorial says satellite radio licences have raised fundamental broadcasting policy issues, and Parliament, not the CRTC, is the appropriate forum to debate them.

Sep 7, 2005 — News Article

Frulla: Taking the heat and loving every minute by James Adams

Canadian Heritage minister discusses CBC lockout, cabinet deliberations on satellite radio.

Sep 7, 2005 — News Article

What public airwaves?

Editorial contends that technology makes broadcasting regulation, Canadian content obsolete.

Sep 7, 2005 — News Article

Satellite-radio issue stumps cabinet group by Simon Tuck

A committee of the federal cabinet reportedly failed to reach a consensus on whether CRTC satellite radio decisions should be overturned.

Sep 7, 2005 — News Article

CRTC: le patron accusé de conflit d'intérêts par Joël-Denis Bellavance

Conflict of interest alleged after documents surface which show CRTC chair Charles Dalfen once served on board of directors of predecessor of U.S. satellite radio provider Sirius, whose Canadian representative was recently awarded a broadcasting licence in Canada.

Sep 6, 2005 — News Article

Top cabinet ministers debate the fate of satellite radio by Jane Taber and Brian Langhi

Committee of senior federal cabinet ministers to discuss CRTC satellite radio decision in conference call; results to be presented to full cabinet on Thursday.

Sep 6, 2005 — News Article

Digital airwaves cloud Cancon's future by Brian Laghi

FRIENDS disagrees that technology renders Canadian content regulations obsolete, notes that satellite radio market will remain small for some time to come.

Sep 5, 2005 — Blog Post

Hill Times Advertisement: Stand with Canadians

Advertisement sponsored by ACTRA, FRIENDS, CIRPA, SOCAN in Ottawa's Hill Times concerning results of opinion poll showing 64% of Canadians want the Government of Canada to intervene in CRTC satellite radio decisions because the proposed services offer too little Canadian content.

Sep 5, 2005 — Opinion Poll

Two in Three Canadians Want the Federal Government to Intervene in Recent CRTC Approval of Satellite Radio

Ipsos Reid/Friends of Canadian Broadcasting poll concerning CRTC decisions approving two U.S. satellite radio services in Canada.

Sep 5, 2005 — News Article

An NHL-style lockout could kill the CBC by David McGuinty

Ottawa-area Liberal MP calls on CBC management to resume normal service first, then negotiate a settlement.

Sep 5, 2005 — News Release

Ottawa expected to stand up for Canada on satellite radio

FRIENDS releases public opinion survey showing two out of three Canadians want the Government of Canada to overturn CRTC decisions to license two American satellite radio companies.

Sep 3, 2005 — News Article

Debate over satellite radio still raging by Greg Quill

U.S. satellite radio services stage media forum in Toronto, arrange for artists to voice objection to the appeals of CRTC licensing decisions.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

Letter to the Editor: Subscription radio

CHUM vice-president corrects facts in Globe & Mail editorial supporting CRTC satellite radio decisions.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

Here's your art, what's your hurry? by Graham Henderson and Brian Chater

CRIA and CIRPA spokespersons lament lack of policy hearing on cultural policy implications of subscription radio.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

Extra French satellite channels pledged by Sean Silcoff

U.S. satellite radio licensees announce they will now offer four of their eight Canadian channels in French.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

Poll suggests Canadians lukewarm to satellite radio by Simon Doyle

Survey says only 10 percent of Canadians interested in subscribing to satellite radio; expert finds flaws in Sirius polling methodology saying otherwise.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

Give Canadians satellite radio option

Editorial says government should not interfere in CRTC decisions: satellite radio is the way of the future.

Sep 2, 2005 — News Article

CRTC is lost in space by Andre LeBel

SOCAN CEO says U.S. satellite radio services should not be allowed to undermine Canadian content regime for sake of a few hundred thousand potential subscribers to an "interim" technology.

Sep 1, 2005 — News Article

Satellite Radio Decision by CRTC Threatens Canada's Vibrant Music Scene

Organizations representing Canadian recording industry urge reconsideration of CRTC satellite radio decisions, release poll showing strong public support for Canadian content regulations.

Sep 1, 2005 — News Article

En bref: Davantage de français sur la radio satellite?

Sirius Canada plans to announce more French language programming to address concerns over CRTC licensing decisions.

Sep 1, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio war of words heats up by Paul Brent

U.S. satellite radio licensees face opposition not just from CHUM/Astral, but also from a wide range of other sources.

Sep 1, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio: The interference you hear

Editorial calls for end to "heavy-handed" regulation keeping U.S. satellite radio out of Canada.

Sep 1, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio's supporters seek to fend off review by Charlene Close

U.S. satellite radio providers condemn politicization of CRTC licensing decision; critics say a mistake for CRTC not to have held a policy hearing first.

Aug 31, 2005 — News Article

Don't delay satellite radio

Editorial says CRTC decisions on satellite radio should stand.

Aug 31, 2005 — News Article

Cancon no cause to review satellite radio by Kate Taylor

Columnist says government should let satellite radio decision stand, find new ways to protect and nurture Canadian culture.

Aug 31, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio firms rally support by Greg Quill

U.S. satellite radio rallies car manufacturers, electronics retailers, musicians, celebrities to speak in favour of CRTC licensing decisions.

Aug 30, 2005 — News Article

Not for the faint of heart by Jack Kapica

Columnist announces cabinet decision to ask CRTC to reconsider satellite radio rulings as fait accompli.

Aug 30, 2005 — News Article

Time to stop dithering: Approve satellite radio

Editorial concludes federal cabinet should not second-guess CRTC on satellite radio decisions.

Aug 30, 2005 — News Article

Sirius to add more French-language satellite radio service to appease cabinet by John Ward

FRIENDS expects federal cabinet will give CRTC guidelines if it decides to send satellite radio decisions back for review.

Aug 30, 2005 — News Article

Backtracking on satellite radio risky, observers warn by Paul Vieira and Paul Brent

U.S. satellite radio services warn that overturning CRTC licensing decisions will boost grey market.

Aug 29, 2005 — News Article

Seven Out of Ten Canadians Support CRTC in Granting Licenses to Canadian Satellite Radio Providers--Survey Says

U.S. satellite radio provider releases survey showing widespread support for Canadian satellite radio services.

Aug 29, 2005 — News Article

Industry blasts new review of digital radio by Simon Tuck

U.S. satellite radio licensees, car manufacturers claim losses, growth of grey market if CRTC decisions are overturned or sent back for reconsideration.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

CBC future at risk in labour dispute

Editorial says Ottawa must decide if having a national public broadcaster is important, and if so, provide sufficient funding.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

Pressure mounts to unplug CSR and Sirius by Paul Brent

U.S. satellite radio licensee announces plans to increase French-language offering to four channels from three in effort to address concerns behind calls for reversal of CRTC licensing decisions.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio ruling may be reversed

U.S. satellite radio licensees believe insufficient French-language content the only issue behind calls to overturn CRTC licensing decisions.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

Cabinet may ask CRTC to rescind satellite radio approval by Sylvain Larocque

Liberal MPs from Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes have all reportedly urged federal cabinet to overturn CRTC satellite radio decisions.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

Satellite radio may be off air

Government sources suggest Cabinet will ask CRTC to rescind satellite radio decisions.

Aug 27, 2005 — News Article

Ottawa to reconsider satellite-radio ruling by Richard Blackwell and Campbell Clark

U.S. satellite radio services lobbying intensively for CRTC licensing decisions to stand.

Aug 25, 2005 — News Article

Telesat to install CSR's repeaters

Telesat Canada "thrilled" to be working on launch of U.S. satellite radio services in Canada.

Aug 24, 2005 — News Article

CSR signs up thousands

Canadian Satellite Radio says it has pre-signed three thousand Canadian customers in anticipation of launching its satellite radio service.

Aug 23, 2005 — News Article

New Telecom Act required

A coalition of information technology companies has called for significant changes to the Telecommunications Act to better meet the stated objectives of competition, investment and commercialization.

Aug 19, 2005 — News Article

Space invaders by Eric Reguly

Article says concerns with CRTC satellite radio decisions will be writ large when services begin carrying more than audio.

Aug 17, 2005 — News Article

Telcos, cable, call for massive policy change, and butt heads on how

Summary of Bell Canada, TELUS and the CCTA submissions to the federal government panel appointed to review telecommunications policy.

Aug 16, 2005 — News Article

Canada Needs an Integrated Communications Policy Framework says CCTA

CCTA makes recommendations to federal telecommunications policy review panel, advocates development of new communications policy to address convergence.

Aug 2, 2005 — Policy Brief

Petition to the Governor in Council to set aside Broadcasting Decisions CRTC 2005-246 and CRTC 20005-247

FRIENDS and fourteen other organizations ask Cabinet to overturn CRTC decisions granting applications by Canadian Satellite Radio and Sirius Canada for broadcasting licences to carry on satellite radio undertakings in Canada.

Aug 2, 2005 — News Article

Submission to Privy Council on policy matters relating to the licensing of new satellite and terrestrial subscription radio undertakings

CAB comments on "potential impacts and potential unintended consequences for the Canadian broadcasting system that may be fostered by the policy rationale" used by the CRTC to approve two U.S.-based satellite radio services with low Canadian content requirements.

Aug 2, 2005 — News Article

Request presented to the Governor in Council to set aside decisions 2005-246 and 2005-247

Ten French-language organizations ask Cabinet to set aside CRTC satellite radio decisions and order CRTC to hold a public hearing on a subscription radio policy.

Jul 13, 2005 — News Article

Group appeals CRTC satellite radio decision

Broadcasters join cultural coalitions in launching appeal against CRTC subscription radio decision.

Jun 30, 2005 — News Article

Canadians watching less TV, but more Cancon

CRTC report reveals that specialty, pay and pay-per-view revenues now equal those of English-language private conventional stations.

Jun 28, 2005 — News Article

Pay radio ruling favours Americans by Ian Morrison

FRIENDS op-ed explains rationale for arts coalition appeal of CRTC decision on pay radio.

Jun 27, 2005 — Blog Post

Letter requesting that Governer in Council set aside or refer back CRTC decisions on subscription radio

FRIENDS joins with eight other organizations to appeal CRTC decisions on subscription radio.

Jun 27, 2005 — News Article

Transcript of Question Period

NDP caucus calls on Liberal government to overturn CRTC decision on satellite radio.

Jun 27, 2005 — News Article

Arts coalition denounces pay-radio ruling

CRTC pay radio decision would undo years of efforts to promote and protect Canadian programming, say arts groups.

Jun 27, 2005 — News Article

Group wants pay-radio decision overturned

FRIENDS joins coalition of arts, labour and other groups in asking federal cabinet to overturn CRTC pay radio decision.

Jun 16, 2005 — News Article

Blame the Act, not the regulator by Eric Reguly

If the CRTC is in fact "redundant", the responsibility lies with Parliament to update the Broadcasting Act.

Jun 14, 2005 — News Article

Patents, copyright and signals from the sky by Jack Kapica

Satellite radio will have a profound impact on the future of broadcasting in Canada.

Jun 6, 2005 — News Article

Telecommunications Policy Review Panel Begins Stakeholder Consultation Process

The Telecommunications Policy Review Panel issues consultation document, invites input from interested stakeholders.

Jun 6, 2005 — News Article

U.S. won't sign UN cultural protection document

Minister of Canadian Heritage Liza Frulla says that the United Nations Preliminary Draft of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is a success for Canada, even though the U.S. did not sign.

Jun 4, 2005 — News Article

Our sad little stand to protect Canadian culture by Kate Taylor

Columnist says the proposed UN convention on cultural diversity, while supported by the vast majority of nations involved in negotiating it, is largely symbolic given that the United States has refused to ratify it.

May 21, 2005 — News Article

CHOI-FM joue son va-tout aujourd'hui

CHOI-FM argues that CRTC violated freedom of speech in failing to renew its broadcasting licence.

May 10, 2005 — News Article's TUESDAY INTERVIEW: CCTA president Michael Hennessy

Head of Canadian cable industry association discusses HDTV, VOIP, local/regional programming, and other communications policy issues and how they are being handled in the current political climate.

May 7, 2005 — News Article

CBC landlord named to its board by Paul Vieira and Robert Thompson

Critics accuse Prime Minister Martin of cronyism after he appoints friend and landlord of CBC's Ottawa head office to the CBC board of directors.

May 7, 2005 — News Article

A veteran reporter faces his toughest assignment by John Lorinc

New Conservative party candidate and ex-CanWest Global anchor Peter Kent shares former employer's views towards the CBC.

May 5, 2005 — News Article

Networks propose election debate shakeup by Terry Weber

The major networks are making recommendations on the federal leadership debates even before an election has been called.

May 5, 2005 — News Article

Ratings are in for Martin's prime-time address by Gayle MacDonald

Ratings show Prime Minister Martin's television address drew roughly as many viewers as U.S. programs Desperate Housewives and Survivor.

Apr 30, 2005 — News Article

Tory Leader's new strategy: Try to be nice by Jane Taber

Snowball incident new evidence of Conservative leader Stephen Harper's attitude toward CBC.

Apr 21, 2005 — News Article

Articulating a vision for a federal cultural policy - Chalmers Conference provides springboard for CCA November National Policy Conference

Speaking at a Canadian Conference of the Arts panel discussion, MPs representing the four largest political parties agreed on the importance of establishing a federal cultural policy.

Apr 20, 2005 — News Article

Cut the chatter -- we need action on cultural policy by Kate Taylor

Columnist says that if the government is to have a meaningful cultural policy, it will have to show leadership on the issues at stake.

Apr 12, 2005 — News Article

Feds' media stance is good news for moguls by Antonia Zerbisias

Columnist says government response to Lincoln Report effectively sweeps important reforms under the rug.

Apr 11, 2005 — News Article

Minister Emerson Appoints Members of Telecommunications Policy Review Panel

Government officially announces appointments to panel reviewing Canadian telecom policy and outlines terms of reference and "areas of interest" for the review.

Apr 8, 2005 — News Article

Editorial: Government response to the Lincoln Report

Editorial says the government’s second response to the Lincoln report isn’t bad, considering all of the parties it has to appease.

Apr 8, 2005 — News Article

Familiar divide in reaction to government’s response to Lincoln broadcasting report

FRIENDS says strength of government's second response to Lincoln Report is that it is a policy overview and has put a number of important processes in place.

Apr 7, 2005 — News Article

Senior cabinet aide steps down in fallout over sponsorship scandal by Jim Brown

Department of Canadian Heritage chief of staff takes leave amid allegations of involvement in federal sponsorship scandal.

Apr 6, 2005 — News Article

Feds dither while Canadian TV languishes by Kate Taylor

Columnist criticizes lack of specifics in government response to Lincoln Report.

Apr 6, 2005 — News Article

Liberal Dithering on Television Hurts Canadians: Oda

MP and Official Opposition Heritage Critic Bev Oda criticizes government response to all-party Lincoln Report as all talk, no action.

Apr 6, 2005 — News Article

Time to fix failed national film policy say Polley, McKellar

Canadian actors tell government committee to create shelf space for Canadian films - more room on theatre screens and more airtime on television for Canadian films.

Apr 5, 2005 — News Article

Liza Frulla réagit au rapport du Comité du patrimoine par Paul Cauchon

Government response to Lincoln Report affirms support for Broadcasting Act objectives, finds no need for major overhaul of federal cultural institutions.

Apr 5, 2005 — News Article

Ottawa responds to calls for sovereignty initiatives by John McKay

Industry representatives say government response to Lincoln Report fails to reverse 1999 CRTC drama policy or take other action to redefine Canadian content.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Cable business girds for consolidation by Kenneth Li

U.S. cable industry seen likely to undergo consolidation.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Feds butt heads on telecom regulation by Simon Tuck

New CRTC telecom vice chair says Canadian communications sector should be governed by a single set of laws.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Plan calls for serving Canadians better

FRIENDS says government response to the Lincoln Report is the most substantive attention paid to broadcasting policy since Mulroney era.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Frulla's response to cultural report short on specifics

Many observers critical of government response to Lincoln report on Canadian broadcasting.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Martin government responds to calls for broadcasting sovereignty initiatives by John McKay

FRIENDS gives qualified praise to government's second response to the Lincoln Report on Canadian broadcasting.

Apr 4, 2005 — News Article

Reinforcing Our Cultural Sovereignty: The Government of Canada's Second Response to the Report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Federal government tables second response to June 2003 Lincoln Report on the Canadian broadcasting system.

Apr 1, 2005 — News Article

3 chosen to review CRTC's policy: Sources by Tyler Hamilton

The federal government's appointees to the telecom policy review panel announced in the federal budget represent Internet, wireless and traditional telecommunications perspectives.

Mar 31, 2005 — Blog Post

A Primer on Ottawa’s response to the Lincoln Report

Heritage Minister Liza Frulla will table in Parliament a response to the Lincoln Report on Monday, April 4. FRIENDS, ACTRA and the CEP will be paying close attention to a number of key issues, and have prepared a primer on Ottawa's response to the Report.

Mar 25, 2005 — Policy Brief

Draft Memorandum to Cabinet: (Suggested) Framework Policies
for the Canadian Broadcasting System

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting has given Heritage Minister Liza Frulla a suggested Memorandum to Cabinet designed to implement in public policy the principal recommendations of the Lincoln Report (Our Cultural Sovereignty).

Mar 22, 2005 — News Article

Oda Outlines Conservative Vision for Future of Arts and Culture in Canada

Summary of arts and culture vision statement by MP and Official Opposition Heritage Critic Bev Oda to delegates at the Conservative Party of Canada’s National Policy Convention.

Mar 17, 2005 — Blog Post

Advertisement: Defending Canada’s cultural sovereignty is good politics

FRIENDS advertisement placed in the delegates' program for the Conservative Party policy convention, March 17-19, 2005.

Mar 14, 2005 — News Article

Feds quiet on CTF, taxes by Sean Davidson

Groups anxious that the recent federal budget made no mention of film tax credits or of extended funding to the Canadian Television Fund, fear that Telecommunications Act review may lead to changes in foreign ownership restrictions.

Mar 14, 2005 — News Article

Telefilm boss touts 10-per-cent solution by James Adams

Telefilm head Wayne Clarkson tells Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage that Canadian production funding should increase and that the new aim should be for Canadian films to occupy 10% market share.

Mar 10, 2005 — News Article

Feds urged to revamp telecom rules by Paul Vieira

US Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue tells cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats that it is critical to review telecom regulation because the sector is a major driving force behind labour productivity.

Mar 9, 2005 — News Article

From pariah to messiah: Send in the Clerk by Jeffrey Simpson

The centralization of decision making power with the Prime Minister and Clerk of the Privy Council causes delays and explains why many Crown corporation and other government vacancies are yet to be filled.

Mar 8, 2005 — News Article

Review of Canada's telecom policies, regulator praised by business leaders

Telecommunication companies are pleased by the review of telecommunication policy and industry regulation announced in the federal budget.

Mar 1, 2005 — News Article

Bell leads call for telecom reform by Terence Corcoran

Columnist says that the panel appointed to review telecommunications policy should recommend dismantling the CRTC.

Feb 24, 2005 — News Article

Communications groups applaud budget by Jack Kapica

Industry groups the Coalition for Competitive Telecommunications and the Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association applaud news of a review of the 1993 Telecommunications Act.

Feb 22, 2005 — News Article

Minister Frulla announces appointment of Guy Fournier to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Minister of Canadian Heritage Liza Frulla appoints Quebec author and columnist Guy Fournier to the CBC's board.

Feb 21, 2005 — News Article

CBC to get cash boost by Sue Bailey

CBC rumoured to be in line for a funding increase to revive local programming.

Feb 21, 2005 — News Article

Local newscasts may get boost

Sources expect the federal budget to fulfil the CBC's request for a budget increase, but Heritage Minister Liza Frulla has not confirmed the rumour.

Feb 21, 2005 — News Article

Federal budget to boost CBC by Sue Bailey

The federal budget to be tabled Wednesday is expected to meet the CBC's demand for extra funding to revive regional programming; but government must take measures to ensure that the money is used for that purpose.

Feb 21, 2005 — News Article

CBC to receive huge budget boost

Government sources say Wednesday's federal budget will grant the CBC extra funding to revitalize regional programming.

Feb 19, 2005 — News Article

Good at the talking part

The federal budget will demonstrate how successful Heritage Minister Liza Frulla's lobbying efforts on behalf of the cultural industry have been.

Feb 19, 2005 — News Article

The new culture war by Simon Houpt

Conservative groups in the United States are joining forces to push for more restrictive, values-oriented legislation on the content of television programming.

Feb 18, 2005 — News Article

Foes put sights on DTV date by Brooks Boliek

Republicans reportedly fear political consequences if they leave the millions of television viewers who have not switched to digital without a signal on the analog switch off date.

Feb 17, 2005 — News Article

U.S. wants to speed digital TV

U.S. may need to subsidize transition to digital television.

Feb 3, 2005 — News Article

Minority Liberals set budget for Feb. 23 by Bruce Cheadle

Article suggests minority Liberals are unlikely to face an election over the federal budget, set to be tabled February 23, 2005.

Feb 1, 2005 — News Article

Charles Dalfen speech to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Text of CRTC Chair Charles Dalfen's speech before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, addressing the CRTC's mandate, linguistic duality, diversity, third-language programming and equal rights.

Jan 3, 2005 — News Article

Remember the Lincoln Report? Well, it's back by Laura Bracken

Article suggests the political climate in Ottawa is such that there are good chances some of the Lincoln Report recommendations will finally be implemented.