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Apr 15, 2014 — News Article

VIDEO: A CBC tax? by Brian Lilley

The Heritage Minister's Office says the CBC already receives significant taxpayer funds and can operate within their existing budget, and that it's up to the public broadcaster to provide programming that Canadians want to watch.

Apr 10, 2014 — News Article

Watchdog group charts CBC’s funding decline over the decades

Adjusted for 2104 dollars CBC’s parliamentary appropriation plunged by more than $400 million, from $1.64 billion to $1.19 billion, between 1994-95 and 1997-98.

Apr 10, 2014 — News Article

Watchdog group questions CBC's planning amid expected cuts at the broadcaster by Cassandra Szklarski

FRIENDS says the public broadcaster has long known reduced federal funds, a softening advertising market, the expense of the Sochi Olympics and the potential loss of hockey broadcast rights could put them in a tough spot for the 2014-2015 budget.

Apr 9, 2014 — News Article

Cuts hurt CBC's language mandate: Senate report by Jordan Press

A senate report says looming budget and job cuts at Canada's public broadcaster may hinder the vitality and survival of minority official language communities across the country.

Apr 8, 2014 — News Article

CBC Job Cuts, Budget Reductions To Be Announced Thursday: Reports

CBC staff are preparing themselves for bad news as the broadcaster is expected to announce a major round of job cuts and reductions to services.

Apr 8, 2014 — News Article

CBC faces more cuts this week, watchdog warns

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting warns of layoffs and cuts to CBC programming.

Apr 8, 2014 — News Article

CBC expected to make deep cuts Thursday in wake of losing Hockey Night in Canada by Christine Dobby

CBC President Hubert Lacroix is set to address a town hall meeting of all CBC and Radio-Canada employees on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. The meeting will be about the broadcaster's financial pressures and how it will go forward.

Apr 6, 2014 — News Article

Canadian government to spend $305M boosting high-speed Internet by Nora Meszaros

The federal government says funding needs to focus on privacy protection, better technology, faster Internet connectivity.

Apr 2, 2014 — News Release

Don’t harm TVO and TFO: Nanos poll

According to a new poll, a strong majority of Ontario voters believe Premier Wynne should keep the promise of long term funding for TVO and TFO made by her predecessor, and seven-in-ten favour maintaining or increasing funding for the provincial public broadcasters.

Apr 2, 2014 — Opinion Poll

Nanos Research: Ontarians' view of TVO and TFO

A significant majority of Ontarians (7 of 10) believe that Premier Wynne should keep the promise of long term funding support for TVO and TFO, according to the latest survey of 1,000 Ontarians conducted between March 21st and 24th, 2014.

Mar 28, 2014 — News Release

2014 Dalton Camp Award winners announced

Randy Morse of Kaslo, British Columbia has won the $10,000 first prize in this year’s Dalton Camp Award for his essay on the dearth of news media in small town Canada and what can be done about it.

Mar 18, 2014 — News Article

CBC cancels Cracked, Arctic Air by Etan Vlessing

Columnist says that as the CBC decides against new season orders for Arctic Air and Cracked, the public broadcaster is looking for a new “balance of programming” to distinguish itself from private sector rivals.

Mar 15, 2014 — News Article

Worries about the ‘Berlusconization’ of Quebec by Martin Scott

Columnist says that media baron Pierre Karl Péladeau’s leap into politics is not a first in Canadian history but wonders whether with media concentration as strong as it is today, can we dare to allow it now?

Mar 11, 2014 — News Article

Péladeau has star quality not seen since Bouchard by Chantal Hébert

Columnist says Harper should be glad he did not accede to Péladeau’s suggestions that he tear the wings off Radio-Canada.

Mar 10, 2014 — News Article

Péladeau’s move into political spotlight casts doubt on Ottawa’s wireless ambitions by Christine Dobby

Columnist says that with Quebecor Inc.’s national wireless expansion already questionable, Pierre Karl Péladeau’s surprise political announcement could cast even more doubt on Ottawa’s enthusiastic declaration that it has succeeded in delivering competition in the sector.

Mar 10, 2014 — News Article

Rogue Quebec billionaire not so much going into politics as launching a takeover bid by Andrew Coyne

Columnist says Pierre Karl Péladeau’s entry into provincial politics is crony capitalism taken to the next level and oligarch politics of a kind more usually identified with Russia or Italy.

Mar 6, 2014 — Blog Post

Conservative Broadcasting Corporation

Nine of twelve people appointed by Prime Minister Harper to the CBC's Board of Directors are or have been financial contributors to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mar 3, 2014 — News Article

CBC CEO tells Senate that the public broadcaster will not retreat by Perry Hoffman

CBC President says the public broadcaster should not be  limited to only doing what private broadcasters will not do or have no business incentive to do, and that no other public broadcaster in the world is put in that kind of a box.

Mar 1, 2014 — News Article

Digital strategy imminent, says minister by Jennifer Ditchburn

The federal budget included a number of measures that fit within the digital heading, including $350 million for extending broadband to rural and remote areas.

Feb 28, 2014 — News Article

Manning conference delegates quietly eye post-Harper era by Andrew Coyne

Columnist says that some Conservative MPs, even some members of the cabinet, have begun detaching themselves from the Harper party in anticipation of the Prime Minister's departure.