All Local & Regional Programming Articles — 2003

Dec 11, 2003 — Speech

Remarks by Ian Morrison to the World Electronic Media Forum, Workshop on Public Service Broadcasting, Palexpo, Geneva

Where public service broadcasting is weak, it is an indicator of lower participation by citizens in shaping the forces that influence their lives.

Dec 9, 2003 — News Article

Tough journalist transformed CBC

Denis Harvey, a CBC executive who pushed for high levels of Canadian content and Canadian drama on the public broadcaster, passed away at 74.

Dec 8, 2003 — News Article

CBC facing its worst funding crisis: Rabinovitch by Paco Francoli

CBC president Robert Rabinovitch says Canada's public broadcaster is in worse financial shape now than during the Liberal funding cuts of the 1990s.

Dec 7, 2003 — News Article

Canadian filmmakers to join Bollywood in joint productions

India and Canada have signed a letter of intent to create a co-production arrangement for film and television.

Nov 28, 2003 — Policy Brief

Submission to CRTC re Support for Canadian Television Drama [PN CRTC 2003-54]

FRIENDS' response to CRTC call for comments calls for a review of the business model for Canadian drama, measures to address the comparative disadvantage of Canadian series in the marketplace, and a focus on quality.

Nov 6, 2003 — News Release

Media Briefing Note: Government response to "Our Cultural Sovereignty"

FRIENDS awaits Heritage Canada's response to the 97 recommendations contained in the two-year, all-party House of Commons Heritage Committee report on the Canadian broadcasting system.

Oct 30, 2003 — News Article

Radio-Canada s'en prend à Starchoice et Bell ExpressVu par Stéphanie Bérubé

Starchoice and ExpressVu limit access to local CBC programming in French.

Oct 21, 2003 — News Article

Star Choice blasted at CRTC hearing by Richard Blackwell

Canadian Association of Broadcasters accuses Shaw Cable-owned satellite provider Star Choice of trying to delay its obligations to carry more local television stations.

Oct 8, 2003 — News Article

The deal-maker who built an empire by Barbara Shecter

Conrad Black describes differences between Izzy Asper and his sons.

Oct 8, 2003 — News Article

Death of a 'Canadian titan' by Barbara Shecter

Watchers expect smooth transition following death of Izzy Asper.

Oct 8, 2003 — News Article

CanWest head's death sends media giant into uncertainty by Keith Damsell

CanWest likely to undergo changes following founder's death.

Oct 8, 2003 — News Article

Without Izzy, there won't be the sizzle by Eric Reguly

Eric Reguly ponders CanWest's economic viability now that Izzy Asper has passed away.

Oct 6, 2003 — News Article

Television network in turmoil by Konrad Yakabuski

Industry observers expect Radio-Canada to abandon unpopular changes to television news in Quebec.

Oct 6, 2003 — News Article

At last, the right heads roll by Lysiane Gagnon

CBC has dismissed the news director responsible for unpopular changes to its French-language television news programming.

Oct 6, 2003 — News Article

Lights are on at Toronto 1, but nobody's home by John Doyle

John Doyle comments on the lack of substantive content about Toronto on the recently launched Toronto 1 channel.

Sep 26, 2003 — News Article

Media ownership diverse, despite mergers, CRTC says by Ian Jack

CRTC chair tells Senate committee media ownership more diverse now than 10 years ago.

Sep 25, 2003 — News Article

Alliance Atlantis eyes more CSI by Richard Blackwell

Despite CSI's success, Alliance Atlantis is actually shrinking its television and film production business.

Sep 24, 2003 — News Article

L'information de Radio-Canada est malade, mais moins que sa programmation générale par Louise Cousineau

While news is coming under criticism, Radio-Canada's other programming is the real probloem.

Sep 22, 2003 — News Article

CBC to be housed in one Giant on-camera newsroom by Molly Amoli K. Shinhat

Consolidation of CBC and TV radio employers in Ottawa into a new broadcast centre leaves journalists concerned that their coverage and diversity will diminish.

Sep 22, 2003 — News Article

Le nouveau Téléjournal critiqué par le public par Nathaëlle Morissette

Radio-Canada viewers have mixed reactions to new television news host.

Sep 17, 2003 — News Article

Scary ads call for TV support by Martin Knelman

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting begins national television campaign urging more Canadian drama on prime-time TV.

Sep 17, 2003 — News Article

TV lobby unveils ad campaign urging more Canadian content

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting begins national television campaign urging more Canadian drama on prime-time TV.

Sep 17, 2003 — News Article

CanWest plugs ads for final episode of Friends by Rick Westhead

CanWest puts a record $190,000 price tag on 30-second spots for (US sitcom) Friends' finale.

Sep 17, 2003 — News Article

But will CTV make any money? By Tony Atherton

With 2.7 million viewers, Canadian Idol becomes biggest homegrown TV hit in more than 30 years, but it may not make money for CTV.

Sep 15, 2003 — News Article

Campaign aims to spur public on drama crisis by Peter Vamos

Friends television campaign intends to raise the public's "share of mind" on the issue of Canadian programming on television.

Sep 13, 2003 — News Article

Pay-per-view televising of NHL games a winner for fans, clubs by William Houston

More National Hockey League games will be available on Canadian Television this season, but free viewing will be limited to one national outlet -- CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

Sep 11, 2003 — News Article

Gemini Awards are so bad they're almost good by John Doyle

John Doyle finds amusement in the disorganized nature of the Gemini Awards.

Sep 10, 2003 — News Article

Blurring entertainment and news is so irritating by Michael Higgins

"Celebritization” and hype over the film festivals has resulted in a blurring of entertainment and news.

Sep 10, 2003 — News Article

Happy 'Hour' for Gemini noms Almost-canceled Canadian series leads with 14 by Etan Vlessing

A nearly cancelled Canadian drama series, "The Eleventh Hour" has received 14 nominations for the 18th annual Gemini Awards.

Sep 10, 2003 — News Article

11th Hour leads Gemini pack by John McKay

A nearly cancelled Canadian drama series, "The Eleventh Hour" has received 14 nominations for the 18th annual Gemini Awards.

Sep 8, 2003 — News Article

Staking claims on the TV dial by Michael Posner

Rogers moves CTV NewsNet to channel 62 to make room for US channel bumped by new Toronto station.

Sep 5, 2003 — News Article

Star set to collaborate with Craig's Toronto 1 by Chris Sorensen

The Toronto Star newspaper and Toronto's newest television station, Toronto 1 have founded a strategic alliance on advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.

Sep 3, 2003 — News Article

Revitalizing AM radio by Mary Lamey

Astral Media has sold the Quebec radio stations the Competition Bureau ordered it to divest.

Sep 3, 2003 — News Article

CTV's women's sports network was doomed from beginning by William Houston

William Houston argues that CTV's women's sports network had too many strikes against it to succeed.

Aug 29, 2003 — News Article

The drama dilemma by John McKay

Drama is expected to have an increased presence on US TV, however it will be another year before there are any new Canadian dramatic series.

Aug 29, 2003 — News Article

CTV Specialty to Close WTSN on September 30, 2003

CTV Specialty Television Inc. has announced it will close WTSN.

Aug 28, 2003 — News Article

Signs of a dramatic decline on TV by John McKay

Drama is expected to have an increased presence on US TV, however it will be another year before there are any new Canadian dramatic series on the screen.

Aug 27, 2003 — News Article

Twenty-two short blurbs about TV tonight by Andrew Ryan

Columnist finds quantity, not quality on evening television.

Aug 27, 2003 — News Article

CHUM takes aim at British market: Wants to export Citytv model by Barbara Shecter

CHUM Ltd. is negotiating a deal that would allow it to launch three television channels in major urban centres in Britain by the end of next year.

Aug 23, 2003 — News Article

Cable companies want even TV field by Mark McNeil

Cable companies say they need to be allowed to sell popular American pay TV channels in order to combat satellite signal piracy.

Aug 23, 2003 — News Article

Thomson spat highlights TV tensions by Gayle MacDonald

Increasing competition among Toronto's networks has resulted in the exchange of several high-profile TV personalities.

Aug 22, 2003 — News Article

Battle over TV news anchor Thomson settled out of court; starts CTV in Nov. by Marelene Habib

The battle over Ontario TV news anchor Beverly Thomson between CanWest and CTV has been settled out of court.

Aug 22, 2003 — News Article

Here's what HDTV means to the viewers by William Houston

Since high-definition television requires considerable bandwidth, early entry of US HDTV could mean future space problems for Canadian services.

Aug 21, 2003 — News Article

Telus licensed to sell television service by Dave Ebner

TELUS Corp. had been licensed to provide television over its telephone lines in British Columbia and Alberta.

Aug 20, 2003 — News Article

FCC Chief To Prod TV Stations on Localism by Frank Ahrens

FCC Chairman Michael Powell plans measures to ensure television stations serve local viewers.

Aug 20, 2003 — News Article

Global TV challenges Thomson's CTV return by Jim Bawden

CanWest has filed a court injunction against CTV for hiring one of its star anchors.

Aug 20, 2003 — News Article

CTV's hiring of Global TV anchor Thomson sparks CanWest court action

CanWest has filed a court injunction against CTV for hiring one of its star anchors.

Aug 18, 2003 — News Article

Canada needs more stories, not networks by Wendell Wilks

Canada's cable companies need more high quality Canadian programming, not more networks.

Aug 16, 2003 — News Article

We do have a choice about closer links to U.S. by David Crane

David Crane writes that Canadians still have a choice regarding Canada's economic and security integration with the United States.

Aug 15, 2003 — News Article

CTV to roll out 2 HDTV channels on ExpressVu: Discovery, TSN

TSN and Discovery Channel Canada to begin simulcasting in high definition on the Bell ExpressVu satellite service format.

Aug 9, 2003 — News Article

Staking claims on the TV dial by Michael Posner

Beginning on September 9, new broadcaster Toronto 1 will take the place of NBC on Toronto Channel 15.

Aug 8, 2003 — News Article

Foreign markets key to Bullard deal by Tony Atherton

Tony Atherton worries that if Global TV syndicates The Mike Bullard Show to the U.S., Britain and Australia, it may lose sight of its original purpose to spotlight and nurture Canadian stars.

Aug 8, 2003 — News Article

Dull day brightens as Bullard goes Global by John Doyle

John Doyle says Mike Bullard's announcement that he is moving to move to Global "is really about battling execs who get their kicks from feuds [rather than] putting great shows on the air."

Aug 6, 2003 — News Article

New TV channel will air in fall by Jeff Gray

New TV channel, Toronto 1, announces it is ready to compete with CITY-TV for Toronto viewers this fall.

Aug 5, 2003 — News Article

Cable strategy by Glenn O'Farrell

Response by the head of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters to an op-ed by the Canadian Cable Television Association.

Aug 5, 2003 — News Article

Toronto 1 finalizes basic carriage, names anchors

Toronto 1 will occupy a channel on the basic cable dial in Toronto, and announced it has hired veteran CBC news anchor Ben Chin.

Aug 1, 2003 — News Article

Concert TV coverage trashed by John McKay

Public voices disappointment with CBC and MuchMusic broadcasts of the Rolling Stones concert at Downsview Park.

Aug 1, 2003 — News Article

Public radio sees boost in listeners by Allison Dunfield

Public radio rose to third place among listeners by the fall of 2002 from sixth place five years earlier, Statistics Canada says.

Aug 1, 2003 — News Article

CBC English, French jump to third place in radio rankings

Public radio rose to third place among listeners by the fall of 2002 from sixth place five years earlier, Statistics Canada says.

Aug 1, 2003 — News Article

CBC radio gaining listeners

Public radio rose to third place among listeners by the fall of 2002 from sixth place five years earlier, Statistics Canada says.

Aug 1, 2003 — News Article

Island radio listeners bucking trend: study

Public radio rose to third place among listeners by the fall of 2002 from sixth place five years earlier, Statistics Canada says.

Jul 30, 2003 — News Article

Buffalo PBS station suffers trial by dial by Christopher Guly

Rogers Cable decision to move PBS from channel 18 to 61 on the cable dial has resulted in a loss of 26% of the channel's Canadian viewership.

Jul 28, 2003 — News Article

Paul Gross: 'I was absolutely alarmed'

Canadian actor Paul Gross says urgent steps are needed to promote Canadian drama.

Jul 26, 2003 — News Article

The little network that could, and did by Graeme Smith

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network has come into its own, boosting its ratings and its reputation.

Jul 21, 2003 — News Article

Research memo to Mr. Manley: why Canada needs Canadian-made TV by Barry Kiefl

Research analyst Barry Kiefl argues that Canada will lag behind other nations if it fails to nurture and develop a strong domestic TV industry.

Jul 18, 2003 — News Article

Rogers profit jumps to $54.1M

Despite experiencing a profit jump in the second quarter, Rogers Communications' earnings still came in below analysts' forecasts.

Jul 17, 2003 — News Article

Cabinet backs contested radio station licence by Stewart Bell

The federal Cabinet upheld a CRTC decision to issue a broadcasting licence to a multicultural radio station in Toronto, despite allegations the station is tied to a terrorist group.

Jul 17, 2003 — News Article

How to have better TV by Tony Atherton

Despite more channels, quality original television is becoming harder for viewers to find.

Jul 17, 2003 — News Article

Digital TV gets satisfied customers by Richard Blackwell

Digital TV subscribers pay marginally more than traditional analog cable subscribers, but get far more channels.

Jul 17, 2003 — News Article

Satellites must aid small stations by Ian Jack

The CRTC has ruled that satellite distributors will be permitted to carry feeds from up to 20 small market television outlets, but must invest a portion of their revenues in a new production fund for small-market local TV.

Jul 16, 2003 — News Article

CPAC tunes into the TV mainstream by Christopher Guly

CPAC is looking less like a community-TV channel and more like a commercial TV network.

Jul 14, 2003 — News Article

CBS says it loud and proud by Chris Zelkovich

Despite owning the Canadian broadcast rights, CanWest Global carried a US broadcast of the Molson Indy in Toronto instead of producing its own.

Jul 8, 2003 — News Article

A new era of cheapness that's sure to Alienate by John Doyle

Low production values of new Canadian shows likely to turn away viewers.

Jul 6, 2003 — News Article

Why Canuck TV sucks - and Quebec shows thrive by Patricia Bailey

The Quebec television is industry booming while English Canada's is wilting because English productions have to compete with American ones with their higher budgets and bigger stars.

Jun 28, 2003 — News Article

Vancouver win will mean increased TV fees by William Houston

William Houston speculates that if Vancouver-Whistler is awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics, the cost of Canadian television rights will skyrocket. CBC will bear this cost, as CTV and Global have stated their networks will likely not bid.

Jun 20, 2003 — News Article

Cable firms want to carry U.S. channels by Tony Atherton

Proposal by the country's largest cable companies to open the door to 17 high-profile U.S. channels is opposed by Canadian broadcasters, who call it a "cynical cash grab".

Jun 11, 2003 — News Article

Craig turns to nightly movies to lure viewers by Barbara Shecter

New Toronto broadcaster, Toronto/One, owned by Craig Broadcast Systems Inc., will be airing nightly movies rather than conventional television programs.

Jun 8, 2003 — News Article

500 channels and nothing new by Antonia Zerbisias

Antonia Zerbisias writes that based on promotional material, there's nothing groundbreaking, nothing risky and nothing new scheduled for the 2003-2004 television season.

Jun 4, 2003 — News Article

CanWest centralizes news business

CanWest Global Communications took another step toward integrating its print operations by rationalizing its domestic and foreign news bureaus.

Jun 4, 2003 — News Article

Canada's Craig slots U.S. fare by Etan Vlessing

Canadian broadcaster Craig Media has announced a 2003-04 TV schedule dominated by U.S. celebrity talk shows by day and homegrown fare and Hollywood movies in primetime.

Jun 4, 2003 — News Article

Canadian skeds mirroring U.S. nets by Etan Vlessing

Canadian private broadcasters are unveiling 2003-04 primetime schedules that closely resemble U.S. network schedules.

Jun 3, 2003 — News Article

CTV struts its stuff for 2003-04: Network announces three new Canadian, five new U.S. shows by J. Kelly Nestruck

CTV announced its new television season, introducing three new Canadian series and five new American shows for 2003-04.

May 30, 2003 — News Article

Canadians buy fewer reality shows on U.S. spree by Brendan Kelly

Private broadcasters like CanWest and CHUM returned from Los Angeles with large quantities of U.S. programming, primarily sitcoms.

May 30, 2003 — News Article

Television's cultural colony by Jeffery Simpson

Canadians have been conditioned to prefer U.S. drama and no longer seem interested in their own programming.

May 29, 2003 — News Article

Canadians want more American shows by Michael McCullough

English drama in Canada is in decline. The Canadian appetite for American shows has reached an all-time high.

May 27, 2003 — News Article

No script, no sale at Screenings by Etan Vlessing

CanWest was the largest foreign buyer of U.S. network programming at this year's Los Angeles Screenings.

May 26, 2003 — News Article

Hockey the glue that binds a nation by Joe Paraskevas

Survey says hockey remains one of Canada's most powerful symbols – almost tied with CBC.

May 25, 2003 — News Article

Our actors are reduced to pitchmen by Antonia Zerbisias

News programming gives us facts, but drama conveys experience.

Apr 27, 2003 — News Article

Life after Moses by Murray Whyte

One rumour surrounding Moses Znaimer's departure from CHUM is that the company is being primed for sale.

Apr 19, 2003 — News Article

See no evil, no more by Patricia Pearson

A former National Post columnist describes a culture of bias and intolerance at the newspaper that led her to resign.

Apr 12, 2003 — News Article

Broadcasters in Alberta market battle by Liane Faulder

CanWest applies for what amounts to its third Alberta television licence – ending its affiliate arrangement with CBC – as CHUM applies for its first two.

Apr 2, 2003 — News Article

La télévision québécoise en crise par Stéphanie Bérubé

Changes to Quebec provincial tax credits mean some of the most popular television series won't be funded.

Mar 31, 2003 — News Article

Toronto One plans fall launch in King Street East district by Matthew Fraser

Craig Broadcasting has secured a $100-million investment from a US investor to launch its new local Toronto station.

Mar 16, 2003 — News Article

More layoffs feared at CBC

Friends fears uncertain federal budget will force $30 million in budget cuts at CBC, leading to layoffs and a decrease in regional programming.

Feb 25, 2003 — News Article

Funds dicey, but CBC has big plans by John McKay

Despite uncertainty over federal budget, CBC plans several major productions, while Canadian TV, film producers lament CTF funding cuts.  Friends urges CBC to reinvest in regional programming.

Feb 20, 2003 — Blog Post

Letter to CBC President Re: Local and Regional Presence

Friends asks CBC to develop new vision centred on local content, presence

Feb 15, 2003 — Speech

Who Controls Canada's Media?

Canadians want strong, independent public broadcaster, not control of media by PM, central Canada, private broadcasters